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Open file (186.71 KB 634x480 adeleine drawing.jpg)
Artist 05/27/2020 (Wed) 10:35:31 No.489
So... what made you get into drawing?
Open file (3.44 MB 2394x4093 Zelda.jpg)
Probably hanging around on imageboards for years and seeing gigabytes of great artwork. I think what finally made me want to get into artwork was meeting a famous animator and later going to a convention and seeings dozens of talented artists, while I was doing pretty much nothing with my life. Still a beginner, but I'm getting there. no pic related is not mine
>>489 I really, really wanted to draw smut And I really, really cannot
Open file (219.00 KB 472x472 max is a believer.png)
To make comics and be a drawfag on /tg/ and /monster/. It feels great to see someone enjoy the drawing I make.
>>495 Nice cartoon, kek.
>>495 Oh gosh did you make this? I remember that /v/ thread, thanks for the laughs.
I wanna draw lewds and get praise.
>>489 Drawing and sculpting are very useful tools for creating new things. Most of the man-made things you see, were visions, which were first manifested on paper or in clay, wither digitally or traditionally.
>>575 throd. sculpture is certainly yuge benefit to being a top-flight 3D character modeler in my opinion.
>>576 I actually had to look up what "throd" is supposed to mean. Looks like it's an insult. Would you mind elaborating on how that's meant? If not, then that's alright as well. uwu

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