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Open file (85.73 KB 512x512 krita_pepe_512.png)
Krita General. based_art_chad 06/12/2020 (Fri) 22:41:26 No.560
Oh, damn an art board. I'll keep a look at this. Although my main stay is over at http://nanochanqzaytwlydykbg5nxkgyjxk3zsrctxuoxdmbx5jbh2ydyprid.onion/oc/ If you post on nanochan, you'll get an overpaint, if I see that you've put effort into the painting or drawing. Otherwise use this thread for for the clearnet normies. Do you want to know how to do anything specific in Krita? New to animation? New to painting? If you're using Photoshop or Corel Painter, you're a cuck and not allowed in this thread. Ok, let's see if this semi advertisement gets deleted.
>>1060 >>1063 Criticize Krita all you like but Gimp is absolutely fucking awful for drawing and/or painting with, always has been, always will be, and there's no way you can sit here with a straight face and tell anybody otherwise. It's a great image editing program though.
Not that I have much concern over this 'debate' one way or the other, but a) I'm an artist with a good tablet and plenty of experience using Photoshop with it. b) I've used both Krita and GIMP, and c) I find Krita far easier to reason about and to use than GIMP. My chief complaint about Krita is working with text in it. Beyond that I much prefer it to GIMP. That is all.
Krita's mascot is a cute furry thingy, Gimp's mascot is a fucking pepper. There is nothing to compare
>>1067 > Krita's mascot is a cute furry thingy, Gimp's mascot is a fucking pepper. There is nothing to compare Aye.
Open file (406.08 KB 512x512 celebration-box.gif)
Open file (7.54 KB 338x240 phichannel.png)
I've started another place on http://phichannlejbh7u7tvkryemqmi34onsfppkju52qtii3yakyvfh7ifyd.onion/ic/. Check it out if you are bored or curious. I've created a MEGA with a few books. You will have to check out the site for yourself though. ;)
>>1144 Great. A place with even less traffic than here
Open file (69.51 KB 531x528 questioning.png)
>>1144 Is this so that we can have another bunker? I don't see the rationale for having another splinter board otherwise.
Open file (52.21 KB 276x296 surprise.gif)
>>1152 >>1160 I'm certainly curious, but I can't connect to it
>>1161 It's an onion link, so you would have to access it through the Tor browser. The site itself, Phichannel, seems to be pretty sparsely populated. I suspect it will probably stay that way, unless it's accessible via clearnet.
>>1160 > Is this so that we can have another bunker? I don't see the rationale for having another splinter board otherwise. It has Software I like and an admin I like. But it's not meant to fractionate. It's just an aaddition. You can see it as a bunker if you want. I like to connected different places to each other to crete a take down resilient network. Nanochan, 8chan.moe, anon.cafe, the draw thread on zzzchan /v/, now Phichannel. I cross link these sites, to create web independend of software.
I've created a mega for the krita tutorials I've made: https://mega.nz/folder/BkZkjZJT#SGj236RlrmhUgGweoOJjuQ I'll add new videos in the future. Next video will probably be on creating animation sprite sheets for game development. I'll focus on populating this place for now.
Here is the mega link to my pdfs. https://mega.nz/folder/tgBnEaqY#-PzCdwqe5D2eV8WNVZtgDA I don't want to be keep that link exclusively on a Tor only imageboard.
Open file (19.01 KB 528x321 recorder-docker.png)
Krita 5 added a "Recorder" docker, which you can use to easily createa speedpainting video. WAOW. I will now record everything I do, so I can share the cool bits here on this board. It exports to all kinds of formats and allows to specify a custom FPS for the video as well as for the images fed to ffmpeg during the video creation. Formats include: - Gif - MPEG4 - Matroska - webm I'm willing to accept the bloat for such an awesome feature. The recordings also don't give you nausea, because things like the rotation, zoom or translation of the canvas relative to the GUI are not recorded. (Although I wouldn't recommend cancelling the export process, because Krita crashes for me when I do that. Also holding the last frame doesn't seem to currently work. Also exporting to gif seems to not include all frames.) Have a taste.
Open file (16.12 MB 1280x720 256k-bitrate.webm)
This is a speed paint video I made a year ago. Please no bully, I've improved a lot since then. I just try my best to boost the PPD for this board.
Open file (708.38 KB 2000x1326 traditional-001.jpg)
Open file (798.58 KB 2000x1439 traditional-002.jpg)
Open file (556.35 KB 2000x1409 traditional-003.jpg)
Here are some watercolor practice paintings I did.
>>1199 That second one has really striking colors, good job!
I've officially dropped Nanochan as a place where I post. I've downloaded the database and dipped. I'm reasonably sure it's compromised. Now that 8ch*n.moe and Nanochan dropped away, I can fully focus on posting on posting in this place. :D
>>1203 Baseless. Respond to >>1202
Fuck modern day GNU+Linux. It's just a kernel with unstable bloated trash on top which is taped together. Poettering is everywhere. Don't want dbus, elogind, polkit, xpra, systemd, weird apparmor libs, etc. etc. on your system? Well, fuck you, nigger! ... I'm off to OpenBSD. I'm going where the grass is greener. Let's see when I'll be able to create digital art in Krita again. Until I manage to port the xf86-input-wacom tools, I won't be able to use my graphics tablet to draw and paint. I'll be programming. Maybe chadchad can become a thing now. OpenBSD is actually an operating syatem that respects the users intelligence and security needs. Tommow a new year will start. I will not look back to GNU or Linux. This feels like the jump from Windows to GNU+Linux. Now it's Linux to OpenBSD. Give me another five years and I'll start writing my own operating system for RISC-V. I'll try to post OpenGL shader art in the future. Tuturutuuuuuu. Go forth my little Artchad an conquer OpenBSD! :^D
>>1263 I just went back to linux because how slow openbsd is without hyperthreading and other junk. Maybe i will go back to openbsd one day, after i git gud.
>>1264 if you hate systemdicks so much just use a distro without it. devuan is a good start.
Open file (891.46 KB 1200x753 erotic-001.png)
Open file (70.33 KB 240x320 erotic-002.png)
Open file (290.73 KB 1280x721 erotic-003-001.png)
Open file (859.23 KB 456x910 erotic-004-001.png)
Open file (650.67 KB 456x910 erotic-004-002.png)
>>1270 > if you hate systemdicks so much just use a distro without it. devuan is a good start. Yeah, I've used Devuan for around three years now. (Currently writing from a Devuan System.) Unfortunately OpenBSD doesn't support my graphics card. R.I.P. Back on Ganoo+Linucks. I've starting to learn OpenGL. I'm currently also playing around with filters and more technical features of Krita. Here are some tests:
>>1286 Gentoo just works and the amount of freedom and choice the user gets is worth the hassle for some
>>1270 I literally said nothing about systemd, i think you reffed the wrong post, i DO hate systemd thought. All non-systemd distros are snake oils. $ pacman -Qi |grep -B10 systemd gives 4 packages in artix. I changed elogind and udev already but everytime you want to install something from AUR elogind or udev is a dep soo you have to edit the makepkg file. Systemd is literal cancer and it won't stop until it replaces every low level software with systemd-dependant, bloated and unmaintainable alternatives. >>1291 I already compile a lot of software myself, i got filtered by kernel compilation years ago, i won't get filtered now. If my current system dies i will install gentoo or funtoo.
Open file (227.95 KB 2000x3000 002.png)
Open file (250.47 KB 2000x3000 002-001.png)
Open file (62.01 KB 1600x1067 003.png)
Open file (25.97 KB 628x924 004.png)
Open file (26.10 KB 628x924 004-001.png)
Some value simplifications to study dark shapes and lines.
Alpine seems to be nice Linux distribution. It aims to be minimalist and uses open-rc. I might've finally found a save haven, that doesn't constantly stop working. My devuan install just stopped working, because NSA-san thought I was using Debian and didn't realize I use Devuan instead. So his glowware just exploded in my face and forced me to reinstall. That was the final straw. Alpine it shall be. musl-libc > glibc
Xorg running. Nouveau drivers running. (Just had to remove a bunch of crap in /etc/modprobe.d . Krita not compiled, because when using View --> Detach canvas the flickering goes aways and allows dwm to nicely tile the detatched canvas. :^D
Krita is still fucked. GIMP I PRAISE YOU
Open file (467.24 KB 1849x1702 gimp-test-001.jpg)
Another GIMP test.
Open file (200.00 KB 1107x1027 symbolism-001-trimmed.png)
Open file (240.23 KB 1107x1027 symbolism-002-trimmed.png)
>>1308 Time for me to get good at krita
>>1459 you are the gigachad
Can anyone re-upload these two videos? >>1462 and working with opacity. >>1463
>>1491 > Can anyone re-upload these two videos? >>1462 and working with opacity. >>1463 https://mega.nz/folder/BkZkjZJT#SGj236RlrmhUgGweoOJjuQ Check the krita-tutorials/other-tutorials/selections-and-alpha.webm in there.
Open file (39.46 KB 640x360 thumbnaill-ameller.jpg)
new tutorial video. https://mega.nz/folder/BkZkjZJT#SGj236RlrmhUgGweoOJjuQ/folder/dlxGxbRJ Also anonfiles removed some of the uploaded files. Probably because they were uploaded without an account. Video can also be found on PeerTube: https://kraut.zone/w/vimDknmBZ2v5wXetKFz9Mc
Open file (25.79 KB 480x270 thumb-002-480x320.jpg)
I made a little additional video on color: https://kraut.zone/w/jvU1ayaRTnJri7fcchtM4g (This one is a bit more focused and less rambly. But still kinda rambly as always. hehehe) Also on MEGA: https://mega.nz/folder/BkZkjZJT#SGj236RlrmhUgGweoOJjuQ Also on catbox: https://files.catbox.moe/mwymut.mkv (Not sure how long they keep files.)
Open file (228.85 KB 960x540 screen-960x.screen.png)
Here stream is online: http://e2ms6uclnfcboc4yaqw7htx6tjtaee7lswwis566rukyww54eb4qgwyd.onion/ Will probably stream tomorrow as well around the same time.
Open file (1.08 MB 2048x2048 monero-chan_002.jpg)
Monero-chan result from stream
Open file (110.21 KB 640x360 screenshot420-resized.png)
Hi, I'm streaming again! With a better set up and MORE BOOBA ! http://stream.artfovwylhl7wlkcmnp35zb5cyqqydjl2zk24xklroeotfaund4r5aad.onion/ Praise our new AI Art-Overlords!
Open file (276.66 KB 1920x1080 1.png)
>>6877 http://stream.artfovwylhl7wlkcmnp35zb5cyqqydjl2zk24xklroeotfaund4r5aad.onion/ We're writing an Eroge! (At least people tune in from time to time to check the progress.)
Artchad here. What the frick? Are all the onion-chans down? ...
Ok, my site is also down, but but... the others have responsibilities... xD
>>1547 Hi artchad. How've you been
>>1568 I've been great. My spiritual development is making leaps since I've joined a community of people, who are also interested in stuff like that. The thing I'm currently working on, is to create time frames in which I can be creatively active. Which is kind of rough without privacy. > . < I hope your also developing sir. <3
>>1569 >I hope your also developing sir. <3 Slowly but surely :)

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