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Open file (68.11 KB 775x648 Drawpile1.jpg)
Non-denominational /loomis/ Drawpile Thread Artist 07/06/2020 (Mon) 03:07:21 No.719
Drawpile (https://drawpile.net/) is a collaborative drawing and visual shitposting software. Every Sunday at 10pm EST good /loomis/ boys and girls of all skill levels from across the internet come together for a one-of-a-kind artistic experience. Join us! Drawpile > Session > Join > Host (splelps.com) > Channel (/loomis/)
>>804 Admin said the resolution may be too large to handle for the site. Maybe crop it or upload it through other means, like with anonfiles?
Testing with quarter resolution, 50% nearest neighbor.
>>809 It'd be nice to know the max resolution. Unless it's some memory problem and ImageMagick or whatever LynxChan uses just dies if it runs out of RAM to gobble up. Gonna see if I can get last week's pile uploaded, as that image is also broken. I'd use a different scaling algorithm, but the things made with binary brushes end up looking fucky.
AWOOGA! AWOOGA! Reminder, the session will be tomorrow night rather than sunday! Thank you.
I forgot lol
Let's see if this week's output uploads without incident.
WEE WOO WEE WOO! Session tonight in approximately 10 hours as of this post! Tell your friends, family and loved ones that it's almost shitdrawing time
In 4 hours and 20 minutes we begin once more, hope to see you there
>>837 It has ended.
>>838 Beautiful Especially Gondolafield How many people join on average?
Open file (62.98 KB 898x338 Missing_3.JPG.jpg)
>>838 >including lyman Ascended.
>>839 The most I've ever seen was 7 (including 2 mods iirc), that was when we were doing it on sundays. To be honest the saturdays have been a little tough-however we did have some people show up late-I think yesterday/this morning was 5-maybe 6 overall so not too bad.
1 hour and 20 minutes to go, bros
Connectors & Shitposts
We're going live in about 2 hours and fifteen minutes fellas
>>851 Was supposed to join but staying back late at work. Have fun.
How mousey of us.
The talent has successfully been cordoned off into its own ghetto.
Here's how my corner looked in the end.
>>867 Ah yes by the way: I remember someone on this thread lamenting the fact they couldn't upload files of a certain file size because they were too large/wide. If you want to post them without resizing them, just put them under a spoiler. Apparently, the way thumbnails are made is dependent on the original filesize, if it's larger than a set amount it just crashes and won't let you post. Spoilering the file though solves the issue, since no thumbnail is saved.
Open file (10.45 MB 5924x3075 loomis 2020 09 20-27 c2.png)
Open file (3.81 MB 3514x2896 loomis 2020 09 27 2.png)
Gee Bill! How come your mom lets you have two canvases?
Open file (10.97 MB 5924x3075 loomis 2020 09 27-04c.png)
Open file (1.58 MB 2457x2045 loomis 2020 10 04c.png)
And it's over once more. One from today, one from the rest of the week.
>>916 Thanks for making these, man.
Open file (54.32 KB 659x536 time.jpg)
Open file (94.99 KB 711x468 OHBOY.jpg)
Six of seven respondents rallied around the time between noon and 5pm Sunday. So it's decided, we have a new official meetup time: 2pm CDT / 9pm CET Every sunday! We'll try this for a few weeks-if it's a ghost town by this time next month we'll have to try again. Also, don't feel limited to just the official meetups either! The server is up all the time and I've found it's been fairly active as of late. >>918 No problemo, the real thanks are in order for the gracious host, Harb
DRAWPILE >>> Join >>> Host Address: splelps.com >>> Sever: /loomis/
>>929 Thanks for hosting these
Open file (115.57 KB 716x477 le loomis face.jpg)
Just 45 minutes to go, fellas!
One hour to go!
Open file (96.79 KB 711x468 drawpile time.jpg)
It's nearly that magical time once again. Join us in the >>>/loomis/ Sunday drawpile for an afternoon (or evening for you Eurofriends) of collaborative drawing fun. Starts in just over an hour as of this post. [Drawpile.net] > Session > Join > Host name (splelps.com) > Channel (/loomis/)
Here's last night's results. Thanks for stopping by fellas.
Open file (5.65 MB 11848x6152 DP2.jpeg)
Here's last night's results. Thanks for stopping by fellas.
Open file (240.51 KB 1491x730 pls.jpg)
We doin' it again
It's that time again, fellas
Weekly Drawpile reminder!
Open file (240.51 KB 1491x730 lads.jpg)
It's just about that time again, lads
We're doing it again fellas
Open file (224.18 KB 1491x730 lads.jpg)
We're still at it every week, guys. Sorry I haven't been posting the rallying cry here as much.
Alright, I'm setting a calendar reminder this time.
Open file (224.18 KB 1491x730 lads.jpg)
Weekly drawpile reminder!
Open file (224.18 KB 1491x730 lads.jpg)
It's that time again!

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