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Open file (292.52 KB 654x1228 ErikaSam.png)
QTDDTOT Artist 05/15/2020 (Fri) 21:57:03 No.194
Questions that don't deserve their own thread - Sketches Edition. Do you usually refine the figure (face, accessories, hair, drapes) when sketching or its easier to just putting a landmark then refine it later in lineart?
Can someone dump infograph or tutorial on how to make good colour compositions?
Hi /loomis/, I know this may not be the place and that I should probably ask /tech/ about it, but I still want to give it a shot.How do you make a CSS theme for a board?
>>203 I've had the same problem happen to me recently, I have no fucking idea how to. Best to just hit the books, I'm afraid, here's some.
>>207 thanks anon
Does any one have some good books on composition? I'm not a 2D artist, I work on models and dioramas. I read lots of 2d books as I find they have great advice and I'd like to find a good book on composing fantasy and science fiction landscapes.
Open file (64.69 KB 1080x1080 1164334197554720773_1.jpg)
Open file (113.99 KB 1080x1335 1164334197554720773_2.jpg)
How women with toned abs having pregnancy looks like? does the musculature gone? Will appreciate with some 2D/3D reference.
>>211 No one knows because only homosexual men want women to look like that and none of them are able to touch a vagina without crying. The hormones probably utter fuck it up if not prevent pregnancy
>>211 They gain body fat so their musculature is gone.
>>212 >The hormones probably utter fuck it up if not prevent pregnancy Don't care about biology stuff mate, I just want to make believable looking pregnant toned women.
>>211 Looks like it mostly vanishes except on the sides.
>>219 Freaky looking, but now I know. I imagine at late stage of pregnancy the whole toned abs muscle will be gone. Thanks bud.
>>223 >he’s afraid that fit girls are going to give him the big gay
>>219 >>223 It's pretty interesting. I guess it's similar to how big strong men get big belly's, the uterus with the baby is essentially pushing out the abs which are on top.
>>224 I'm not afraid of any such thing. I consider men attracted to masculine behaviour to be homosexual. Women acting like men shouldn't turn men on.
>>228 Gay
>>206 You know what, I think I finally ended up finding out how to do it. I'm merely using Inspect Element and write what is in the element box so that it changes properties, but it feels like making huge processTell me what you think about this CSS body{ background: #19194d; color: #e6ffff}div.innerPost { background: #262673; border-color: #202060}div#settingsMenu.floatingMenu { background: #262673}div.markedPost { background-color: #333399}.coloredIcon { color: #999}.labelSubject { color: #6666cc}a.nameLink { color: #ffffff}a.originalNameLink { color: #ffffff}.linkQuote { color: #999}.linkSelf { color: #999}
>>232 this is the CSS finishedbody{ background: #19194d; color: #e6ffff}div.innerPost { background: #262673; border-color: #202060}div#settingsMenu.floatingMenu { background: #262673}div.markedPost { background-color: #333399; border-color: #262673}.coloredIcon { color: #999}.labelSubject { color: #6666cc}a.nameLink { color: #ffffff}a.originalNameLink { color: #ffffff}.linkQuote { color: #999}.linkSelf { color: #999}a.sideCatalogMarkedCell { background-color: #333399; border-color: #262673}a.sideCatalogCell { background: #262673; border-color: #202060}#postingForm th,.modalTableBody th { background: #333399; text-align: center}p#labelName { color: #e6ffff; text-decoration-line: underline; font-family: tahoma}p#labelDescription { color: #e6ffff}a#linkMod { color: #ffffff}a#linkManagement { color: #ffffff}a#linkModeration{ color: #ffffff}a#showFormsButton { color: #999}nav a.coloredIcon { color: #000}input.postingCheckbox[type="checkbox"] + label::before { color: #ff0000}a.rules::after { color: #ff0000}a.rules { color: #ffffff; text-decoration-line: underline;} div#dropzone.dropzone { border-top-style: dashed ; border-left-style: dashed ; border-right-style: dashed ; border-bottom-style: dashed ; border-radius: 5px; border-width: 2px; border-color: #313181}.dropzone { background-color: #262659}a.linkReply { color: #ffffff}a {color: #ffffff}.floatingMenu,#quick-reply table {background-color: #262673}div#dropzoneQr.dropzone { border-top-style: dashed ; border-left-style: dashed ; border-right-style: dashed ; border-bottom-style: dashed ; border-radius: 5px; border-width: 2px; border-color: #313181}
Just create a file named 'muh_css.css' and put this one line in it:code br {display: initial;}Save it and select it for your custom css file in the administration panel for your board. You will then be able to use the code tag option and the newlines bug won't affect you. Note: this will only be the case when the user has the 'default' theme selected iirc.
>>232 Try using an extension like stylus while working on it. That way your stylesheet only needs to have the rules that you want to override. For instance if you only want to change the background of an element, there's no need to have the other rules like the margins or the padding unless you want to change those too. The board's custom css gets included after all the other files so it will work the same when you upload it. >>234 As we found out yesterday on the meta board, that only works in the case where the browser is submitting '\n' newlines. If the browser submits '\r\n' newlines then that actually adds two newlines.
>>235 >As we found out yesterday on the meta board, that only works in the case where the browser is submitting '\n' newlines. If the browser submits '\r\n' newlines then that actually adds two newlines. I see, I was unaware of that. Hmm, well IMO two newlines is better than no newlines.
>>240 Yeah. We really just need that patch applied so that it doesn't add the br tags in the first place. >>233 A couple of things come to mind: – You can apply rules to multiple elements by listing them with commas e.g.: div#dropzone.dropzone, div#dropzoneQr.dropzone { /*rules*/ } but in this case you can just write .dropzone { /*rules*/ } since they both have the same class. – If all 4 sides are the same, you can usually use a shorter version of the property: border-style: dashed; In fact, some rules have even quicker versions e.g.: border: 2px dashed #313181; Take a look at the different types of CSS selectors (the text before the '{') https://www.w3schools.com/cssref/css_selectors.asp There are some in there called pseudo-classes and they look like this: a:hover {/* rules for when the mouse is over an element */} textarea:focus {/* rules for when the user has clicked in a textbox */} There's an option to view these states in the web inspector: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5789739/how-to-use-chrome-web-inspector-to-view-hover-code https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Tools/Page_Inspector/How_to/Examine_and_edit_CSS#Setting_hover_active_focus
>>235 I'll get to that then What if I also made a CSS general thread, would that work better?
I enabled the Code option, see if it works for you
>>243 Ok. I'll repeat part of the post. Ok. I'll repeat part of the post. – You can apply rules to multiple elements by listing them with commas e.g.: div#dropzone.dropzone, div#dropzoneQr.dropzone { /*rules*/ } but in this case you can just write .dropzone { /*rules*/ } since they both have the same class. – If all 4 sides are the same, you can usually use a shorter version of the property: dborder-style: dashed; In fact, some rules have even quicker versions e.g.: border: 2px dashed #313181;
Open file (114.27 KB 1280x944 ClipboardImage.jpg)
Open file (404.33 KB 844x521 1.png)
Open file (659.71 KB 612x1190 Untitled.png)
How do I into sketching? I'm not really sure of what I'm doing half the time and it always ends up too messy and fucked up in the end.
Open file (14.84 KB 354x321 NiceAkko.png)
How to properly advertise your art without looking like an art whore.
>>246 It depends on your art, who you want to advertise to and what do you consider an art whore. If people don't look at your art try twitter or some other place where artists gather. If people look at your art but don't commission shit, try the jewish trick of posting fake commissions on wherever you post your art.
>>246 Draw popular people's OCs so that they retweet it and advertize your art themselves. Though I guess it kinda makes you look like an art whore a little.
>>245 The thing with sketching is that you need to find your own "style" WHILE you're drawing. So if you find some piece a bit too hard to draw, you need to analyze what you're doing and try and come up with outside-the-box solutions. Tracing NEVER helps, but you should stop and carefully break down the geometric shapes that make up the object or body part you can't get quite right, and make a style out of it. >>246 You will always look an art whore, because people just feel entitled to your art all the time. Though, you owe it to the general public to publish publicly everything you do, because 1) it's great advertisement and hiding stuff away in like art packs or patron rewards or whatever just breeds resentment from poorfags, who'll also use it to spread bad rumors about you and 2) it gets a ton of free criticism from people who would otherwise have no way of telling you your mistakes, as people who pay for your art try to rationalize their actions rather than speaking the harsh truths. Also, do what >>249 said
Open file (264.83 KB 718x720 1520821217164.png)
I don't know if this the thread to post this. But I find out some pattern of drawing that appeal to the internet. It must contain one or more - Memes - A stories (subject of stories do not matter) - Lewd or pornographic - Normalfag jokes (jokes in youtube comment section as example) - WOTM - Seasonal anime/games characters I think there is more to that, am I missing something?
>>251 >wotm what? Also don't forget redrawing tumblr/twitter screenshots but with [Character]
>>252 WOTM - Waifu of the month
Open file (288.30 KB 1200x856 darkartsofartists.png)
>>246 If you change your mind about not being a whore, this might be useful.
Does the sticky also include any basic tutorials on how to draw Rubber Hose style?
Open file (161.95 KB 1217x610 soul.png)
>>251 I'm sorry but your post reminds me of this.
>>194 How do I go about getting over my crippling hatred for my drawings? Not only could I never bring myself to post them for critique I don't even save them because even simply having them sit on my hardrive is demotivating.
>>276 you probably have more than just a art problem. Like, something akin to depression.
>>276 >How do I go about getting over my crippling hatred for my drawings? That's a good opportunity to request crit because you're less attached to your art and you're willing to accept advice, please don't handicap yourself by refusing to show it to others.
Open file (80.56 KB 824x579 EErIk9pXYAEaZFi.jpg)
>>254 Thats cancerous as fuck, its like clickbait for arts or really dead of creativity itself.That is one thing I afraid off, To gain a follower in art is not by creating good artwork but mostly thru networking, chatting with audience and follow whats popular with the crowd. Which why most artist is normie to the core.Now I understand why some mediocre japs artist lately drawing more /co/ and /v/ stuff, to gain western audience/follower because japs have really high standard. Thank good the language barrier block them from the cancerous western worldview.
>>291 If you want to make art into a profession you need to start observing it as a professional. Every job out there is based on your skill/knowledge, being a reliable and amicable person, and being noticed. Art is not a career where you spend all your time drawing and money magically appears in your bank account, you are selling your art as a product, so skills that make you better at selling stuff to people will naturally help. Also please for the love of God learn how to properly conjugate verbs in english. That post reads like someone put it through google translate a few times and it hurt to read.
>>292 but at least he's right about the language barrier thing anon. That has gone a long way towards delaying the corruption of Nippon.
>>293 Yeah, true that. A different grammar system and a writing system that's as alien as they get to people whose native language is European made it pretty culturally isolated, which is great right now.
>>254 >That image It pretty much outlines how Otto Schmidt got himself a cover artist work at DC in few months. Faggot appeared out of nowhere in 2017, and all of the sudden he was all over the place. Only differences are that he uses photography magazines, advertisements, and comics for pose sampling.
>>291 >>293 Japan has been controlled by the West for 70 years now. The world view is completely fucked there but the language barrier prevents you from seeing it Japan has it's own version of feminism that makes women super entitled to everything a man has, way beyond the Wests version. It also has no family structure any more the same way the West doesn't. Nuclear family lead to shoe box living with Mother in a retirement shoe box where no one talks to her ever. Just because you watch anime doesn't mean you know shit about the society. It's like judging America based on Rugrats and Spongebob Square pants.
>>292 Networking matters more than skill ever does. The only way to do that on social media is to always be attention whoring and building up a following through it.
>>295 It's industry standard now. Everyone is just using already produces assets to make their own. Copy and paste someone else's art then draw over it. Use 3D models to pose and then draw over to get the lighting right. The days of raw talent and skill are gone and now it's just copy from someone else. If you're just wanting to draw furry porn all day then it's not a bad thing to be doing. Slap a fursuit head onto a porn scene, add the tail and you're most the way done. Don't expect a job to be fun, it's always a job. People who turn their hobbies into internet jobs usually go insane from it. All those Twitch streamers who thought they had the perfect job go nuts after a few years. They're forced to play CoD day after day or get a real job. They have no skills for a real job and an online reputation so they basically can't do that. Leaves them incredibly miserable and caught in an infinite loop of grinding games which they don't find fun but pay the bills.
>>296 >Japan has it's own version of feminism that makes women super entitled to everything a man has, way beyond the Wests version. More info and sauce. Not to impugn you anon, but >sauce: anon's ass is a common issue, as you're plainly aware.
>>299 He's talking about salarymen.
>>299 This isn't the board for those kinds of long posts. But the Asian marriage is entirely built around the female, as in the man comes home, hands his entire pay check to her and she decides how much he's allowed. Asian women will slut it up but if you ask one out they expect you to marry fast, like within a year and expect gifts and shit to match that. They're given a shit load of free stuff just for existing like bars having free booze for women but men get charged way over the odds. Nuclear family thing is easy and you don't need any more evidence than you already have. Traditional Japanese households are 4 generations, parents raise kids, kids look after parents when they get old, repeat the cycle while living in huge houses so everyone has their own space. Look at how small Japanese homes now are and how isolated people are. Hikikomoris and old people becoming shut ins are both mental illnesses plaguing every tier of their society. You can even find mainstream articles on the decline of japan https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2017/07/03/national/japanese-husbands-pocket-money-seen-shrinking-mothers-gain-respect-kids/ so yea you don't have trannies running around yet but you still have comedians like hard gay promoting being a fag and such. It's a different form of cancer but it's still cancer anon.
>>300 That is a whole different kettle of fish. Japan has a shit load of issues it shares with the West. Tokyo may as well be New York or London. Weeaboos and "I'm going to find a trad wife" types just don't understand Japan in the slightest. And even I don't grasp it very well as a foreigner either. But I don't bury my head in the sand and pretend anime is real when the massive increase in slice of life to appeal to a male audience is one of the symptoms of the sickness. But this is getting off topic.
>>301 >>302 Have/are you residing in Japan? Can you give us more backstory to how you got this viewpoint anon (anonymously ofc)? >But this is getting off topic.Actually, QTDDTOT is the closest the board has to a meta thread anon. Probably OK.
>>305 I'm not living in Japan, never visited and never planned to. Just an ex weeb who started getting really annoyed with the "just marry an asian girl" types and weeaboos worshiping Japan as some ethnic holy land (which some how they wish to move to?) I noticed channels like ADV china didn't match up with what people claimed Asia was like, men who dated asian women often found them to be utterly fake and just a general interest in evolution make me look deeper. My biggest insight is actually evolutionary because it made me understand I could never understand Japan the same way I understand the West. In Japan the forest comes before the trees, You are Tree 5 of Forest Asuka, where as in the West the forest is the trees all standing around each other. So when I look at the forest I see all the single trees together as a whole, rather than a whole made up of smaller pieces. That's a massive difference in psychology which made me realize that even if I'm watching the same TV show as them, the messages I'm getting are filtered through my own evolutionary lens (or cultural if you swing that way, it's likely a bit of both). I started to wonder what this meant when I inserted Western politics into Japan and started to see them filtering into the ecosystem. If your society is made up of forests interlocking what does it mean when your forests are now 2 single trees in a flower pot? How do you end up from forest down to 2 lonely trees isolated from everyone else in their own flower pot? Another one which really hit me was Shin Godzilla. Japan was using it's biggest international franchise to say "We're under occupation by the USA. We can't wipe our own asses without their permission". Which then lead to looking into the US's occupying force and it's influence on Japanese politics. If every other country under US's umbrella is sliding in this direction what would Japan's unique outlook (to mine) look like as it slipped too? Less traditional families, more working women, more isolated men.. Well sounds like Japan to me right? Anime is also one of those easy ways to see the decline but on the opposite sides. Video games too. Japan wants the global market so it's going to adopt "Global standards". Sony will censor video games, animes like Big-O will be made for the US, How many new series are partly funded by Netflix? Capcom will hire US dev studios to makes games. Like wise TV series are now including more foreign actors and foreign holidays. How many animes and TV shows now have Christmas and Halloween episodes? Neither of which are native to Japan. And often weddings in these TV series are Christian weddings not traditional Japanese weddings. I came to the conclusions I did not based on any single piece of evidence. I simply took different areas and added them up together. As a natural argumentative prick when weebs start shitting up places I wanted to find ways to annoy them in return. It lead me deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole. Some of it comes from speaking to weebs I'm friends with who did go to Japan or live there, others just reading Japanese news sites. And I never believed the ethnostate meme when the first person to ever introduce me to it was a Paki who lived his entire life in Japan.
>>298 >It's industry standard now Do you think the old masters didn't do that too? Every art grandmaster out there has always valued reference and used it when appropriate. Just because you're using something from outside your head instead of purely imagining stuff doesn't mean it's any less of your art, it doesn't fully have your "touch" or it makes art any less fun to practice. The "raw talent" you describe is purely an idealization you've made up in your head about how the old days used to be better. >Don't expect a job to be fun, it's always a job. Patently false too, have you ever seen interviews with people in the industry? They live to draw and draw to live, and while there's always pitfalls and it's not always rainbows and candy,it's not like the second you decide to transform a hobby you like into a career it'll instantly become lifeless and boring. You're just compensating your lack of knowledge with cynicism to appear more mature.
>>307 You're clearly an idiot. >Grand masters used photographs and photoshop layers to make their art. A reference is good. A photoshop layer you draw over is not a reference. Making the scene in 3D models using unity packages you bought for five bucks off of an online store is not the same thing. >You're just being cynical to seem more mature More experience sounds more cynical. A hobby is fun because it's leisure time to use as you wish. A job you're on the clock for someone else and you're forced to do it if you want to eat. People who first get into the industry do enjoy it, they have fun and they're excited to be working there. Then it becomes less enjoyable because humans by their very nature tire of things. So now you draw because you have to draw not because you're wanting to. You draw another OC DO NUT STEAL horse fucking a dog because that's how you pay the rent this week. Or you draw another noodle armed nothing because that's what the next episode needs. All creative industries have mass turn overs for this reason. There is always another kid excited to get hired and always people burning out when it's no longer enjoyable and they're just doing it to pay the bills. You sound like a child with no knowledge trying to appear more mature.
>>308 Actually, I recall there being some Polish artist who used to make creepy shit out of photoshop layers, but it's like, super early into computer graphics.
>>308 >Making the scene in 3D models using unity packages you bought for five bucks off of an online store is not the same thing. Then you don't act like that's all people do. There may be lifeless people who do that, but they're bottom the barrel faggots who naturally earn shit and then they're the ones telling everyone about how the industry is unfair and drawing as a profession sucks. And then you go off on another rant about how the industry is shit based on nothing but your gut and again, bottom of the barrel failures, and your own, completely inexperienced and immature view of the world. I can tell you're inexperienced because I'm interested in the industry of art: I listen to podcasts and I've actually talked to industry professionals about how's life as an artist, unlike you who bases his viewpoints on arguing with idiots and nobodies on the Internet and utterly skewed analyses on mainstream media because you wanted to argue with weebs on the Internet. You may sound experienced to the average uninformed faggot, but I can tell you're just what you said you are in a previous post: a natural argumentative prick, but you forgot the part where you also don't know what he's talking about in the slightest. For example >All creative industries have mass turn overs for this reason. That's mostly CEOs who fire people who start getting some time in the company before they have to give them raises. I know because, again, I've actually bothered to look up on things before making my mind up. >You sound like a child with no knowledge trying to appear more mature. >n-no u! Good God, I hit the nail right on. Your posts have negative worth on this site.
>>308 >>310 Girls, girls, you're both pretty. Let's have a peaceful board here.
>>310 >I I listened to a p p p podcast so I know things! Have an hour of a man telling you you're wrong. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=CYbYvImd7Bw
>>312 What, a single sentence post? I feel insulted: You wrote 5+ paragraphs when you were talking to someone else. Of course, he gave you the benefit of the doubt and didn't actually challenge your bullshit. >You may think you know what's up BUT I SAW A VIDEO OF A GUY On a single facet of the art industry. Of AAA gaming, the industry that's the most hostile to it's artists and developers of any other. Let's not focus on how there's also freelancing, or making your whatever brand and collaborating with a couple of close friends, or getting patreonbux from a niche you enjoy drawing about. And if you had even watched the video instead of just reading the title and feeling you're oh so validated because everything's bitter and dark and you know everything you'd know he just says that for concept art in big industry projects like AAA movies or videogames composition, color harmony and a sense of dramatic lighting are becoming more important than other skills, at no point he decries his job and says it's more unfulfilling than before. Not only that, he points out a few things some other people have done to get reference or do 3D modelling he thinks were bold and creative. Also keep in mind the person speaking has also done a very stylized pieces which seemed to be done with very little to no photobashing.
>>313 Nice blog post. You can't have even watched half the video in the time it took you to reply so you have no idea what he's talking about. But hey you heard a podcast. Podcasts are THE format to listen to. I heard about it on Tumblr. When you get a skill set you quickly learn those talking the most know the least. But you have no skills and just a big podcast collection so stop replying and shove a pencil up your nose already.
>>314 >You can't have even watched half the video in the time it took you to reply That's because I've watched it before you fucking dunce. And let's say I do only listen to podcasts and have no skills nice of you leaving out the part of me meeting professionals too by the way, you're really proving the clueless argumentative prick thing right now, what the fuck do you have? What makes your viewpoint more valid than mine? Even with the above supposition you've absolutely nothing, you didn't even bother to watch the video you your-fucking-self posted. That's how meaningless your thoughts are. I won't stop replying because I want you to learn that just because you assume things and put a biased thought behind it doesn't mean they're true, and it's concerning how you can be this wrong and press on being wrong without giving a single fuck about misinforming every other person that sees your posts. You have to know what you're talking about before writing shit down or disclaim that you're not an experienced person before doing so.
>>315 READ MY BLOG POST! I DEMAND ATTENTION No, go be a nigger some where else
>>316 >The posts are getting shorter and written worse and worse as he devolves into a shit-flinging chimpanzee God dammit anon, you're fucking hilarious. You get the last reply after this, make it count!
Anyone's got a good book on clothing a la Hogarth's Dynamic Wrinkles and Drapery?
Hey BO, are you the same BO from 8ch /loomis/ ?
Is there any good repository of reference files with dynamic poses? Quickposes usually bombards me with boring standing/sitting sluts.
>>321 I recall a deviantart account with tons of dynamic poses but I don't know if it's behind paywalls. Also, recently, an anon posted on a /v/ thread his repository, which he said would get bigger with his own milkers references. aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56LyNGITgzb0dCWTZDITVGRkUtcDU0X29tRFlVTWVGS2Z0Y3c Give it a spin.
>>322 Is that a mega link?
>>323 I'll give you a hint, you need to use the Firefox Console to open it
>>324 Nice. I hadn't seen that used around, I figured it was rot13 at first.
>>325 I've never used it. But it may just be the ticket for more hardcore shit being posted live. Actually, if anyone knew how to perform Rot13 encoding, can they explain that shit to me?
>>319 Nope, so sorry.
>>203 You learn by studying the css code on your board. Right click on your board and choose inspect element. Go to w3schools website to learn on how the code works.
Open file (399.60 KB 550x367 ClipboardImage(6).png)
I am absolute garbage at art. Are there any basic handholding lessons or lesson plans to follow to get to a somewhat decent level or at least mediocre?
Open file (56.21 KB 206x245 ClipboardImage(7).png)
Quick! What are some tips on drawing FAST FAST FAST FUCKING FAST???
>>330 Practice, ya dummy. Practice practice practice until you fingers bleed. Then put a bandage on them and practice some more. Artists who draw fast can do so because they've studied and repeated the actions to the point where they could do it in their sleep.
>>331 Fuck!
Open file (241.33 KB 800x559 1560631508025.png)
I dont know where to start. I follow video course but it says I should draw for joy. I dont know what to draw for joy. Do they mean just draw what I like? reference drawing? and then come back to lessons, repeat ad infinum? Or should I study how to draw for example robutts between lessons?
Open file (35.92 KB 513x512 1aiWfl6.jpg)
>>333 Draw girls and shit. Draw your favourite animes and the characters from them. Come up with interesting combinations like lolis + guns + sci-fi or something. If you're really clueless, browse danbooru/zerochan until you find a picture with an artist's style that you love and trace it in photoshop or whatever software you use. Keep tracing until you can draw more/less on your own.
>>334 Thats my weakness. I want to train until my technique is perfect but I will have to do trash drawings of newbie for a years before I will be there not to burn out
Open file (106.13 KB 640x775 1545839768689.jpg)
>>335 >>334 Oh and if I for example want to learn how to draw eyes wont I just copy paste style from tutorials I use for it? When does developing own style happens? Sorry for being annoying cunt
>>335 Your pencil starts with a lot of bad drawings in it. It's your job as a beginning artist to get those bad drawings out of your pencil so you can make good drawings. It takes a while. Everyone has to suck when they start.
>>335 >I want to train until my technique is perfect Don't do this. This is fucking bullshit. Don't be another loser who only keeps "practicing his technique" for 10 fucking years but never actually draws anything, there's already enough of these retards. The only way to get better is to start with something easy enough for you, then the next day you challenge yourself to draw something a bit better, and the next day you you challenge yourself even more, and you keep doing that.
Open file (25.57 KB 469x512 6llhyWp.jpg)
>>335 Remember the law of use: If you ever learn anything, you must apply it 3 times before moving on to the next lesson. Just draw the things that you like, or else you will hate art and get burned out
>>336 Yes, just keep copy-pasting. You can copy the style of an artist that you like, but eventually you will get your own style through lots of practice. You can guide it, but you can't really force it.
Open file (7.29 MB 513x286 blablabla.gif)
>>333 >it says I should draw for joy I hear this advice given often, but it's an incomplete piece of advice. The problem is that it's hard to enjoy drawing anything if you're struggling to get a result you want and everything looks like shit. I think this is the primary advantage of starting when you're young; because you don't understand/care as much about how bad you are, so you just keep drawing and practicing anyway instead of getting depressed and stopping. It gets easier when you feel happy with your art more often (though you never truly feel like you're good enough). In my opinion, and from my personal experience, what you should do is just draw the things you like, and mix exercises and studies in when you feel like it and to help you make the drawings you want. Often you can apply exercises to the things you like. For example if you're learning anatomy, there's not really any reason why you couldn't study that anatomy while drawing cute anime girls, and there's no reason you couldn't change it afterwards to make it look like a robot girl. >Oh and if I for example want to learn how to draw eyes wont I just copy paste style from tutorials I use for it? When does developing own style happens? The goal should be to gain the ability to do eyes on your own, to roughly understand how eyes work so you can start making variations of it that you've never copypasted from a tutorial before. You shouldn't try to "gain" and art style, it happens automatically as you learn to interpret and draw things, and hone out the qualities in your art that you don't like and find new details that you do like. Copying other people's drawings (or looking at them very carefully) can be very helpful for finding what stylistic details you like and how to draw it. Eyes and anime faces specifically are kind of complicated, they're so different from real anatomy that you kind of have to learn a separate understanding for them. When I'm drawing anime style faces, I don't think about the skeleton or bones or eye sockets or whatever, because it just doesn't apply to that art style. Instead I think of the shapes and tricks I've learned from drawing that kind of heads. Many of the details are based on real life though, so the knowledge of it isn't useless, for example the face moves similarly when making expressions. And there's a range of anime styles that are more or less based on reality.
>>341 >In my opinion, and from my personal experience, what you should do is just draw the things you like, and mix exercises and studies in when you feel like it and to help you make the drawings you want. This. It's exactly what I did. I would draw girls and other usual things that I like, then I will study some new technique or try to upgrade some skill, then I will go back to drawing girls while also testing out the new skills and techniques that I learned.
>>341 Should I even bother learning anime styles? My friend is college educated artfag and he said I shouldnt touch it for few first year because it distorts everything too much
>>343 >college educated artfag lol. Draw the thing you ultimately want to learn to draw. There's nothing more I can say.
>>343 He's not wrong. Like any other style, anime highly simplifies many things, but it doesn't work unless the artist/animator actually knows the underlying concepts. You still need to know proportions and anatomy to draw convincing humans, even if they end up having huge anime eyes. You still need to know gesture and perspective to make them look dynamic, etc etc. Simply put: you can simplify what you know, but you can't complicate what you don't know. It's not just anime: experimenting with styles shouldn't come until after you've grasped the fundamentals to a satisfactory degree.
Anyone have tips for setting Krita up with a tablet? Got a huion kamvas pro for Christmas, but I haven't really used it much yet because Krita doesn't size its windows properly (the config menu gets cut off at the bottom of the screen, for example). I'll mess around with the settings later, but I wanted to ask in case anyone has experience with Krita and huion tablets specifically.
>>194 the proper way is to work with layers (digital). fiurst layer is very rough, second layer is picking out the lines that will be used to constuct the image, third is second again but it's the final decision and it's done with absolute prosision. each layer should be down with a different color to separate each rough. in the end it's up to you. the process of creation is always messy. and there generally is no rule to how you get your results, but there are ways that will help you save time.
What are good free Krita brushes for oil painting memes? I really like how the Digital Atelier set looks like but that thing is paywalled
Mega links in the sticky don't work. Fix.
Why do you keep drawing when everything you draw is shit?
>>349 you sure you copied them right? t. works on my machine
>>350 Practice makes perfect.
>>339 >draw the things that you like, or else you will hate art and get burned out I don't get this advice, there's nothing more demotivating to me than trying to draw something I like and failing horribly at it.
>>352 Perfection isn't possible.
>>354 That is why you fail.
>>353 >I don't get this advice, there's nothing more demotivating to me than trying to draw something I like and failing horribly at it. You're looking at the problem with the wrong perspective. You draw something because you want to draw it. When you fuck it up, you don't just get depressed at it. You need to take a step back and objectively analyze what went wrong with it in the first place. Don't just make a sketch and stop halfway through, try and finish it up until you truly think is irredeemable, look at what you did wrong and ask others for opinions on how to improve on it. Divide the problem in a sequence of individual steps, how should I draw this part? How much weight should I put here? Does this make sense on a quasi-realism aspect? Is there a corner I can cut or a road I must take to make a better drawing? Is my style coherent? And then, you'll improve. It will take ages and you will hate it, but don't you throw any of your old art. You always need to look back at the road that the drawings have paved for you. It's like learning to walk all over again and looking fondly at the times you were just an infant. gay unrelated
>>354 Practice gets you closer to not drawing like shit.
Open file (12.42 KB 200x199 barbeuque.jpg)
>>350 I like shit
Open file (571.31 KB 1920x1080 wat the fu.webm)
how the fuck do i get started with digital art? I bought a good tablet (Huion Giano) and Krita has been working well with it, but I keep finding myself doing nothing but practice sketches and warmups instead of actual art. Whenever I try to do something new it just feels so "wrong" compared to pen and paper and I just revert back to practice drawing. How do I progress?
>>359 How long have you been doing that? It takes a while (days/weeks) to get used to a tablet.
>>360 on and off for about two months or so, not nearly as much as I should be because of work and school
>>359 Sketch traditionally, finish digitally.
>>359 Force yourself to finish just one drawing, with coloring, shading and everything.
>>355 I don't try so I can't fail, retard.
I'm aware there are far better resources out there, but does anyone have Nsio's shit archived? I enjoy the little nuggets of knowledge they have. I've been trying to rebuild my folders after a hard drive shat the bed and I can't shake the feeling that some of it got scrubbed from his page after looking at it again.
>>365 Search Deviantart. There is both his account and multiple collections by other users with his tutorial series.
Anyone else having trouble posting stuff? It loads veeery slowly...
>>367 If that's you ElGoblinio then importing all that stuff might have got you throttled. Guess I'll get the last few.
>>368 No worries, I have my ways
Open file (1.33 MB 1277x3048 Line Dynamics.png)
Open file (509.40 KB 1277x1399 Facial Proportions.png)
Open file (1.53 MB 1277x4491 3D.png)
Open file (150.92 KB 1094x731 Anatomy.jpg)
>>365 They should be in the megas but knock yourself out
Open file (357.92 KB 1222x611 ClipboardImage_.png)
Many thanks, also found a gallery/compilation of some of his shit on sad panda, the amount of shit they have under the "how to" tag surprises me sometimes.
Open file (1.72 MB 1277x4491 Proportions.png)
>>371 that second one isn't his, my bad
Aaaand that should be it.
Guess I'll delete the double posts since you got them.
Are any paid resources worth it if you're just pursuing art as a hobby?
>>380 Not really, no, why would you use them if you're just going to be a hobbyist when there's plenty of free or quasi free resources?
>>380 New Masters Academy, Proko, etc
Is there a chart for getting into drawfagging in the same vein as the one for getting into gamedev programming (if you browsed 8ch/vg/ you may remember what image I'm talking about, the one that started with Scratch and Lua) ?
>>383 https://hubpages.com/art/how-to-draw-learn Is the closest thing that originated from image boards as far as I know. I've seen some reddit ones floating around as well.
Open file (2.45 MB 3308x2204 lum_chart.png)
Open file (1.40 MB 1700x2000 duster chart.png)
>>384 I was mostly reffering to something like pic related, where you have a discernible starting point for beginners and then it branches out according to the skills one wants to develop.
>>385 I've never seen one. Most progressive images for drawfagging I've seen are mostly linear concentrating on getting fundamentals down.
>>385 >>383 Wow, that's an interesting idea to put into words, err, picture. Art is probably a bit more streamlined than that but I guess it could start from that NSIO tutorial and then move to different areas if you prefer coloring, form or detail?
Open file (3.85 MB 5000x5000 post punk flowchart.jpg)
>>387 >Art is probably a bit more streamlined than that but I guess it could start from that NSIO tutorial and then move to different areas if you prefer coloring, form or detail? That would be the idea, lets say someone who wants to take onto more traditional art instead of manga-like would take different approaches to the way he learns, but both would had started from a similar place Or if you already fullfilled with some material, knowing which path to take next would be a good way of handholding, for another use of words
So I'm pretty sure I'm just stupid, and if that's so just let me know, but what exactly am I supposed to learn from Fun with a Pencil? Right now I'm still in the first quarter, and learning to (fail at) drawing heads is useful enough I suppose but why does everyone point me to this to by my very first introduction to drawing? Mr Loomis himself writes more like he expects you to already have a grasp on things or almost like there are some gaps in the written instructions starting from Blookballs to trying to copy down the figures he's drawing because suddenly he's putting down details like noses and accessories when I'm still having issues trying to make an object appear to have depth, I'm not doubting its use for when someone gets to the stage of character drawing but it just feels like I've been punked.
>>402 I think there is a pretty big flaw with loomis which is what you described, where he'll seemingly miss stuff in his explanation, it gets even worse in his more advanced books. Basically don't worry too much if your drawings don't look like his stuff, instead try and concentrate on the construction of putting balls together to form more 3d looking faces and figures, the goal here is to train your mind to start thinking 3 dimensionally. .
So what is the point of Drawabox insisting you can only submit work for review if you use an expensive and specific brand of pen? Is this some sort of scam to make you buy from them or something? Shouldn't a good sharp pencil be able to deliver the gradiant that they're looking for? I'm just a complete fucking asshole so maybe I'm wrong and it makes sense to people who know what they're talking about, but it just seems a weird point to push to me.
>>427 I've never submitted work mostly because nobody ever actually seems to give criticism since there are hundreds of non reviewed work on there. Draw a box definitely has some iffy monetized shit on there which you can safetly ignore. That being said, you should draw in pen for the exercises since part of the reason you're doing them is also to work on controlling your pen. Pen is less forgiving so it makes you start to think about where your putting your mark before you do it.
>>436 >since part of the reason you're doing them is also to work on controlling your pen. Pen is less forgiving so it makes you start to think about where your putting your mark before you do it. Not him but If I'm trying to get into digital would it be a good idea to do the exercises with my tablet, or should it be pen no matter what?
>>437 If you're starting out I would recommend to use pen for the drawabox/peter han exercises, it really forces you to think about making marks without erasing. I have heard of artists going full digital from the start but I personally found it more distracting than anything since digital is just another layer of disconnect from what you're seeing and what your hand is doing.
>>438 I mean I've already had a fair bit of experience drawing in physical, though that was mostly loomis stuff. It's getting used to making lines on a tablet that I'm having trouble with.
>>438 >it really forces you to think about making marks without erasing Is it really that wrong to erase lines when you're starting to learn? One line being messed up and you can destroy the perspective of a drawing. Sure some say that you can use the lines as restatements but you get lost in the midst of them
>>439 They general mindset behind digital is that it's just a tool, the same way a pencil or charcoal is, they take getting used to and they won't make you better. There;s no reason you can't go straight into digital if you want, but more than likely you'll get better results going full traditional and then transitioning. I have definitely heard of artists who have gone full digital early or straight away and had success, but it's hard to say what is going to be right for you.
For a complete newbie how long should one practice a day? One hour? Two? I know it's an every day thing but I'm still trying to figure it out between reading the books and actually drawing.
>>330 The trick is actually to learn to draw accurately and cutting down on erasing. If you get things right the first time it just becomes a matter of repetition to increase speed. So to go fast you might have to go slow first.
Open file (15.09 KB 248x187 chuckkeith.jpg)
>>445 Personally, I break up my drawing sessions into "microsessions" with the goal of reaching a "daily time total" of one hour at the minimum. I just keep a sketchpad on me or my tablet near me and when I find the time I do sketches, studies, or exercises in short bursts. The idea here is that I'm not forcing myself to draw for extended periods of time, and normally once invested I wind up drawing for way longer than I intended to anyway. All this really does is take off the pressure that is "I've been sitting here for [time] and I still haven't made any progress." I'd say "do what works for you," but an hour a day minimum is still the standard for learning most things for a reason.
>>445 Any time is okay long as you pace yourself and don't burnout. This isn't a sprint, it's a life-spanning marathon.
Open file (2.73 MB 714x600 c.mp4)
Obligatory "how the fuck do I draw" question. This was the best of the three attempts, the first one was failed gesture from memory and never evolved past the stickman, the second involved construction and the result was vile.
>>459 Stop playing around with layers and extra brushes when you're barely into practicing anatomy and form. The cornucopia of digital tools is distracting you. Just keep scribbling with the pen or pencil brush until it starts looking better.
Open file (438.21 KB 720x1274 HIDING_ALL_HANDS1.png)
Open file (131.59 KB 500x860 Rin.png)
Greetings /loomis/, thank you for all the information that can be found here. Here is my today's girl. >>459 Neat! I wanted to show you how I would go in this rainbow-marked place and ended up drawing this young lady. It probably won't help, but here she is. Thank you, I'll try to redraw her into completion next time.
>>461 Real good work lad
>>459 Don't give up! Use the resources in the meta thread!
Open file (849.54 KB 1024x1024 ClipboardImage.png)
>>461 very good stuff >>459 looks good to me, just keep pushing forward
>>462 >>464 Doesn't it look too shapeless? I have a hard time trying to show 3d in 2d.
>>465 What do you mean by shapeless? If you're talking about whether or not it feels like it has form, you've done a pretty good job. important parts to note is that the lines overlap in t-sections well enough giving an illusion of depth. You did a really nice job with the top plane of the body where the trapezius and collar bones form the top. A few criticisms is that the hips area is where the illusion breaks down a bit since the perspective gets broken by the abdominal line sort of cutting down and it's unclear if how much the hips are rotating since you're showing a lot of the side of the hip that we probably wouldn't see. >>461 Actually looking at what this anon has done, you can see that the hip is far more rotated so we can see the side of the hips more. Although he's drawn it in a much flatter perspective and not top down like yours. All in all pretty good job, keep doing gesture drawings, anatomy studies and keep grinding perspective if you have time.
How should I be holding my pen for digital drawing? It's feels like my lines get really stuttery because my wrist drags, but if my hand is completely off any surface and there's no support I can't draw a line that isn't wavy and at a 45° off where I want it to go. >>459 For what it's worth that's 100 times better than anything I can draw.
>>467 It is all muscle memory. and don't feel afraid of zooming in so you have more space to draw on.
Open file (433.03 KB 1001x1001 ClipboardImage.png)
>>467 >It's feels like my lines get really stuttery because my wrist drags Get one of those tablet gloves, it even helps me draw on paper.
>>465 It looks like something that needs to be finished, if anything
Open file (285.67 KB 640x1049 PetiteS.png)
Here is how it went. Is there anything I should change? I don't like young girls and their small breasts at all, so I rarely draw them. However, it may be interesting to draw them young and then how they look mature. >>466 Many thanks! I don't think I ever done any "gesture drawing" and perspective grinding, I should.
>>472 looks good, if anything her tits look just a bit too high up but that may be because of the angle. focus more on anatomy and all the little details that come with it. you're already worlds ahead of me so take my advice as you will
Open file (36.32 KB 600x450 Neet Cat.jpg)
resources for learning to draw individual body parts?
>>475 Did you check the Anatomy folders in the mega packs?
>>475 Pardon me, it's been a while since I last updated them. It's in their respective folders, AKA Feet, Eyes etc.
>>476 >bandwidth limits i really wish we'd stop using mega, using Mediafire or getting a torrent would be better
>>479 Well, it's just a bunch of pictures. Can't you use a proxy to get to them?
Open file (1.81 MB 500x281 Maru.gif)
>>480 I do have Tor and a VPN but I fucking hate Mega for making me have to switch it just to download a bunch of fucking JPGs. I'll probably download everything in the sticky one by one then make a megadrawpack and put it on Mediafire so no aspiring artist ever has to deal with this shit again.
>>482 It would be mighty useful, post it on the meta when you do
Where do you get your poses and references from?
>>513 Going outside for a walk, pictures, movies, reference books, reality.
>>513 Google images and some folders in which I've collected pictures I like over the years. There are a bunch of reference/model books in the resource hub too.
Open file (13.92 KB 258x258 huh.png)
The fuck does "feel the form" mean?
>>550 Ever played a videogame with really tight movement to the point you can practically play like it's second nature?
>>550 If you heard that in a video or read it in some kind of forum post and you don't understand what it means, then don't bother with it. You're not at that level yet. Just keep drawing and try rotating objects in your brain. Also learn how to construct forms. You learn that shit in Scott Robertsons. The pdf should be somewhere in here: https://mega.nz/#F!Y9AA1IpA!zXPbFOlubqEcOd75cZR1Eg https://mega.nz/#F!M8s0XYjB!mo_9uNAKJUnVD3Ne9X9vgg!04dD0JpA https://mega.nz/#F!es1BSKQR!spODyd0iaQmMelGA2GscFw https://mega.nz/#F!BXJkjSKI!ef2mMsm1mkj2nf3amonPEA
>>567 In Scott Robertsons "How to Draw"
This has more to do with character design, but what sort of legwear/socks would make a school uniform look rebellious? or imply that a character acts that way
>>605 I think they should be tattered or have smears as if to say "this gal got into more fights than you could handle". Traditional Sukeban characters also have waist high socks.
Does being good at drawing translate to making good 3DCG models?
>>646 They're not really the same kind of skill. It's probably really good for telling weight and shades, but I think it still requires its own fair share of time spent learning the basics.
1. Is Drawabox useful? I've been doing exercises from there since filling squares, lines and ellipses fills my autism. 2. Is proko useful or just a meme? I've seen him posted from time to time but I don't know if it was un or ironically
>>679 1. I don't know, seems to vary from person to person. I didn't like it myself, and I ended up learning the fundamentals from a couple other places. 2. Proko is unironically super useful.
>>679 Proko is useful for anatomy.
How the FUCK do poles draw so good?
Open file (717.49 KB 200x189 OH FUUUUUUUUUUUUU.gif)
>going through Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain >got to drawing Igor upside down >while i'm drawing I can physically feel a strain on the right side of my head that I've never felt before >amazed that I could draw and that by not seeing I can truly see i'm gonna make it bros
>>715 Good job Anon. Keep going and finish the book!
Open file (70.41 KB 949x791 1590711444026.jpg)
>>715 Good stuff, drawing Igor upside down was the first thing I did when starting out so I never felt what you feel, perhaps later. Keep it up. And now that you bring that book up, are the exercises from it different from the ones of Keys to Drawing? Should both books be read and the exercises done, or just with finishing one the jump to Loomis can be done?
Hey. What are other ways to accept untraceable payment? I'm doing certain niche that doesn't sit well with average bots but not worthy enough for glowniggers to give a fuck. There's no way to cash out crypto coins where I live so that's out of question.
>>722 maybe try accepting Amazog/gift cards? not sure if there's a way to share them easily without getting scammed though. why can't you cash out crypto where you are? is it banned by the gubmint? i used to use Paxful until they made IDs mandatory for transactions, there should be a few sites left that let you use it anonymously (use a VPN 24/7 to be safe)
Open file (683.68 KB 1000x750 fuck.jpg)
How do you know that your monitor's calibration is accurate? I recently switched to a new OS and I'm having a lot trouble calibrating my monitor. I followed the instructions that appear on lagom(dot)nl (which is what I do usually), but while the contrast and the brightness look fine, now colors look washed out. Now all my drawings look awful, and I'm not even sure if that's how they should look like. I've been trying to find a software that helps me with this, but I couldn't find anything like that for Linux. I can't even find an ICC profile for my shitty monitor. What should I do? Should I go back to Windows?
>>760 >Should I go back to Windows? No Regarding the color calibration, Install xcalib go to /usr/share/color/icc/colord/ (at least that's the place where I found the color profiles on my system.) Choose one you like. $ xcalib profile.icc
>>760 If you had the monitor settings set-up that way in Windows, I can't see why it wouldn't also work in Linux unless it's using a different display profile but since you can't find one for your monitor, it's probably just a generic sRGB profile in both OS's. I wonder if you get the right colors if you do a drawing with the default monitor settings? Presumably whatever you are doing the drawing in is attaching a color profile to the output image?
>>761 I've been trying to do that, but I always get a message that says, "Warning - Unable to read file profile.icc". So far, I've used these commands: >xcalib BestRGB.icc >xcalib /usr/share/color/icc/BestRGB.icc >/usr/bin/xcalib -d :0 /usr/share/color/icc/BestRGB.icc However, I think you have the right idea. I'll try to find out what I'm doing wrong. Thank you. >>762 Come to think of it, I used the NVIDIA Control Panel to calibrate my monitor in Windows, so I guess W7 is using a different display profile technically. Unfortunately, the Linux version of that control panel doesn't have that option.
How to make the transition from pen and paper to digital? Just draw?
>>764 >Just draw? Pretty much that, or at least that was my case. However, you could try a few exercise to get used to this new environment faster. >Draw lines, circles and cubes >Color some line art >"Ink" some pencil drawings >Make a few sketches every now and then In short, start with easy stuff and move from there.
>>482 Megatools works if you're on linux
Why is doing blook heads surprisingly difficult, and am I supposed to grind these heads until something clicks?
Should I invest in a Wacom tablet for getting into digital, or is Huion good enough? I had a small Huion one and and broke the stylus before getting much practice with it, but it felt pretty cramped and difficult to get to respond to pressure properly. I was already planning to get something with more surface area, but I don't want it to be something I need to do twice.
>>831 Huion is good quality, tablets and pens are well-built and should last a while. their drivers can be fucky but if I can get it working on ganoo+linoox you can get it working on wangblows.
Open file (598.05 KB 450x839 reference1.png)
Open file (230.51 KB 500x667 reference2.png)
Open file (1.89 MB 2126x3000 Reference3.png)
Open file (247.30 KB 591x829 reference4.png)
Hey guys can someone draw /fascist/'s board tan, integralistchan being bleached by a white guy. Bonus points for multiple white guys and captions.
>>831 > Should I invest in a Wacom tablet for getting into digital, or is Huion good enough? What do you mean good enough? Huion is better than Wacom. KEK Nowadays with all that competition you can basically buy whatever you fucking want. lmfao
>>835 Why isn't she white? White women are more attractive.
Almost done with Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, clearly seeing myself improve. Where should I go to next after I'm done with it?
>>879 >Where should I go to next after I'm done with it? This is what I would do: - Figure drawing design and invention by Michael Hampton - How to draw by Scott Robertson - Figure drawing for all it's worth by Andrew Loomis https://mega.nz/folder/uGgxBCZS#KTUrT0ot8pfzUdXIwc0TVA check the "books-for-beginners" folder.
>>835 will /fascist/ really accept dark waifus? aren't the muds entirely antithetical to White superiority?
>>881 >will /fascist/ really accept dark waifus? aren't the muds entirely antithetical to White superiority? I for my part can say, that I see white northern women as more beautiful than the women in the rest of the world, but there are some cuties in other countries as well. And it's not wrong to bleach their communities a bit, after you've already aquired at least three northern wives.
>>882 >after you've already aquired at least three northern wives. You. I like you Anon. Maybe there's a little room for caramel-waifus a bit.
>>882 >And it's not wrong to bleach their communities a bit, after you've already aquired at least three northern wives. Based
>>882 >>881 Fascism isn't black or white, it's a political third way that determines the State as being a driving force to bettering the people. Fascist Italy didn't adopt ethnonationalist theory up until they became a minor power in the war, for instance, giving much more freedom to literally mud hut arabs and blacks and jews so long as they supported the common cause of getting the State up and running. The people who want to claim that racial inequality is a standard in fascist countries are the same people who want to tell you that Communism built a utopia of love and equal rights across the Soviet Union when in reality it was just Left Authoritarianism.
>>887 >The people who want to claim that X are the same people who want to tell you that Y when in reality it was just Y. I think this is known as 'Strawmanning' isn't it?
>>888 You made it X Y Y. But what he said was X Y Z. Therefore you're either retarded or a Kike.
>>888 >>891 Calm your tits, this is an art board, not a political one. You can discuss your ideologically motivated positions on other boards on this website.
>>892 B-b-but HE (>>888) started!
>>896 and I'M ENDING IT
>>896 >>897 Draw this
how do I know that I'm good enough to start drawing completely from memory with little/no references at all?
What does it mean if you constantly forget what your own characters look like? It's not like my designs are overly complicated.
>>930 You'll know because you'll be able to draw completely from memory with little/no reference at all, of course! >>931 It means you need to draw them more probably. Visit the drawpile in the sticky once in a while!
Open file (57.50 KB 720x715 races.jpeg)
Let's say I want to make several different versions of the same drawing, each one with a character of a different race. How many version should I make? At first, I thought four versions (White, Black, Asian and Mestizo) would be enough, but I'm not so sure now. To be honest, I don't know much about this whole thing and I'm afraid some people will give me shit for this.
Advice for setting up a Patreon/Subscribestar account? I remember that post about being a trendchaser to the max but surely there are other ways to get noticed than that?
Would getting an associates in art do any good for self improvement and motivation? Im asking this since i am lacking on improving and I thought a degree would kickstart me to drawing again. The thing is, there is so much free resources that it invalidates the paper and debt.
>>956 holy fuck someone posted here I would say no, you're not going to learn anything in art school that you can't learn from textbooks you can get 4free. I fell for the college meme for IT and it's basically the same case, the professors just teach out of the textbooks and put due dates on the exercises in them. It's a damn shame, I thought I would actually learn something but it's just going over basic shit I already know or could've figured out myself in five seconds. It'd be the same, if not worse, for art.
>>957 >holy fuck someone posted here I'm not >>956 I've started posting here because 8kun.top was total trash software. But since 8chan.moe works without cookies and javascript, I haven't had any reason to post here anymore. I'm still keeping an eye out though. ^^
Is this board more active than 8chan.moe's one?
>>970 >Is this board more active than 8chan.moe's one? I don't have anything against anon.cafe, and I would use it more, but 8chan.moe is more active. That's why I post there. I wouldn't want to force people over here. It's dumb to split up the art community.
Are there any good active sites for getting actual feedback (i.e. stuff like red lines and "this part looks fucked" rather than just "looks good, keep drawing")? I've heard newgrounds is good, but I haven't checked it out yet.
Why this place is dead? Is there a way to bring more people in to post here? I can post in Discord or Facebook art groups but they're usually a hugbox that mentally exhausting and very restricted in nature to me. The red-linings and harsh (constructive) criticism that I require isn't there. Seems like more of the common folks prefers to post on /ic/ cancer.
>>1039 >Why this place is dead? The BO seems to have moved the posters to blacked.gov, back in the day this board was moderately active but they never returned other than (probably) one of their posters who gives feedback once in a while. Only one anon has kept things alive in the practice thread for some months now, i started uploading a week ago to keep some company. >common folks prefers to post on /ic/ cancer Common folk is becoming more common than not, the massive PPH is a strong incentive but consistence quickly goes out of the window in terms of critique and such. And the ones who can withstand a more slow experience can do so but if they all are ID'd, so Shitscord ate that cake too. The upside to all of this is that the anons here can be trusted almost blindfolded due to them being ideologically stronger/more compatible for the sole fact they are here to begin with.
>>1040 That's fair I guess. I just want to avoid art school and (expensive for me) feedback from paywall artist to gain the critiques, I guess I gotta bite that cookie then.
>>1041 >I just want to avoid art school >feedback/gain the critiques If you go the route of "outsider" artist, or someone who "made up" his own style and doctrine, you can easily be identified among the rest of the people if you refine it with your own tastes enough, plus you avoid those things you mentioned. Thing is solitude is a bitch though, one can never gauge how good or unique we are going because we are used to seeing our own stuff. For that i don't know what to recommend other than bite the bullet and go hermit until you are moderately satisfied with your work... but there's one thing for sure, you'll probably double your chances of success if you can apply those drawings onto a good story/joke/conceptual narrative so scriptwriting/world-building is as crucial as having a pretty picture.
>>1041 I'll give you a proper critique on some high effort work. I'm not regularly online, but after a week, you can probably be assured you've gotten a proper critique. Being cut off from the internet for days or weeks does wonders for you productivity. ^ o ^
Open file (8.06 KB 230x200 XDDD.jpg)
>>1039 Because, like in the days of olde 8ch, 80% of every board's users are lurkers. Porn boards and dump boards can live like that, but in places like this that require active participation, there's not much point without an active userbase. Also what >>1039 said, the BO moved operations. I don't really get what the point of that was, but if there was more community support here, I'd prefer this one. I suppose he thought people would be more comfortable using markchan. At least neither one is /ic/. t. lurker of both
>>194 That pic is probably cutest drawn character i have ever seen. Should i learn 2 draw soo i can see more of her now? Is this the start of my fall as a functioning person?
>>211 they won't faggot. They are not real women.
>>254 I just ate a great amount of food and feel very full. While reading what the second guy in that image wrote, I felt an urge to vomit. OMG... I shouldn't reimagine that feeling.
>>1039 Don't mind me, just gonna reply to this months-old post to get some conversation going, and maybe we can get some more posts on the board that way. Our problem is that the /loomis/ community was already fairly small to begin with relative to other boards. A board with thousands of users could survive being fractured a few times, but if you have less than 100 or so, the board is in for a rough ride. The board list here reports active 3 users, and there's only another 5 listed on .moe/loomis. Of course, that doesn't count lurkers, and as >>1045 mentioned, that's a bulk of the users. Now, on to the matter of making the board less dead. I saw another poster mention that the name /loomis/ is meaningless to anyone who doesn't know Andrew Loomis. It's hard to attract people interested in art if they don't even know that this is an art board. We could fix this by advertising the board in relevant communities or threads where it may be welcome. E.g. drawthreads and on boards where drawing is relevant to the subject, like /agdg/. I think some of this is already done with drawpile announcements, but I don't know how far they spread through the webring. There's also the remaining posters on .moe. Personally, I have no ill will against anons who still post on there. I figure that they don't really care about the site's administration and are ultimately more concerned about having some semblance of a healthy community. Maybe if a strong argument against continued use of .moe was laid out in clear terms, more anons would make the jump. That being said, I understand why some anons are hostile to that website as a whole, including those who chose to put up with all its problems.
Open file (50.76 KB 276x296 remorse.gif)
>>1163 Good observations and you are correct, one reason I didn't migrate from 8kunt until things became absolutely intolerable there from a technical standpoint (the experience itself was never anything other than sour to begin with) was largely because I had seen what even a few migrations can do to a fairly large community, let alone a small one. I was a longtime user of an imageboard that went from being an independent website, to two websites over a sort of staff "mutiny". When both of those shut down it became an 8chan.net board. With 8chan's awful technical issues (issues that, long term, I blame for essentially killing the site and its spirit in ways that dubious board-specific management had otherwise failed to) it was forced onto 8chan.pl, then 8chan.pl shut down so it was back to an 8chan.net board, then it became its own website again after a short stint as a post-8chan.net endchan board. Through all that tumultuous period this site had gone from-I believe-the fastest english non-4chan imageboard in its humble beginnings to a ghost town haunted by a handful of unironic schizos and Russian CP bots.
>>1165 Hello! Did you know you can cheaply and easily manufacturer a permablinding laser gun that will instantly blind human beings for life at ridiculous ranges? https://invidio.us/shorts/GPRDbSsNyF4?feature=share
Open file (47.11 KB 276x296 suspicion.gif)
>>1166 You're not one of those "glowing n-words" I've been hearing so much about, in disguise, are you?
>>1167 niggers?
Open file (53.55 KB 276x296 hilarity.gif)
>>1168 Ah yes, that's the word I was looking for!
>>1169 Nope Just a guy with a undodgeable photon rifle and a grudge against the federal government
Open file (39.88 KB 750x1000 giga-kek001.jpg)
>>1166 That first pic is hilarious. > AND THEY CALL LUCIFER THE LIGHT BRINGER!!! > HAHAHAHAAHA > THEY'LL BE ENLIGHTENED SOON Fucking giga kek
>>1163 >>1165 i've been meaning to post here but i just haven't had time to work on drawing. I took some classes for extra credits and learned a bit there, but I don't have anything else that I can really post. I still check for new posts every day.
>>1174 > I still check for new posts every day. same. We all do. I will post some art tomorrow. Something simple.
I'm getting frustrated by digital drawing. I found an unused notebook that I've been scribbling in with my copic, and I've been having some fun just allowing myself to draw without any particular goal in mind. Even though I have been neglecting traditional recently, I found it pretty easy to recover some of the muscle memory. Peter Han's warmup exercises are a big help. I had forgotten how good it can feel to put pen to paper. But then going back to digital, nothing feels right. There are a lot of little frustrations; the screen is too slick and I still feel disconnect between my pen and my drawing. I've been struggling to create the lines that I want, and while using the smoothing tool helps, it just doesn't feel very natural. I could invest in an Intuos 3 over my current Huion, but I'm not sure if that will help very much. I've always liked drawing digitally because I have a lot of freedom to experiment with different brushes, effects, colors, etc. How can I make digital drawing feel more natural?
Open file (49.74 KB 658x664 braino drawpile.jpg)
>>1229 >the screen is too slick Yup, it's like drawing on a microwave door or something (I don't know, maybe that's dumb comparison but it sucks in either case) >still feel disconnect With traditional tablets you have a disconnect depending on the monitor to tablet size relationship pertaining to your potential range of motion/how it "feels" to draw with (this is important, honestly). With screen tablets you have parallax and the less-than-ideal posture of traditional without the organic "breaks" created by the need to sharpen pencils, grab different markers, apply different pigments to the brush etc. In some ways the disconnect is actually worse with screen tablets because the true exact-pixel input is obscured by your stylus and hand. >Intuos 3 You're on the right track. If you're in the US check this out: https://shopgoodwill.com/item/135566992 This auction ends in just under three days. If you snipe this auction (do not place a single bid before under a minute left in the auction, otherwise you're exposing your interest and potentially greatly increasing your overall cost for no reason whatsoever) you should be able to get what appears to be a very nice Intuos 3 (the favored model of Atlus artist Soejima and Feng Zhu), complete in box for a very reasonable price. Because it's in the box I wouldn't be surprised to see this auction go up to $100 though. Why not at least it try it out? Worst case scenario: You don't like it, you've maybe spent a single day's wage on it Best case scenario: It could prove to be the best art-related decision you've ever made and will change your digital drawing experience for the better for decades to come, unironically. I am an Intuos Large Evangelist and have wrote many paragraphs on why I like them both on .moe/loomis/ and /ic/; I swear by these things and while I can't make any guarantees for how it may work out for you personally I think the potential reward in experimenting way outweighs the risk.
Open file (444.63 KB 563x565 1638840712240.png)
>>1236 By the way >>1229 if you do decide you want to try and get it let me know here because I'm probably going to go for it if you don't. Don't let the low bid fool you now though it could easily go much higher at the very end of the auction. It might not be a bad idea to check facebook marketplace, craigslist or ebay instead/as well.
Has this place been abandon or are the mods still present and how active is this place. If there is any, I say hi. I'm going to post here more often bring some life to this place. If it's worth it.
>>1245 Hi. Don't you see the post dates? As far as I know there is one mod and one board owner. The board owner seems to check this place rarely (although that's a guess) the mod seems to check thos place more regularly. I myself check this place every day with some exceptions between. Feel free to post. I will usually try my best to help people answer questions they have, so we can all grow together.
>>1246 sup, that's cool yeah I could tell by the post dates there was just no bump option on the catalog so was hard to tell. Holy shit this site is way more faster and posting on it uploads super fast compared to 8chan.moe think I am done with the site tbh it's pretty dead there.
English is my third language, so can anon redo the following process/steps in step by step short video because I'm a visual learner and I find it hard to understand these. >In December of 1950, Saturday Evening Post cover artist J.C. Leyendecker outlined his basic method in a letter to a student. >“My first step is to fill a sketch pad with a number of small rough sketches about two by three inches, keeping them on one sheet so you can compare them at a glance. >“Select the one that seems to tell the story most clearly and has an interesting design. Enlarge this by square to the size of the magazine cover, adding more detail and color as needed. >“You are now ready for the model. First make a number of pencil or charcoal studies. Select the most promising and on a sketch canvas do these in full color, oil or water with plenty of detail. Keep an open mind and be alert to capture any movement or pose that may improve your original idea. >“You may now dismiss your model, but be sure you have all the material needed with separate studies of parts to choose from, for you are now on your own and must work entirely from your studies. >“This canvas will somewhat resemble a picture puzzle, and it is up to you to assemble it and fit it into your design at the same time simplify wherever possible by eliminating all unessentials. All this is done on tracing paper and retraced on the final canvas. >“Your finished painting may be any size to suit you, but is usually about twice the size of the reproduction. >“As a rule, I start work with a round or flat sable using a thin wash, with turps as a medium. Keep shadows very transparent, and as the work progresses, apply the paint more thickly on lighted areas, adding some poppy oil or linseed oil if necessary, and using a larger flat bristle brush for the heavier paint, but still keeping the shadows thin and vibrant. >“When the work is dry, apply a quick drying retouching varnish either with a brush or an atomizer. >“Sometimes because of prohibitive model rates or other reasons, one is forced to use photography, but try and avoid it if possible.
Doesn't he draw some really racist caricatures?
>>1368 He's very racist indeed
Open file (194.74 KB 1200x980 blookyeschad.png)
>>1368 > Doesn't he draw some really racist caricatures? "racism" wasn't really a big thing back then as it is tried to be made today. He just exaggerated his subjects in a way that he seemed to capture it's essence best.
>>1368 >>1369 >>1371 Then he's certainly the man I want teaching my kids arts tbh.
I've been getting Xp-pen getting shilled to me recently. Are they worth it? >>470 So the drawing gloves aren't a placebo effect?
>>1551 Not at all, your hand gets sweaty and it will drag on the tablet and mess up your strokes. The glove prevents it entirely.
TLDR: Joining twatter for the 1st time as a manga artist. Do you know phrases or questions from the twatter police that are considered red flags? Longer version: I've made some drawings initially for a goof, shared them with an online friend and they said "anon you should go on twatter". I didn't join twatter yet but I have been practicing on my own for months. Now, I am aware that twatter is abusive to manga artists. I imagine that the most rationale thing to do is to 1. do not interact them 2. mute them 3. block them and 4. report for abuse in that order (correct me if I'm wrong) but then I remember seeing a twatter user who is an artist who draws lolis making a tweet that said "stop asking me for my characters' age, you are not my audience" so I imagine that he received messages with uncomfortable phrases or questions with unfortunate implications if he were to answer them. Another artist went "I used to mute them only, now I also block them" I know or I think I know how to spot this kind of abuser, they post in their profile things like their age, the acronyms like BLM or ACAB, pronouns, specific flags, references to mental illness... What I don't know is their usage of words in case they infiltrate my profile and sooner or later I receive a DM from any of them. If I happen to properly identify such phrases "how old is this character you draw so much?" then I'd know if that question is purposefully made in bad faith. I don't know if this is the right place to ask since it's sorta related to art to a certain point.
>>1571 They only have as much power as you give them. Don't interact with them in the slightest. Ignore their comments (public and private) and mute them if they keep pestering you. Blocking them will show them that they've blocked you which only gives them more to work with. Show that you don't care about their opinions by ignoring their opinions, no matter how loud they may be. The majority of people that like your art aren't even going to comment on it, they just tap the like button and move on; that's the audience you're aiming for. If they see you getting into multi-reply squabbles with naysayers they're going to write you off as a petty little bitch and unfollow you. The silent majority is real, simply give them what they want, nothing more.
>>1572 Consider me motivated. Thank you. Sincerely. >The silent majority is real, simply give them what they want, nothing more Everyone should read this.
>>1571 >Now, I am aware that twatter is abusive to manga artists twitter is very inconsistent regarding this. just wanted to point that out. but yeah >>1572. from the perspective as someone not into that sort of thing, it's as simple as muting an account and moving on.
>>1571 I suppose it depends on what you want from twatter, if you want to get more exposure I suppose it might be okay but otherwise it's not worth it.
What's a good resource on constructing guidelines with 3d-form and keeping proportion? The two biggest problems i have with designing a figure's guidelines are 1. When the preparation of the guidelines doesn't show enough of the character's form in 3d space and 2. When the artist teaching the use of guidelines either uses them very vaguely or doesn't use them at all. 1. is a reason I have a problem with Proko's "the bean" and much of the drawing tutorials I've watched of his. #2. is a problem that I find more on anime-drawing tuts. Figure drawing for all it's worth is in a weird place for me, since It has so much information condensed into that it's hard trying to digest it all. Constructive Anatomy is neat, and I like bridgeman's guideline style, but the book itself is more like a notebook than it is a teaching tool.
I want to draw but have no experience and my fine motor skills are lacking. Where do I go to practice?
>>1640 start with Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, it forms an excellent foundation and a gorilla on bath salts could go through it and come out a better artist.
>>1641 >and a gorilla on bath salts could go through it and come out a better artist. That's a pretty high commendation Anon. Against my better judgment I'd have to say I agree.
Open file (144.91 KB 950x534 wol1.jpg)
What is this? Is it just monochrome with a splash of a different color?
>>1635 >something that ll help me get some 6 digit conceptartist job, or bring in equivalent sales traffic on insta, interwebs Ahem,... "How do Draw" by Scott Robertson.
>>1656 NTA, great recommendation Anon. Cheers.
>>1658 Draw a space marine.
Open file (201.18 KB 777x843 ClipboardImage.png)
How do I draw hair? I get the whole volume and clumps thing but something about it just doesn't click in my brain when I try putting it on paper.
>>1654 It's mostly 1bit black&white, with gray and red as limited other colors mostly used for UI elements. If it's the same as SoL then the other colors also respect the limited palette and are max saturation max brightness. I don't think that it's real 4bit RGBI/CGA-style since SoL is unity and WoL is either unity or flash but they don't break their own rules from what I remember. I fucking love 1bit BW, even dithering is better than gradient pissbaby bullshit >>1673 Draw (drawn) hair that you think looks good from reference.
>>1654 >>1674 I never knew Kingdom of Loathing got any sequels.

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