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Open file (879.66 KB 1200x1500 dame.png)
Open file (25.56 KB 312x417 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.jpg)
Drawthread version 0: Ghost of Drawings Past Anonymous 05/13/2020 (Wed) 20:04:43 No.73
Drawings General This is the place you wanna come to if you want to request drawings.
Open file (820.85 KB 1385x1500 RequestAnchor.png)
Open file (208.08 KB 446x443 Deliveries.png)
Open file (646.92 KB 1500x1500 1567943146880.jpg)
Open file (803.00 KB 1981x1406 1565533234099.jpg)
Open file (183.79 KB 1015x1000 1565533192049.jpg)
Open file (602.59 KB 1000x1000 1566146953539.jpg)
Open file (448.01 KB 1000x1000 1567943045577.jpg)
>>74 Maiden on a skateboard
>>74 Can I get the /tg/ liche enjoying a tea party with lolis as 8chan burns? Also nice watermark in the background holy shit
>>74 Requesting Rita Ciano (board-tan for /ita/) doing anything or being done anything, meme replies and lewds also extremely welcome.
>>74 We sorely need some /ara/s.... So I am requesting for one!
>>74 Requesting something with cute ducks! See https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=meIHEC8njDE[Embed]
>>74 Requesting Vivian being a proud Albanian
>>74 /monarchy/ could use more OC. These 4 pics are my favorite base concept art for Grace Chan. It is always essential to incorporate the basic crown badge on her character design/colors, if anyone wants to draw her. There is a lack of good reaction pics. A crossover, however, is always good w/ other board-tans. I would love you eternally if you did draw her, anon.
Open file (93.07 KB 305x309 Zilla_MR2-0.png)
Open file (92.04 KB 878x715 a big boy 2.PNG)
Open file (18.53 KB 241x309 Never mind.jpg)
>>74 Well since I'm trying drawing one right now, I would love to see someone try and draw a Zilla from monster rancher 2 trying to eat a ice cream cone. Their's really is so little art on the poor thing, which saddens me to no end, I plan on fixing that hopefully.
>>74 A major city being destroyed by a dildo. Like if Godzilla was a mutant dildo instead of a lizard
Open file (40.91 KB 330x548 1450124646628.jpg)
Open file (478.07 KB 500x280 warerwew.gif)
Open file (110.29 KB 1024x680 5mlBEX1.jpg)
>>74 /r/ing the orango being happy,sad, any emotion you wish, or dancing with rita ciano (see .gif)
>>74 Requesting a shot of Yasha's surprised, flustered ass with "wide load" written on it.
>>74 Requesting anon waiting for his request to be drawn
Requesting for reuploads for loomis resources. Mega links all empty.
Open file (59.59 KB 400x240 000.png)
Open file (64.28 KB 412x413 00More.jpg)
Requesting this gunship having a battle, in space. Sorry for the small images, somehow the best I could find.
Open file (14.15 KB 359x343 1571505776817.png)
Open file (56.74 KB 800x800 1572159445470.png)
Open file (214.55 KB 800x800 1552108795550.png)
Hello yes drawfriends, I require more Pillowdin in my life.
>>112 She looks real cute, where's she from?
Open file (363.80 KB 1280x960 ClipboardImage.png)
>>74 Requesting this image but with cirno as the fairy and anon (or whoever you want) as the guy.
Open file (1.51 MB 3509x2481 gestures.jpg)
Gestures, yo.

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