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Artist 12/08/2021 (Wed) 20:21:13 No.1202
Artchad, stop baselessly accusing people (including me) of being "glow" etc. You are missing a shit ton of information and context, thanks to being absent.
Open file (307.30 KB 1024x1024 glowers-be-glowin.jpg)
>>1202 Whatever dude. I've made up my mind. I don't find that place fun anymore. I don't mind if this thread here gets deleted. This is an art board after all. Here is some oc, so i don't fill this board with meta drama from another image board. xD
>>1205 >I don't find that place fun anymore. There is someone trying very hard to make it that way. It's not a stretch to describe what is happening as a war. These are his words: "the other thing you faggots always miscalcuate is how easy it is to disrupt threads and demoralize other posters. not everyone has the level of stamina you faggots pretend to have <span class='spoiler'>but actually lack</span><br>we will bleed what&#39;s left of your tiny userbase, no matter how long it takes."
>>1206 > There is someone trying very hard to make it that way. It's not a stretch to describe what is happening as a war. Doesn't matter to me. I come to the internet to have fun. The moderation on nanochan deletes too much. That's not something i like. There are other issues besides that. The mods are just a nail in the coffin. I don't identify with Nanochan, I can move on.
>>1206 Ironically shitspammer is a fag himself >>1207 >deletes too much If you had not been absent you would recognize what is posted and understand why it isn't "too much". Like >98% of what is deleted has the same, single, author.
And the change to the text of the rules page, the removal of /pol/? I can only assume that was because endofuu didn't want to be fired from his job if it came out that he was the admin. It doesn't affect anything in reality.
(But in any case, there were other solid reasons for those two changes, and overall they are the right decision, I think,) Another thing is the "mod rating". If that was you, again, you are missing most of the relevant information, history, and context. For example, one of the accounts listed as a good one is the attacker's sleeper account that hasn't done anything meaningful yet in its existence. Trying to create enmity (there isn't any) should be avoided.
The webring is a fucking shithole. Every single board I've been on there's been retarded drama like this, I thought the /loomis/ boards would avoid it but apparently not. If you wanna live in a fucking fantasy world where the government is after you for posting gay nigger cocks everywhere then write a shitty comic about it. If the feds had any real agenda against you or the webring in general they'd play you all like fucking fiddles, simple as. You're delusional if you think otherwise, which you probably do because fucking everyone in this place is delusional. I hope if there are feds they mark you faggots for death and send you off to cold shitholes to be free labor far outside of anyone's reach at best, or arrange an 'accident' for you at least.
>>1202 >>1212 Nice samefag mr fed. Trying to drive people away from the webring.
Open file (85.69 KB 655x561 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.jpg)
Ok, after this post I'll refuse to post even a single message regarding this meta conversations. :^DDDDD *puts fingers into eats and goes:* LALALALALALALALALALALALA P.S. Just wait for chadchan. It will be developed.
Umarufag could've stopped this!
>>1202 Who's the Artchad(s)? And why do he Nanochan?

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