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Open file (26.41 KB 300x400 screen.png)
InstantIB.LynxChan + Onion: An Imageboard Host Builder Anonymous Board owner 04/30/2020 (Thu) 17:08:36 No.10678 [Reply] [Last]
UPDATE: instantib.lynxchan version 2.4.10 released. I'm releasing a modified version of Anon.cafe's build and maintenance tooling. It is an Ansible role that turns a CentOS 7 server into a LynxChan 2.4.10 host with an nginx reverse proxy in front to handle HTTPS termination and traffic limiting. It is very configurable and includes variable documentation as well as a tutorial to help those unfamiliar with Ansible get up to speed. It's my hope that this will help Anon spin up new imageboards without having to struggle against many of their software's peculiarities and tedium. I've also added a role that will set up Tor hidden services; it permits either hands-off management of the hidden service private key or storage of the hidden service private key in an encrypted Ansible Vault. InstantIB.LynxChan is at https://gitgud.io/Skyline/instantib.lynxchan InstantIB.Onion is at https://gitgud.io/Skyline/instantib.onion The role bundles and builds several pieces of software not available in CentOS repositories (e.g. ExifTool to strip EXIF from images and FFmpeg to generate better thumbnails), may optionally create a special user that can pull remote MongoDB database dumps from elsewhere, ensures that both MongoDB and LynxChan will restart on failure, detects and handles necessary service restarts/reloads, may install and configure the webring/alternate captcha/native image generation addons if desired, supports proper multi-device favicons, provides enhanced TLS security by default, optionally generates strong custom Diffie-Hellman (DH) key-exchange parameters for extra security, allows optional IP range blocking at the network firewall, configures Security-Enhanced Linux to work gracefully with MongoDB, and allows optional use of the notoriously obtuse Sendmail to relay email from LynxChan to an external mail host. If you have some basic GNU/Linux literacy and follow the tutorial then read the documentation carefully, you will be able to use this to spin up and maintain a LynxChan imageboard of your own. You can override and adjust the variables and then re-run your playbook to gracefully detect and adjust only what needs to be adjusted on your server. The role is presently in alpha; although I use it with full confidence on anon.cafe, it is possible that it might not work for some combination of options I've never tried, or I've broken it while adding the latest enhancements for genpop use. I recommend that you try it out thoroughly against a virtual machine before using it on any kind of production instance. Be careful and methodical. Future tutorials will include the Paranoid Admin's Imageboard Hosting Primer, in which I will briefly explain the different privacy and security trade-offs you can make as an imageboard admin for yourself and your users, making payments and taking donations without compromising your identity, understanding how to maintain OPSEC+COMSEC+FINSEC in such a way that a single breach will not be your undoing, how all this might be done in practice, and more. To those who do not have the literacy this tooling assumes and would prefer something a little more intensively hand-holding, more will come. I nevertheless encourage you to muddle your way through with a VM, a CentOS 7 netinst ISO, and a search engine - if nothing else, you will come out knowing a little more than you came in with.
Edited last time by root_admin on 02/19/2021 (Fri) 04:06:49.
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I found this infograph on either of webrings /tech/ board. How much of it is applicable towards creating own imageboard?
>>14268 >Kolyma org Isn't that soyjak admin's company?
AV1 when?
>>16291 Never?
>>16289 Sharty has a different admin now. It's kuz's company (or he's affiliated with them or whatever) though, yes.

Open file (10.04 KB 429x410 1677919141048.png)
Anonymous 08/21/2023 (Mon) 17:01:45 No.16288 [Reply]
>>16281 Ok, so the board's just dead for its intended purpose since real Christian posts are always removed.
Pretty much. Haven't posted since he let the schizo take over.

Open file (10.04 KB 429x410 1677919140686.png)
Anonymous 08/12/2023 (Sat) 16:16:51 No.16279 [Reply]
/christian/ is being deliberately destroyed by owner and its mods/jannies They literally just ban anyone who offends them, even if they're quoting directly from scripture. Is there anything you can do about these assholes to restore the board so it's not dead and killed by antichrist faggots?
>>16279 Those sound like they concern /christian/'s board rules and moderation, and therefore are a matter for /christian/'s Board Owner rather than global staff.

Open file (270.51 KB 640x651 1552883036962.jpg)
Anonymous 05/23/2020 (Sat) 10:31:25 No.13271 [Reply]
With Julay and Fatchan both gone, could this place evolve to be the next "center" of the webring? If so what can be done about it?
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>>13271 why is smug even on the webring? They're more ban happy than your average redditor.
>>15366 They invented it.
Open file (39.97 KB 176x152 1587511079261.png)
Did something happen to alogs.space?
>>16207 >Works on my Box(tm) What happened did it go out for a while? >also >>>/shelter/

Open file (143.61 KB 1132x1511 eraser.jpg)
Deleting Boards Anonymous Board owner 05/02/2020 (Sat) 09:49:50 No.10741 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is for boards that are going to be deleted. All boards up for deletion will be given a minimum of seven days notification before it happens to allow them to be evacuated. It's not fun to cull boards, but it is necessary for the health of Anon.cafe and the health of the webring. There are no set criteria for deletion, but factors that make a board more likely to be deleted include long inactivity (if that board is not a bunker) with no signs of revival, a long-absent owner (if that board is not a bunker), very low post count/indications of stillbirth, and other factors that indicate the board has likely calcified and is unlikely to revive. Well-maintained, unindexed bunkers will not be deleted unless their community appears to have disappeared entirely. As of now - Saturday May 02, 2020 at 0935 - the following boards have been selected for deletion: >>>/girltalk/ >>>/lovelive/ >>>/mh/ >>>/psyid/ >>>/int/ >>>/nofap/ Boards at risk of being considered stillborn include: >>>/hentaiclub/ Boards that have had no activity but are presently exempt from being considered stillborn because of Julay.world's circumstances include: >>>/icup/

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>16174 So it's been about a week now, any update on /agdg/ status? BO ded?
>>16182 Owner's well and truly MIA. /agdg/ ownership transferred.
>>16183 Understood. Thanks, I'll give it my best.
>>16182 >>16184 sup. former aggy BO here. I see you're doing good work trying to revive the place. Please keep the spirit alive, I'll do what I can on my end, making game. It obviously keeps me busy but I'll never forget you guys. Just to let you know, I never received any email, but I think it might not have even been listed since I only received ownership of the board after being a janny and the previous guy was gone.
>>16206 Sup. Good to see you're still around. I saw your stuff on itch.io a while ago, got a few little games on there I don't remember seeing in the threads. You working on anything right now? Drop by the board sometime and say hi, I'm sure people would be glad to see you're not dead.

Please remove 8chan.moe from your webring following list. Blacklist optional. Anonymous 05/12/2021 (Wed) 05:13:35 No.14384 [Reply] [Last]
As it stands, anon.cafe is the only site in the webring that is following 8chan.moe. Other sites have blacklisted the site in history for numerous reasons. This site is currently the only site in the entire webring that is following 8chan.moe. I'm here to convince you why you should stop doing that. 8chan.moe has been extremely unpopular amongst anons across the entire webring for numerous reasons. It's getting to a point that it is impossible to ignore the complaints. Please hear me out entirely. First is the fact that after many months and several lies, they have absolutely no interest in conforming to webring standards. They are one of the only sites in the webring that has failed to conform to fair practice in the webring by failing to fully implement the webring plugin. Very few sites have failed to do this, and the other sites are for the most part rather small. 8chan.moe however, is the largest site in the webring currently with the most activity, and they have failed to implement the webring after several months of being asked to. They have no interest in joining the webring properly. If you don't believe me and need proof, please read this thread: https://8chan.moe/site/res/1880.html Several months ago you blacklisted 8chan.moe from your site because they failed to properly implement the webring. They still haven't committed to fully and properly implementing the webring. When people complain, they ignore it. They have never been interested in properly implementing the webring. All they care about is that people from the webring get advertised to visit 8chan.moe and they have never had the good faith to enable the webring GUI on their site. It has been several months and they have not fixed it. They won't even respond to it anymore. The second biggest complaint is that they harbor Mark. Mark is known for bringing the press and other undesirables to anything he inhabits. The fear is that this could eventually infect the rest of the webring. However, without proper integration to the rest of the webring, this is honestly unlikely, but it is still a complaint that is raised. The third and most recent complaint is that 8chan.moe has begun to allow content that is not legal in the United States and is very likely not legal elsewhere. The United States is usually considered the pinnacle of free speech and even their limitations, such as the DOST test, are echoed around the rest of the world. This is what caused 8chan to be delisted on the only other site they were listed in the webring. Pic related. The fourth and final reason is just plainly that you cannot trust the word of Acid. He has made so many numerous promises to correctly implement the webring and even at the beginning he started the webring with some "peering agreement" thing which backfired at him. He decided to reverse that decision as soon as he became bombarded with webring users who complained at him. However, due to a lack of complaints about his extremely bad-faith nature and his flat-out lies about his intentions, his site has been allowed to be included in a substantial part of the webring for months now. It's time to remove his site from the webring and stop trusting him. My hope is that you will remove him from your following list which will remove him from the webring. I hope nobody in the future is ever suckered into adding back 8chan.moe. Thank you for reading this post.
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Open file (95.98 KB 220x220 1.gif)
>>14610 >You can buy ads on Facebook >You can buy ads on Reddit >You can buy ads on 4chan >You can buy ads on Google >You can buy ads on Twitter >You can buy ads on Youtube
"Please censor, please censor, please censor!" > That's all I read.
>>15527 meanwhile craptcha block bypass bullshit is pissing me off.
> The United States is usually considered the pinnacle of free speech LMAO, imagine genuinely believing that when the US ranked a shared 13th place (the lowest place) in the top 30 countries with most freedom of speech. That's a joke honestly. I don't care about anything else mentioned tbh, I was looking for something else and stumbled across this, but when I read that I just couldn't stop laughing.
It's better than Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and other similar countries where anything the state considers "offensive" gets you fined or imprisoned. If you know somewhere better, feel free to share.

Open file (249.78 KB 620x800 mouse story time.jpg)
Anonymous 12/28/2022 (Wed) 00:47:16 No.16065 [Reply]
What the hell habbened to /comfy/ ? So sad it closed... Not comfy.
28 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>16109 Nice knowing you're fine BO. Despite closing /comfy/ was not a good move imho as it's an important place on the cafe (and internet in general) I can understand your decision. Anyway thanks for having maintained this place before me. Take care of you ol' BO and godspeed. t. Taulier
>>16109 Glad you're OK Anon, stay well. BTW, do you know anything about /late/ by chance?
>>16109 It would have been nice if you'd given prior warning, but thank you for the work you've put in.
>>16113 /late/ looks like it's RIP too. It's a shame because it was a good distraction from the rest of the world. (I wish I saved some of the music shared. It made great late night playlists.)
>>16173 At least we have it here.

Open file (74.55 KB 1726x711 zchan shilling.PNG)
Anonymous 07/06/2020 (Mon) 22:59:47 No.13392 [Reply]
Can we please blacklist Zchan from the webring?
41 posts and 8 images omitted.
>>13711 >>13710 >>13713 >4chiggers >>13900 >baseless conjecture God damn do I feel like I dodged a bullet not using this site. If I wanted 4chan schizo cancer I'd be on 4chan.
>>14179 >bumping a dead thread to reply to lies and shitposts Why?
i vote no
i vote yes

Open file (112.06 KB 1053x850 ClipboardImage.png)
Anonymous 12/30/2022 (Fri) 02:25:18 No.16107 [Reply]
Your captcha doesn't stop bots, catholic botspam is still prevalent on /christian/, even copy/pasting old posts from other anons (I even recognized a few of my own old posts). Pic unrelated, but a pic is required to post.
>>16107 how do you view /christian/'s board logs?

Merry Christmas Anoncafe Anonymous 12/26/2022 (Mon) 00:32:25 No.16062 [Reply]
Blessings on this Yuletide anon.cafe! You've been a stalwart & faithful friend to the Internet over the years and that's much appreciated. Merry Christmas

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