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Banners Thread Anonymous 05/13/2020 (Wed) 13:39:11 No.28
I'm in need of some banners, I'll repost those I got back from the old board
Edited last time by croquis on 09/10/2023 (Sun) 17:28:53.
If you guys have got any more of them, I'd like to update them. In addition, can anyone create some nice custom spoiler?
Open file (160.61 KB 777x1054 Untitled.jpg)
>>31 >custom spoiler How about the back cover of Fun With Pencil
>>39 I was just thinking that.
>>40 The orange looks a bit too much though.
>>40 And I cut it off too much.
Open file (41.08 KB 500x500 33xfwhuc.jpg)
>>41 I think it's fine even if it's grayscale.
Open file (41.34 KB 500x500 33xfwhuc2.jpg)
Though maybe a little brighter.
>>53 That's much better. I was messing around with a little warping/transparency but that one you posted is probably better.
>>55 As I thought, transparency doesn't look too good. >>53 is definitely better.
>>53 This looks real good! Thanks, anon.
>>63 Is this too big?
>>64 Yes. The regular thumbnail size is 200x200. You might want to make it something like 150x150.
>>65 Changed size again, tell me how it feels
>>89 It's the same size as regular thumbnails now but most spoiler images on boards are distinctly smaller than the max thumbnail size. They're usually 128px but I think it makes the lines on image a little too small so I like 150px. Posting multiple spoiled images to see what it's like.
Open file (184.33 KB 600x200 1587399487.png)
>>613 Added

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