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Open file (143.61 KB 1132x1511 eraser.jpg)
Deleting Boards Anonymous Board owner 05/02/2020 (Sat) 09:49:50 No.10741
This thread is for boards that are going to be deleted. All boards up for deletion will be given a minimum of seven days notification before it happens to allow them to be evacuated. It's not fun to cull boards, but it is necessary for the health of Anon.cafe and the health of the webring. There are no set criteria for deletion, but factors that make a board more likely to be deleted include long inactivity (if that board is not a bunker) with no signs of revival, a long-absent owner (if that board is not a bunker), very low post count/indications of stillbirth, and other factors that indicate the board has likely calcified and is unlikely to revive. Well-maintained, unindexed bunkers will not be deleted unless their community appears to have disappeared entirely. As of now - Saturday May 02, 2020 at 0935 - the following boards have been selected for deletion: >>>/girltalk/ >>>/lovelive/ >>>/mh/ >>>/psyid/ >>>/int/ >>>/nofap/ Boards at risk of being considered stillborn include: >>>/hentaiclub/ Boards that have had no activity but are presently exempt from being considered stillborn because of Julay.world's circumstances include: >>>/icup/ >>>/loomis/
>>15169 I'll be sad to see /p/ go but it was nice while it lasted.
>>15175 Still a few shots in the roll, just a matter of seeing if it will receive feedback
>>15175 You could always post on /p/. The criteria seems to be fairly low- mainly that the board has a functioning BO who checks in periodically and/or that people are semi-actively using the board (if it's not a bunker). I mean, at least in /doll/, /islam/, and /fa/'s case it looks like they maybe have one discussion per month at best, and /p/ doesn't look far off. If you post in threads for boards you like, I know a lot of anons do look at the webring widget and it does bump the board there. That's the only reason I remember to go visit /kind/ half the time.
>>15169 >/islam/ you wot this is homophobically cheeky and racialist like bruv you aint even propa muslim like only propa muslim can delete islam you isnt even halal bruv what you on about
Open file (337.57 KB 1060x708 1633356012525_small.jpg)
Open file (67.62 KB 926x502 doll board banzai.png)
>>15169 >/doll/ Say that to my face fucker not online and see what happens.
Deleted /x/ yesterday, ripip sweet child, i achieved the few threads left if some are interested. I'll probably repost some of them in their respective niche threads in /server/ or /islam/.
>>10741 Sportschan seems to be largely dead. so is /nep/
>>10741 /doll/ is dead. Its ready to go
Open file (8.50 KB 265x200 1453823658437.jpg)
I don't know where to post this, but what is up with sportchan? It barely links back to webring and doesn't even follow cafe and zzz, and still follows 8moe. Last activity doesn't work on both ends for some reason. And there isn't /meta/ I could find there. I don't mind the site but their webring plugin is strange
>>15226 Their webring plugin is broke and they don't know how to fix it/don't understand advice offered to them from what I recall. They asked for their numbers to be frozen until they can fix the plugin but to still display them in the webring, to which at least a few boards must have agreed to since that's what it does. That was a year ago?
>>15212 I like /doll/
>>15212 /toy/ is deader than /doll/
>>15240 They are both dead boards that need to be pruned with sportschan and trashchan.
>>10741 /doll/ is dead and should be gotten rid of
>>15449 No it shouldn't. It's basically a very niche topic, and frankly one that's unique on IB.
>>15450 no one uses /doll/ or /toy/ retard. 1 post every few months does not count as "active."
>>15473 It's still pretty active just because you can't see the appeal in it does mean you have to shill for it's deletion.
/toy/ BO left months ago and the otehr "usual" posters seem to be gone aswell
>>15484 anon is right. /toy/ and /doll/ are both dead boards.
Why not freeze/lock dead boards instead of deleting them if they retain some legacy?
>>15513 Are you going to pay the server storage costs?
Open file (799.68 KB 1366x2088 Chinese female rulers.png)
As mentioned in >>>/l/1422 I intend to delete /l/ at the end of May unless somebody else wishes to take ownership. This is my post of intent for site owner.
>>15536 Thank you for letting us know.
>>15514 Dead boards have little data in terms of raw megabytes, but can have great content (see /pol/ for instance). It would cost barely anything on top of what the host pays either way.
>>15539 >Dead boards have little data in terms of raw megabytes I'm pretty sure that /k/ purge this weekend cleared up at least a gigabyte of storage space. Webms/mp4s are big. >Such as /pol/ Whatever you say, boomer.
>>15540 >doesn't know about /pol/ how new?
Open file (6.27 MB 2894x4093 Knowing Nene.png)
>>15537 Someone offered to take the board over so I'm transferring it to him now. Thank you once more for hosting us and I wish success for the new BO and for this website as a whole.
>>15537 didn't know where to post this but /k/ vols are on some fuck shit lately, please reign them in. Deletng posts that break no rules and then giving fuck around find out warnings when called out. I shall leave if this continues unfortunately.
>>15544 Have you tried not being retarded?
>>15545 Have the vols? You really going to defend that man? You fuckers are lame, literally kikebook tier moderation.
If I had my way about a third of the thread would be nuked from orbit. Unfortunately that would kill the board and is bad for growth.
>>15544 Unless it conflicts with global rules, threatens the site, or otherwise warrants global staff's intervention - which being "on some fuck shit" does not - /k/'s moderation is a matter for /k/'s Board Owner.
Edited last time by root_admin on 04/30/2022 (Sat) 09:21:40.
>>15548 so mod power abuse is welcomed? Ok noted, this is how you lose anons.
>>15544 >>15549 There's some other /k/ boards around if users ever want to migrate. That's another option
>>15631 If anon wants them linked in the sticky I'd be more than happy to add them since having multiple places to discuss things is better than one.
>>15633 >If anon wants them linked in the sticky I'd be more than happy to add them since having multiple places to discuss things is better than one. There's /k/ and /2k/ from Endchan but the boards have been somewhat inactive for a while https://endchan.gg/2k/ https://endchan.gg/k/ I was going to recommende zzzchan's /k/ board, but it looks like it's already in the sticky
>>15169 The poet's board whose death was mourned is now restored on Blablaworld https://blablaworld.biz/pol/
Open file (2.18 MB 2000x1091 1671214767768503.jpg)
>>15169 >/agdg/ No. :(
Open file (146.47 KB 1559x617 dead?.png)
>>15169 >>16059 I'd be interested in ownership of /agdg/ if the board is up for grabs. First, I'd like to change it from a (8kun bunker board? Can't say for sure as I've never been to that dump) to a proper webring board. I have a few ideas to make it suck less, too, like threads dedicated to technical topics (engine-specifics, graphics and rendering, simulation, art/asset creation, random number generation/random selection, procedural generation, music and sound production, programming languages, etc.) as well as proper "showcase/progress" threads and "questions that don't deserve their own thread" threads so people aren't just shitting all over the place. Let me know, please.
>>16171 We've sent an email to /agdg/'s present owner alerting them that their board is being claimed. If it remains inactive, we'll accept your claim. What account name should /agdg/'s ownership be transferred to if and when the claim goes through?
>>16174 Thanks. nviridescens is the account name, if I can ever get a confirmation email to come through.
>>16175 If you can't get it, it's possible that your mail provider has blocked our email relay server, in which case you'll have to use a different address.
>>16176 Made another account with a new proton mail account and same deal, no confirmation email. Do you know of a known-to-work email provider by any chance?
>>16176 >>16178 I got it squared away now. Turns out deleting my account and making another one with the same account name and new email was what was causing it, since you can only request a confirmation once every 24 hours per account (account name, apparently).
>>16174 So it's been about a week now, any update on /agdg/ status? BO ded?
>>16182 Owner's well and truly MIA. /agdg/ ownership transferred.
>>16183 Understood. Thanks, I'll give it my best.
>>16182 >>16184 sup. former aggy BO here. I see you're doing good work trying to revive the place. Please keep the spirit alive, I'll do what I can on my end, making game. It obviously keeps me busy but I'll never forget you guys. Just to let you know, I never received any email, but I think it might not have even been listed since I only received ownership of the board after being a janny and the previous guy was gone.
>>16206 Sup. Good to see you're still around. I saw your stuff on itch.io a while ago, got a few little games on there I don't remember seeing in the threads. You working on anything right now? Drop by the board sometime and say hi, I'm sure people would be glad to see you're not dead.

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