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Open file (140.10 KB 539x537 Read Loomis.png)
Encouragement and Critique Thread! Go! Go! Drawoli Anonymous 05/15/2020 (Fri) 20:06:34 No.115
Post your art related woes here. REMEMBER! NEVER GIVE UP! WE BELIEVE IN YOU!
Open file (41.52 KB 496x317 Drawfags.jpg)
Post your artwork-in-progress here, other anons offer advice for it.
Open file (254.24 KB 991x1215 ClipboardImage.png)
Making this as my second post because I don't want this being seen by everyone, what should I fix in this before I go any further?
>>92 Your drawing is lacking pretty much any structure and your proportions are way off. I would recommend going through loomis.
>>92 Perhaps you should start by replicating real life models and then moving on to dynamic poses One way to get a good dynamic pose though is to apply weights and curves to the character. If She's running, part of her body would weigh downward while the rest would lag behind.
>>93 could you elaborate further?
>>95 I'm just going to assume you're a artist who drew it. Anyway so if i look at your drawing I get no feeling of depth from it at all. The big reason is because you're drawing 2d instead of 3d. Like for instance her head is just an oval there's no feeling of a 3d form at all, this is because you're symbol drawing instead of drawing form. You've drawn contour lines all over the form but they don't actually conform to any form underneath they're mostly straight and don't wrap around the forms that are supposed to be there. Andrew loomis' fun with a pencil starts to teach you to draw with 3d forms so that's why it's always a good place to start for any beginner. I hope this helps but if it doesn't, go through some of the recommended beginners books in the pastebin they'll give you a good starting point.
>>96 Looking through the resources what I mean when i referred to pastebin is this: https://hubpages.com/art/how-to-draw-learn Go there and read through it.
>>96 yeah I tried to add more depth but realized halfway through it how flat the whole thing turned out to be. i've had the same problem with my past drawings as well
>>98 Do more loomis and drawabox exercises and you'll more instinctively draw your figure more 3d.
>>92 >>98 just be patient with yourself anon. don't take this kind of criticism personally. it takes time to develop a good eye in art. you plainly already have a reasonably competent composition going, now develop it further. There's one key to success in art: Just.don't.quit. It's literally just that simple. Good luck Anon.
I keep giving up for periods of time because whatever I draw is terrible in my eyes. Thus I don't get practice and avoid it due to expecting to see shit.
>>117 We've all been there, fam. It gets better. Let others judge your art first, instead of deleting it outright. You may find a lot more knowledge in failing to impress other people than in never showing it at all. Plus if there's people on deviantart brave enough to post pancake bondage porn, you can be brave enough to show your art to the world.
>>118 not that anon, but good advice. >t. paints t-shirts sometimes
>>119 Share some examples with us!
>>121 sorry, i don't have any. i just do them on the spot for people whatever they request. i don't do it much now that i learned to code.
>>122 Not even some old stuff?
>>123 ehh, i could drag up the base drawings i did for the transfers, but they're buried in boxes somewhere i don't know. i did things like cute cartoons of animals, logos, or just slogans, all painted by hand.
I wish I just had some guy that showed up at my house every day and yelled at me to draw something. Like some kind of personal trainer for art. It would be super neat to have a mentor but that's not really a common practice nowadays and it's hard to ask someone to give that much of a shit about what I do when I'm not loaded.
>>125 What about a drawing gym?
>>126 Is there such a place?
I sense an unmet business opportunity here.
>>125 If you want to do that, you should just browse draw threads and reference threads. Pick something at random or that you'd like to try, draw it, no matter how bad it looks, post it and ask for criticism. It's much easier to think of all the autistic shrieking that go on in a drawthread as a thousand little gremlin mentors than trying to pay some old artist to be your guru. Unless you happen to network well enough that you get acquainted with one and submit him on and off your doodles. >>126 >>127 You know, that doesn't sound half bad of an idea. Half gym, half art school. >Programmes to get /fit/, but with a heavy dose of hand and arm exercises to make sure you don't develop any condition >Drawing sessions were you have to churn out as many doodles as possible all the time >Surrounded by fatasses and well built people so you don't need to pay thousands of dollarydoos to have models stand for your practice Get on it, my Jewish friend
>>129 >Surrounded by fatasses and well built people so you don't need to pay thousands of dollarydoos to have models stand for your practice Genius
>Make a study on artist I like >Feels good that I think it doesn't look that bad to my usual stuff and I feel like I learned a lot >Feels bad that what took me nearly two weeks I bet the did in at most two days, and I'm still no where even close to him Mixed feelings are better than just feeling like shit, I guess
Open file (68.96 KB 500x375 D77GwrGUwAAJCub.png)
>Post collage sketches of simple character design and their quirk. >Every one like it >Post complete coloured drawing of said character >No one give a fuck I know this happen to every artist but goddamn it really hurt when it happen to you.
>>132 Don't be such an attention seeker.
>Back when ponyfaggotry was in full swing there was some hasbro themed fanart contest on tumblr >Friend did a lovingly rendered to scale rendition of Soundwave from Transformers, tons of details and shit >I did some meme pony shit with static poses and text >Get an overwhelming amount of replies on mine >He gets 2 Sometimes the world is a cruel place man. You can't worry about what the tasteless masses enjoy so just draw things you think are cool and then toss them to the vultures when you're done masturbating to it.
Open file (379.79 KB 514x659 yuss.png)
>>135 >>134 >>133 knew that, but Why tho? whats lacking in full coloured, shaded drawing compared with simple sketches? I see it happen everywhere but I just dont get it.
>>136 The mysteries and wonders of recommendation systems, if you'd posted these on social media. Maybe you put a word the algorithm liked the first time, or maybe someone the algorithm favored at the time liked your first post, etc. >whats lacking in full coloured, shaded drawing compared with simple sketches? Maybe simple sketches leave more room to the imagination.
>>136 The people you're trying to appeal to aren't artistic inclined, they have no sense of good or bad only what they like. You could post the most amazing art ever but if the average person only cares about horse fucking you're only going to see horses being upvoted. Transformers also has almost no fandom left the way bronies did.
>>129 >learn about the human anatomy in the context of lifting>learn about the human anatomy in the context of art Now if only we could do corpse dissection as well.
I wonder how tower girl anon is doing.
Open file (78.90 KB 1036x549 r.jpg)
Open file (6.17 MB 2338x2739 girl.png)
Upon stepping back to post this, I realized her face is too wide. Now I am aggravated slightly. If you have any other glaring errors you'd like to point out, please do and offer guidance to fix them. or you know if you like it you could say something like "hey that's not too shabby, even for a faggot like you, anon" haha who knows
I started an /art/ board on tvch with Gahoole and it's been pretty dead since the start. Would appreciate some positive activity, if it isn't too much to ask. https://tvch.moe/art/index.html
>>144 Why not make it here?
Open file (563.90 KB 642x364 praise1.png)
Open file (575.07 KB 644x363 praise2.png)
Open file (558.75 KB 644x365 praise3.png)
This guy has a youtube channel, by the way. Have a invidio.us link. https://invidio.us/channel/UCPiQ_mEXdEbB-3Yhiq7gq5w
>>145 Well for one, there's already this board. Gahoole is starting up tvch and needed boards and board owners so I offered my help, and since I really enjoy art I figured I could start up an /art/ board.
>>147 Sounds super cool, we should add him to the Sticky I've added a rule that takes invidio.us links and automatically puts them through invidio.us but if it bothers people I'll switch it back
>>149 Another dead board on another dead site. This benefits no one.
>>150 It's better to have these boards spread out over multiple sites anyway, that's what the webring is for. >>151 Doesn't matter if it's another website as long as it's on the webring.
>>152 >It's better to have these boards spread out That's true, but it's better to retool a board like this one that has no owner in the last month and which original userbase is a bunch of whipped 8k users than make another place. >as long as it's on the webring. That's also true, shame that anon's board and site is not on the webring.
>>153 >It's better to retool than to start a new I even agree with that, but the thing is this site's been fairly ownerless for quite some time. I'm not imposing you have to use /art/ compared to /loomis/, but since the owner is afk for quite some time you might as well benefit elsewhere.
Open file (3.25 MB 1920x1080 Screenshot (59).png)
>>92 Digging through julay /loomis/ and I've found out about this game from Jerma, how the hell did they make it so responsive for its times?
Open file (395.46 KB 400x400 me_cry.mp4)
>>115 Okay, I'll bite, for whomever is still in here. I have just come to the realization that no matter what I do or don't do, I can't draw. It's not a matter of not applying myself to it or anything like that, it's plain and simple brain-to-eye-to-hand coordination. I have none. I try and look up tutorials on digital art, read books and do all that crazy shit, I try and HAVE FUN with it rather than be technical, try copying art, try coming up with my own ideas, no dice. I just can't seem to focus the details of what I want to draw in my head, when I get a half assed idea of it my eyes and my hand are not seeing the same things, my hands are shaky as hell and I've even got tendinitis from extensive computer work for my thankless job. My arm and my palm sting sooo much in the evening. I'm devastated. Is anyone else feeling like this? Does anyone know how to solve this? I don't want to give up on my dream of drawing at least SOMETHING worth drawing. I don't want to let it go, I love reading through the lines of pictures and dissecting how details are made... But I just can't draw. Even if I'm not suited for it, I don't want to let it go.
Open file (25.21 KB 208x219 meditation.jpg)
>>158 I'm resorting to filling a sketch page a day with stuff like this. 2d, geometric, stressing straights, angles and arcs, layed out in some ordered pattern. While technical skills are a goal, my primary focus when working on it is meditative body awareness. I'm putting all my focus on relaxing the muscles of my hand,wrist and arm and trying to "extend" my sense of touch out of my index finger down to the tip of my pen. Everyone crabs on about spatial intelligence, but no one ever talks about the development of fine motor skills. I'm also currently of the opinion that as /begs/ we likely rely to much on the eye (seeing) and not enough on the hand (touch/feeling) wrt hand-eye coordination.
>>159 This is actually really interesting, did you find it on some book or something?
>>158 might I suggest reading "drawing on the right side of the brain"? Its quite good and I found it helpful for improving my drawing.
>>158 How long have you been at it? Unfortunately it's not something that you can develop in any short amount of time unless you're talented. Personally I found I was drawing too much from my hand and wrist and I had to train myself to draw from my shoulder and elbow more but it took months to get even some moderate gains there and It's still something I have to keep working on.
>>134 >>138 >>136 With realistic fully shaded stuff, people compare it to other the best and think it's weak in comparison to the best.
>>157 that's exactly why I wanted to draw her, it's an obscure character that I couldn't find any art for and if it turns out shit I won't feel bad because it's not someone I care for
>>158 You need to be in a different environment. Imageboards aren't really good for creativity, and the best artists come from preexisting platforms like discord, instagram, twitter, etc. They are hugboxes, but being able to continue drawing and presenting your ideas in visual form is important for improvement. Even if there are good artists who started out on imageboards, they moved to larger platforms elsewhere. You might think you're able to handle negative shit, but it fucks with your psyche. You don't show your stuff because you think that you're bad, preventing you from obtaining valuable critique that you would improve immensely from. You perform useless exercises with the hopes that you'll grind your art skills like an RPG, as opposed to creating actual pieces that highlight your strengths and weaknesses.
>>189 Got any advice of which specific site to get good feedback from?
>>221 Moderndayjames' discord, but you're better off gathering a few friends with the same goals and interests as you to hang out in personal servers like guilded/discord.
>>247 >Discord Is there a way to connect to one without having to install their software or giving up on your sexual orientation?
>>187 I know this feeling too well, I agonizingly drew an autistic character meme for two weeks and then I never have the courage to show it off, even though I posted it online already I'm too ashamed of it
>>258 Using your browser?
>>247 I've only got a few friends and they're not into art. Guess i'll have to go join this discord.
>>260 >share any OC on imageboards >get doxxed
>>189 Well, plenty of people learned to draw well before dickscord/instagram/twitter. If anything those are time sinks that will distract you, something I already have problems with. Anyway, as an absolute beginner I'm kind of lost as to what to do day to day to improve. There are so many guides with differing advice that I get overwhelmed and I'm tempted to grind basic exercises of 3d forms like boxes or whatever. I'm not giving up; I only started 4 months ago and I guess I made SOME degree of progress. But the process from unlearning the child symbol scribbles that I've been doing all my life to making somewhat convincing art is a mystery. Do I grind Loomis heads instead?
>>264 This is why you set up 2 alternate identities and have all the leads from there point to one more alternate identity.
>>258 >>265 Those platforms are whatever you make of it, quit the unproductive political/shitposting servers/accounts, it's not important and you're never going to change anything from whining about the same issue repeatedly. Join the productive art related ones, partake in contests/challenges, and ask for critique.
>>265 >>273 Pic related
>>274 What if I only have a vague grasp on what the fundamentals are and don't really know how to go about grinding them?
>>275 Drawabox is pretty good for first learning the fundamentals, especially the first two chapters.
>>275 My answer is: Form Anatomy Perspective Composition Rendering/Shading/Painting Youtubers like Moderndayjames, John Park, proko, and Sinix teach those daily. Peter Han teaches it in his dynamic sketching course that you could pirate on cgpeers https://youtu.be/wgDNDOKnArk You'll get better answers if you join the moderndayjames discord
Heads up anons, Proko increased the free trial period on his website to 30 days a while back due to all the school closings, so take advantage of that if you need it. I'd just focus on the anatomy course since he's supposedly still uploading new lessons, and the other drawing courses are available on CGPeers anyway.
>>280 >>282 >CGPeers I don't think it's possible to register on that site anymore.
>>101 it gets increasingly difficult to not quit when you keep trying to break away from reading books and actually drawing, only to get told to go back to the books again
>>284 The books often have exercises though and you should be drawing along with the books eventually as well to try and break down the information.
This might help codify something. Consider Heinlein's Rules for Writers: >You must write. >You must finish what you write. >You must refrain from rewriting, except to editorial order. >You must put the work on the market. >You must keep the work on the market until it is sold. >(added by others) You must start the next thing. Therefore, Rules for /loomis/ers >You must draw. >You must finish what you draw. >You must refrain from re-drawing, except after much time and improvement. >You must show your work to others. >You must keep showing your work to others. >You must start the next drawing. >>284 That's just how it works. You practice, you study, you improve. You never get to stop studying or practicing.
>>286 >must refrain from redrawing >must put the work on the market Pretty harsh to be honest
>>287 Yes.
>>286 >You must finish what you draw. >You must refrain from re-drawing, except after much time and improvement. >You must show your work to others. >You must keep showing your work to others. A-at least I've got the other two down
>>283 Use rutracker then
Open file (867.42 KB 2550x3508 lou reed.jpg)
Open file (15.27 KB 356x237 lou_reed.jpg)
If there is any exercises to improve proportions I'd like to know, here's Lou Reed
Open file (758.85 KB 531x1090 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (632.83 KB 475x1062 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (990.01 KB 2550x3508 project 2-E.jpg)
Open file (293.78 KB 541x630 ClipboardImage.png)
>>391 No wait, I just noticed. If you were to hide a half of his face, it wouldn't look absolutely terrible. Something is wrong when both parts get together, maybe because I recognize each part of them individually and work on them separately. Here's another exercise, nose is bigger than it should be.
>>392 If you have access to digital or even a way to just scan your picture you can overlay your picture over the reference and then you have to start analyzing where your drawing differs from the reference. It's always a pretty good idea to get generic proportions from loomis or other portrait book and then try to draw them out from memory so that you can get a starting point and adjust depending on the face. You could always just draw a ton of portraits as well since your training your eye is equally important since you'll be able to just instinctively tell what looks wrong, but this will require you to analyze your work and pick it apart.
I want to draw, really I do. I've barely started and I suck cocks. I will continue to suck forever, but I guess that's normal I suppose. But another issue is I don' t know how I should focus my attention. I have a cheap huion tablet, I also have the good old pencil + pen and paper. Should I focus on one or the other, or should I try and evenly distribute attention each day? I've been trying to read fun with a pencil, and I understand his point about breaking things into shapes but at the same time it feels like Draw the damn owl: the book. I also have the keys to drawing as well as drawing on the right side of the brain but neither have really clicked with me yet so as of now I'm just sort of doing drawabox and failing at vanishing points and the organic shapes/rotating box stage.
>>394 First of all take your time anon, drawing is a very cruel mistress in that it will take a long as time and nobody learns the exact same way as anybody else, that's why there are hundreds of different methods to draw gesture. Personally I would concentrate just pencil and paper since it's the easiest and really digital is just a medium like how pencil and paper is, you're better off concentrating on one since it seems like you're getting distracted by it. I know it seems a little counter intuitive as well but try and have fun as well, perhaps take a break day and just draw what you want for fun, even if it looks shit you don't have to show anybody and the liberty of not doing exercises may give you motivation.
>>392 There's still some symbol drawing going on here for sure, notice how his eyes don't line up with each other and the lines between his nose and mouth don't align correctly either. His head is also very large, the hair makes him look like for lack of a better comparison Beavis and/or Butthead. Keep drawing, we'll all get there.
Open file (1017.64 KB 2550x3508 michael gira.jpg)
Open file (205.43 KB 640x360 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (240.14 KB 1000x1376 michael gira overlay.jpg)
>>393 >If you have access to digital or even a way to just scan your picture you can overlay your picture over the reference and then you have to start analyzing where your drawing differs from the reference. I It's a bit difficult to take into account when the dimensions don't fit properly. Would you say that overlaying the drawing so it matches with the eyes would be the best? I did that for the Lou Reed pic and noticed the big difference in dimensions, how one side seemed bigger than the other, and tried to rectify this by beginning the drawing just from one side. It did improve, but at the same time it took me twice the time for the Lou Reed drawing (This one being 90 minutes, the previous one 45) Pupils are still fucked up I guess but there is improvement >>396 >His head is also very large His right side being larger than his left side, mixed with the face being small gives that idea. I think it's a mistake I have where I start drawing smaller and smaller that needs to be corrected I'd make a beginners thread but I'm kind of a pussy to do it
Open file (237.57 KB 1000x1376 michael gira overlay 2.jpg)
>>397 Another overlay, this time synced with the nostrils. The moustache, lips and shadows around the mouth fit, but now the eyes are way too above and the head is far too stretched. I think this means that I have to make the space between some facial features a bit smaller
>>395 That's a good point I suppose. I really should avoid trying to split my attention before I can tell an ass from an elbow when I try and write it down. Thanks for the feedback. As said I'm a complete novice, like start of the month. Not knowing what I don't know is intimidating so I wanted to try and cover it all at once, so I'll put away the tablet for now and pick it back up when I'm not such a dunderfuck.
>>398 Some middling making lines shorter show that there isn't really much to fix besides the overly long lines and the nose and maybe the hat. i'm kinda surprised
>>397 I've never really tried this exercise to be fair, I heard of it from Proko, where he suggests digital, probably for this reason so you can just take the canvas of the original and fit your drawing within. What I would do is try and mimick the Canvas your using as reference for instance in your I would have my canvas be 2 x 5 ish ratio canvas and fit my drawing in this. I wouldn't want to warp the reference too much since you could bias it towards looking more like your drawing thus being kind of pointless as practice. Also as for time taken, I wouldn't worry too much about it since speed comes from practice, proportion in general take a long time.
Open file (165.72 KB 1000x1000 flower pot.jpg)
Open file (132.43 KB 1000x1000 flower pot wip.jpg)
Open file (57.43 KB 550x550 flower pot overlay.jpg)
Open file (308.00 KB 550x550 ClipboardImage.png)
>>401 >What I would do is try and mimick the Canvas your using as reference for instance in your I would have my canvas be 2 x 5 ish ratio canvas and fit my drawing in this It actually helps a lot better when it comes to dimensions with that >I wouldn't want to warp the reference too much since you could bias it towards looking more like your drawing thus being kind of pointless as practice I guess that's true, but it's hard to know how to apply the overlay when some stuff doesn't fit exactly like the reference >Also as for time taken, I wouldn't worry too much about it since speed comes from practice You sure about this? Pic related took me over two hours when the exercise in the book says it should take at most 40 minutes I also noticed that I had difficulty applying the shadows due to the clutter that is created making the shapes of them in this exercise. I just couldn't stare right where I should've rendered a bit darker so I ended up improvising a bit.
Open file (172.97 KB 1000x1014 harold budd.jpg)
Open file (2.31 MB 1365x1365 harold budd overlay.png)
Open file (1.92 MB 1365x1365 ClipboardImage.png)
Another portrait, this time I sized the canvas accordingly to reference as it was said before. A big reason as to why the previous one was elongated was because of a fake necessity of filling the page. Besides the ear that I didn't knew how to pull of properly not much is out of place here. The chin is supposed to be inclined a bit more, and I'm afraid of turning the shadows too dark when shading which may explain why it's not really that well rendered. Though when overlaying it with the reference, there isn't a single part that fits while another one does, which may be explained due to not taking into account the inclined chin. Would like to know what else is out of place here Also, if the previous one took me 90 minutes, this took me 160, the hair gave me some complications
I'm suddenly feeling all crab. I'm 22 and I'm getting forced to get a job right now, this makes me think of all the people who by this age already do amazing stuff and don't have to worry much about it. Are there examples of people who after 22 and with a job decided to start drawing and actually did end up doing well? I know some musicians but it's not that difficult to make some chords and write some decent lyrics. The fact that if I stop now and I'll regret it later is also to be taken into account, but this thought struck me
Open file (3.25 MB 2048x1152 Daijyo-bu.webm)
>>414 For what it's worth, there's a family friend I know that started actively studying art when he was 25, and he currently does work professionally; he's been drawing for well-over 15 years to get as good as he is now, though. As for me, I'm 24 and have been drawing for two years; I don't believe I'm much good, but I've been making decent strides and have been using the "small wins" as a form of motivation. I've had people ask me about commissions a couple times recently, so that's also been a pretty good feeling. You'll get where you wanna go, it's just gonna take some doing on your part.
Open file (1.70 MB 1872x3826 Loomis78-2.png)
Open file (322.30 KB 850x1169 loomis 78.png)
I don't really know what I'm doing. So far I've just been alternating between exercises from Loomis's books and figure drawings from photos of people but it feels like I can never get anything even close to right. Should I just continue until my art reaches a point where it's less unbearable? The fact I'm having a hard time adjusting to digital probably doesn't help.
>>414 >I'm suddenly feeling all crab. I'm 22 and I'm getting forced to get a job right now, this makes me think of all the people who by this age already do amazing stuff and don't have to worry much about it. Learning has no age. You start dying the moment you stop learning, remember that. >Are there examples of people who after 22 and with a job decided to start drawing and actually did end up doing well? There are writers who hit it off at 80 or 90 years old. I'm fairly sure with enough willpower and strength you can do it too, anon.
>>416 Perhaps it's the approach you've taken that is not well suited for you. You're more of a pen-and-pencil kind of guy? You can always do the sketches on your own and scan them later on. Also, the proportions are getting there, with that picture you've drawn. You probably need to, like, study the figure more than trying to copy it outright. Get a feel for the shapes and the weight. Try and copy real life photos rather than a picture of a model.
>>406 >Besides the ear that I didn't knew how to pull of properly Last I've heard you can try and approximate the overall shape of the ear by writing an oval, then a G or a £ where the pinna and outer ear should be on the inside. >>280 We should defo have a webm thread for stuff like this.
>>416 >Should I just continue until my art reaches a point where it's less unbearable? Looks like you've already figured it out. From the look of your sketches I'd say you're at the point where you're mostly seeing things correctly and now need to put in the practice to make your hands move how you want.
Open file (439.63 KB 1387x883 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (506.96 KB 1368x867 ClipboardImage.png)
>>416 I shouldn't technically be giving advice since I just started three weeks ago, but this may help a bit, if it did end up helping me a bit as well
>>414 >If you don't start drawing immediately after birth you'll never be good I do not understand where this bizarre and neurotic idea that all learning must be done during school and the rest of your life you are a stagnant husk that withers away. People have and should continue to learn skills throughout their lives, including picking up a pencil and learning to draw.
>>423 >I do not understand where this bizarre and neurotic idea that all learning must be done during school and the rest of your life you are a stagnant husk that withers away. You tend to absorb information way more easily in your early years and develop faster because of it. You have the most stem cells early on after all.
>>423 As someone steeped in that angst a lot of it comes not just from the fear of picking up something new and being an utter failure at it for an unknowable amount of time but also the fact that suddenly you are expected to spend more time absorbed in things like work, which is a massive time sink. Once you leave school and into the work force it's hard to beat yourself up trying to learn something this intensive so a lot of people, like me, easily write it off as just the time has passed and if you aren't able to do it by this point it will never happen.
Open file (1.65 MB 1240x1754 1589331019500.jpg)
>>414 >Are there examples of people who after 22 and with a job decided to start drawing and actually did end up doing well? Maybe not what you had in mind but an anon from a general I frequented fucking dropped this out of nowhere, spoilered because it's NSFW, they said that they picked up drawing only a YEAR ago. I can't verify the claims, they have no gallery and reverse search turned up nothing. What they did say is that they started drawing when they were 34. And this was what one year of practice let them do, they didn't answer if they were currently employed or were in the past. I'm going to be honest it made me angry to read this Angry because it seemed to come so easy to him, angry because if he could get it why not me? So here I am now, still angry but putting that to use by working on it. You're younger than me, so know at the very least you'll probably be able to do better than whatever trash I could crank out. And if some guy over a decade older than you can learn that in a year who the hell knows what you can accomplish if you can stick with it.
Open file (132.85 KB 960x935 dog think.jpg)
>>426 >drew pic related in under a year yeah that's bullshit, don't hurt yourself over it. Unless he was drawing night and day 24/7, I don't see any way he could get to that point in that short amount of time.
Open file (3.98 MB 1375x2042 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (217.81 KB 259x604 ClipboardImage.png)
This one ended up like some meathead for some reason, his neck needed to be longer and the head should've ended where the upper mark is but I still was dubious if the shape was gonna fit. What I find particularly interesting is how the reference fits in only if I rotate it a bit, I don't understand why is this a thing. Could be the angle of my monitor affecting how I see it . Other than that the overlay shows that I did his shoulders maybe a bit bigger than I should, should practice a bit more with full bodies after drawing only faces and furnitures
>>425 >Once you leave school and into the work force it's hard to beat yourself up trying to learn something this intensive so a lot of people, like me, easily write it off as just the time has passed and if you aren't able to do it by this point it will never happen. This. Living through years and years of the 4 hour life also has some brutal side effects. It sucks life out of you in ways that have nothing to do with the work and everything to do with being made into a human car suspension spring. The quarantine has meant that long-forgotten parts of my brain heal and wake back up. I've been grinding at other skills for years but suddenly I'm progressing on them despite not putting in any more time per week than I did before. My memory has started to function again. I'm calmer and able to concentrate better so I can get way more out of sitting down and doing things. This isn't to say the only way to get better at stuff is to embrace NEETdom, but you should keep a close eye on your own energy levels and mental capabilities because being debuffed there will fuck you and lead to more frustration which in turn will debuff you more.
>>426 >>428 A lot of the time when artists say "have been drawing for a year" what they actually seem to mean is "have been seriously drawing for a yeah but spent lots of time doodling since they were a kid and already have more of a foundation than actual newbies would have after a year", in my experience anyway.
Open file (404.10 KB 881x878 mr saturn.png)
>>431 >spent lots of time doodling since they were a kid and already have more of a foundation than actual newbies would have after a year So does this mean that if I was already doing smears on the notebook and desks I can make it? Technically we all can make it but you know how the brain works
Open file (2.04 KB 75x119 gon2.png)
>>431 If that's how it is, then I've never actually started to draw.
Open file (843.14 KB 3840x2160 Rio Sketch.png)
Finally finished my first digital drawing. Yes it's shit and it'd be easier to point out what isn't wrong with it than what I did right, but I finished it all the way through the best I could. Going to go back to focusing on individual parts after this, specifically learning to draw in 3D, proportions, and basic anatomy studies. plz no bully
>>426 I think every artist goes through this at some point and it's an important lesson, where you see some guy who seemingly is just talented or whatever. The important thing is to ignore such feelings and just concentrate on doing a solid for yourself by getting better and not comparing yourself to other. >>428 I could see it if he spent 6+ hours a day on drawing. I've definitely seen some people improve very quickly although they are rare.
>>434 Could it be that you're skipping too many steps because you're so eager to finalize your vision? Granted, there's nothing wrong with it, but the fundamentals are necessary to feel like you're improving any.
Re-imagined Seiga in a chinese dress. She's looks like this. I'll color this later, too lazy at the moment. Greetings from /animu/
>>160 Not that anon, but it looks like a drawabox exercise to me
>>444 pretty nice man. Although The fur on the cloth might be a bit over worked since it kind of feels like a dirty line to me. I'm also a little confused about what's happening with her legs, like her hips are turned slight sideways but her legs look like they're following the hips but then turn towards the camera. I think tidying up of the cloth lines and generally making it clearer which way the legs are turning would be better.
Open file (211.52 KB 500x725 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (113.12 KB 727x1000 acdc overlay.jpg)
Open file (131.55 KB 727x1000 acdc.jpg)
OK, I've come to the conclusion that my monitor being SLIGHTLY tilted is fucking up my perception. It's not really that much tilted, can it really fuck you up that badly? I did start to apply sighting in this one but the upper right side is notoriously unproportioned. Nothing fits well and the triangle of the shirt outside the trousers was made too long, ruining some proportions as well. That and the fact I made the drawing/original sketch way too large At least the white lines with the eraser came out fine.
>>451 Oh and his legs are small as shit
>>444 This is absolutely pretty!
Open file (150.93 KB 1600x798 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (4.12 MB 4656x3492 mouths.jpg)
I don't trust myself to draw a full face right now so I've been focusing on different parts of the face first. Here's my first attempt at drawing mouths.
>>450 >>453 Thanks for the feedback! Yeah the legs should be move a bit to front to make it more apparent.
>>444 Hello /animu/! Nice work lad.
Open file (329.66 KB 1600x1200 Blooks.png)
I just picked up Fun with a Pencil and it told me to just like, draw. Here are my blooks. Rate my blooks.
Is it normal for a beginner if an exercise takes up to more than three hours? It's about alignments and I still haven't finished shit
Open file (303.50 KB 1753x1026 ClipboardImage.png)
more heads heading your way
>>478 4 hours and I still think it's fucked, shit still doesn't place itself properly with overlay as well. The legs is where everything is the most fucked but for somer reason shit seems proportional when I measure by heads
>>468 Blook-ing good. >>484 You did OK on the upper body. I think the waist line has gone too steep, so the furthest away side is too far left, and the shadow on the underside of the top leg has made it quite tricky for you to get a good read of the shape. That can easily distort other things near those.
>>485 Any resources on practising legs? Or should I just like, keep practising?
>>486 It's not that you can't specifically draw legs. What you are practicing is observational drawing. There are lots of subtle perceptual skills you are developing when you practice like this. As you develop them you'll get quicker and better at judging and drawing things like the correct spacing or angle of a line. Early on, I did a drawing of a stand mixer and it took me a few hours. It looked OK as I was drawing it but as I got to the end, I realized that it didn't look right overall. I'd misjudged some things and they threw off the drawing as I went along. It didn't help that my concentration started to wane as time went on. In the case of that photo, his clothes are making lots of unusual shapes and details, and the lighting is adding an extra challenge in, so it's tough but great practice. It's good to look at a drawing and try spot issues because it can help you do that while you are drawing. Anyway you are doing the right things so don't get hung up about it.
Open file (2.14 MB 1292x1080 Drawing.png)
Open file (1.13 MB 1204x871 Reference.png)
It's amazing how the mistakes you don't notice on paper become obvious when you take a picture and compare side by side. I wondered why her head didn't seem to tilt properly but I can see now that I didn't get the eye right.
Open file (860.27 KB 856x755 Comparison.png)
>>498 I did wonder if I'd made the features too big but actually, it doesn't seem too bad.
>>498 Nice work dude. I see your observational skills are starting to get more accurate. You might want to start to move on to working with volume with loomis.
>>500 Thanks, but I'm afraid you're mixing me up with another anon. That's the first time I've managed to post some practice work here.
>>501 Oh there was a guy literally posting the exact same exercise so I just assumed.
Open file (64.42 KB 378x400 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (110.24 KB 1000x727 brian eno sillouete.jpg)
Open file (1.05 MB 1600x900 ClipboardImage.png)
>>502 If you're referring to me I'm currently on this exercise, though I can't manage to get stuff done before 40 minutes by a mile. Just doing the silhouette took me about 2 hours
Open file (78.93 KB 1466x471 ClipboardImage.png)
eyes would also like input for >>481
Open file (2.38 MB 1125x2001 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.40 MB 1280x1920 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.66 MB 1366x2048 ClipboardImage.png)
>>481 I don’t have any proper experience with digital but I’d suggest a smaller line weight so you’ve got more leeway to draw the details and possibly try drawing larger. When you draw a head rotated, the half of the face that’s closest to you is going to have a larger width than the half that’s further away from you. Placing the mid-line of the face; the boundary between the face and side-plane; and the back of the head is the thing to try get right at this point. You might find it helpful to draw them on photos of real faces. You might find this 3d Model helpful for checking the construction you've drawn but try to avoid drawing directly from it. https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/loomis-head-d0b3f4aa633a44d8bda8cfe2f779f1f8 Be weary of incorporating the ball into your head shape too much. The back of a person's head normally rises up quite steeply and the forehead has it’s own curve. It’s really just there to help you plan and lay things out. Again try looking at and drawing the shapes of heads people have in photos. >>504 When the eyes look to the side both the iris' and pupils move. Eyes are spaced approximately one eye width apart. Try practicing them from a 3/4 or side view so you can see how the shapes look as the head rotates. Maybe these pictures might help. The heat of the day has turned my brain to mush. I hope this makes some sense.
Open file (60.40 KB 633x782 ClipboardImage.png)
>>505 thanks for the advice, working on the second pic you posted before I go further on this what should I be focusing on fixing? to me it looks very effeminate, especially in the lips
Open file (179.49 KB 1000x939 brian eno.jpg)
Open file (64.17 KB 1073x852 brian eno overlay.jpg)
>>503 And here is the job finished. Surprisingly the legs are actually pretty fine since I started the drawing from there, but still not proportionate. The head is what gave me the most confusion, didn't knew how to do it properly and perhaps by erasing some edges above the forehead it could be improved, but I tried erasing in some parts of the face so that the shadows could trespass from one tone to the other more seamlessly and ended up fucking some stuff up. This took me five hours, that is one hour more than the previous one, but then I started to erase the lines that wouldn't fit properly in here. If I had too many of them I'd've end up confused.
>>506 Your main hurdle seems to be symbol drawing at the moment. I would suggest if you go through drawing on the right side of the brain by Betty edwards.
>>507 Also I just noticed that I forgot to do his lips and the lower eyelid. For some reason doing the drawing upside down gives me difficulties recognizing those parts.
Open file (1.11 MB 2048x2048 headpractice.png)
Going through some loomis books and when I read it, his technique makes perfect sense but when I try to apply it I run into these problems: I have trouble understand where to slice the ball on the sides, how deep and at what angle so it just comes off weird. Are my ball shapes just too big? I find that when I attempt to part the middle line in 4 pieces it just ends at the ball and does not go off the ball as it should. The brow line always ends up super high on the ball rather than the middle. Connecting the bottom of the chin of the middle line to the jawbone/ear is confusing to me as well.
Open file (2.53 MB 3344x5045 003.jpg)
Open file (265.92 KB 801x1214 005.jpg)
I have a bad habit of drawing for short period of time and stopping for a month or two. Thus I decided to draw at least one picture every day.
Open file (234.06 KB 1280x1920 overlay.jpg)
>>506 It looks closer to the proportions of a real head than the other drawings and I can see you've got closer to the real shapes. I think the lines on the eyes are quite heavy so it makes him look like he's wearing mascara. The lower lip you've drawn is one big curve it but the sides actually curve up. I've overlayed the drawing on the photo so you can see the differences. It sounds like you did that drawing from observation in which case I think you might want to work on your observational skills by drawing some simpler objects. I also wonder if that tablet is making things harder since you are having to learn to use that at the same time compared to pencil and paper. >>507 That's some serious practice. Good job. >>510 It sounds like such a simple concept but it takes a lot more practice than he lets on. The brow line being above the middle of the ball, for the heads that are level, is going to make the jaw too close to the ball. I posted this earlier but you might find it useful to compare your construction with https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/loomis-head-d0b3f4aa633a44d8bda8cfe2f779f1f8 >>512 I know that feeling a little too well. I'd be way further ahead than I am now if I could stay more focused.
>>517 >I think the lines on the eyes are quite heavy so it makes him look like he's wearing mascara. yeah I set the initial brush size too big. I tend to draw the main parts in a big brush then gradually make it smaller to draw the smaller details >The lower lip you've drawn is one big curve it but the sides actually curve up. I've overlayed the drawing on the photo so you can see the differences. It sounds like you did that drawing from observation in which case I think you might want to work on your observational skills by drawing some simpler objects. I've started reading through Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, hopefully after studying it further I can improve. I have done some drawings of simple objects but they've mostly just been sketches that have been lost. >I also wonder if that tablet is making things harder since you are having to learn to use that at the same time compared to pencil and paper. I've actually gotten used to the tablet pretty quickly, I don't feel like I'm fighting against it. It just werks.
Open file (842.97 KB 1000x727 bottles.png)
Trying to understand how foreshortening works I did some bottles
Open file (515.88 KB 2520x2178 corona beer.png)
Open file (517.44 KB 2520x2178 corona beer.png)
Open file (8.58 MB 3508x2550 corona beer sketch.png)
Open file (537.44 KB 960x640 ClipboardImage.png)
Also a Corona-chan I did, I know I'm not in the position to start making my own stuff since I started in May but I'm not patient and wanted to make one for this month. The sketch was pretty bad though so I did change some stuff with GIMP Will attempt to do one at each beginning of each month.
Open file (611.43 KB 452x1000 jump foreshortening.png)
Open file (53.92 KB 143x377 jump reference.png)
Open file (386.34 KB 452x1000 jump overlay.png)
Since I couldn't find a good picture of a man resting in his bed on an inclined perspective from the front, decided to do pic related. I'm still mostly drawing by eye and not understanding if foreshortening is actually a technique since by drawing by eye you're already doing it. A thing that I noticed is that the sketches are less wide than the references, it could be a thing of using both eyes and having the reference too close to me. Also shadows need improvement and the face looks deformed.
>>523 Do you have a mirror? or a smartphone? I usually use that alot to better imagine how parts of my body looks like at the post that i'm looking for. I mean don't get me wrong, references are a essential tool use for beginners and aspiring artists, but it's always good to learn to draw from your mind, little by little. Also are you tracing that? it looks traced.
Open file (3.90 MB 4960x3506 G-tan 3.png)
Haha grievous-chan This is my take on the 2003 grievous
>>525 cool and interesting poses although some of the anatomy is a little broken in some of them particularly the knee area could be worked on, but at the same time I do like how dynamic the poses are perhaps pushs them back a little just so it doesn't feel so awkward. I like how dynamic and flowing your lines feel too.
Open file (3.39 MB 2644x1828 drawing.png)
Open file (876.35 KB 1518x986 reference.png)
Open file (43.32 KB 1285x847 Comparison.jpg)
What a pain. I got the sense I'd gone too wide and that the eyes were too high but when I tried to sight it things seemed alright. I felt I was drawing pretty sloppy and it shows.
Open file (105.07 KB 727x1000 foreshortening.jpg)
>>528 Doesn't look that bad, the only problem seems that the head is slightly tilted, which may give away misaligned complexions Happened the same to me in >>406 >>524 >Do you have a mirror? or a smartphone? I usually use that alot to better imagine how parts of my body looks like at the post that i'm looking for. You mean using yourself as a reference? Doesn't seem much difference from just using a normal image >Also are you tracing that? it looks traced. No, but I think I'm cheating a bit when it comes to plumbing and measuring. I have the monitor very close to me which doesn't allow me to stretch my arm and measure by eye, so instead I just prop the pencil on the monitor and measure like that. I think I'm cheating but it lets me go somewhere at least. I found some good software for poses and references and ended up pulling up pic related for the foreshortening exercise, left arm and head are not properly measured, the latter mostly because of wanting to finish fast, but I think my shadows are improving Still doesn't fit with the reference though.
Finished a self-portrait, for some reason it took me HALF the time rest of the drawings did, LESS perhaps. 100 minutes. I wonder if this is because of using a mirror instead of a monitor
What is it exactly I am supposed to be studying when I force myself to do a figure drawing? On the one hand, I'm taught to draw what I see and not what I know, on the other, I'm trying to understand what a hand looks like? I don't get it.
>>535 Draw what you know you understand from seeing reference. Also practice.
>>535 Once you're getting past symbol drawing now you want to start getting into fundamentals, there are a few youtube videos you can watch or else find information on what the fundamentals are if you don't know what those are. Once you learn more fundamentals then when you're practicing figure drawing you should have something in mind of what you're trying to practice. For instance if you're studying gesture you should just study gesture, taking the figure further is kind of inefficient. Once you learn the fundamentals you will be trying to force yourself to not just copy what you see instead break it down.
Open file (220.88 KB 952x1244 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (58.97 KB 1241x1217 asdsd.jpeg)
I've stumble across pic related and I actually ended up getting kind of frightened at the look at it, so many books to work with. I've just gone through 90 pages of Keys to Drawing in one month, I'm scared of what lies ahead and for some reason I'm starting to get doubts? I know the journey can be endless but it still frightens me.
>>538 Read less and scribble more. Your brain is just trying to find excuses for your failings.
>>539 >Read less and scribble more Oh I'm definitely doing that, it's just that the sheer amount of stuff kinda struck me. >Your brain is just trying to find excuses for your failings. This might be true, I should think less and act more
Open file (868.63 KB 727x1000 france gall.png)
Open file (969.63 KB 819x1024 france gall overlay.png)
Open file (709.93 KB 819x1024 france gall reference.png)
This time it was three quarter view, exercise 3-E. The book tells you how you should draw a center line to align the nose and eyes properly, but I wasn't able to do that. I didn't know how since most of the time the center line seemed to be off the place where it What I did do instead is follow something I stumbled upon a search for models instead https://archive.vn/AOWGt I don't know if it's cheating or something else since it was not given in the book, but it certainly did help a lot more. I also got some 3b and 5b pencils because in other places someone told me that the drawings lacked tone.
Open file (971.64 KB 819x1024 Critique.png)
>>542 >https://archive.vn/AOWGt Before saying anything I just want to point out, clicking through 9 fucking links to get the full lesson is bullshit. Moving on. >I don't know if it's cheating or something else since it was not given in the book, but it certainly did help a lot more. Whatever works works dude, there is no cheating. Loomis encourages you to find your own way of doing things, he's mostly giving advice to beginners. I will say though, the technique you listed is just an expansion on what Loomis described, the link you've posted still uses the same base idea of a sphere and dividing lines, it just adds additional steps. As far as your drawing goes: I agree that it really lacks tone. You seem very afraid to use full blacks anywhere other than the pupils. Even the deep shadow on the left side is just a dark gray, and fizzles out above her shoulder. While it's always up to personal choice but as far as I can see in the actual photo her shoulder is as dark as her pupils. That being said you did a fantastic job with the toning of hair going down the sides, it's the best part of the drawing and I find it very impressive how well you generated your masses. What's reducing the impact of those tones though, is that outline you made surrounding the hair and never erased. While it's good to block out exactly where the hair is, you shouldn't leave those lines there after you're done shading. It completely flattens the image and ruins the very nice texturing you had going on. Those lines are not in your photo, there the same as the lines you set the eyes and other facial features on: guides meant to help but don't belong in the final product. You fucked up the top of the head when you did the shading there. It even says in the tutorial you linked not to draw every strand of hair, but focus on masses. While I understand what you were attempting to do, it doesn't look flattering and is probably the worst part of your hair toning, which is pretty impressive otherwise. Your lips are poor for the same reason you fucked up the hair, you left those outlines in when the don't exist in the subject. Take very close look at her lower lip, you'll notice that there is a slight light band right before the shadow cast on her chin appears in the subject. In your drawing however, you've done the opposite, there's a harsh dark line where a highlight should be and no gap between the shadow cast on the chin and the lip. This really flattens the image and makes her lips not look properly attached to her face. Upper lip isn't nearly as bad, and you managed to do a relatively nice job with the philtrum. For the last part, I have no idea what I'm looking at above her left eye. You've emphasized the right eyebrow more than the right one, which makes it lopsided, this, paired with the shading you did beneath her bangs, makes me confused as an observer who has never seen the subject where her eyebrow is. At first, I thought it was what I highlighted in blue before looking at the subject photograph, but after looking at the subject, I assume it's supposed to be the flatly shaded rhombus beneath it I highlighted in green? I don't understand what exactly that flat rhombus is even supposed to be. The more I look it the more lost I get. Altogether you did a good job and did very well in certain areas, but you've got definite improvements to make.
Open file (923.43 KB 727x1000 nico.png)
Open file (1.86 MB 1900x1140 nico overlay.png)
Open file (1.00 MB 1900x1140 ClipboardImage.png)
Practice of a profile view. Still struggling with tones, I also got told that I should learn the proportions of the face and suggested me Drawing the Head and Figure by Jack Hamm, though I'm mostly practising observation drawing. I did correct the issue with the outlines on the lips and other parts of the face, just not the hair since the background image was already black
>>551 I'd also like to know if it's a good idea to be studying both Loomis and Observational drawing at the same time? I haven't read the former yet but it seems more tranquil than grinding faces and could be done in the side. Talking from ignorance of course
Open file (1.18 MB 727x1000 natalya.png)
Open file (229.47 KB 300x489 natalya overlay.png)
Open file (154.23 KB 300x489 natalya reference.png)
>>551 Another profile, this time I was more bold with the Tones, but my underbite is too big, and the nose bridge went too deep, which ended up making the eye's distance larger than it should and thus the lips being bigger than they should
Ok, maybe I can revive this board, by actually helping people. (I should create some kind of art course.) >>569 You seem to be practicing quite a bit. That's good. What's you're goal in art? Depending on your answer I'll be able to give you better tips and hints. >>551 >[...] I also got told that I should learn the proportions of the face [...] Learning the proportions of the face is alright, if you have no fucking clue how the human face looks, because you've never actually consciously paid attention to the proportions. But that only gets you so far, because it's restricted to the front, back, top and both side views. It doesn't teach you the three dimensional forms of the head and face. (You would be suprised how much the skull shows through, when it comes to drawing a face.) I would recommend you to study the skull. After that take a look at the muscles of the face and neck. So, you make a hyper realistic value copy of a skull from a few different angles. (Don't add color. It's just distracting.) Just copy a reference image. (This one is a really good excercise. You might not believe it, but through working on a single skull for a long time, you really start to pay attention to the forms. The image of the skull will be burned into your brain. And you'll be able to remember little details you would've never noticed in the first place.)[1] After that you should be able to construct skulls from any angle. (Or at least from the most important angles.) Now I would more or less learn a bit about the facial musculuture. Just enough to get an idea about how it might affect the face. Then take a few pictures of really beautiful people. Or the kind of faces you would like to draw. Maybe you want to draw ugly jew noses or so. Dunno what the kids nowadays are into. Study the proportions of those faces. What I mean is, try to find patterns and rythms in the face. Take a look at the picture and develop your own method of constructing that face. Make sure you can create something similar and appealing using your newly developed method. Don't look at the picture. If you can't construct it with your current method, find new rythms and relation lines. I would post some of my studies, but my laptop doesn't recognize my SD card... D:< Ok, now to the value thing. My development was as follows: Drawing very high contrast paintings, which look totally off. Me: "Ok, I need to learn to be more subtle about values." Draws very low contrast paiting, with very subtle value shifts. (Learned how to control value and be very subtle in the way I blend them.) Me: "Ok, it still doesn't look realistic, it's somehow missing that realismTM. Then I realized that the realism comes from the contrast. It makes images pop and feel like they're jumping out of the canvas. That's why TVs always brag with their value range and how much contrast they have and how that contrast makes everything look 10x more real. Now I draw painting, which look decent. Me: "Ok, that's pretty good, but other artists stuff looks even better. How do they do it?" This is when I read a forum entry from a chinese artist, who explained how peoples images are overall too bright, which makes the images look less impactfull. His technique was to make everything a bit darker, because the white of the canvas or the white of the screen will never be as bright as the sun or a real light source. So by making everything else a bit darker, that makes the light appear even more real. Me: "Ok, sweet I can paint. TOP KEK" [1] I would like to show you the studies I did a few years ago, but I basically lost all of my work, when I changed from Window to GNU+Linux and from Photoshop to Krita. Also I alwaysdeleted all of my drawing once they were done, because I was all about that grind. If I cherished a painting or drawing that would mean, that I couldn't replicate it. "FUCK THAT! I know how to draw that shit. I'll redraw that thing ten times again, and make it look even better." That was stupid. Saving these drawings is great for tracking progress and making you feel good.
>>258 Did Discord really become that bad? I left Discord three years ago I think. Some kind of chat room would be nice, where one could see when someone is online. Otherwise we have this board. We could create a little /loomis/ lounge here, where people can just talk about random shit. All visible to every schmock, who happens to stroll by.
Open file (1.83 MB 1376x1000 sleep.png)
Open file (711.99 KB 900x600 sleep overlay.png)
Open file (261.63 KB 900x600 sleep reference.png)
>>581 >What's you're goal in art? I just want to draw exacty like this guy, I was an asshole to him back in April and since he is pretty much dead now I use the guilt to get better each day >I would recommend you to study the skull. Point taken. Here's a foreshortened head, fucked up the forehead a bit but the rest seems good enough
>>569 See the volume of what you draw. It allows you to get the correct proportions.
>>526 I also thought the poses are pretty gud, but anatomy is broken. For example in he top right pose, I'm not sure how that thigh is supposed to connect to the pelvis.
>>583 Lookin' good, anon, keep it up
I bought a 3D printer so I could make cool dioramas. I have to tidy up my work space first to make room for it and having it sitting there unopened is killing me.
>>600 Now I really wanna see this
Open file (712.61 KB 843x1440 face2.png)
Open file (173.43 KB 598x637 3.png)
Open file (517.14 KB 960x1056 face.png)
How do I make skin look less plastic? Right now I'm hitting the deepest depths of the uncanny valley dead on every time I try realism.
>>602 Depending on the race of the subject, add yellows when light hits the skin and reds/blues where it is shadowed instead of straight black.
Open file (165.42 KB 467x596 aaa.png)
Open file (41.24 KB 477x596 ss.jpg)
>>603 Thanks mate, I'll keep that in mind. I've got to say I severely underestimated how hard this was going to be, there's so much subtlety in coloring a face I've never recognized before. I'm kinda tracing pictures of better artists while autistically using the color picker and taking notes, I feel like a tiny baby artist.
Open file (984.29 KB 1948x1836 Drawing.jpg)
Open file (597.08 KB 866x1079 Ref.jpg)
Open file (1.04 MB 866x1079 Comparison.jpg)
I've been practicing some rougher sketches but never got round to posting them since they weren't as careful. It's been in preparation for drawing heads without a reference. Anyway this head is almost at the side profile but turned just enough that the further away eye is still visible. Didn't quite get a read on the lower lip for some reason and it threw the chin off. I could have been more careful with the ear but my concentration ran out.
Open file (1.85 MB 1143x1000 jgt head.png)
Open file (343.78 KB 455x580 jgt overlay.png)
Open file (265.41 KB 455x580 jgt reference.png)
This time it's chapter 4 of Keys to Drawing, I did the exercises where it asks you to draw shapes without inserting the details and only mapping the shadows, and the one asking you the same but with basic models (Cilinder, box, grapefruit), but those were pretty amateur and not really worthy of posting here. This one though it was different, it's a foreshortened head with a strong light in the right side. The face seems to be OK, but I'm finding myself struggling with the hair much more than I used to for some reason. At least from the thumbnail and from afar looks pretty good, despite taking 4 hours. These kinds of heads, where it's a three quarter view but slightly tilted seem to give me difficulties, just doing the body of the head took 100 to 60 minutes I believe >>612 Looks pretty good, I particularly like how every coloured part is a bunch of lines, wish I could pull it off but I'm not for it patient. Perhaps the lips are a bit pronounced.
>>639 >how every coloured part is a bunch of lines I'm not sure what you mean? The colour in the comparison image maybe? You're right about the lips, her's are pretty small. You seem to have to the shadows in the right places anyway. Could the difficulty with the hair be happening because you aren't allowed to add details in the exercise? That would give me some problems.
>>640 >I'm not sure what you mean? The colour in the comparison image maybe? The term I was searching for was Crosshatching, I like how most coloured parts are crosshatched.
>>601 What do you want to see friend? I still haven't got it set up. I got distracted playing Monster train and didn't clear enough space...
Open file (205.68 KB 300x300 Feels so Good.png)
Open file (1.87 MB 2988x5312 20200620_232436.jpg)
Very first time I decided to try and free hand an image from eyeball. Also the first time I tried something other than a geometric shape. Two hours later and I realized I turned him into a conehead, or padre from Nanquest. Oh god Chuck please forgive me. I figure the least I could do is let one of you guys laugh and any starters to realize that you are and always will be better than me.
>>649 It's not what you were aiming for but I kinda like it as a caricature of the original. Cone shape aside though, why isn't the head tilted? You've drawn his face features pretty much vertical.
>>649 >and any starters to realize that you are and always will be better than me. It's only a matter of sitting down and drawing as the books tell you, there's no black magic in it, thankfully enough
>>649 Doesn't look too bad for a first timer, you have a good idea of where parts should go to. Study proportions a little bit more for the next one.
>>602 skin is matte, it's soft and absorbs light instead of reflecting it. places where the skin can be harder like the nose tend to get it the most, but not so much anywhere else unless the person is oily or wet. Reflections on the nose and corners of the eyes are best used sparingly but to great effect.
Hmm. It seems this thread can no longer support any more images, guess I'll use the one before the board was set up
Nevermind I'm still getting >The site has reached it's total file capacity on other threads, what is going on?
>>663 >>664 The whole site is maxed out
>>664 >>665 We set a file count limit as a safety checkpoint. It's been raised; please continue as normal.
Open file (860.37 KB 900x654 shadow.png)
Open file (2.81 MB 1365x1083 shadows overlay.png)
Open file (2.79 MB 1365x1083 shadows reference.png)
>>666 Good to know, I was getting worried So this is exercise 4-E, it asks to draw interesting cast shadows. For some reason it feels like I'm going backwards but it's mostly due to the fact that the figures in the photo are kinda small. Though I could be worsening too.
>>667 It doesn't look like you had a lot of room to work with on the paper for the size of the image, so I'd say it's the size and viewing angle of the figures that's making it tricky.
Open file (830.97 KB 1000x727 cast shadow.png)
Open file (940.26 KB 1000x727 cast shadow overlay.png)
Open file (231.66 KB 875x605 cast shadow reference.png)
Another cast shadow exercise, and despite the fact this looks like ass, I've learned the reason as to why. When measuring by plumbing or some other method, you have to take into account the position from where you're working on, if that changes, your whole perspective changes. And if you do that very frequently, your whole drawing will look disproportionate. The reason as to why the previous one doesn't have that is because I was placing the pencil on the monitor to measure, this one on the other hand was following the steps of the book (Sit still, extend your arm, measure). So what do we learn here? That having a consistent measuring is critical to what you're doing. If laying stuff on the monitor gives that, let's do that.
>>702 You're growing a lot, anon, keep it up!
>Any time I'm doing something else I think I should be trying to learn to draw right now >When i actually sit down with a pen and paper all inspiration and will saps from me. What?
>>704 Nigger, you don't always need inspiration. Learning how to draw is work. Just like learning math is work. Just grab some anatomy book and do the exercises.
>>705 This. To ride with the horse you need to learn the horse
Open file (1.20 MB 1000x756 dogs.png)
Open file (7.36 MB 1836x3264 dogs overlay.png)
Open file (2.07 MB 1836x2024 dogs reference.png)
Open file (1.28 MB 857x1000 dogs value sketch.png)
Now this is exercise 4 - F , it's about merging shadows, where it asks for possibilities where dark clothing or colours can be merged with cast shadows. There are some opportunities in it but the biggest chance was to use colours that merge with each other. It was also useful for learning what value sketching is, I searched a video on youtube about it and it was limited to foreground, middle and background, so I did something else in this hoping it was done right.
Open file (254.04 KB 809x1000 couple.jpg)
Open file (94.85 KB 560x839 couple overlay.jpg)
Open file (64.29 KB 560x839 couple reference.jpg)
Another drawing to practise merging shadows, despite not finding many of those. I'm still mad at the results and the shadowing of the bedsheets doesn't feel good, despite taking the same time as this one >>503 . The face of the woman is disproportionate, and that with the arm are darker than it should be. I should be happy that I was able to do much more stuff in five hours, but then again I'm mad that something like this took me so much time, up to three days.
>>723 Came out pretty good, but watch the hands!
>>538 Just pick up one and experiment while you read, art is not set in stone as far as learning goes. I know some guys who paint their sprites without a baseline.
>>723 You don't have to stop your progress now especially since you haven't filled the whole canvas. Back when I was formally schooled in 2D art my primary instructor gave us the "3 S's", which were Shape, Symmetry and Shade. Firstly to identify simple and complex shapes of the subject matter, then to map them out and from those shapes you can use light linework to map out cross sections of those more complex asymmetrical shapes like hands, shapes, hair, etc. Afterwards over the light linework, I can't stress enough how important in the beginning being sensitive to pressure on paper is, shading from darkest to lightest shapes on your subjects in layers is a great way of having a high contrast image without making one gray blended blob. Makes everything look a lot more photorealistic too and less like it has those outlines like a cartoon. Your drawing needs to have the dark shapes darkened more, for example, the female's arm almost blends in with the man's starch white t-shirt even though her arm is much darker and casts it's own shadow deliniating it from the whiteness of the shirt. Keep the light shapes as light as they are currently. Blend in those solid line marks too.
>>744 >hands, shapes, hair, etc. >*sheets
Open file (838.52 KB 661x704 shooting.png)
Open file (1.36 MB 944x1044 shooting overlay.png)
Open file (625.28 KB 1463x1017 shooting reference.png)
This one is based on Christchurch and, while anything above the sight and the right is disproportionate (weird since I started from there), the shading ended up turning out better Is this where we start practising depth?
>>757 Looking good t. /fascist/
So, like... HOW do you draw? How do you get the idea, how do you know what programs to use with what brushes or what pens and pencils tonreach for? What to practice, how do you do studies and stuff? There's so much I don't know I have no clue how to even get my foot on this insane merry go round.
>>814 >So, like... HOW do you draw? How do you get the idea, how do you know what programs to use with what brushes or what pens and pencils tonreach for? What to practice, how do you do studies and stuff? There's so much I don't know I have no clue how to even get my foot on this insane merry go round. First question you need to ask yourself is: "Why do I want to learn how to draw?" If you know why, then you have a goal and that will make you learn better. For me it's that I want to communicate emotions to my viewers. I want to hone the skill of manifesting a vision in the physical world. Also I want to create comics. Then start to draw whatever you want to draw and during that process you will figure out what you're lacking. (At least if you have a basic understanding of art already.) If you see that your art is not at the point where you want it to be then, just grab a few books about art and read them. This board is named /loomis/, because Andrew Loomis' books are pretty good for that. You can go from there. Some learning resources I can recommend (Copied from a Nanochan thread.): Anatomy: - Prokos YouTube Channel - (Uldis Zarins) Anatomy for Sculptors - Understanding the Human Figure - (George Bridgman) - The Human Machine - (George B. Bridgman) - Constructive Atnatomy - (Gottfried Bammes) - The Artist's Guide to Human Anatomy - Atlas of Human Anatomy, Sixth Edition- Frank H. Netter, M.D Drawing: - (Scott Robertson) - How to Draw - Drawing & Sketching Objects & Environment from Your Imagination - (Scott Robertson) - How to Render - The Fundamentals of Light, Shadow and Reflectivity Painting: - (James Gurney) Color & Light - A Guide for the Realist Painter - (Richard Schmid) Alla Prima - Everything I Know About Painting Figure Drawing: - (Andrew Loomis) Figure Drawing - For All it's Worth - Michael Hampton) Figure Drawing - Design and Invention u
Im literally begining, and I already have a few drawings which I think are good enough Problem is I have literally no foundation for this, and I seem to have hit a wall when it comes to drawing humans, I really should have listened to art school
>>849 Go ahead and post them, we're all friendly here. The most important thing to do at your stage is get a firm foundation with the basics. I would highly suggest starting with Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, it's a miracle worker and you'll see you're skillz coming through in no time. Starting out is always boring and/or frustrating, but what new skill isn't?
Open file (1.98 MB 4032x1960 20200816_121929.jpg)
Open file (1.72 MB 4032x1960 20200816_122012.jpg)
Open file (1.76 MB 4032x1960 20200816_122017.jpg)
Open file (1.77 MB 4032x1960 20200816_122042.jpg)
Im the long term I want to draw anime But I know Im a long way from that
Open file (1.62 MB 4032x1960 20200816_122004.jpg)
Open file (1.89 MB 4032x1960 20200816_122029.jpg)
Open file (1.93 MB 4032x1960 20200816_122035.jpg)
Open file (1.77 MB 4032x1960 20200816_122042.jpg)
I also practiced lines from the Draw from the Right side of your Brain workbook
>>849 >>856 >>857 For beginners it's essential to learn the so called "fundamentals". Many people mean slightly different things when talking about "fundamentals" though. I'd say the knowledge based fundamentals are: - Drawing in proportion (hand eye coordination; Being able to copy what you see.) - Shading (Understanding how light makes things appear three dimensional.) - Composition (How to lead the viewers eye through clever use of 'value contrast', 'color contrast', 'shape contrast', etc., the arrangement of different elements in your scene, besides other things.) - Color theory - And everything I've just forgot. Watch the stuff from proko once your hand eye coordination and arm muscles have developed a bit. https://invidious.snopyta.org/search?q=proko You can also listen to the podcast of Stan and Marshall. https://invidious.snopyta.org/search?q=proko+podcast I'm just trying to give you some pointers. And don't expect anything. Understand that things like that take effort and time. Practice deliberately. Enjoy the grind. Happy drawing and painting my friend.
>>849 Oh, and if you're specifically worried about your faces and heads looking like shit, then watch the following: https://invidious.snopyta.org/playlist?list=PLtG4P3lq8RHHFhiyjXP4UT-yUo7pC13GQ I just recommend Proko, because that's where I've started and it helped me a lot. If you have major troubles applying what you've learned from those videos, then start copying things you like until your hand and mind get used to drawing.
>>856 >>857 keep going Right Side of the Brain and follow each chapter and the exercises. I'm just starting chapter 9 and it's worked wonders.
>>858 And where exactly can I learn the basics?
>>869 And by that I mean what are the steps I should know before I can say with certainty 'I can draw people, time to draw in the style of manga and anime'
>>869 I would probalby start by watching some youtube videos. Searching for something like: "art fundamentals" https://invidious.snopyta.org/search?q=art+fundamentals
Seeing the recent posts i'll try to double march on some pdfs i have on some folders. Will probably be ready in a week or a little more, maybe before.
First time in years I went slow and actually tried to draw to the best of my abilities. Last pic was my peak back in the day (I referenced something but didn't trace) before I dedicated myself to vidya due to self hate and depression. I seriously wish I stuck with artfagging. Hated my teenage years. Needless to say, I still can't draw but am a little happy with the results today. >>856 Your hands look good for a beginner, especially compared to mine. >I eventually want to do anime Really want to make my own style that is probably more /co/ then /a/. Probably similar to Panty and Stocking. But first, I wanna draw realistically.
>>873 My problem is that I still dislike my drawing and I have to force myself to draw to eventually get better, but thats how it is, I should have listened in art class
Open file (55.02 KB 633x782 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.16 MB 2160x3840 Portrait 2.png)
Before and after going through Right Side of the Brain. still not fantastic but noticeably better.
Open file (3.17 MB 1280x1920 ClipboardImage.png)
>>893 reference
Open file (262.65 KB 828x674 drawing-hair)
>>893 There clearly is an improvement. I would recommend you to not use so many little strokes for the hair. It's better to define larger masses of hair and then adding a few little strands to make it actually look like hair. And practicing line confidence is also important for you. Being deliberate with every line you put down. I always used to ask myself why I'm putting down a particular line. Regarding the hair: Try to see the big geometric shapes and then add little lines to indicate that it's hair. It's faster and looks better. (I tried making one only using lines, which would look like shit. But it's hard for me to make things look bad. :p)
Open file (773.88 KB 2550x3300 Not Zev.jpg)
Open file (9.22 MB 2000x2460 ClipboardImage.png)
also this is probably my favorite drawing from Right Side, it was a generic pose I found on SketchDaily but I somehow, subconsciously turned her into Zev from Lexx. how does that happen?
Open file (229.14 KB 2514x3898 frame30.jpg)
Open file (782.95 KB 2550x3300 Model Sketch 1.jpg)
another one I did, I took measurements and the head was the same size on my screen as it is on the paper, and it fit within my "frame" (after redoing the bottom half twice), so why does the head still look so small?
>>900 now that I look at it side-by-side I made the torso and thighs too wide, that could explain it
Open file (747.61 KB 2550x3300 Model Sketch 2.jpg)
drew one more tonight, hopefully I'm not getting carried away here just drawing models instead of LERNING, but practice always helps right? is anyone here
>>902 I am reading but i am also a beginner and cannot comment anything other than saying you make girls extra thicc. Would follow suit but homework keeps distracting me.
>>902 >but practice always helps right? Depends on what you mean with "practice". Deliberate practice helps to bring you closer to the your previously defined goal. If you're just mindlessy copying images or doodling around, chances are you'll be running in circles or even engrain bad habits into your muscle memory and mind. Based on where you're currently standing, I would say that what you've said still applies though. Just draw to get comfortable and train your hand eye coordination. I would recommend you to leave out all that shading for deliberate shading practice with a medium that allows you to cover the full range of the value spectrum (or at least get really dark). For now focus on proportions. That's number one. Try to see angles and flows in whatever you're trying to draw. Compare the negative spaces between body parts or different elements and observe what shapes those create.
>>904 I'm serious. Leave out the shading. It's a waste of time. First learn how to draw properly in proportion and improve your line quality. After that you can study the physics behind light and do value studies and figure our a shading technique that works for you.
>>904 >>905 what would you recommend reading/practicing with for proportions?
Open file (13.54 MB 1280x720 four-exercises.webm)
>>907 >what would you recommend reading/practicing with for proportions? To be honest, I don't really know any book in that regard. But it really comes down to practicing your eye to notice patterns and flows and constantly comparing everything so you don't end up with major distortions. There will usually always be some kind of distortion, but if it's very small it's not a big deal. Once you've done enough careful copying that you've reached a point where you can copy everything you see, you're ready to exaggerate and modify the proportions. I personally exaggerate everything I draw, because it's more fun and I only care about capturing the essence that made me want to draw the subject in the first place. I made a video, maybe it helps:
Open file (12.47 MB 1280x720 lvl-1-part-1.webm)
Open file (17.29 MB 1280x720 lvl-1-part-2.webm)
>>907 I did a lvl 1 study here. Had to split it into two parts for the videos to be accepted.
Open file (100.24 KB 512x512 art-chad-and-friends.webm)
btw. I want to make more tutorials and improve my english speaking skills. Here's a prototype for the intro. Let me know if you have some ideas for other intros.
>>910 That's good, although personally i would abstain from using memes, not because they are memes but because they might date you onto an specific era/situation/group. Or at least that's the theory behind popular culture references against time, still i like the idea.
>>910 >btw. I want to make more tutorials and improve my english speaking skills. There's /lang/ for that!
Open file (298.03 KB 1440x1374 2B.jpg)
>>908 thanks krautbro i think? plz no bully, you really helped to put things into a new point of view :^) for me as for making it into a series I'd say focus on speaking clearly, having a script ready beforehand really helps. don't be afraid to edit out the quiet moments either. I used to use Vegas before I moved to ganoo+linoox and got pretty good at it, the only thing that seems to come close to it is Kdenlive, but I haven't used it so idk how well it holds up.
>>913 >thanks krautbro Jawohl, du hast meine Nationalität richtig erkannt. >I'd say focus on speaking clearly, having a script ready beforehand really helps. don't be afraid to edit out the quiet moments either. I totally agree. The reason I didn't edit the video, because I don't want to spend too much time for a post on an image board. You can always speed it up. (Although I should probably speak more clearly for that to be viable option.) I plan on setting up a peertube instance, and uploading my videos there. That's when I will actually take the time to properly plan and edit the videos. I use Blender for video editing.
On the topic of proportions. Here's a video of good old grandpa teaching you human proportions. invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=ltbWvlsjhUA at 46:10
Open file (934.42 KB 3508x2480 daisy 1.png)
Open file (194.93 KB 1792x1818 daisy 2.png)
I tried constructing flowers. It didn't turn out too well.
>>919 >I tried constructing flowers. >It didn't turn out too well. Watchu mean? They look alright. Although make sure you ellipses are clean. The near half of the ellipse is also rounder than the distant half if you want to take perspective into account. Your ellipses will get better with time.
Open file (24.42 KB 512x512 elipse0-512.jpg)
>>919 But I wouldn't worry about the perspective of the cross contour lines. But if you're interested it looks like pic related.
Maybe I'm just being harsh on myself, but yeah Ellipses are something I really struggle with right now.
Open file (3.94 MB 5166x4262 100-ass-challenge.png)
here are one hundred asses. (And sometimes some other things in between.)
working on proportion, drawing smaller versions of models like krautanon suggested
More proportion practice, >>927 was full-size images drawn at a smaller scale, this was a smaller image drawn at a full-size scale. To make sure everything fit on the paper I drew marker lines at the top where her right foot is and the bottom where her left foot is, then did the same on the sides for her hand and thighs. Then I drew markers at each joint and measured/compared them with each other to make sure everything would fit and was the right size. I think it turned out pretty well. also it is all on the paper, my scanner is just too small for the full size of the paper.
>>928 That is a ridiculous pose but I can see you tried really hard. Keep it up. Keep an eye out for landmarks you can use to your advantage, like see how her TIT is well above the top of her knee long the x axis in the reference or how her lower elbow is a little over a third of the way into her lower leg by that same standard. This is a really good attempt, actually, but you flubbed it here and there as just about anyone could.
>>933 yeah i can see i shortened her left leg and that threw everything else off. sometimes you don't see things like that until the day after
decided to try drawing digital this time. it's fucky in a lot of ways, since you can't really feel on a slab of plastic what you're drawing compared to actual paper. i can also see my major fuckups in pics related, most of which stem from the head being too small (something I constantly struggle with, I make the head one size but the rest of the drawing is too large and throws it out of proportion). need to slow down and constantly check to make sure everything is lining up correctly.
Been a while since I've sketched anything, but I like how this one turned out. The only thing I can really tell I did wrong is that the head is slightly bigger, but otherwise everything looks like it's in proportion. gib opinions and yes it is all on the paper, scanner is too tiny
another one, i don't like this one as much, mainly because of the mouth, makes it look too much like Resident Evil
>>960 Nice to see you're practicing. >i don't like this one as much, mainly because of the mouth, makes it look too much like Resident Evil You don't have to define every line. Less is more. A few accurate indications can be enough to convey the idea. I'm using this all the time in my work. The brain connects the dots. You also tend make faces a bit wider and heads a bit bigger than they're actually are. (like I used to) Some people also put the eyes to close together, but you seem to not do that mistake. (I definately did that a lot, before realizing what made my faces look off.) Don't be afraid to draw through shapes, you've already established. You can always darken the important lines later on.
Used the model as a basis then drew a different character over it, I think it turned out pretty well. Biggest issue is the face, most definitely some symbol drawing but I had erased and redone it so many times that the paper was starting to get thin so I just left it the way it is.
Open file (125.66 KB 1200x800 Lms1A.jpg)
I said i would start drawing "next year" (this year) after some time doing only technical stuff, i stopped in the first place after teachers told me nobody cares about drawings and due to having zero feedback from my early attempts but i still like doing it and it's a good source of OC or storymaking i plan to do later on. So in this first day of the many weeks to come in the "have nothing at all but old books and tons of pencils" i will quick preview things i usually did in my heyday, i think i will start on paper again with those old arch reference texts but today is going to be Gimp day with a mouse cursor pencil. >Faceless figures, some trees, a building and a car. This proved much more difficult than i expected, the "pencil" point lags, cannot do some acute direction changes for some reason and making precise maneuvering is not what a mouse was made for, the car was downright impossible for me even when i could do one blindfolded once. What bothers me the most is that i'm used to speed sketching and then using most of the time making small details and this isn't it, i had a drawpad and i never got used to it because i love immediate feedback so i guess i will learn with my real pencils first then i will jump. Have no scanner so i will try to guess how to post them. Hope people start picking the board again, i remember it being a decent spot.
ded board but i've visited here every day, i still care after 4 months of not drawing because of school bullshit I've started again, working primarily on faces. I think it look too tumblr (face too long and nose not quite right) but I'll get there. we all will.
>>981 I visited but when i started to draw i realized it had been dead for months, and little by little i stopped again. >but I'll get there I remember your journey but because i didn't really read carefully i never concluded your process, you draw from reference or do you see an image and then do it from memory? if the latter then i am far away from being good but yeah, i need to practice more, faces are by far the most difficult thing i attempted in my good years, always drew scenes and situations with bodies with no facial features at all.
>>982 I'm still drawing from reference, closest I've gotten to drawing from memory was a hybrid of drawing a model and making my own changes to it in >>963 , if it weren't for the face I'd like it more.
>>983 Guess i'll follow your steps soon enough, just need to clean my desk again and get to it. Some dude started doing some tuts/guides on /art/ but i suppose not many take it seriously, it's everybody on the webring is kinda depressed/not lively enough, at least i know i am.
>>984 *it's like everybody is depressed on the webring
>>981 >ded board but i've visited here every day, i still care I'm very sorry about it, mate. I've run some assessment of why we died, but ultimately I think what killed it the most was having the 8chan /loomis/ board overtake it in posts.
Open file (31.33 KB 525x525 Blook.jpg)
>>986 S-sorry; we're still linking to this board at the top of the other one for what it's worth.
>>986 Doesn't help that anon.cafe left the webring.
Open file (544.11 KB 2550x3300 Head Sketches 1.jpg)
Drew some heads after reading a bit of Loomis' book on it. No references besides a basic drawing guide for eyes/nose/mouth. I'll do a bunch more of them over this week and see if there's any improvement. Anything particular I should focus on? >>989 I can still see it on tvch and zzz though
>>986 >8chan /loomis/ board overtake it in posts Not him but i don't get it, most anons here weren't crosspoters anyways... unless they moved and i didn't realize it. Shamefur dispray if so, this place is better overall and even if the mod tools were far better this kind of board really isn't a big deal in terms of ban-worthy arguments or content. Why. >>989 Temporarily unlinked due to the jew documentary but in some places it still can be seen.
Open file (1.11 MB 498x393 1618758145337.gif)
>>990 >>991 I swear I double-checked right before posting that and didn't see anon.cafe on Smug, but now it's there.
>>986 If it makes you feel any better I preferred this one. The 8ch board feels like a clique where half the posters already know each other on normalnigger avenues as an open secret. >>990 They're still very much symbol drawing so focus on the fundamentals and keep drawing. I am a fan of the iterative drawing approach of doing 20 or so simple sketches of some subject instead of trying 2 or 3 big drawings on the page.
>>993 so should I focus on sketching parts from reference? from memory? what should I be paying attention to?
Open file (643.11 KB 2550x3300 Features Sketch 1.jpg)
Drew a bunch of facial features from references
>>995 Good work. Remember: there are no lines in nature.
>>995 keep going anon
>>995 Much better. Try to really examine references and see how how the lines imitate the 3D forms.
Another model
idk who this thot is but i drew it anyways
Open file (83.78 KB 513x876 ClipboardImage.png)
should I change anything about this figure before I start getting to work on it? anything horribly out-of-place?
>>1003 Head shape is that of an african, left leg is looking directly at the viewer although that might be your intended pose. Elbows are too pointy and forearms are quite big. Left bicep seems to be squashing the left side of the chest, that also might be your intention but looks odd at first glance.
Open file (63.61 KB 448x882 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1004 honestly considering scrapping it at this point, every time I try to draw something purely from scratch it always fucks up. unless you think it can be salvaged somehow
>>1005 Of course it can always be salvaged if you want to do so. But of any suggestions at all, the simplest one is also the most important one: Just don't quit. It's really just that simple. You plainly already have talent, developing your eye is really just a matter time & repetition. Keep moving forward.
>>1005 Could easily salvage that into a tranny. Not sure if that's what you were going for but it could be an interesting next step and lead to a career as a portrait artist given their current prevalence.
>>1007 >Could easily salvage that into a tranny <how to smash anon's hopes and dreams in one sentence
Open file (95.82 KB 2010x1200 1453043568303-1.jpg)
Open file (111.00 KB 2010x1200 1453043568303-2.jpg)
>>1005 I see a problem. The problem is that you still have this drawing almost a week later. What this tells me is that you don't draw enough at all. You need to draw more, way more. From imagination, from reference, try different things, compare to references to figure out what you did wrong and what you're missing. People are among the most complicated things to draw, you need a lot of experience and familiarity with them to be able to just intuitively draw them from imagination, and you can't get that familiarity without just drawing and exploring them lots and lots.
>>1009 Listen to this guy Anon, he gets it. When I went to school and had a storyboard class, the instructor really complimented my work as above all the others in the class. For myself, I thought it was basically quick crude sketches (not too uncommon in storyboards afaict). I later realized what he meant was my proportions were sound and my lines of action were all clear. The only difference between me and the rest is I had already spent hundreds of hours on my own well before I got in that class drawing lots of different things, but particularly human faces. It takes a lot of repetition Anon. Just stay dedicated and you'll get it eventually.
Open file (79.00 KB 360x883 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (593.71 KB 444x250 Slobodan.gif)
final version, clearly I still need to work on anatomy. i can draw from reference just fine (see above posts), but when drawing on my own I just completely sperg out and nothing goes right. can I get specifics on how to fix this besides "just draw more"?
Open file (229.05 KB 500x572 leos_other_mona_lisa.jpg)
>>1011 >can I get specifics on how to fix this besides "just draw more"? Sure Anon, pic related. > Her advice? Just draw more... :^) But at least she makes it more fun than obviously you aren't having now Anon. https://www.drawright.com/
Open file (191.79 KB 1964x504 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (191.79 KB 1964x504 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1014 I already went through the book, that's why I am where I am now. Drew more heads.
Open file (45.27 KB 731x540 11 Hands.jpg)
I'm truly going insane over this. I don't know what to draw to get better. >just draw bro Draw what? Faces? Bodies? Hands? All of the above? How do I draw AND understand what I'm drawing at the same time? How do I know that when I draw something I'm actually learning it instead of just mindlessly copying it down 1:1? I want to draw and I know I'm improving, but I need direction for fuck's sake.
>>1016 >All of the above? Human and animal anatomy is quite enough to go on with Anon. >libgen >"anatomy drawing" >??? >profit >How do I know that when I draw something I'm actually learning it instead of just mindlessly copying it down 1:1? Well, everyone starts somewhere. Using references has been around as long at there has been artists & art. >but I need direction for fuck's sake. I think you've received direction already, this post is a little more. There's no magic wand to wave over you Anon; repetition is the key here. I suggest you take a little break and watch the D*sney movie Meet the Robinsons for a little fun inspiration. Then when you feel better, crack the instructional books and work on them. Obviously Betty Edwards' book helped you, these aren't bad. >>1015
>>1016 Sorry you lack the IQ to be an artist. Try getting a job as a cashier instead.
>>1016 Just draw what you like bro **When i felt down i listened to music/did other things and just sketched fast on a small notepad to keep the hand warm. When i felt like actually wanting to draw i searched for images i really, really liked and started copying them to understand its composition, then i would try to understand the lines i liked and replicate them on small sketches** In that way you might not have better technique but you sure as hell will know what you like, in precise spacial terms, and enjoy doing it. Some people find inspiration in bursts, others are constant, so don't worry unless you are going to make a living out it. You sound like you are already doing it and my case was particularly different (i drew spaces and landscapes rather than entities hence no anatomy) but it's all about the practice, your problem is trying to make such thing as constant as possible while keeping it enjoyable, you might draw once a week but if you truly like it you will advance faster than if forcing yourself once a day, for example.
Open file (4.14 MB 4656x3492 bean torso.jpg)
I'm trying to figure out torsos and gesture but every time I draw it looks like Mr. Peanut as a gravure idol.
>>1021 borked file
Open file (171.57 KB 1593x592 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (715.61 KB 1568x1078 ClipboardImage.png)
Practicing proportions from Loomis' Figure Drawing. There was about a month gap between the male and female figures because I was insanely busy. My brain keeps finding a way to steer away from drawing and play pointless vidya, but I will stop it.
Open file (139.70 KB 766x528 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (44.02 KB 217x659 ClipboardImage.png)
All this setup for proportions feels like it takes longer than to just draw it freehand and wing it. I found it to be more confusing to see what line relates to what triangle in this reference than if I were to just freehand it and compare it by sight. also it looks like the king from Katamari as an unintended side effect
>>1026 >All this setup for proportions feels like it takes longer than to just draw it freehand and wing it Ofc it does Anon. Training always takes longer than 'just winging it'. But the benefits of rigorous application of the basics again and again, with a specific goal in mind for improvement (AKA training) always pays off in the end. And generally, the payoff tends to come pretty soon if you're dedicated to your training. Ever hear of master pianists performing scales for hours each day? Yeah, they do. It's called focus. I know of well-known (in the VFX/Film industries) artists who constantly do thousands of box sketches every day.
>>1027 >thousands of box sketches every day Come on now, there's 1440 minutes in a day, i don't think somebody is going to make 2.2 sketches a minute if he draws 16 hours a day.
>>1028 OK, maybe thousands is overstated ( 1 or 2 maybe ), more likely several hundred. The whole point of box sketching is performing accurate, single-stroke line 3D box sketches at high-speed. Definitely several per minute by the ones who are well-known VFX artists. I myself got to where I can fill up a whole sketchpad page in under two minutes though my quality isn't nearly so accurate as theirs.
>>1029 >more likely several hundred That i can agree and i've seen it too, but those fellas live by it, someone who takes this as a hobby will certainly do a hundred at most in a good day. Aaand i've finally taken time, and along with being on a small class that needs drawing, i suppose i can now start posting practice sketches again after a couple of years absent. I will re-start with Loomis later, now i think i will post the homework plus some reference things and passages i like. Apologies in advance if i take a different route.
Open file (166.80 KB 1280x835 001. Loominonymous 01.jpg)
Open file (187.14 KB 1280x835 002. Quick Improv 01.jpg)
Damn, shit looks way better on paper and with my eyes. Hope i can post more than i did this year (aka only once, January 2th) i need to get good but i like my little notepad sketches too much to jump into big paper.
Open file (4.26 MB 4656x3492 BEEG ARMS.jpg)
Practiced some arms.
>>1033 Really neat structure lad, keep it up
Forced labor drawings, improvised a bit but i missed several line thicknesses and forgot to align heights at times. The journey continues even when i formally haven't started with the books.
Open file (177.67 KB 954x956 ClipboardImage.png)
The whole page I've been working on. I think I'm getting the hang of the basic skeleton poses.
Open file (139.11 KB 1293x735 ClipboardImage.png)
More mannikins
Open file (1.65 MB 4128x1956 20210717_123134.jpg)
I think i can finally do basic lines without much wobbling. >>1035 Water and bushes look soo good. >>1033 These much anatomy knowledge is my goal >>1031 top one is 10/10, well done >>1038 How much mannikis did you drew for proportions to kick in? it feels like my proportions are always off.
>>1074 >How much mannikis did you drew for proportions to kick in? it feels like my proportions are always off. using Loomis' book "Figure Drawing for All It's Worth" has been helping me a lot so far.
Open file (60.92 KB 577x506 sunset.png)
Bumping this thread to remind anons that it exists. We're all gonna make it.
I guess this is what comes closest to a "practice" thread. Here is a post I've written over at zzzchan.xyz: Clearnet: https://zzzchan.xyz/v/thread/24617.html#93327 Tor: http://crghlabr45r5pqkgnbgehywk5nxutdks5iss7tabyux5psikqqjirryd.onion/v/thread/24617.html#93327 Eventually we will have to organize this place.
Open file (190.95 KB 1629x1458 hands-001.jpg)
Here is some practice from today. I need to work on how I depict hands. They are very complex and are essential to expressive and interesting figures and situations.
Open file (308.68 KB 1039x973 drawpile-share-001.jpg)
Some doodles. Inspired by mayan hyroglyphs and the like.
If the anon from 8ch*n.moe, who asked the question about tracing, comes by to read this, have this answer. What is tracing? You follow the lines the original artists made. You get a feeling for flow and capture some of that artists soul. But that doesn't mean that after doing a thousand tracings you will able to create images like that artist obviously. But the tracing over another artists lines might lead you to discovering new ways in which you could make lines. You can get new ideas and figure out new approaches to solving certain problems. For example you has to first realise that you can indicate lines without drawing a line. For example by using short cross contour lines which move in the general direction the original line would've gone. That for example leads to a softer effect. But you first need to get the idea that something like that is possible. There are many such techniques which can be brought to your consciousness while tracing someone elses work. But tracing is only good at what tracing is good at. It's to inspire and put yourself in the position of anoter artists as best as you possible can. Tracing itself is not useful itself if you want to create images from imagination or copy what you see in real life, but it can be very useful for the potentially new ideas and stimulations you get.
Open file (1.04 MB 2514x3602 IMG_20211219_121358.jpg)
look it's me again >>1038 adanced mannequins
Open file (980.41 KB 2584x3720 IMG_20211222_122747.jpg)
even more mannequins, i think i'm getting the hang of drawing at different angles. i'm gonna make it
>>1238 >>1242 I want to tell you something that will motivate you, because I remember being at the point you're currently at. I would recommend doing your best of thinking in terms of quboids and cylinders. In my opinion it would greatly benefit you to read up on different perspective concepts. Because it's fun to learn new things. No matter hoe useless geometry or the math behind perspective might seem to you, it will all inform your art and make it more believable. How can you precisely construct such an image in perspective? I'd recommen doing a big drawing, where you map out all the relative vanishing points of every form. You will quickly figure out where you are not certain of how to construct a body part. That's why I personally love Scott Robertson - How to Draw. He goes very in depth. David Chelseas - Perspective for comic book artists is also nice. You acn find both books here: >>>/loomis/1189 When you focus on constructing clean shapes, eventually your lines will become clean without the need of actively practicing clean lines. That's how it was for me. I just studied so much anatomy and construction until I was able to do that stuff cleanly and easily. (You can always go cleaner though.) Obviously not being afraid of mistakes plays a big part in that. One reason people are afraid of mistakes, is because they fear the consequences of peoples judgement. The other reason is laziness. People don't want to redraw the thing they spend 1,2 or 20 hours drawing or painting. But as I see it, what is the worth in a line if it hasn't been drawn confidently? What's the worth in an image that does not contain a sense of adventure and risk? For me one of the biggest pleasures is to be bold when I've already invested a lot of time in to a painting. The risk and thrill of failure is exhilarating. But don't be stupid. If there is a risk associated with a stroke, think/feel it through. Visualize the stroke. Be aware of the intent behind the strok and be confident. And BAM! Now you've just fucked your whole painting. You will never forget the lesson you've just learned. Time to do it over and over again, until it's easy. Do it as often as necessary, until that tiny motherfucker in your ear, who tries to make you scared, disappears. I love rambling. I'll be rambling all day all night until I die. Try to keep the perspective of forms always in mind. A top and bottom plane of a quboid, which encompasses the rib cage, will be parallel. Also make sure to not loose body parts in the process of capturing the figure. The mannequins in >>1242 are missing their necks. R.I.P. Uhm... fuck the Draconians and Archons who are trying to hold us down. Fight along side the aliens and angels to defeat the evil reptiles. ;D
This took 25 minutes to draw.
Open file (354.19 KB 2620x3861 IMG_20211226_113545.jpg)
more mannequins, this time with perspective
>>1247 if you're going for figure drawing, I would focus more on the overall figure first (ignoring details) and getting the pose instead of each part individually. doing warmup practices (for example, several timed figure sketches where the goal is to get the pose correct, details being secondary) help a lot, right now I do three 5-minute figure sketches before each session. https://www.quickposes.com/en/gestures/timed and http://reference.sketchdaily.net/en are great websites for this.
Open file (368.67 KB 2519x3609 IMG_20211226_161030.jpg)
i have lots of free time today
Open file (365.82 KB 2561x3586 IMG_20211228_214628.jpg)
Working on female mannequins now, i think i'm simultaneously making them too skinny and too manly, especially with the last one.
>>1252 The hip-shoulder ratio is the biggest thing that sticks out to me here. The shoulders are too 'square' or 'boxy', and the hips are narrow like a males. If the hips were bigger and the shoulders less square, it would look a lot better. Maybe a slightly thinner neck too (?) t. not a drawfag, just my thoughts
>>1253 that's exactly what i was thinking, i toned it down a bit in the second one but it's still a bit wide
Open file (404.42 KB 2548x3720 IMG_20211229_152709.jpg)
slight problem: i might be capable of drawing only one type of woman
>>1250 I have been doing the class mode on the sketchdaily site.
Open file (1.40 MB 1211x922 plate_32.png)
>>1251 >>1252 >>1255 The biggest issues I see here are proportion and line confidence. It can be easy to lose track of proportion, especially when you try to create fine details like rendering back or abdominal muscles. Instead, focus on the overall shapes of the figure and how they relate to each other. Constantly measure the relative lengths and angles of those shapes. Compare them between your drawing and your subject. (e.g. if the forearm is approximately this length, then how long is the torso? Or if the right leg connects at this angle, what is the angle of the left leg?) In the Bargue Drawing Course, you'll find a lot of examples that illustrate how you can go about taking these measurements using plumb lines. You'll find it easier to simplify contours into straight lines. Later, use those straight lines as guides for creating the more subtle curves that would be difficult to capture on their own. Pic related is from a later plate, the earlier plates are simpler, but this shows how a drawing might proceed from start to finish. Line confidence will develop over time, but I've found Peter Han's exercises to be great practice/warm-up. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=wgDNDOKnArk
>>1258 what proportions specifically are off? in >>1255 i did fix the lower image after uploading by narrowing the shoulders and waist.
>>1260 You noted a few of the issues on your paper, already, and the other anon pointed out a few things in the previous posts. On this page >>1255 the hands in the top drawing are too small, and the forearm is longer than it should be compared to her bicep. Also, the entire length of the arm appears too short for how long the torso is. Pic related might give you a better idea. The drawing on the left hand side has similar problems with the arms being quite skinny, and the left thigh is slightly larger than the right. The foot is quite small as well. The bottom drawing does have a better overall proportion, although there are still some issues with anatomy (e.g. the limbs are connecting at very fine points, and not really forming joints). I might have made an incorrect assumption; are you drawing from or alongside a reference? If not, I think you will find it quite difficult to build up accurate figures from just a mannequin. The mannequin abstraction is a great tool for drawing from imagination, but it will be frustrating to use them without a more complete visual library and knowledge of anatomy.
>>1261 those are very minor adjustments and i was worried i had the whole thing off, i was worried there was something horribly wrong that i was missing. they're all done with Loomis' mannequin technique without references (except his own from the book or maybe a quick glance online)
Open file (356.53 KB 2508x3591 IMG_20211231_151747.jpg)
perspective practice
Open file (311.95 KB 2511x3584 IMG_20220102_150102.jpg)
more practice and drawing in 3D space
>>1267 You draw tits soo well compared to everything else i would think this is a meme if this wasnt loomis lmoa.
My proportions are so bad with figures laying down.
I stopped figure drawing just ain't feeling it anymore think I am going to continue to enjoy doing Loomis books
Well apparently I don't want to stop figure drawing its too fun not to do.
>>1290 >>1294 Could you share your references? I would like to join in on the figure drawing fun. I would try to draw the same thing as you, so you could maybe see a different take on the subject.
>>1295 That’s an awesome idea anon haven’t seen really anyone elses figure drawings since life drawing classes which was ages ago. Only gonna post my drawing of the 25 minute one since it is the most finished of the lot I do from the 1 hour of figure drawing I usually do. It’s up to you if you want to follow along and ease into it and warm yourself up the routine I usually do. First starts on sketchdaily.com by choosing class mode but only doing 30 seconds x10 and 1 minute x5 sets of drawings then I move on to the book and pick out three random poses to do 5 minutes x2 and 10 minutes x1 and then I have a 5 minute break if you need it I usually take the time to setup everything for the last one which is 25 minutes x1 I attached the reference that I used below If you want to use the book it’s on page 286. I used a timer on my phone for the ones I did from the book. Hope the info helps. It will be so call to see your take on the same drawing. link to book: https://www.pdfdrive.com/art-models-6-the-female-figure-in-shadow-and-light-e25098733.html
>>1296 > First starts on sketchdaily.com by choosing class mode but only doing 30 seconds x10 and 1 minute x5 sets of drawings then I move on to the book and pick out three random poses to do 5 minutes x2 and 10 minutes x1 and then I have a 5 minute break if you need it I usually take the time to setup everything for the last one which is 25 minutes x1 I never did such a thing for extended periods of time. I'll try your regimen. But I have some advice: Try doing a drawing with a time frame of a couple of hours. In that case you can take as much time as you want when it comes to constructing the figure and making sure the proportions are as acurate as possible. Doing very careful methodical work helps a lot with speeding up your drawng, because of the confidence and deep understanding it builds.
>>1297 I really don't have the time to spent hours figure drawing have to work on other things especially foe practicing I end up being nearly finished after 25 minutes if I had more time I would probably would do the hands and feet and darken the outlines more and then move on to rendering. Soon going to move on to do an art project so time will be even more tight. Yeah, I am pretty crap when it comes to construction. The one I did today was from page 122.
drew this one from book 7 page 203 I think.
>>1300 >>1301 Once I get a graphical environment running, I'll be able to contribute. NVidia GPUs are painful to get working.
>>1302 That would cool. Are u using alpine linux. I'd recommend against the closed source nvidia drover and opt for the open source ones called nouveau drivers they work much better imo. I know way too much about computers and linux for my own good.
>>1303 I actually managed to compile and install proprietary nvidia drivers, but they made X segfault on startup. xD Now I'm trying to get the nouveau driver to work again. I might be using Gimp instead of krita, because Krita had flickering issues on my display. Maybe if I compile it myself against glibc the flickering goes away. Let's see if I manage to get it working today or within this week.
>>1303 I actually managed to compile and install proprietary nvidia drivers, but they made X segfault on startup. xD Now I'm trying to get the nouveau driver to work again. I might be using Gimp instead of krita, because Krita had flickering issues on my display. Maybe if I compile it myself against glibc the flickering goes away. Let's see if I manage to get it working today or within this week.
>>1305 Anon.cafe was down yesterday it was sad. If you want to use the closed drivers you need to make sure you you have the graphics card driver unchecked in the kernel. Idk much about alpine linux but I assume it ships with a vanilla kernel so its probably enable by default, might be a pain to get in to the kernel settings menu. If you can't figure it I wonder if they have good documentations for it should check that out.
Open file (2.14 MB 1805x2484 femarcher.png)
Open file (487.74 KB 698x1000 1637303479339.jpg)
>>1305 >nvidia drivers You shouldn't need to compile the drivers manually or anything. In my experience you should just need to look up the correct driver for whatever nvidia card you have and install from the package manager. You might need to enable some different package repositories depending on what distro you're using. Then again I don't know your machine so take what I've said with a grain of salt. >>1297 >Drawing with a time frame of a couple hours This is incredibly good advice. It feels very motivating to actually finish something and have it look good. I find time-limited fast sketches do help to lower the (perceived) barrier to picking up the pencil and just drawing, but I usually learn the most when drawing with no time limit, or a longer limit of a few hours. Take your time. Know what marks you're putting on the page, and why.
>>1312 >nvidia drivers the person I think is using alpine linux so I dont know why the person is referring to compile must mean download gentoo or lfs U mostly compile every package from source. >Drawing for a couple hours I guess it depends on if you want to produce a finished piece I got other art in mind a project I want to dedicate a lot of time too but the props are going to take awhile to arrive. >ur art Holy shit impressive stuff was it done with charcoal or paint. Amazing use of light and shadow and great rendering. Come across that reference multiple times on sketchdaily.net. What paper are u using looks thick and smooth.
I have been reading history books with romantic side stories and it revived a artistic side of me i didn't knew i had >>1312 Amazing
I wanted to post something. Here is something I did on the drawpile today.
>>1317 Looks good the ur figure drawings, keep it up. I went to life draw the other day was pretty bummed out that they didn't do a long one the longest we got was 15 mins was really expecting a 25 minute one at the very least next time I will ask. These ones I post are from the life drawing class.
Open file (18.15 KB 500x500 Image User.png)
>>1319 it's hard to tell what you're drawing if you keep posting them as such low-res and in such poor quality, i can't give you feedback if i don't know what i'm looking at. the drawing in >>1321 seems like you're trying to put your own spin on it without having the basics down. in the photo her right side is a clear straight(ish) line from her leg up to her armpit, but you added an obvious curve that isn't there. you're also trying to draw the face without actually looking at what it looks like. you add joints/cylinders without any real idea of what they are, why they're there, or how they work together. as much as it sucks to hear, you lack a base to stand on. work through Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain and work through every exercise without skipping them or cheating on them, as you'd only be cheating yourself. if you follow through what it says, you will absolutely see improvement between your starting work and how it ends. after that, go through Loomis' Figure Drawing for All It's Worth. it is a hard road and it never really ends, but it is better than flailing around in the dark, as you are unfortunately doing right now. don't take any of this personally, my criticism is based only on what you are posting in the hopes that you will improve and get gud. i believe you will make it.
>>1322 Yeah the quality didn't get better with even trying to use a camera I draw it too lightly. I am currently working through fun with a pencil and I got like a couple more pages to go before I move on to the body current on the head section of the book. Will eventually move on to figure drawings for all its worth. For now I just figure draw to keep up appearances mostly trying to incorporate depth and 3d shapes into my figure drawings its really lacks it I am always referencing a manikin at the same time so it looks a bit different. All this not seeing and just drawing from my head is a hard on to say I've just used construction lines automatically no matter how I start even in life drawing classes i was drawing a manikin body and only the outline of the model. I mean on thing that I can say is my perspective is lacking big time in my drawings. I guess I am just winging it deliberately I don't have all the time in the world and I eventually want to move on from figure drawing on to something of my own soon. The practice will only come in time I am already dedicating an 1 hour a day to practicing from the fun with a pencil book
>>1316 that's sweet, u should explore that side of yourself more. Follow the beauty.
Trying to get back into drawing again. If anyone has some advice for drawing legs I'd appreciate it. For some reason I've always been bad at drawing them.
>>1336 Found a page on legs laying down from figure drawing from all its worth. I don't know much about how to draw legs. but regardless its looking phenomenal overall. Probably say Legs could be wider in width, fatter. Right heel longer touching the hip. Right elbow longer. Waist narrower and head longer.
Some drawings I did from life drawing class
Open file (820.82 KB 2400x1650 250013crop.jpg)
Open file (787.81 KB 2400x1575 280015crop.jpg)
First serious drawing with the intent of practice since >>1035 Wanted to give my hand some time to make the old hatch & crosshatches of old and seems i can still make them, kinda. Wanted to make a simple human figure with hat, didn't quite get it as i can't convey the rich rural farm owner vibe although i did somewhat nail the building in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright. I guess this is decent for a 5 minute timer in pen. Second one is the second practice but with pencil, 15 minutes, i wanted to do the usual things with arch (tree, building with long perspective) without guidelines and i need to re-learn how to do far away details. Also as a side i wanted to draw akin to the belgian artist Dany, well known in the west for the softcore graphic joke publishes; i can make the ugly chicks, in this case black women or niggers as i like to call them, but cannot completely nail the white chicks without them looking like a botched bimbo unlike the well-done bimbos he did. Also some hatching for curves and torse, realized i needed more context to make it look compelling in the case of complex figures, plus more detail of course, but in terms of corner detail i think it serves its purpose well.
Screwed the width up.
>>1351 Looking good, keep it up.
>>1351 You have some nice line quality. Negress and lizard bitch are looking fine imho.
had shit lighting
Broke 5 pencils 2b is weak af
Open file (1.51 MB 4128x1956 20220204_011719.jpg)
Another tulip but with some scenery this time. Also, when i have a eraser i just do bad lines constantly so i don't use it. Is this bad practice?
Open file (1.20 MB 3398x2218 something-010.png)
Open file (180.72 KB 1024x1024 something-010-001.png)
Open file (77.53 KB 1024x1024 someting-010-002.png)
Some anon wanted that I post some more. Here are some doodles. I might share the stuff I drew on drawpile today.
Open file (1.28 MB 3265x3230 drawpile-stuff-001.png)
Open file (756.71 KB 2080x1552 IMG_0007.JPG)
Open file (759.90 KB 2080x1552 IMG_0005.JPG)
Open file (691.45 KB 2080x1552 IMG_0008.JPG)
Open file (733.40 KB 2080x1552 IMG_0009.JPG)
Open file (726.33 KB 2080x1552 IMG_0013.JPG)
From life drawing class. Finely able to take photos with my camera
Open file (738.41 KB 2080x1552 IMG_0017.JPG)
Open file (732.67 KB 2080x1552 IMG_0018.JPG)
Open file (788.72 KB 2080x1552 IMG_0023.JPG)
Open file (770.99 KB 2080x1552 IMG_0022.JPG)
Open file (786.59 KB 2080x1552 IMG_0020.JPG)
>>1376 You could try a kneaded eraser they are less forgiving then a standard rubber and u can molded to any shape u want for erasing a specific area. Love the tulips by the way inspired me to go in my backyard and take photos of some flowers. Maybe u could use them as references if u want. Flowers are beautiful they are awesome too draw. I've been really getting into poetry again as of late really want to bring it into my art, u into much poetry urself?
Open file (1.01 MB 1372x1832 Selection_003.png)
Open file (2.89 MB 1552x2080 IMG_0028.png)
>>1336 Wished u posted more ur drawing are really good and nice to look at I miss it . Hope u see this message and return soon
>>1336 Recycled paper? your lines are pretty cool, thick and simple but give many implied depths. >>1312 Excellent >>1379 >life drawing class >dose poses What a lewd model >>1383 Getting better i see
Open file (445.85 KB 1371x607 Selection_004.png)
Open file (2.94 MB 2080x1552 IMG_0005.png)
Did this one a bit late in the evening >>1385 thanks, the life drawing model poses were on tough angles. >>1377 >>1378 Nice stuff their looking good, the drawpile ones are cool and wild.
Open file (223.92 KB 325x198 STOP BROTHER.gif)
>>1386 I think you should just focus on doing the poses for now and ignore facial features entirely, that's a whole separate topic to tackle and you've been butchering it each time. focus on getting the poses right (including positions and proportion, listen to me when i say you especially need to pay attention to those) because right now you're just uploading a lot of stuff and i don't see any tangible improvement.
>>1388 >i don't see any tangible improvement Come on, he's at least one level above what he did in the beginning of the thread. But i agree, faces are an entirely different game than body, one should practice just one in each exercise.
Open file (1.00 MB 1369x1832 Selection_005.png)
Open file (2.12 MB 1806x1299 IMG_0031.png)
>>1389 >>1388 Noted will spend more time on the body
Open file (601.44 KB 1369x912 Selection_006.png)
Open file (2.29 MB 1846x1329 IMG_0032.png)
Did another drawing and it's feels meh if that makes any sense. >>1347 Thanks dude I appreciate the advice and the page on legs. It's really cool and interesting to look at. >>1383 Thanks dude I appreciate the compliment. I mostly draw stick figures to try a break a pose down into it's basic form. So that's not really worth posting here lol. I gotta say that you posting in here frequently is what got me motivated again to be honest. >>1385 I'm not too sure about the paper, but it's a royal & langnickel sketchbook that I got for cheap. I also never really put too much thought into my lines. I kinda just jot them down and hope it looks passable.
Open file (637.96 KB 1368x793 Selection_010.png)
Open file (2.43 MB 1956x1474 IMG_0036.png)
Open file (314.37 KB 873x1125 Selection_011.png)
Open file (334.99 KB 854x1116 Selection_012.png)
>>1395 no problem. Awesome to see u drawing again. The drawing look great, the left side of the space between the knee and arm could really do with drawing outline the negative space or trapped shapes there is a decent part about it from keys from drawing. Attached the pages below, hope it helps. Nice to hear that my frequent postings motivated u, keep up the good work.
Open file (355.17 KB 995x785 Selection_014.png)
Open file (1.93 MB 1827x1257 IMG_0041.png)
Trying to bulk up the body by adding ellipses
Open file (498.51 KB 720x1394 Selection_021.png)
Open file (2.30 MB 1402x1878 IMG_0057.png)
body drawn smaller in a sitting pose seems more proportional
>>1400 getting there, try to focus on using the whole page as well. i can tell you draw small because you're afraid of starting too large and having to cut off key parts. do a really rough outline first that encompasses the whole page and make sure it has a vague resemblance/positioning to the actual reference, it will definitely help.
Open file (406.92 KB 2555x3638 IMG_20220215_203358.jpg)
got back to drawing after getting distracted yet again. i haven't drawn anything in a while so this was my first one and it shows, i don't like how it turned out.
Open file (343.52 KB 993x859 Selection_022.png)
Open file (2.40 MB 1930x1454 IMG_0058.png)
>>1401 Yeah, good point sitting positions when the body is bent and its lesser in length the body is hard to estimate. I will get use to it with practice. >>1403 Not bad start need work on proportions and the shape, using a wooden manikin is a good way to start and spend more time on the shapes of the body and forget about extra added detail like hair and finger nails. Wooden manikins help loads especially starting to incorporate 3d into your figure drawing I wished I did it earlier without the illusion of depth it looks flat.
>>1376 I miss seeing ur pretty tulips
Open file (673.74 KB 1494x1039 Selection_023.png)
Open file (1.98 MB 1800x1304 IMG_0059.png)
Open file (1.15 MB 1394x948 IMG_0064.png)
Open file (1.17 MB 1474x978 IMG_0067.png)
Open file (1.40 MB 1081x1582 IMG_0069.png)
Open file (1.85 MB 1267x1736 IMG_0068.png)
From life drawing class
Open file (576.58 KB 1456x702 Selection_030.png)
Open file (1.21 MB 1353x940 IMG_0073.png)
>>1412 where do you find life drawing classes? i've been checking my local area but i can't seem to find anything.
>>1414 I found life drawing classes at an art center could also try facebook groups other then that it all depends on if u live in a city or not that has a bit of an interest in art where I live they are pretty big on art, it all depends but shouldn't be to hard to find
Open file (1.09 MB 1374x1835 Selection_031.png)
Open file (1.61 MB 1643x1181 IMG_0075.png)
Open file (406.77 KB 2472x3562 IMG_20220220_202731.jpg)
apart from the hands (too small) and maybe the butt i think i like how this turned out, except for not doing it landscape maybe.
>>1417 did u use a reference and if you do post it. So it's easier to compare
>>1418 didn't use a reference, all from scratch
>>1419 yeah it's hard to help if you do it all from your head
Open file (533.69 KB 997x1260 Selection_036.png)
Open file (1.20 MB 1366x1125 IMG_0078.png)
This my last post here this board is dead and loomis boards have no merit. I'm moving to antisocial on 8chan.moe
>>1421 plz don't leave :(
>>1422 I feel shame and guilt representing a board that doesn't care for quality of art and more then just get good. Loomis has a monopoly on imageboards and they reject and resent us altchan users they don't even acknowledge us. All they do is insult and mock us and banned me from drawpile for no reason mainly I guess because I have an opinion on effort being put into art and doing it for fun and see the fun in it but they lack that. They don't see the beauty or the appreciation for art. I have standards and if I am associate with people who don't think about what others think of the art they make like for example coom art and people getting raped and sex all they do is think with their sex drive that is pathetic in my opinion and shitty to be apart of. What more can I say this board is apart of the food chain I don't want to support maybe I motivate people to do art. I do art in my sleep it's that easy I critique my own work I see the flaw I've know for alone time now in how meaningless posting art is but I do it anyway. People like me know they are alone and nothing will ever change that so back in the dark I must go. All people care about with art is ego and status and attention and it shows through out a lot of artists on imageboards. If I were such an egotistic artist I would brag about how many hours I spend doing at art needing to show off is something I never want to. It's hard to stay sometimes you just have to let go. At least this place put a smile on my face of people enjoying art but nothing lasts forever.
>>1425 > Loomis has a monopoly on imageboards and they reject and resent us altchan users they don't even acknowledge us. I'm wondering who you are talking about. I've never seen anyone mock or reject altchan users. The new loomis imageboard is also an "altchan", as it's not part of 4cuck. > All they do is insult and mock us I've never witnessed that and consider that very unlikely based on my experience with the people on 8chan.moe/loomis and the new site. > and banned me from drawpile for no reason Then you must've done something destructive probably. The admin supports freedom of expression from what I've gathered. The drawpile is also not the whole of the /loomis/ community. I for example decided to spend less time on the drawpile, because I find the software too limiting for my purposes.
>>1426 This board isn't ran by the loomis owner so it was authentic in itself. The board owner isn't active anymore this place lost users in the up rise of the new board creation. This board was the only alt chan that really existed that was different from the loomis boards but the time is over I got this place acknowledge on drawpile but itgot erased the name in the matter of a week by a 4chaner who hated me. I am banned permanently I wanted to stay on this board i defended this board and pointed out the fact that they were stealing the users of this board they took artchad. It's over my posts get taken down in the matter of half i hour if I ask about my ban on their new board. They sucked this place try and took the users. They want everyone in one place I don't want to be there for a reason I just wanted to do art and have fun with it and share it. There is a reason they have art gain in there name they are only after the gain. They don't even like talking about modern or fine arts. 2022 has been a pretty shitty year and it only started I can't take losing things anymore it's too much to bare.
>>1427 Well, I'm still checking this place. When I see effort being put into work, then I also take the time to properly critique that work if the creator wants it. You can go and post where you want.
Oh, I also wanted to mention this: Only because I post work in a certain place, doesn't mean I don't pay attention to what's being posted on other places. I'm grateful that a new board has been created to give an option to both loomis communities to interact together in a single place. You don't need javascript and can connect via Tor, while the people who like to use javascript and the clearnet also can participate. :)
>>1425 > Loomis has a monopoly on imageboards and they reject and resent us altchan users wat, when did that happen here? if anything you will get mocked for being from the big imageboards and that only if you brag about it >>1427 >The board owner isn't active anymore The OG Owner focused on the 8.moe iteration and me (and Mr. Artchad) just come here to clean; like i said i would be here as long as the old BO or someone with a big plan comes along but without users you can't make anything. I haven't bought a scanner and my photos don't do justice to the paper i scrib, i don't have a tablet either so no form of showing my work, only checking it. >They sucked this place try and took the users. They want everyone in one place I don't want to be there for a reason Well you got that right have to say, you are welcome here as long as i have the BO buttons at hand but i understand if you want to share it to a bigger audience, lack of feedback or people walking along with one is a big hit i understand.
Open file (1.22 MB 943x943 siiip.png)
artga.in host here. I permanently banned >>1425 from both the drawpile and the new board because: 1. He vandalised the canvas several times. 2. He stirred up drama with other users. Multiple regular users ended up leaving because of him. 3. He spammed the new board with schizo nonsense like the following: >The majority of people get the bragging rights we get left out in the cold to lick our own wounds. Go on keep, people pleasing. One day you will see that no one actually cares. No matter what u offer them or give. Come and take what we once had. Then come back later for more it's never enough for you. We're never enough to satisfy your onslaught of monopolizing every art board that you identify with the name "Loomis". People deserve better and you should know better. Few of us can barely even face the real world let alone people. But we aren't in your consideration not even in the same category. Never will we be seen as equal. It is what, you made it out to be. With your assertion of your mod privileges & abuse of power. To shame people for their mistakes. Everyone in your books are perfect. Abusing the user so much to show them their place at the bottom of the food chain. Do yourself a favor don't include us keep excluding us.This is, the last you hear from me. I just can't be bothered to try or care anymore about all of this nonsense, it's child's play. Would rather never to be disturbed again by your greed or terrible company and awful mannerisms of treating fellow users as you see fit. Do it again and I will make your spleen twist and body ache I can stoop down too far lower levels. Then I am doing now, I know your weak spots and insecurities. Think twice before unloading your horse shit on other peoples lawn. Some will make you eat your own bullshit. So in the meantime, Go fuck yourselves! Because the new board has no captcha nor spam filter (to bring the best user experience), his sperging caused significant damage. In addition, his vandalism of the canvas also took a long time to clean up. If you are reading this za, go fuck yourself. I only tolerated you because Loomis begged me to let you stay.
>>1432 Instead of cherry picking my text here is the whole thing >Why on earth won't u give me a reason to why I am banned. Just because I talked shit about stuff doesn't really make sense to ban me over. I left on my own accord to begin with. Doubt the mods will read this anyway or care. So what, I'm entitled to an opinion. Assuming everyone is going to fold and come swarming to your new board and leave the past of another board behind them is sad. When you really break it down to see who is really active and apart of your community you'll only see few of if not barely any. Treating them like shit and bullying them and not standing up for them and just watching them defend for themselves, then blaming them as the culprit of all the wrong doing. It makes the person think and realize. "Oh I am nothing but unimportant, a joke and a punching bag, the enemy." We know deep down we will never be viewed or treated equally. Based on what grounds artist output, merit, ego? Does it even matter? What we do its always the same we're the ones to blame, we are the problem no matter what. The majority of people get the bragging rights we get left out in the cold to lick our own wounds. Go on keep, people pleasing. One day you will see that no one actually cares. No matter what u offer them or give. Come and take what we once had. Then come back later for more it's never enough for you. We're never enough to satisfy your onslaught of monopolizing every art board that you identify with the name "Loomis". People deserve better and you should know better. Few of us can barely even face the real world let alone people. But we aren't in your consideration not even in the same category. Never will we be seen as equal. It is what, you made it out to be. With your assertion of your mod privileges & abuse of power. To shame people for their mistakes. Everyone in your books are perfect. Abusing the user so much to show them their place at the bottom of the food chain. Do yourself a favor don't include us keep excluding us.This is, the last you hear from me. I just can't be bothered to try or care anymore about all of this nonsense, it's child's play. Would rather never to be disturbed again by your greed or terrible company and awful mannerisms of treating fellow users as you see fit. Do it again and I will make your spleen twist and body ache I can stoop down too far lower levels. Then I am doing now, I know your weak spots and insecurities. Think twice before unloading your horse shit on other peoples lawn. Some will make you eat your own bullshit. So in the meantime, Go fuck yourselves!
>>1432 Since I am here I might as well explain why I decided to create the new site. Back in September, some drawpile users told me how they wanted us to have our own website; 8chan has a bad reputation, and has a lot of fetish boards. The 8chan.moe/loomis/ BO (Loomis) himself wanted to have an independent /loomis/ site, and even offered to pay me for making it. Moving to anon.cafe/loomis/ is not an option, because Loomis disliked this place for stealing all of the old 8chan.net/loomis/'s assets. Besides, moving to another site still means that we are at someone's mercy, but instead of 8chan.moe's admin it's the anon.cafe's admin. I did not take it seriously up until January, when some people from 8chan.moe's fetish boards showed up and began posting weird stuff. From that moment I decided that 8chan.moe/loomis/ is no longer safe and that we needed our own site. I want to provide our own place where we can do whatever we want without outside influence, because sharing a website with other boards is restricting, and interacting with a site owner that is not from the /loomis/ community is frustrating. Anyways I am not interested in stealing users; people can post wherever they want. I did not receive a single cent from Loomis or anyone else for any of artga.in's services btw. I only did this because I wanted to.
>>1434 btw if the BO or a vol is here, please remove my server's address from the drawpile thread. I no longer wish to associate with this place. If you need proof it's me just join the drawpile.
>>1435 Oh and just to clarify myself: The only reason I came here and posted about our new site ( >>1384 ) is because artchad asked me to. Otherwise I would never have stepped into here. I was not even aware anon.cafe/loomis/ existed and that my server is being promoted until artchad talked about it. In addition, the fact that this shithead ( >>1433 ) is here makes sure I will never care about this place. So rest assured; I have not, and never will attempt to steal users from this deserted board, nor do I ever wish to.
>>1434 >Moving to anon.cafe/loomis/ is not an option, because Loomis disliked this place for stealing all of the old 8chan.net/loomis/'s assets What a bunch of drama, i thought he said it was okay because the original BO intended for this place to be a just-in-case bunker, not a copycat by the same name and assets. Not your fault tho. >moving to another site still means that we are at someone's mercy Sensible decision, understandable from most points. >Thinking .moe was safe to begin with Won't start sperging myself so i'll sidetrack this, but there's a reason this place still had some semblance of use despite the initial move. Shows how much i don't know because by new site i thought it was .moe, this little island is isolated mind you, my distractions have been critical but at least i can see i could do nothing at all anyways other than the possible (and undesirable) pot stirring that doesn't and probably won't cross my mind. Still, despite your position i have no harsh feelings and if something happens you can use this place as a bunker, because as far as i know it was initially supposed to be just that and then later used as a third base for those who disliked .moe and were left marooned after the Julay admin war. I was supposed to be a caretaker along with Artchad, and at least from my part i can say we are still open if some of you fellows have a problem or want to curate stuff by using specific threads here, if anything i will strongly consider a visual re-tooling to separate ourselves as i see there were considerable problems due to being a direct and unsanctioned ramification of Loomis. Can't change the name because if i could i would now that i know this. Thank you for your words too. >>1429 Guess we will need a new CSS, bud, and a couple of new threads.
>>1438 What's even more funny is they don't even advertise there new website on 8chan.moe/loomis oh the comedy, About time we become independent and separate ourselves. Would recommend getting rid of the drawpile thread entirely no one uses it and finding a new host would be a pain and most people here are most traditional artists. Drawpile also creates namefagging which is pretty anti imageboard. Wouldn't mind helping out if u need any
>>1442 >oh the comedy Didn't expect it out of such laid-back board we originally were back then, but that's what happens sometimes and especially after the fall of the old place with the splinters being forced out of the boards. >Wouldn't mind helping out We do have not so much the opportunity but almost rather the moral obligation to change image as the original heads disavowed us for some reason despite my long-standing views we were in line but what should i know, staying the same would be seen as bad in all cases (justly or unjustly). You do touch upon a good point, probably most of us here are paper-based and have other hobbies, we can just focus on an image of quick sketching and conceptual tracing board (a scale down of the usually more complex and human figure focused legacy board) with allowed sidenotes of modelling and art studying threads (as in checking out stuff to comprehend it) so we can add variation while not losing our intention of replicating by our own hand stuff we like. Kinda like /make/ was but with an explicit intention of drawing/designing as the end goal and the rest being a bonus, said designs including not only models but scenes or objects. But this needs a consensus, same with the new CSS being a light or dark one, pruning of old threads or just starting new ones, the focus of the new library that someone (probably me) will have to recreate now that the Mega links probably won't be recreated or reposted and in the future maybe our new name. We all draw so the unoriginal suggestion might be draw :^)
>>1443 Should be called /draw/ all you really need is one thread for drawing and a meta thread, feels thread and a questions that don't deserve there own thread.
>set a day aside to spend drawing <biggest happening of the decade occurs this happens more often that i would like
Open file (967.43 KB 1379x1442 Selection_040.png)
Open file (1.69 MB 1639x1164 IMG_0096.png)
Exciting times for this board!
Open file (5.32 MB 2634x1668 Selection_041.png)
Open file (1.94 MB 1775x1228 IMG_0102.png)
>>1444 I might say another thread for visual studies aka discuss what and why something we like is like that. Guess i will make a thread about questions to reach a general consensus, all 4 of us. >>1445 Happens to me too when i leave my computer for more than a day or two, famous people start dying or something big happened. With Russia getting into Ukraine i left my PC for 4 days, the most since a long weekend in March '20 right before the pandemic started officially. >>1446 It seems although you are under a lupe now buddy boy
>>1448 There is 4 of us? >It seems although you are under a lupe now buddy boy I don't understand this sentence on bit
Open file (5.46 MB 2631x1669 Selection_042.png)
Open file (1.58 MB 1642x1117 IMG_0103.png)
Open file (420.39 KB 1361x811 Selection_046.png)
Open file (1.74 MB 1641x1205 IMG_0109.png)
Open file (138.57 KB 429x865 Selection_043.png)
Open file (684.38 KB 620x1321 IMG_0107.png)
Open file (175.98 KB 414x660 Selection_045.png)
Open file (1.02 MB 793x1400 IMG_0108.png)
Open file (472.75 KB 996x872 Selection_049.png)
Open file (1.34 MB 1530x1082 IMG_0110.png)
Open file (197.05 KB 363x689 Selection_047.png)
Open file (1.98 MB 1151x1771 IMG_0111.png)
Open file (540.69 KB 1381x839 Selection_050.png)
Open file (1.77 MB 1628x1190 IMG_0120.png)
>>1456 >>1457 Finally some ass.
Open file (1.41 MB 1103x1561 IMG_0122.png)
Open file (581.72 KB 688x1079 IMG_0127.png)
Open file (1.21 MB 1449x968 IMG_0124.png)
Open file (1.59 MB 1673x1153 IMG_0137.png)
From life drawing class
Open file (508.87 KB 3686x2577 IMG_20220629_203518.jpg)
oh my god A NEW POST i started this months ago and got busy with other shit, finished it today and didn't want to sink anymore time into it. drawn without reference beyond Loomis' anatomy guides
Open file (7.02 MB 2513x3436 ClipboardImage.png)
reposting from zzz/v/'s drawthread in the hopes that there's someone here that can give me advice on how it's going
Open file (616.25 KB 2495x3438 IMG_20220708_210943.jpg)
Open file (607.59 KB 1387x1615 20220709_080416.jpg)
How to do nice caustics, translucence, highlight , reflections given the objects in 3d space? Since somethings looks so abstract to do
Open file (399.69 KB 2472x2017 IMG_20220711_190247.jpg)
rate my arms
Open file (760.37 KB 2530x3504 IMG_20220713_175454.jpg)
more arms, some drawn from reference, others from scratch and only using previous drawings as reference
>>1499 You seem to start getting hang of the anatomy but the shapes and propportions are kind of whacky.
Open file (592.17 KB 1944x1557 this_broke_me.jpg)
Alright /loomis/ I need some years-long-closure for the drawing that broke me. I posted this years ago on prolikewoah/animu/. I was expecting advice and mild-mannered criticism, and I got the "typical-anon-treatment" instead. It's hand-drawn on paper, taken with a camera, and edited in Krita to have more contrast. So now, I want a "real" opinion on this. What is right and wrong at this point? Can I git gud, or at the very least suck in peace? god fucking damn it, I'm literally crying again. fuck.
>>1510 > What is right and wrong at this point? Can I git gud, Sure you can. It's just a matter of practice as with most things. But I don't see a lot to critique there. You would just have to start to learn the anatomy of the face and neck. Or at least the proportions and how the underlying structure of the skull works in three dimensions. I'm not sure how long it took to draw that thing, so it's hard to critique. Also: Git gut faget LEL
>>1511 >Sure you can. It's just a matter of practice as with most things. >But I don't see a lot to critique there. You would just have to start to learn the anatomy of the face and neck. Or at least the proportions and how the underlying structure of the skull works in three dimensions. I think my problem with anatomy is two things. First is that the process of drawing off photos feels rigid and precise while drawing stylized humans requires fluidity and ambiguity to do the work for you. Second (piggybacking off the first) is that I get copy-paste-tunnel vision with photos, while in the case of stylized, I get lost in the freedom of choice. and have trouble putting down simple shapes. So, based on that, I should practice more on making simple shapes "More 3D,". What else would I be missing? >I'm not sure how long it took to draw that thing, so it's hard to critique. To be honest, I can't remember either, I don't think it was much over an hour. >Also: Git gut faget LEL Haha! Damn straight I will!
>>1510 What did you use as reference, or did you draw it by memory?
>>1514 No reference at all. It was drawn completely from imagination.
Open file (701.79 KB 1280x354 unknown.png)
Open file (383.12 KB 619x413 unknown-314.png)
Open file (405.12 KB 645x533 unknown-364.png)
Open file (9.91 MB 3873x3323 Stug1.png)
Remember, keep up drawing and never give up! Seriously! A few words of advice. Always think about lines you place and keep this saying to heart. "Slow is smooth, smooth is fast." From the mechanical action of moving your arm to place a line to the thought behind the line, the fastest way to make the best line is to think about it, think about how this line should go, and if it goes wrong? No biggie! Keep going! When marking lines, keep the same premise! Don't go too fast, don't go too slow! the first piece of art is some coom shit I was working on, but these were paintings I made, I'll post up a huge canvas I finished soon
>>1544 Looking really good, anon, keep it up!
Open file (886.48 KB 2266x3276 IMG_20230110_221442.jpg)
I have returned again Going to post daily from now on, if I don't I want you to bully me mercilessly until I post again.
>>1548 Wednesdays are the only exception I swear
>>1549 FUCK
Open file (960.11 KB 2516x3250 IMG_20230123_215025.jpg)
I think I'm getting back into it.
Open file (898.42 KB 2419x3133 IMG_20230212_145536.jpg)
Open file (681.24 KB 1680x1050 water_walk_WIP.png)
Open file (590.98 KB 1680x1050 2023-03-24_15h16_30.png)
Did these for some /monster/ drawfaggotry. The full-picture one, is my first WIP submission I made, and was commented a few things: >Saggy breasts >Middle-aged face. So I made some edits, and I'm posting them, along with my reference (from Easy Pose) here because I'm impatient, and frustrated. My perfectionism is driving me up the wall, because I want to make it "right" but I keep second-guessing myself. I tried checking out other stuff for a gauge on how to get it to look better but I still keep second-guessing myself. What am I missing?
>>1576 main issue appears to be lack of line confidence, and a lack of foundation in general. i'd recommend going through Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain by Betty Edwards, it will help you get in the mindset of how to draw properly. learning to draw is a marathon, not a sprint. you're gonna make it.
>>1577 Thanks for the recommendations, I'd say you hit right on the mark when it comes to the issue I have. I'll check that out.
getting back into it for reals this time first drawing is from almost two years ago it hurts to think how little progress i've made because i have no discipline, second is from tonight. I can see the proportions are wrong on the latter (head too small, my eternal enemy) but otherwise I think they're roughly the same in quality.
rate my blooks
>>1636 I think the shading looks a bit more subtle
Open file (277.62 KB 381x600 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (193.78 KB 409x600 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.86 MB 1200x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
For warmup each day I do three figure sketches with five minutes each. I think the last one for today turned out the best,
Decided to be finished with this one, what I should've done was rubbed the paper with graphite before I started to have a nice texture/shading basis, trying to do it by hand with a pencil is not as easy and doesn't look as good. >>1639 The first time was also done with charcoal instead of a pencil so that's why it's a lot darker.
Open file (794.83 KB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1637 looks like sick animation
Full page of blooks, I think the problem with most of them is that I was trying to add too much detail so they ended up in a sort of uncanny valley where they were neither cartoonish nor realistic. The ones on the far right side of the page are simpler than the others, and I think they look a bit better because of it.

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