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Open file (114.85 KB 447x437 lol.jpg)
Anonymous 05/07/2020 (Thu) 19:20:07 No.7
Is there anyone here? What are some books that can complement Keys to Drawing, besides Drawing on the right side of the Brain? t. absolute newfag
The board hasn't moved from 8kun so you'll get a proper answer there.
>>7 Actually, I am still running late with some work so I haven't worked at all on css or a proper op either. You can check out the books and tutorials at https://mega.nz/folder/Kl1mSaDY#OeSK4kemGii7sufwQArDVA (I'll keep this temp link for a while)
>>9 Wait, I thought I had pictures in these. Weird. I'll investigate later, but the book folder is what you need.
>>9 I already have the folder, that's the lesser issue. I was just nervous at the moment, my proportions are all kinds of fucked up. Started at the beginning of the month.
Open file (247.24 KB 750x908 zRMAmbI.jpg)
>>11 It's okay to fuck up. Our fuck ups are the foundation on which we build our better selves. You shouldn't think too hard when drawing. Just feel the image coming out of your pen, and when you get stuck on something, look for real life examples and turn the problem on its head - it's not "how I make this proportionally right", it's "how I trick my and the viewer's minds into thinking the proportions are right".
Open file (1.94 MB 2550x3508 Scanned Document2.jpg)
Open file (924.01 KB 2550x3508 Scanned Document.jpg)
Open file (971.09 KB 625x900 ClipboardImage.png)
Fuck it, I'll use this thread to dump what I do through the days, if there's one day I didn't post something then I failed. In an attempt to fix the proportions I decided to make the drawings upside down. It did improve a bit, though the second image ended up making the dancer look like an ogre.
>>9 If that's the case, then the Julay CSS will work here since it's the same front end. The only update to make to it is to change: html { background-color: #fafafa; } to html { background: #fafafa; }
>>7 Unpopular opinion, but start with Charles Bargue drawing course at any stage if you haven't done so yet. If you're confused about it look online how others approach it. If you only care about improving asap this should be the first step. Any other aspect of drawing is gonna build on the skills you are forced to learn there.
>>15 Actually. The posting form looks a bit strange. Here's what I have now: https://pastebin.com/mA7b3F8D
>>17 The arrows in the nav bar were broken. https://pastebin.com/68nxXKTX
Open file (903.95 KB 2550x3508 hitler.jpg)
Open file (1.25 MB 814x1075 ClipboardImage.png)
An attempt doing a hitler picture emulating the style of the previous work. Not great not terrible
>>19 jesus it looks like ass, I thought I did the eyes right
Open file (1.05 MB 1438x1283 eyes.png)
>>19 >>20 You drew the closer eye with the skin sitting properly over spherical shape of the eye but then the other is squarish? If you look at the reference, the eyelids get closer together towards the nose. It's also slightly higher than the closer one. Good practice though.
Open file (451.34 KB 2550x3508 wiseblood 1min sketch.jpg)
Open file (526.99 KB 2550x3508 wiseblood 1min sketch 2.jpg)
Open file (608.80 KB 2550x3508 wiseblood 2min sketch.jpg)
Open file (402.83 KB 2550x3508 wardrobe 5min.jpg)
Open file (544.18 KB 3508x2550 garden 5min.jpg)
This time is exercise 2-C, involving Free Hand Drawing. The main trick on this is to not focus much on the quality of what you're doing but in bringing it to paper as fast as possible. The types of exercises in this one were three. 1st: Sketch the image in one minute (Gesture Drawing) 2nd: Sketch the image in two minutes without lifting the pen from the paper (Connected-Line Drawing) 3rd: Sketch an image for 5 minutes without ever looking what you're drawing. (Five-Minute Burn) Since these exercises were very short and the results seem lackluster, I did more than what the book asks for, instead of 6 gesture drawings I did 12, 8 connected-line drawings instead of 3, and up to six five-minute burns instead of 1. The first two ended up giving out something I could accept, the last exercise is the one that I can't seem to manage to do. Without orientation everything ends up in a position where it shouldn't be, and most of the drawing feels disconnected. I attempted to start from the right to the left instead of the left to the right, and while it did bring some very minor improvements, everything still is disconnected.
Open file (3.21 MB 4160x3120 desk.jpg)
Open file (477.67 KB 3508x2550 desk sketch.jpg)
>>22 Just to give an example I'll post my desk and a 5min sketch for comparison. Everything is out of place
>>22 >>23 It’s true that gesture drawings are useful for putting an idea or sketch onto paper quickly. Croquis drawing is an example of that with live models. But I think the point of the exercises here is to feel/notice your reaction to the shapes you see and how that guides your hand movements. He says several times that you aren’t to care how it turns out. >without ever looking what you're drawing He does say to continuously draw and not to worry about accuracy or composition but I don’t think you have to "draw blind" by not ever looking at the drawing if that’s what you are doing.
Open file (35.54 KB 800x869 thelonius monk.jpg)
>>24 >He does say to continuously draw and not to worry about accuracy or composition but I don’t think you have to "draw blind" by not ever looking at the drawing if that’s what you are doing. I think I did go much to the foot of the letter. It says draw what's in front of you without stopping, not without looking after all. Boy I'm dumb

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