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/overboard/ discussions Anonymous 06/27/2020 (Sat) 01:26:22 No.13389 [Reply]
Should /icup/ be added to the sfwoverboard?
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>>13668 Thanks brother
>>13668 I just noticed prolikewoah.com the GO AWAY one.. got removed from the webring here but we're still showing up on their site. Is this because they decided to forget the certificates again? I'm not an anime fan but it was hard to ignore when it had one of the highest PPH
>>13677 For future reference, PLW's certificates had expired. This meant that when our server connected to it to grab the latest webring.json, the untrusted connection was rejected. Think of it as PLW "dropping out" of the webring temporarily. The same happens when hosts go down. When their webring.json files become accessible again, then they re-appear.
Open file (19.72 KB 601x274 bullshit.PNG)
>>13691 Yo admin, are you aware of the whole "repeal 230" shit trump's been going on? I'm not sure if you're a US citizen because it would likely affect you even if you host in Romania as an american. What's your plans if this shit goes through?
>>13742 what's this about?

Open file (122.97 KB 1080x957 1577850738764-2.jpg)
/k/ Restoration Anonymous 09/20/2020 (Sun) 22:27:32 No.13654 [Reply]
Can you restore /k/ to approximately the closest restore point to an hour and a half ago (9PM UTC)? A spammer came through and wiped out the board. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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Are loli pedophile cartoons allowed on anon.cafe? >>>/k/7571 >>>/k/7574
>>13693 It's just a cartoon bro
>>13694 /sm/ and /loli/ when
>>13697 Probably never, makes the site an easy target. It's not a board but smug allows loli threads.
>>13697 I’d browse the fuck out of those. They’d probably have to be hidden boards though

Open file (6.69 KB 261x183 1512050461566.jpg)
Getting more people on anon.cafe Anonymous 02/26/2020 (Wed) 14:36:33 No.10445 [Reply] [Last]
>20 unique users have posted in the past 24 hours. Seriously, this place needs some more users. It's painfully slow. Other major sites on the webring get several hundred easily. What can we do about this? We have the boards. We have the content. What are we missing?
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>>13577 No, it was because koigoons refused to listen and put their useless essays in the guntstream thread. Read the ban logs, you retard.
So was Julay always shit and it just became more noticeable later or did something happen to it?
>>13580 Wasn't always like this, some bad agents appeared in the staff (or removed their masks) and shit happened. In my opinion it was more around a decent group of anons in a site with some overly lenient BOs and careless administration; everything went good because no pressure happened but when things like subversive staffers (shitposters with a badge) bailing janitors (due to staff's irregular rulings) raid-tier dumbfag migrations (mark /v/, kiwis) and technical problems happened everything went to the gutter because they simply didn't know how to deal with it and had no consistency between their own ideologies. When they took proper measures it was way too late and they still have that paranoid behavior even when the site is almost vacated, there's nobody to inspect upon other than the few who stuck by your side.
>>13515 All of that applies to imageboards aswell.
>>13674 >Getting warned for bumping an old thread >Easy to get banned by an angry mod Go away, Mark

Open file (436.46 KB 1280x720 holding_laughter.webm)
/a/ Got Glowed On Anonymous 08/02/2020 (Sun) 15:07:52 No.13478 [Reply]
Just as a heads up, /a/ got glowed on last night. https://smuglo.li/support/res/2745.html
>>13478 I'm sorry you're experiencing technical difficulties with anon.cafe, have you tried to turn it on and back off again?
Can someone explain how that pedolarp was a glownigger? I don't know much about IRC. I think they did a check on the channels that banned user was subscribed to but I don't see anything fishy in it, like Christianity or Nietzsche?
>>13481 Nevermind, I think I see some shady channels like meth or mafia. Looks shady but can't figure out confidently how he glows. It's weird because some of the imageboards that get shilled everywhere like 64chan, eggchan are full of pedophiles. Also, I check out lainchan now and then and there's also 420chan. That place glows too?
>>13481 See >>13480 Also: >I think they did a check on the channels that banned user was subscribed to Traditionally on IRC, you'd only be part of a handful of channels. Like 5 or so at most, maybe 20 if you do stuff like web development for different people or if you're a socialite. There's three potential reasons to have that many channels listed: >1) Bot learning >2) Trolling >3) Glowing 1 could apply but is unlikely as there's no reason to reveal your bot if you're just teaching it. 2 Is possible, but trolling any part of /a/ is generally more of a chore than it's worth, leaving option 3 as the most likely candidate. My guess is it's an intern and he decided to shitpost on the wrong channel on accident.

Open file (67.24 KB 256x256 2020.png)
i don't have time for this shit- point me to the biggest /v/ Anonymous 06/15/2020 (Mon) 19:54:19 No.13365 [Reply]
i can't be bothered to search some obscure board every week, where the fuck is /v/ now hosted?
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>>13371 wrong, dipshit. unless you are a diaper wearing furry or commie pedo, there is nothing of value out there in terms of boards at all.
starts with z
>>13375 Its awful. those ni/gg/ers can fuck right off. Seems like there is no going back
>>13377 Saw a glimpse of the thread from the overboard, and in my case, i've been waiting for a place that goes for the /vg/-tier atmosphere: Moderated but usually invisible mods/BO, small userbase who have monthly games and that's it. Sounds easy but many alternatives are already stigmatized by the "usual" users, Z is full of shitposters, Smugloli has wicked rules, 9 and 8moe are for fags, Sportschan was a shitpost attempt, Animu has a highly controversial BO and Julay either way of the controversy has been smeared and has new extremely defensive mods that have already banned normal posts who didn't even delve into meta or mainstream opinions. I wanted to make an alternative but i think it would be just like pissing in a sea of piss at this point, so i guess it's just a matter of waiting, i did 2 years at one point so let's see what happens.
>>13378 >small userbase who have monthly games and that's it. i always wanted to try lan gaming via wireguard

Open file (270.51 KB 640x651 1552883036962.jpg)
Anonymous 05/23/2020 (Sat) 10:31:25 No.13271 [Reply]
With Julay and Fatchan both gone, could this place evolve to be the next "center" of the webring? If so what can be done about it?
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Anon.cafe is not a venue for inter-site drama and we are not the Missouri for whatever spat is being had this week. Take it elsewhere. >>13321 Thank you.
>>13322 Could you have at least archived it before deleting it nigger? The guy doesn't want to repost it so it must've been something damaging.
>>13323 >Could you have at least archived it before deleting it nigger? Kek. Couldn't 'you?
>>13324 I was too busy playing video games so I didn't get to see what happened until now.
>>13323 Remember you can put links into archive.is search. http://archive.is/vaVco

Oncoming Death of /r9k/ Anonymous 05/04/2020 (Mon) 07:07:18 No.13163 [Reply]
It seems like it's the end for us bots. If any of you (robots) are reading this I'm sorry it has to end this way for us. It seems like this place, this name, which we called home will soon become naught but a memory. It might be a bit pathetic to be sad about an imageboard but I am. All these years of conversing with friends, with brothers will all be lost in time, like tears in rain. I considered all you bots friends and to me /r9k/ was truly like a band of comrades all with shared purpose and shared experiences. Unless something happens to completely alter our course then I'm afraid that the momentum is against us and so this may be goodbye. May seem overly dramatic to make this post at this point but I'd rather make it now while there's still some cohesion rather than when we're truly dead Feel free to delete this if you feel it doesn't fit in /meta/ (remade due to fucked formatting)
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>>13228 I don't know anything about bigguy but judging by >Probably would've worked too since it's clear the fucker was a massive pussy He doesn't sound too different to me so you can still take a shit.
>>13231 The basic rundown on the story of fucker that took over after you is... >the board is BOless >a dolphin fucking retard with autism posted some unsavory links on r9k and becomes a known character similar to certain testicless fiend only, somehow, even more autistic. >skip to BO transfer >dolphin fucker tries to diguise himself and take over the board >big guy gets board instead >things are good for a few weeks but dolphin fucler spams the board and temporarily downs anon cafe >skip a day or two and things are back to normal >skip a few more days a thread gets shat up by a literal nigger and a literal faggot and people start wondering what the fuck the BO is up to >two days pass without BO doing shit >meta gets a shit ton of complaints about BO not doing shit >BO being the absolute pussy he is cracks at the anons complaints and like a petty bitch gives the board to the dolphin fucker who proceeds to delete it. You'd have to try really hard to be this fucking retarded.
>>13234 Would you guys be up to it if I was to claim the board here again, but give it to the owner of the other /r9k/bunker? He seems more professional and looks like he gives more of a shit of everything. Or would that bring a userbase that you don't want anymore?
>>13242 I (balkan/r9k/ BO) already put in a claim for /r9k/ that was declined. But the account(robot) is there so it'd be unnecessary to do a weird double transfer. If you want to shill for /r9k/ to be brought back or ask about it you should probably post here >>3
>>13243 Will try to contact via email, maybe since I was the first /r9k/ BO admin may help a bit.

Open file (756.47 KB 960x720 eris_shrug.png)
Webring: use Posts Per Day instead of PPH Anonymous 05/08/2020 (Fri) 13:57:03 No.13208 [Reply]
Hi, this thread has 2 points: 1) I think the current lack of activity in the webring makes Posts Per Day or Posts Per Week a far more useful metric than Posts Per Hour (in which most boards have 0 even if alive). Do most of you agree? 2) Is there a better place to request this change? Where is it?
Seems like a decent idea
The webring as a whole should have separate counters for "current" PPH and "average" PPH. The latter is probably more useful overall so I agree with this suggestion.
>>13208 I absolutely agree, but it might be better to ask in smug's webring thread on /support/ or on julay's /meta/ board, as the people running those sites were the ones who actually wrote the webring software.
>>13208 Concurring with this

Anonymous 05/05/2020 (Tue) 16:35:00 No.13179 [Reply]
[TUTO] LynxChan 2.4.0 installation on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS + server configuration with nginx + let's encrypt + cloudflare + installing a third party front end + adding addons + setting a vanity onion address. Some tutorial to set your own server + demo website. https://bchan.net/b/res/1.html#1
>>13179 Thanks lad, looks detailed.

Will there be another radio? Anonymous 05/03/2020 (Sun) 16:26:30 No.13131 [Reply]
I really enjoyed this radio session with you anons.
>>13131 Hopefully.
For the time being, not until maybe July when Julay "closes" (with the Admin's permission). There's a few reasons for this, but the big two are that I think it fell short of its second objective in favor of its first objective, and that these things are a pain in the butt. You have to plan a stream, looking at minimum 5-6 hours if you aren't cheesing it. Then there's contacting the other boards which you'll have to sink about two or three hours into. Then when running it you have to be constantly vigilant and following the thread while simultaneously keeping up with /r/s and whatever is being discussed. Each board is going to have a different attitude so you've got to balance music and consider if certain types of music won't fit your audience. There's also lots of impatient people who get mad at you for not having the block they want at the time they want it, and you'll inevitably forget someone on accident or delete their /r/ while trying to not go until six in the morning (do not go until six in the morning). There's also the simple fact that /animu/ does a jazz stream on Friday nights, /a/ does a r/a/dio stream most Saturdays, and they also do a lounge on Sundays, so while not really "competing" it might come across that way (this week just happened to fall under a "rest week" for r/a/dio). All that being said, if anyone on anon.cafe would like to start a consistent radio (doubly so if they're a Euro and want to stream during Euro timezones since I don't think any member of the webring with a music stream server does that as of this time), and they have the Admin's permission, I'd be glad to show you the ropes using Mixxx. Just hit me up on /a/'s IRC channel or shoot an email to notcia@national.shitposting.agency (warning: cockmail has been up and down for the last month). I'd keep it to just anon.cafe boards and maybe occasionally inviting a handful of boards though- a webring-wide event is just too much. Just keep in mind if your time you host it isn't good for the boards you're hosting for, you might only get like 5-10 listeners. Whenever I did a stream for Euro timezones we averaged 7 listeners versus the 30+ that attend American-time r/a/dio.
>>13146 >it fell short of its second objective in favor of its first objective Do we really need a radio stream for that though? Maybe we could have one central board/thread somewhere where webring issues in general can be discussed, and perhaps make that a permanent thing. That would fit the purpose better I think.
>>13147 The idea is usually that it's easier to get people to actually conglomerate and mingle when there's some sort of event used as an excuse to get them to conglomerate and mingle. Normally you'd be hard pressed to get, for instance, Kamisama and Nepfag into the same room without there being an event excuse behind it.
>>13146 > fell short of its second objective in favor of its first objective I don't think it did. I can see some of the information given and questions answered during the stream now forming the part of the foundation of some guides being written and passed around. I liked that we did a bit of serious business and then just lost ourselves to the party atmosphere. >these things are a pain in the butt I was impressed at how well it flowed. I'm surprised it only took 5-6 hours to plan the stream, but you're experienced. A lot of people underestimate the craft involved in being a good streamer.

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