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Open file (659.94 KB 424x750 1517496528113.png)
Anonymous 09/15/2019 (Sun) 22:24:44 No.104 [Reply]
Sorry, mate, I'm the BO of /lang/, would you mind making my board SFW? Or, could you tell me how to make it so from my moderation panel?
Thanks in advance!
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>>15320 Thanks, that worked!
>>15329 Hey, I wanna install the webring on the new backup site I made for /lang/ (blablaworld.biz) but this is all I get. >Caught fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function reset_events() in /var/www/html/inc/functions.php:76 Stack trace: #0 /var/www/html/inc/functions.php(20): loadConfig() #1 /var/www/html/webring/buildring.php(8): require_once('/var/www/html/i...') #2 {main} thrown in /var/www/html/inc/functions.php on line 76 What am I doing wrong? I'm running vichan, php7.2.
>>15330 We didn't make either of the webring plugins. For vichan-based webring plugins, you'll want to ask Smuglo.li's /support/ board.
>>104 what is the origin of this meme waifu?
>>15352 That's not what waifu means.

Open file (34.27 KB 642x352 anoncafe.png)
Anonymous 05/03/2021 (Mon) 18:03:19 No.14345 [Reply]
In what ways is anon cafe better than other imageboards according to you?
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This one is comfy
>>14345 Well, it's uhhh You see, umm uhhh It's just good okay?!
>>14345 I find its' small user base to be an attractive factor, as I have always browsed 4chan, 8chan/8kun and so on. So it's nice to just chill. The boards on this chan are also mostly within the, sort of semantic field of /comfy/ so. I just like to use stuff that's different. And this seems pretty nice
Open file (77.65 KB 1418x644 pepefren.jpg)
>>14368 Here, fren
>>14345 > In what ways is anon cafe better than other imageboards according to you? >>14346 This anon already said everything that needs to be said.

Open file (134.76 KB 560x420 probably true.jpg)
Anonymous 05/22/2021 (Sat) 14:35:28 No.14798 [Reply]
Somebody please make /lit/ anywhere on the webring that isn't fucking /tvch/. I will use it, I swear.
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>>14798 >>14799 There's /pol/ here too if you read the board's name
make /co/ and /lit/ here
>>14828 Can I have the name?

Open file (522.36 KB 1600x1200 1597641994303.jpg)
Anonymous 05/12/2021 (Wed) 03:21:54 No.14382 [Reply]
Why is zzzchan's hidden service blacklisted from your webring.json?
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>>14770 The main reason is probably that being on the webring means association with shit stirring trannies
>>14772 Niche topic boards really have very little to gain by joining the webring, I recall that /otter/ only ever had one or two anons trickle in and leave again while it was on anon.cafe.
I'm going to put my question here because I don't want to open a new thread. Which board from the webring aside fron 8moe and this board are allowing board creation by their users?
Open file (98.30 KB 1024x768 white people.jpg)
>>15274 You meant sites? First of all markchan.moe is not part of the webring. Secondly, and answering your question - none. That train is long gone, the big traditional imageboard formula is dead because it's so easily susceptible to jewish takedowns as was seen with 8chan. The webring is a decentralized congregation of smaller sites with tighter board control made to combat the hebrew menace.

Open file (27.42 KB 628x472 neo armstrong.jpg)
Anonymous 11/06/2021 (Sat) 19:50:24 No.15236 [Reply]
I remember there was once /fit/ on the webring but I don't remember where. It's gone now, is it hidden?
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>>15256 >>15259 Then either use zzz/fit/ or don't bother.
>>15260 Was it really necessary to state the obvious?
>>15263 Well if they're just going to complain and do nothing then yes

Open file (2.82 MB 1100x1400 fat.png)
Considering Fatchan's jschan Anonymous 05/02/2020 (Sat) 09:14:24 No.10737 [Reply]
LynxChan had its advantages, but during the short time that Fatchan was up I saw some things I really liked. It also seems to have garnered good reviews from those anons who posted on it. The questions I'm now asking are: >Is jschan suitable for use yet? jschan's repository README contains a warning that it isn't production-ready. Development is likely to be wilder, upgrades rockier, and behavioral edges less well-understood. I recall that Fatchan also had its share of attacks and the countermeasures seemed to strike a nice balance between being effective and preserving anon quality of life. >How expensive is jschan to run? By "expensive" I mean how CPU intensive, how memory-intensive, and how disk-intensive is it compared to LynxChan? Only someone with experience running both would be able to comment, but we can hope such a person exists. >What options exist to migrate content from LynxChan to jschan? A supported migration path is essential; direct database-to-database transfer would be ideal. Has anyone else migrated content from a LynxChan instance to a jschan instance and if so, how did it go? >Will jschan continue to be developed and for how long? Tom has said that he plans to keep actively developing jschan but given his recent force-feeding of blackpills I'd like to know his thoughts on how long he'll be committing to the software as its maintainer. Open-source projects can in theory be taken over if the original maintainer abandons them but this transition only sometimes goes well. I also see no pull requests having been made on jschan so I don't know how Tom runs his ship compared to, say, Stephen Lynx. >What do our board owners think of switching to jschan? Our board owners love their custom CSS; switching over to jschan is likely to mean they need to adjust their CSS yet again in a more radical way than a normal LynxChan upgrade.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Open file (862.31 KB 1020x4897 1618213755206.jpg)
Open file (328.39 KB 1001x2024 1618214244045.jpg)
>>14178 Board owner settings without Board name, Board Description, Tags, Moderators, Announcement, Theme, Code Theme, and Custom CSS fields Post actions as BO
Open file (73.49 KB 1020x348 1618214862868.jpg)
Open file (109.58 KB 1018x466 1618214798843.jpg)
Open file (124.42 KB 1010x988 1618214775533.jpg)
>>14262 more stuff, should be evident
>>14263 Banners are still set to a hard 300:100, though I mentioned this to Tom and he said he'd remove the limit, but it hasn't happened yet. I can't think of anything else to show, but if you think of something I'll screenshot it for you. I can only show what is allowed for a BO. Not a mod anywhere, nor an admin. Hope this information is useful.
>>14264 They aren't.
>>14264 i'm a bit late yeah. Honestly the 3:1 ratio was more restrictive than anything when I was uploading some banners on 94chan >>14263 I hope your eyes fucking pack up and leave you for using that theme.

Open file (376.86 KB 1372x1049 changelog.png)
Bugs, Issues, and Changelog Anonymous Board owner 09/02/2019 (Mon) 15:52:13 No.18 [Reply] [Last]
If you notice something wrong that isn't "it's slow", post about it here. If something is fixed or changed, it'll be posted here.
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Open file (7.98 MB 640x360 Attack on Gachi.mp4)
Random video test. Seem to be having issues with >R9K prevented you for posting an item.
Open file (40.53 KB 350x350 Spo1.png)
Hallo there, i wanted to mention that in the board /x/ a meta thread i made to post some of the assets, like the board's logo PNG image, disappeared. Early in the board's life some other threads and posts also puffed out in thin air and while i joked at some point that the board was haunted, there really is some sketchy things going on. Might be some memory problems or something? because i can now confirm 100% it's not users deleting their own posts or images not loading, the threads and posts i made are simply not there anymore.
Open file (68.12 KB 485x635 sweet memes.jpg)
For some reason recently on Tor when ever i try to compete a captcha i get an error that says "Wrong answer or expired captcha" every time! i can compete a captcha on a clearnet browser on the first try.
Open file (91.76 KB 1060x1069 own nothing.jpg)
Is there some problem uploading higher resolution images? After several attempts I cannot post this image. Upload progress gets to 100%, then it hangs for 15 seconds and I get the "Connection lost" error. At best the post displays with a broken image. https://anon.cafe/.media/beb96cd33ed3ab1020ec69478affd9c3affd476fa6ff412dcca43de199399460.jpg I uploaded it to julay on the first attempt https://alogs.theguntretort.com/.media/beb96cd33ed3ab1020ec69478affd9c3affd476fa6ff412dcca43de199399460.jpg Also this thread probably shouldn't be bumplocked
New thread at >>15218

Open file (30.60 KB 550x322 mks.jpg)
What's happening on smugloli? Anonymous 05/23/2021 (Sun) 17:04:46 No.14812 [Reply]
Pic unrelated
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>>14836 >WTF why is there so much meta in /meta/? Where you dropped as a tar baby?
Is the NTR cuckold again shitting or is something else happening?
So anyone?
>>14981 From the IRC: >appears to be an upstream malfunction with the hosting provider, we'll be back when they've fixed it
>>14983 Oh. The provider fucked up. I thought it was something worse.

Open file (356.49 KB 910x1028 leftypol1.png)
Open file (304.31 KB 910x1028 leftypol2.png)
leftypol wants to join the webring. Anonymous 06/11/2021 (Fri) 05:54:30 No.14926 [Reply]
Hello, anons. Leftypol is considering joining the webring. I am curious to get a little feed back from some of the community here about the situation and what everyone thinks about it? Obviously they are leftists, however, they are a rather large board in comparison to the other boards that are floating around the net and I am curious as to everyones opinion here is on this.
45 posts and 8 images omitted.
>>14926 They will cause problems, whether it be through drama or subversion of other boards. /pol/acks shitting up discussion is tiring, but at the very least, right-wing political boards tend to shut up and stay out of the way more often than not. It will be more trouble than it's worth.
>>14975 >make all left leaning topics a bannable offense on non political boards That seems a bit extreme, assuming assuming all political based topics aren't also banned.
>>14968 How did you miss the whole Qtard drama? Imageboard culture is dead and buried among newcomers.
>>14968 >threads and replies with images VS >threads and replies with images Wow!
We will not be federating with the site in question at this time.

Open file (69.85 KB 1282x225 screenshot.png)
WebRing Invitation Kev 05/22/2021 (Sat) 13:05:25 No.14797 [Reply]
Hello Gentlemen, 4kev.org here. Thanks for the invitation. How can I join the WebRing?
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>>14903 So you conclude that anon is a liar?
>>14904 If Anon continues to tell lies then he will become a liar, because telling lies is the attribute of a liar.
>>14880 >smug doesn't have an onion Take a guess
Open file (20.33 KB 392x403 Gato_Cachimbeiro_1.png)
Hey friends, https://83tan.org here, we just installed the plugin and we'd like to be referred back. Could you add us?

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