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Open file (6.69 KB 261x183 1512050461566.jpg)
Getting more people on anon.cafe Anonymous 02/26/2020 (Wed) 14:36:33 No.10445
>20 unique users have posted in the past 24 hours. Seriously, this place needs some more users. It's painfully slow. Other major sites on the webring get several hundred easily. What can we do about this? We have the boards. We have the content. What are we missing?
>>13409 You could easily have an archive for recipes, like 8chan allowed you to add custom pages to your board.
>>13410 Why take the bus when you can train a horse to ride along the bus route instead?
>>13411 Because riding a horse is cooler than riding a bus.
>>13409 >Cooking is a poor topic for an image board It's as good as travel. >/ck/ on cuckchan is just shit posting the same was /tv/ and /sp/ are. We had a good /ck/ in Julay before the announcement happened and everyone stopped posting, we shared recipes, techniques and experiences. >How did you find image boards before the webring? Crazy but very short lived images from /b/-/v/ linked in video game message boards, i followed one of the dead links and stumbled upon /b/. This was around Spring 2007. The medium i used is as "endangered" as image boards with the exception of trackers with special content. >>13411 wat
>>13418 >wat I think they are pointing out that the archive is a workaround that tries to force imageboards as a solution instead of just using forums, which don't need an archive hacked onto it to make it considerable. "The simplest solution is most likely the right one"-type rebuttal. I don't see any way an imageboard would be more appropriate than a forum for cooking, except for not requiring accounts which is nice for privacy-fanatics.
>>13419 Except it's not really a hacked-on workaround, it's just a feature. Also, >riding a bus when you could ride a horse instead
>>13419 >I don't see any way an imageboard would be more appropriate than a forum for cooking Because I don't want to use a forum
>>13419 >except for not requiring accounts Other than cyclical threads for posting streams of videos or memes, we might as well say none of this is better than a forum. Interacting without "a mask" and reading without prejudice against an user is just as valuable as reading very old threads in forums that would otherwise be pruned in an IB. But the advantage is that an IB can curate certain posts and make an archive.
>>13422 You can hide user IDs on forums if you want. Having an identity on a cooking forum isn't even a bad thing. If you know an user makes good bread but terrible pies you can use that info to filter their posts to get what you want.
>>13398 >8chan.moe/.se: gamergate/v/ run by acidman Its run by Mark. >zchan Im pretty sure thats run by acidman. Both are garbage. Maybe sometime in the future a good /v/ will popup again.
>>13443 Both of them have gamergate generals so its just that mark owns 1 /v/ and a ni/gg/er also owns the other. They're both the same except Marks excessive moderation. So both are shit. One is just worse than the other
Open file (615.10 KB 1076x526 mark is a sonic fag.PNG)
Open file (272.88 KB 1216x421 Mark 2.PNG)
Open file (179.71 KB 781x509 Mark 1.PNG)
Open file (909.02 KB 2000x3000 mark.jpg)
>>13444 >Marks excessive moderation what on earth are you talking about? kikes don't censor people, that's antisemitic to think they do
why does every thread have to be about Mark?
Open file (260.70 KB 1914x435 ClipboardImage.png)
even advertising on 4chan doesnt seem to help.
>>13485 I'm surprised that they let the link survive; isn't linking to other imageboards forbidden under their rules?
>>10458 Maybe if you kicked out all the /pol/iticians and other such undesirables imageboard culture would be just fine.
>>13441 That's because you have shit taste. Forums are one of the few good things about the internet.
>>13513 Okay.
>>13513 Disagree, it's easy to get banned and/or get strawman'd by an angry user Also the whole thing about getting warned for bumping old threads even if they have no duplicates
Open file (17.70 KB 1313x198 cafedigits.png)
check this digits
>anon.cafe is suddenly busy with refugees from a war-torn drama den Hoping for the best and expecting the worst.
Open file (157.02 KB 500x281 1451947173687.gif)
>anon.cafe is suddenly busy with refugees from a war-torn drama den Hoping for the best and expecting the worst. I hope you're happy, OP.
>>13571 >>13572 Who? Where?
>>13573 Some Julay nonsense flooded in here last night
>>13574 Goddamn, i saw the /cow/ thread. Isn't Alog practically their own site? why hole up here? doesn't make sense.
>>13575 I'm not sure what exactly happened, but some disgruntled user came to /shelter/ and made a thread, and then other users came. along with Dolphin. A spambot was activated, and then it spilled into /fascist/ and probably other boards.
>>13575 >>13576 Yeah. From what I've gathered, a /cow/ user made a popular thread here because alog/julay has serious moderation issues which now turned into deleting any post about certain people or asking why these posts are deleted. Dramafags followed them and shat the place up for a day before losing interest. I think /film/ moved here permanently due to the moderation shitshow but those anons seem chill. My fears are gone, that blue cat can in the cafe can smile again.
>>13577 >/film/ moved here permanently Party time now
>>13577 No, it was because koigoons refused to listen and put their useless essays in the guntstream thread. Read the ban logs, you retard.
So was Julay always shit and it just became more noticeable later or did something happen to it?
>>13580 Wasn't always like this, some bad agents appeared in the staff (or removed their masks) and shit happened. In my opinion it was more around a decent group of anons in a site with some overly lenient BOs and careless administration; everything went good because no pressure happened but when things like subversive staffers (shitposters with a badge) bailing janitors (due to staff's irregular rulings) raid-tier dumbfag migrations (mark /v/, kiwis) and technical problems happened everything went to the gutter because they simply didn't know how to deal with it and had no consistency between their own ideologies. When they took proper measures it was way too late and they still have that paranoid behavior even when the site is almost vacated, there's nobody to inspect upon other than the few who stuck by your side.
>>13515 All of that applies to imageboards aswell.
>>13674 >Getting warned for bumping an old thread >Easy to get banned by an angry mod Go away, Mark
>>13443 >Im pretty sure thats run by acidman. Nah, they're run by the remnants of Fatchan's staff after Tom pussed out from Esther's deplatforming.
Invite leftist political imageboards to join in.
why can't i say n1gg3r5 on /comfy/?
>Invite leftist political imageboards to join in. yeah, no, the entire mainstream internet is your safe space fuck off
>>15112 you can
>>10445 Does anyone know what the little ghost and the tool box next to some boards mean?
>>15932 Ghost if for inactive owner (you can see it by hovering the mouse on it). The little briefcase indicates that the boards is marked as SFW.
>>10445 Stop having antichrists moderate /christian/ who delete posts calling out blasphemers and weabpedo faggot tranny lunatics who should go the fuck back to niggertits 4chan
>>10445 Fix the faggoty cookie thing then.
I haven't come here for over a year, I don't remember cafe being so shit and stale, like what happened?
>>16384 we became boomers
>>16385 Doubt it. I've browse a lot of IB filled with old people and not as bad as this one. Considering the whole webring haven't done anything buy bleed users then I'm asuming every decent poster just left at this point.
>>16384 >>16387 >I'm asuming every decent poster just left at this point. Pretty much. Most of them either left to Discord or other walled gardens, or went back into meatspace. There are some who still pop up from time to time, but most of the (human) users here are completely lifeless and uncreative. Hell, the only reason I'm still browsing these shitholes is because I get bored and the rest of the Internet is fucking shit.
>>16388 Don't forget all the Russian and Ukrainian users are a little tied up at the moment. 😞
Open file (49.90 KB 768x433 Inquisitive Hulkster.jpg)
>>16388 >decent poster >Discord user What am I missing here?
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