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I actually like these garbaeg 05/18/2023 (Thu) 03:59:02 No.1587
How to create realism in your watercolor? Like the color palettes, or just whatever is "real" Take picrel as example Also maybe make something that instagram recognizes as thousands of likes and comments worth.
How do you render glass Like planning the light and dark tones of the image/object relative to light source and objects surrounding it I find it complicated esp with the reflection and refraction causing almost Infinite amount of effects How do i sort of KNOW How the image shd be.
Open file (70.42 KB 500x500 615vkzZG8xL.jpg)
>>1587 art academy nigga
>>1583 bruh just go on youtube
>>1588 how about you go the academy and then answer it
How to make your work more like rella kinoko Or amemura on pixiv https://www.pixivision.net/en/a/1969 https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/47488 Or roboworks
>>1590 Seething faggot. I hope you get hit by a car schizo.
>>1592 what else drives you mad? Clearly you are the one who "see things" Faggot.
>>1593 Keep seething schizo spammer
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First of all, start by not spamming boards. And second, check the pinned comment.
>>1596 >spamming Thats like, you, cunt. >pinned Which one You braindead secretion paste Do you have a fucking opinion Or just lazy anus because you couldnt be bothered
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>>1598 "nobody" It's only you here In my thread anon Clearly you are cunt sucking fag no other board needs and cpuldnt make your pwn fucking thread Go find the mod elsewhere you numbnuts
How to make your painting more like rella kinoko https://www.pixivision.net/en/a/1969 Or amemura https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/47488 Or roboworks Clearly a proper instructions are needed Like overly critical art teachers No actually thats dumb Like watering pot to turn on your cars Thats what. Complete Schizo material who cant communicate but chirp on boards Lel
>>1599 >It's only you here Weren't you banned from another board here ? Not failing my sage this time. Sorry for bumping schizotrhead.
>>1601 nice job annoucing sage moron See you no more
Open file (63.46 KB 462x345 belongtrash.jpg)
>>1600 thanks for the wasted get neck yourself
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