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Open file (16.43 KB 300x300 s-l300.jpg)
Tools Thread Artist 05/15/2020 (Fri) 21:38:50 No.172
What kind of: >Software >Hardware >Style >Tool (i.e. Pen and Paper, Stencils...) Do you use to make your art?
Open file (70.72 KB 1200x1200 titties.jpg)
>Software Krita, MSPain t>Hardware A computer, an old Intuos3 >Style Maybe >Tool (i.e. Pen and Paper, Stencils...) Tablet, ink, charcoal, pencils, once I used blood after I cut myself by accident and didn't want to let it go to waste but it wasn't very enjoyable because I didn't know what I was doing (I could have worked at it like watercolor but I didn't know any technique at the time).
>Software Photoshop and Krita >Hardware Computer and vertical mouse >Style None >ToolBlue non-photo graphite, medium and soft graphite, graphite holders, pencils, polymer and kneadable erasers, rulers, ink pens.
Open file (285.44 KB 680x1670 1589394341149.jpg)
Krita because I'm not giving my shekels for something that I'll probably hate anyway.
I just started, been going through drawabox with a huion graphics tablet and krita. MyPaint seems comfy though, might try it.
>>177 >>178 What the fuck, I tried to post these together like 7 times but it always failed.
>Software Mostly CS6 >Hardware Used Laptop from the 2015's >Style Shitty ms paint doodles >Tool Yes >Boogaloo Electric
>>177 This is so infuriating yet so funny >>180 I'm having similar troubles on /shelter/. Possibly an attack?
I'm in a dilemma right now. Ever since I kicked Windows10 to the curb and started using BSD I haven't found a solution for creating digital art.Gimp and krita are available,but my system has specific drivers for wacom tablets, so it's kinda of weird. I'd have to buy a specific tablet just for this Operating sytem. That's like buying a 200 dollar tablet and seeing if it works, maybe. Right now I'm back to using bic pens and a 12x6 sketch book. It's comfy. It's weird again, but when I sketch on paper it's more stimulating, so like I'm not distracted by the glow of a screen after staring at it for a few hours.
Krita or drawpile, muh dick, Nep, and the cheapest clipboards and pencils money can buy. >>185 Most involved, easiest way to solve this predicament is to contact your tablets manufacturers by e-mail or phone for support. Instead you could try some wacom driver hack people post up on github.
>Software Sai, Photoshop. >Hardware Shitty laptop. >Style I try to draw very high quality anime with elements of realism, but I hate having to stick to one style and I experiment with all kinds of styles until I hopefully find the style I love best. >Tool (i.e. Pen and Paper, Stencils...) Paper + mechanical pencil, keyboard + mouse. I sketch out different ideas on paper, but I scan them and then trace the sketches on Sai with the lineart tool, and colour/shade it in Photoshop. >>185 Just run Paint Tool Sai on Wine.
>>185 Go back on Windows 10 if you can't get it to work on WINE. You don't need to be on an open source operating system unless if you're a dev or if you're facing performance issues on old hardware. Please don't gimp your creativity because of fear. People claim that particular creators are hired because of nepotism, but it's actually because intelligent people like you do everything they can to handicap themselves from succeeding. There's no good reason to prevent yourself from having access to good tools at this point in time.
>>185 How come you went BSD? You'll find the driver situation on there is likely worse than on Linux, which does at least support the one built into my laptop and works in GIMP and Krita, but that's not saying much since it's an old laptop. >>195 At least tell him to go 7 if it has to be Windows. I don't trust it much more than 10 but it's the last one to not be castrated by tablet UI focus and thinking it owns your computer.
>>172 >Software Krita, Photoshop. Mostly Krita if it weren't prone to crashing and freezing. >Hardware Some 2016 laptop >Style Definitely inspired by Bruce Timm's artstyle and a dash of animu. I struggle drawing animu faces though. >Tool (i.e. Pen and Paper, Stencils...) A Nice Wide Wacom tablet >>190 >I try to draw very high quality anime with elements of realism, but I hate having to stick to one style and I experiment with all kinds of styles until I hopefully find the style I love best. Mind if you show some of them? Just put it in another thread if you want to.
>>195 Get a Windows 10 Enterprise version on a torrent site (Normal or LTSC) and use this to reduce connections: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/privacy/manage-connections-from-windows-operating-system-components-to-microsoft-services Instructions are on page. You'll still need to manage with the tablet UI, but at least you won't be spied upon as badly as on a normal Win 10 rig.
>>544 that list of shit to disable is why i'm on kubuntu now
Open file (160.40 KB 512x512 kiki-0.png)
>>172 >Software Krita all the way. It's better than Photoshop for painting. >Hardware Wacon Cintiq 13 HD TOUCH (Never used the touch. It's also not supported by Linux drivers. Would buy HUION next time.) >Style I can have every style I want. >Tools Pencils, paper, water colors, gouache, ink, japanese ink brush
Open file (175.73 KB 324x429 CarlosTeamWork.png)
>>185 Are you still having this problem? Get Huion. I'm not saying it'll be a drop in replacement for BSD systems, but the solution for me was to edit xorg .conf files on Linux. Basically tell it to use the wacom driver for any tablet plugged in. Might help since BSD uses xorg. Huion route: https://www.davidrevoy.com/article331/setup-huion-giano-wh1409-tablet-on-linux-mint-18-1-ubuntu-16-04 Hopefully you see the light and drop BSD altogether. Since Xp-pen tablets also have linux drivers. Project dedicated to Linux tablet support: https://digimend.github.io/support/howto/drivers/wacom/

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