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Open file (292.52 KB 654x1228 ErikaSam.png)
QTDDTOT Artist 05/15/2020 (Fri) 21:57:03 No.194
Questions that don't deserve their own thread - Sketches Edition. Do you usually refine the figure (face, accessories, hair, drapes) when sketching or its easier to just putting a landmark then refine it later in lineart?
>>1041 >I just want to avoid art school >feedback/gain the critiques If you go the route of "outsider" artist, or someone who "made up" his own style and doctrine, you can easily be identified among the rest of the people if you refine it with your own tastes enough, plus you avoid those things you mentioned. Thing is solitude is a bitch though, one can never gauge how good or unique we are going because we are used to seeing our own stuff. For that i don't know what to recommend other than bite the bullet and go hermit until you are moderately satisfied with your work... but there's one thing for sure, you'll probably double your chances of success if you can apply those drawings onto a good story/joke/conceptual narrative so scriptwriting/world-building is as crucial as having a pretty picture.
>>1041 I'll give you a proper critique on some high effort work. I'm not regularly online, but after a week, you can probably be assured you've gotten a proper critique. Being cut off from the internet for days or weeks does wonders for you productivity. ^ o ^
Open file (8.06 KB 230x200 XDDD.jpg)
>>1039 Because, like in the days of olde 8ch, 80% of every board's users are lurkers. Porn boards and dump boards can live like that, but in places like this that require active participation, there's not much point without an active userbase. Also what >>1039 said, the BO moved operations. I don't really get what the point of that was, but if there was more community support here, I'd prefer this one. I suppose he thought people would be more comfortable using markchan. At least neither one is /ic/. t. lurker of both
>>194 That pic is probably cutest drawn character i have ever seen. Should i learn 2 draw soo i can see more of her now? Is this the start of my fall as a functioning person?
>>211 they won't faggot. They are not real women.
>>254 I just ate a great amount of food and feel very full. While reading what the second guy in that image wrote, I felt an urge to vomit. OMG... I shouldn't reimagine that feeling.
>>1039 Don't mind me, just gonna reply to this months-old post to get some conversation going, and maybe we can get some more posts on the board that way. Our problem is that the /loomis/ community was already fairly small to begin with relative to other boards. A board with thousands of users could survive being fractured a few times, but if you have less than 100 or so, the board is in for a rough ride. The board list here reports active 3 users, and there's only another 5 listed on .moe/loomis. Of course, that doesn't count lurkers, and as >>1045 mentioned, that's a bulk of the users. Now, on to the matter of making the board less dead. I saw another poster mention that the name /loomis/ is meaningless to anyone who doesn't know Andrew Loomis. It's hard to attract people interested in art if they don't even know that this is an art board. We could fix this by advertising the board in relevant communities or threads where it may be welcome. E.g. drawthreads and on boards where drawing is relevant to the subject, like /agdg/. I think some of this is already done with drawpile announcements, but I don't know how far they spread through the webring. There's also the remaining posters on .moe. Personally, I have no ill will against anons who still post on there. I figure that they don't really care about the site's administration and are ultimately more concerned about having some semblance of a healthy community. Maybe if a strong argument against continued use of .moe was laid out in clear terms, more anons would make the jump. That being said, I understand why some anons are hostile to that website as a whole, including those who chose to put up with all its problems.
Open file (50.76 KB 276x296 remorse.gif)
>>1163 Good observations and you are correct, one reason I didn't migrate from 8kunt until things became absolutely intolerable there from a technical standpoint (the experience itself was never anything other than sour to begin with) was largely because I had seen what even a few migrations can do to a fairly large community, let alone a small one. I was a longtime user of an imageboard that went from being an independent website, to two websites over a sort of staff "mutiny". When both of those shut down it became an 8chan.net board. With 8chan's awful technical issues (issues that, long term, I blame for essentially killing the site and its spirit in ways that dubious board-specific management had otherwise failed to) it was forced onto 8chan.pl, then 8chan.pl shut down so it was back to an 8chan.net board, then it became its own website again after a short stint as a post-8chan.net endchan board. Through all that tumultuous period this site had gone from-I believe-the fastest english non-4chan imageboard in its humble beginnings to a ghost town haunted by a handful of unironic schizos and Russian CP bots.
>>1165 Hello! Did you know you can cheaply and easily manufacturer a permablinding laser gun that will instantly blind human beings for life at ridiculous ranges? https://invidio.us/shorts/GPRDbSsNyF4?feature=share
Open file (47.11 KB 276x296 suspicion.gif)
>>1166 You're not one of those "glowing n-words" I've been hearing so much about, in disguise, are you?
>>1167 niggers?
Open file (53.55 KB 276x296 hilarity.gif)
>>1168 Ah yes, that's the word I was looking for!
>>1169 Nope Just a guy with a undodgeable photon rifle and a grudge against the federal government
Open file (39.88 KB 750x1000 giga-kek001.jpg)
>>1166 That first pic is hilarious. > AND THEY CALL LUCIFER THE LIGHT BRINGER!!! > HAHAHAHAAHA > THEY'LL BE ENLIGHTENED SOON Fucking giga kek
>>1163 >>1165 i've been meaning to post here but i just haven't had time to work on drawing. I took some classes for extra credits and learned a bit there, but I don't have anything else that I can really post. I still check for new posts every day.
>>1174 > I still check for new posts every day. same. We all do. I will post some art tomorrow. Something simple.
I'm getting frustrated by digital drawing. I found an unused notebook that I've been scribbling in with my copic, and I've been having some fun just allowing myself to draw without any particular goal in mind. Even though I have been neglecting traditional recently, I found it pretty easy to recover some of the muscle memory. Peter Han's warmup exercises are a big help. I had forgotten how good it can feel to put pen to paper. But then going back to digital, nothing feels right. There are a lot of little frustrations; the screen is too slick and I still feel disconnect between my pen and my drawing. I've been struggling to create the lines that I want, and while using the smoothing tool helps, it just doesn't feel very natural. I could invest in an Intuos 3 over my current Huion, but I'm not sure if that will help very much. I've always liked drawing digitally because I have a lot of freedom to experiment with different brushes, effects, colors, etc. How can I make digital drawing feel more natural?
Open file (49.74 KB 658x664 braino drawpile.jpg)
>>1229 >the screen is too slick Yup, it's like drawing on a microwave door or something (I don't know, maybe that's dumb comparison but it sucks in either case) >still feel disconnect With traditional tablets you have a disconnect depending on the monitor to tablet size relationship pertaining to your potential range of motion/how it "feels" to draw with (this is important, honestly). With screen tablets you have parallax and the less-than-ideal posture of traditional without the organic "breaks" created by the need to sharpen pencils, grab different markers, apply different pigments to the brush etc. In some ways the disconnect is actually worse with screen tablets because the true exact-pixel input is obscured by your stylus and hand. >Intuos 3 You're on the right track. If you're in the US check this out: https://shopgoodwill.com/item/135566992 This auction ends in just under three days. If you snipe this auction (do not place a single bid before under a minute left in the auction, otherwise you're exposing your interest and potentially greatly increasing your overall cost for no reason whatsoever) you should be able to get what appears to be a very nice Intuos 3 (the favored model of Atlus artist Soejima and Feng Zhu), complete in box for a very reasonable price. Because it's in the box I wouldn't be surprised to see this auction go up to $100 though. Why not at least it try it out? Worst case scenario: You don't like it, you've maybe spent a single day's wage on it Best case scenario: It could prove to be the best art-related decision you've ever made and will change your digital drawing experience for the better for decades to come, unironically. I am an Intuos Large Evangelist and have wrote many paragraphs on why I like them both on .moe/loomis/ and /ic/; I swear by these things and while I can't make any guarantees for how it may work out for you personally I think the potential reward in experimenting way outweighs the risk.
Open file (444.63 KB 563x565 1638840712240.png)
>>1236 By the way >>1229 if you do decide you want to try and get it let me know here because I'm probably going to go for it if you don't. Don't let the low bid fool you now though it could easily go much higher at the very end of the auction. It might not be a bad idea to check facebook marketplace, craigslist or ebay instead/as well.
Has this place been abandon or are the mods still present and how active is this place. If there is any, I say hi. I'm going to post here more often bring some life to this place. If it's worth it.
>>1245 Hi. Don't you see the post dates? As far as I know there is one mod and one board owner. The board owner seems to check this place rarely (although that's a guess) the mod seems to check thos place more regularly. I myself check this place every day with some exceptions between. Feel free to post. I will usually try my best to help people answer questions they have, so we can all grow together.
>>1246 sup, that's cool yeah I could tell by the post dates there was just no bump option on the catalog so was hard to tell. Holy shit this site is way more faster and posting on it uploads super fast compared to 8chan.moe think I am done with the site tbh it's pretty dead there.
English is my third language, so can anon redo the following process/steps in step by step short video because I'm a visual learner and I find it hard to understand these. >In December of 1950, Saturday Evening Post cover artist J.C. Leyendecker outlined his basic method in a letter to a student. >“My first step is to fill a sketch pad with a number of small rough sketches about two by three inches, keeping them on one sheet so you can compare them at a glance. >“Select the one that seems to tell the story most clearly and has an interesting design. Enlarge this by square to the size of the magazine cover, adding more detail and color as needed. >“You are now ready for the model. First make a number of pencil or charcoal studies. Select the most promising and on a sketch canvas do these in full color, oil or water with plenty of detail. Keep an open mind and be alert to capture any movement or pose that may improve your original idea. >“You may now dismiss your model, but be sure you have all the material needed with separate studies of parts to choose from, for you are now on your own and must work entirely from your studies. >“This canvas will somewhat resemble a picture puzzle, and it is up to you to assemble it and fit it into your design at the same time simplify wherever possible by eliminating all unessentials. All this is done on tracing paper and retraced on the final canvas. >“Your finished painting may be any size to suit you, but is usually about twice the size of the reproduction. >“As a rule, I start work with a round or flat sable using a thin wash, with turps as a medium. Keep shadows very transparent, and as the work progresses, apply the paint more thickly on lighted areas, adding some poppy oil or linseed oil if necessary, and using a larger flat bristle brush for the heavier paint, but still keeping the shadows thin and vibrant. >“When the work is dry, apply a quick drying retouching varnish either with a brush or an atomizer. >“Sometimes because of prohibitive model rates or other reasons, one is forced to use photography, but try and avoid it if possible.
Doesn't he draw some really racist caricatures?
>>1368 He's very racist indeed
Open file (194.74 KB 1200x980 blookyeschad.png)
>>1368 > Doesn't he draw some really racist caricatures? "racism" wasn't really a big thing back then as it is tried to be made today. He just exaggerated his subjects in a way that he seemed to capture it's essence best.
>>1368 >>1369 >>1371 Then he's certainly the man I want teaching my kids arts tbh.
I've been getting Xp-pen getting shilled to me recently. Are they worth it? >>470 So the drawing gloves aren't a placebo effect?
>>1551 Not at all, your hand gets sweaty and it will drag on the tablet and mess up your strokes. The glove prevents it entirely.
TLDR: Joining twatter for the 1st time as a manga artist. Do you know phrases or questions from the twatter police that are considered red flags? Longer version: I've made some drawings initially for a goof, shared them with an online friend and they said "anon you should go on twatter". I didn't join twatter yet but I have been practicing on my own for months. Now, I am aware that twatter is abusive to manga artists. I imagine that the most rationale thing to do is to 1. do not interact them 2. mute them 3. block them and 4. report for abuse in that order (correct me if I'm wrong) but then I remember seeing a twatter user who is an artist who draws lolis making a tweet that said "stop asking me for my characters' age, you are not my audience" so I imagine that he received messages with uncomfortable phrases or questions with unfortunate implications if he were to answer them. Another artist went "I used to mute them only, now I also block them" I know or I think I know how to spot this kind of abuser, they post in their profile things like their age, the acronyms like BLM or ACAB, pronouns, specific flags, references to mental illness... What I don't know is their usage of words in case they infiltrate my profile and sooner or later I receive a DM from any of them. If I happen to properly identify such phrases "how old is this character you draw so much?" then I'd know if that question is purposefully made in bad faith. I don't know if this is the right place to ask since it's sorta related to art to a certain point.
>>1571 They only have as much power as you give them. Don't interact with them in the slightest. Ignore their comments (public and private) and mute them if they keep pestering you. Blocking them will show them that they've blocked you which only gives them more to work with. Show that you don't care about their opinions by ignoring their opinions, no matter how loud they may be. The majority of people that like your art aren't even going to comment on it, they just tap the like button and move on; that's the audience you're aiming for. If they see you getting into multi-reply squabbles with naysayers they're going to write you off as a petty little bitch and unfollow you. The silent majority is real, simply give them what they want, nothing more.
>>1572 Consider me motivated. Thank you. Sincerely. >The silent majority is real, simply give them what they want, nothing more Everyone should read this.
>>1571 >Now, I am aware that twatter is abusive to manga artists twitter is very inconsistent regarding this. just wanted to point that out. but yeah >>1572. from the perspective as someone not into that sort of thing, it's as simple as muting an account and moving on.
>>1571 I suppose it depends on what you want from twatter, if you want to get more exposure I suppose it might be okay but otherwise it's not worth it.
What's a good resource on constructing guidelines with 3d-form and keeping proportion? The two biggest problems i have with designing a figure's guidelines are 1. When the preparation of the guidelines doesn't show enough of the character's form in 3d space and 2. When the artist teaching the use of guidelines either uses them very vaguely or doesn't use them at all. 1. is a reason I have a problem with Proko's "the bean" and much of the drawing tutorials I've watched of his. #2. is a problem that I find more on anime-drawing tuts. Figure drawing for all it's worth is in a weird place for me, since It has so much information condensed into that it's hard trying to digest it all. Constructive Anatomy is neat, and I like bridgeman's guideline style, but the book itself is more like a notebook than it is a teaching tool.
I want to draw but have no experience and my fine motor skills are lacking. Where do I go to practice?
>>1640 start with Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, it forms an excellent foundation and a gorilla on bath salts could go through it and come out a better artist.
>>1641 >and a gorilla on bath salts could go through it and come out a better artist. That's a pretty high commendation Anon. Against my better judgment I'd have to say I agree.
Open file (144.91 KB 950x534 wol1.jpg)
What is this? Is it just monochrome with a splash of a different color?
>>1635 >something that ll help me get some 6 digit conceptartist job, or bring in equivalent sales traffic on insta, interwebs Ahem,... "How do Draw" by Scott Robertson.
>>1656 NTA, great recommendation Anon. Cheers.
>>1658 Draw a space marine.
Open file (201.18 KB 777x843 ClipboardImage.png)
How do I draw hair? I get the whole volume and clumps thing but something about it just doesn't click in my brain when I try putting it on paper.
>>1654 It's mostly 1bit black&white, with gray and red as limited other colors mostly used for UI elements. If it's the same as SoL then the other colors also respect the limited palette and are max saturation max brightness. I don't think that it's real 4bit RGBI/CGA-style since SoL is unity and WoL is either unity or flash but they don't break their own rules from what I remember. I fucking love 1bit BW, even dithering is better than gradient pissbaby bullshit >>1673 Draw (drawn) hair that you think looks good from reference.
>>1654 >>1674 I never knew Kingdom of Loathing got any sequels.

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