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Open file (13.65 KB 198x255 1601468006294.jpg)
Anonymous 03/07/2021 (Sun) 00:55:20 No.212
prove to me that hardwork matters more than talent or luck or personality or chances.
Open file (251.08 KB 695x465 6hz0iecg.png)
It doesn't. Imagine you take a pencil and mash it into the table for 27 years straight, you won't become a good artist even though you worked nonstop for 27 years. "Talent" is the ability to see what you're missing and understand what you need in order to move forward. The more intelligent you are, the easier it is to recognize what you're missing and to work through your shortcomings and find your own path forward without constantly asking other people. The alternative, if you're a dumb nigger, is to be lucky. To luck into the exactly correct ways of doing and thinking about things, you're basically doing what the aforementioned person is doing, except you're doing it by lucking into the correct answers and ideas by chance. If your goal is to become successful, you could just chance upon some stupid happenstance, like George Floyd. Niggers die literally nonstop in the US, all he did was die of drug overdose like so many other niggers before him, but he lucked out and became a worldwide sensation just because the democratic party decided to use him as a fundraiser. You could also luck out by getting acquainted with some autistic mastermind who will teach you all the best tricks regarding a particular job and hone out all your flaws. Nothing short of brain data uploads from The Matrix can ever match the effectiveness of direct mentorship from someone who's better than you, that's why kikes don't allow that to happen in our society anymore.
>>212 Hard work is the vehicle with which you reach your limits, talent is a natural ability to do something well above the average, and being lucky means you see opportunities present themselves to you and seizing them. A talented person will not improve beyond his comfort-zone without hard work. A lucky person will only succeed as much as luck will allow, he has no agency over this. And a hard working person will eventually improve- even if it's a little- and be able to do more than he could before. Hard work is desirable even if you're talented or lucky, and the others are desirable even if you are hard working. It's like saying one instrument is more important than another when playing in a band.
>>212 Talent without hardwork is meaningless and worthless. If you're naturally good at something but don't work on it then suddenly you're not good because everybody else has surpassed you. It's a headstart and an indication of the things you could start workign on.
>>213 I'd say this Anon knows what's up. I think the times when I've accelerated the fastest were both the cases mentioned here; When I've been directly mentored by an effective master, and when I've been able to see my own problems on my own, and then get to the bottom of fixing them. I'm not too sure about the use of the term 'luck' (I'm inclined to think it's more a preparation or not in a statistical universe. >t. Heinlein), but he does have a point about that nigger Floyd OD'ing at just the right moment.
>>213 I've never seen a more backwards example than yours for a fate you deem to be luck. Everything else is otherwise right. However, you could argue that luck and talent are intertwined. Coincidentally working with ideas that are well recognized for being good is pretty lucky and can be recognized as talent. How far you can replicate this luck with intent shows talent.
do you work hard to become a god

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