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Requesting Boards Anonymous Board owner 09/01/2019 (Sun) 02:54:24 No. 3 [Reply]
Self-service board creation is disabled. If you'd like to run a board on anon.cafe, please create an account and then post in this thread with:
>The username you created
>Board URL (e.g. /meta/)
>Board name
>Board topic
>Would you like the board marked SFW (i.e. no explicit or other adult-only content)?

Please review the Global Rules before you request a board. Please also be certain that you are willing to carry out the duties of a board owner. Boards whose owners do not log in for more than two weeks will be marked inactive and put up for claim. Boards that remain dead for an extended period may be deleted if resources need to be freed.

Priority will be given to smaller boards that have been displaced by the 8chan incident. Being comfy is also a plus!

Please specify if you are requesting a board for use as a "bunker", which is a board that will remain inactive and only be used in case your main board hosted elsewhere becomes unavailable. We request that bunker boards remain delisted from the board list and top boards so that we do not pollute the webring with many inactive duplicates of boards. To delist your board, go to Board Management > Settings, check the "Don't index on top boards and board list" box, and click Save. Delisted boards can still be read and posted on, so you can still distribute your new bunker's address to your anons. If your main board becomes inaccessible or you want to turn your bunker into your main board, feel free to relist it by unchecking the aforementioned "Don't index on top boards and board list" box and clicking Save.

Please note that because delisted boards can still be posted on, their owners are still expected to log in regularly and clear them of spam or rule-breaking content and that delisted boards whose owners do not log in for some time will still go up for claim as normal. If you keep your bunker clear of spam and rule-breaking content, it will remain unlocked so that posts can be made at any time. If spam or rule-breaking content accumulates, the board will be administratively locked and will only be unlocked by request. By the time we see an unlock request and act on it, your anons may already have been unable to use the bunker for some time. A tidy bunker is a ready bunker.
Edited last time by root_admin on 09/07/2019 (Sat) 13:13:48.
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An /hk/ board for Hong Kong maybe?
Would you host a /webm/ style board or would that use too much storage?
Done. Board is at >>>/tower/ and user “Modmin” has ownership. SFW flag set. Good luck!

We’d like to, but it is as you suspect: Our present resources will not allow it.

It would appear that the owner is still logging in regularly, since the board has not gone up for claim. We’re a little reluctant to create duplicate boards. The owner has the option of transferring ownership to you if they no longer want the board or feel that you’d manage it better. Please try to work it out with them first.
Are you the previous /tower/ BO?

(43.59 KB 480x320 there's your problem.png)
Meta^2 Anonymous Board owner 09/01/2019 (Sun) 02:35:28 No. 1 [Reply]
How /meta/ Works
/meta/ is a board for discussing anon.cafe's present, future, and past. Please stay on topic. Board meta discussion should be posted on the boards concerned.

What We Run
Backend: LynxChan 2.2.12 (https://gitgud.io/LynxChan/)
Frontend: Customised branch of PenumbraLynx (https://gitgud.io/LynxChan/PenumbraLynx)

(421.47 KB 1920x1200 Wallpaper - 04.jpg)
Anonymus 12/12/2019 (Thu) 22:10:31 No. 265 [Reply]
Can we have an /art/ board please

(32.69 KB 580x450 gretbro.jpg)
Alternate Chan Alliance Anonymous 12/11/2019 (Wed) 10:55:49 No. 252 [Reply]
I've noticed that this site is not a part of the "Alternate Chan Alliance", seems like both of you have mutual goals. Have you considered joining up?
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Reminder that there is actual, physical proof of the ACA co-ordinating raids on imageboards not part of them. To the admin of this site, I implore that you don't join this literal discord tranny cult (one of the prominent members blackmails vulnerable people into crossdressing and taking HRT).
(402.08 KB 320x240 doxbin.mp4)
It's all one big PSYOP, the illusion of choice, to make the old /pol/ userbase think they've found a new home(s) and subvert them at every step.

some faggor named "sрасе" is the ringleader. He runs bunкеrснan, a commie faggot chan.

If the chan is part of the alt chan alliance, it's probably run by OPFOR.

best to get on Tor now, that's where the real userbase needs to be headed, (((they))) can't shut us down there.

Kelvinchan on I2P is nice too.
(188.29 KB 724x948 back_in_my_ass.jpg)
>> 260

They're even shitting all over obscure parts of Tor that normies dare not go.

And that's despite the fact that about half of their shitty chans block Tor users by default.

Ant they make it difficult to call them out on their game, as "sрасе" and a few other relevant words are filtered on most of their boards (I use Russian letters to type it) so you can't talk about who's pushing this shit.
(217.44 KB 1577x697 julay.png)
(1.88 MB 640x360 coincidence.webm)
>there is actual, physical proof of the ACA co-ordinating raids on imageboards not part of them.
You don't say?
And right after this was posted:

(376.86 KB 1372x1049 changelog.png)
Bugs, Issues, and Changelog Anonymous Board owner 09/02/2019 (Mon) 15:52:13 No. 18 [Reply]
If you notice something wrong that isn't "it's slow", post about it here. If something is fixed or changed, it'll be posted here.
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admin are you still alive?
Sometimes I have to refresh the website a couple of times before I can access it because my browser tells me that the connection isn't secure. Is it just my end?

I hope he hasn't died, though it doesn't seem like he's been active lately.
That's curious. I'm on Tor and the only time the site gave me an error about an insecure connection was when their typo caused the SSL cert to be temporarily invalid.
Hello Anon. I am alive and have been watching over things all this time.

It is possible that your traffic is being intercepted and a dummy certificate used, you are on shared wifi that requires authentication through a captive portal, or something else. I have not seen any TLS or certificate errors except the recent expiration. Please do not ignore any warnings about invalid TLS connections. If you do see the warnings again, it might be a good idea to view the certificate presented to you (how to do this differs by browser) to see if that gives any clues
Glad to hear you're fine, thanks for the advice too. Could you make it so delisted boards don't have their posts appear on recent posts on the homepage and on the overboard? I appreciate it if its too big of a thing to ask for.

Dolphin poster Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 20:21:16 No. 223 [Reply]
I think he has become a site-wide problem right now, so I thought I'd bring attention to it here. Can he be permanently banned from all boards whenever he appears? Although he appeared in /r9k/, he's begun to spam /otter/ and other parts of the webring.

For those that aren't aware, he:
>Posted links to CP on /r9k/
>Defended the above post
>Continually evades bans
>Avatarfags with a plush dolphin
>Is currently spamming /r9k/ and /otter/

A robot has made archives of most of his posts (first ones missing unfortunately):

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Can you please not archive my posts/threads? I'll stop spamming the popular boards, such as r9k, etc.
Try spamming /cow/ instead, that place has more than 30 posters.
That's a terrible idea because they'll milk me.
So you do admit that you're lolcow material
>If you don't make any more archives of me, then I'll stop, I promise.
Anons are only making archives of posts you've made, so if you were to stop posting then they would have no need to archive. This entire affair started because you decided to spam here, and I think I speak for everyone here when I say that we don't want drama or attention here. Its a small imageboard and we all get along fine, so don't rock the boat.

(426.91 KB 694x982 coffee_newgame.png)
externally using webring Anonymous 12/01/2019 (Sun) 09:51:34 No. 200 [Reply]
Hi moderator-san.
I wanted to access the webring not from an existing image board but my own computer. I tried to create an html page with webring.js but couldn't success. -button events are not coming-
How can i do it?
I don't have the answer to your particular question anon. However, I'm writing an imageboard porter software and I had thought about solving this very thing before. Julay and Smug are the two Admins who devised it in the first place, and the json format they use is publicly available on the repos. It's what I'm going to use if I move forward with the idea.
kambatte anon-kun
The JSON data is at: <https://julay.world/addon.js/webring>. I'm that dolphin autist btw.

(19.02 KB 432x339 hoodscreen.jpg)
lolico##XyiAZF 12/03/2019 (Tue) 16:00:42 No. 220 [Reply]
I would like to add my site heyuri.cf to the webring, but I don't run lynxchan or vichan. I don't mind implementing it myself but I would love to read something or have a good starting point to help me with it.
Try asking on julay.world/meta
There's more traffic there so you may get an answer.

(681.64 KB 1641x1080 mao consider the following.jpg)
Expired SSL Certificate Anonymous 11/29/2019 (Fri) 09:37:41 No. 197 [Reply]
Typo in the config files caused the web server to not use the automatically-renewed cert. Just goes to show you can cover all the other bases but still miss something.

>people still posted
Hope they checked the thumbprint against their own records.
>Hope they checked the thumbprint against their own records.
The fuck is that? Am I being detained?

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 12:48:19 No. 186 [Reply]
How to add https://gitlab.com/alogware/LynxChanAddon-Webring

1,Clone this repository to src/be/addons/webring

2,Configure the SITE_URL, WEBRING_SITES and SITE_LOGOS variables at the top of index.js

3,Configure blacklist.txt
4,Add webring to the addons list on LynxChan global settings

After adding the name Webring to "Addons", after restarting LynxChan, Webring did not appear. What is wrong?
Normal when visiting wwww.com/webring.json.

How to add the following content?

"name": "Imageboard", // The imageboard's name.
"url": "https://image.board", // The imageboard's base URL.
"endpoint": "https://image.board/webring.json", // The current endpoint.

// An array of logos you want to be shown for other imageboards' users
// on the webring. Should be a .png or .gif with a maximum size of 300KB.
"logo": [

"following": [ // A list of imageboards that this imageboard is directly following.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Since you're using Lynxchan, you can also contact the creator/maintainer of the Lynxchan version of the webring addon, Julay's administration, on #julayworld on Rizon's IRC. Or the support thread on the meta board of JulayWorld.
To which site are you trying to install the webring?


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