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Open file (140.10 KB 539x537 Read Loomis.png)
Encouragement and Critique Thread! Go! Go! Drawoli Anonymous 05/15/2020 (Fri) 20:06:34 No.115
Post your art related woes here. REMEMBER! NEVER GIVE UP! WE BELIEVE IN YOU!
Used the model as a basis then drew a different character over it, I think it turned out pretty well. Biggest issue is the face, most definitely some symbol drawing but I had erased and redone it so many times that the paper was starting to get thin so I just left it the way it is.
Open file (125.66 KB 1200x800 Lms1A.jpg)
I said i would start drawing "next year" (this year) after some time doing only technical stuff, i stopped in the first place after teachers told me nobody cares about drawings and due to having zero feedback from my early attempts but i still like doing it and it's a good source of OC or storymaking i plan to do later on. So in this first day of the many weeks to come in the "have nothing at all but old books and tons of pencils" i will quick preview things i usually did in my heyday, i think i will start on paper again with those old arch reference texts but today is going to be Gimp day with a mouse cursor pencil. >Faceless figures, some trees, a building and a car. This proved much more difficult than i expected, the "pencil" point lags, cannot do some acute direction changes for some reason and making precise maneuvering is not what a mouse was made for, the car was downright impossible for me even when i could do one blindfolded once. What bothers me the most is that i'm used to speed sketching and then using most of the time making small details and this isn't it, i had a drawpad and i never got used to it because i love immediate feedback so i guess i will learn with my real pencils first then i will jump. Have no scanner so i will try to guess how to post them. Hope people start picking the board again, i remember it being a decent spot.
ded board but i've visited here every day, i still care after 4 months of not drawing because of school bullshit I've started again, working primarily on faces. I think it look too tumblr (face too long and nose not quite right) but I'll get there. we all will.
>>981 I visited but when i started to draw i realized it had been dead for months, and little by little i stopped again. >but I'll get there I remember your journey but because i didn't really read carefully i never concluded your process, you draw from reference or do you see an image and then do it from memory? if the latter then i am far away from being good but yeah, i need to practice more, faces are by far the most difficult thing i attempted in my good years, always drew scenes and situations with bodies with no facial features at all.
>>982 I'm still drawing from reference, closest I've gotten to drawing from memory was a hybrid of drawing a model and making my own changes to it in >>963 , if it weren't for the face I'd like it more.
>>983 Guess i'll follow your steps soon enough, just need to clean my desk again and get to it. Some dude started doing some tuts/guides on /art/ but i suppose not many take it seriously, it's everybody on the webring is kinda depressed/not lively enough, at least i know i am.
>>984 *it's like everybody is depressed on the webring
>>981 >ded board but i've visited here every day, i still care I'm very sorry about it, mate. I've run some assessment of why we died, but ultimately I think what killed it the most was having the 8chan /loomis/ board overtake it in posts.
Open file (31.33 KB 525x525 Blook.jpg)
>>986 S-sorry; we're still linking to this board at the top of the other one for what it's worth.
>>986 Doesn't help that anon.cafe left the webring.
Open file (544.11 KB 2550x3300 Head Sketches 1.jpg)
Drew some heads after reading a bit of Loomis' book on it. No references besides a basic drawing guide for eyes/nose/mouth. I'll do a bunch more of them over this week and see if there's any improvement. Anything particular I should focus on? >>989 I can still see it on tvch and zzz though
>>986 >8chan /loomis/ board overtake it in posts Not him but i don't get it, most anons here weren't crosspoters anyways... unless they moved and i didn't realize it. Shamefur dispray if so, this place is better overall and even if the mod tools were far better this kind of board really isn't a big deal in terms of ban-worthy arguments or content. Why. >>989 Temporarily unlinked due to the jew documentary but in some places it still can be seen.
Open file (1.11 MB 498x393 1618758145337.gif)
>>990 >>991 I swear I double-checked right before posting that and didn't see anon.cafe on Smug, but now it's there.
>>986 If it makes you feel any better I preferred this one. The 8ch board feels like a clique where half the posters already know each other on normalnigger avenues as an open secret. >>990 They're still very much symbol drawing so focus on the fundamentals and keep drawing. I am a fan of the iterative drawing approach of doing 20 or so simple sketches of some subject instead of trying 2 or 3 big drawings on the page.
>>993 so should I focus on sketching parts from reference? from memory? what should I be paying attention to?
Open file (643.11 KB 2550x3300 Features Sketch 1.jpg)
Drew a bunch of facial features from references
>>995 Good work. Remember: there are no lines in nature.
>>995 keep going anon
>>995 Much better. Try to really examine references and see how how the lines imitate the 3D forms.
Another model
idk who this thot is but i drew it anyways
Open file (83.78 KB 513x876 ClipboardImage.png)
should I change anything about this figure before I start getting to work on it? anything horribly out-of-place?
>>1003 Head shape is that of an african, left leg is looking directly at the viewer although that might be your intended pose. Elbows are too pointy and forearms are quite big. Left bicep seems to be squashing the left side of the chest, that also might be your intention but looks odd at first glance.
Open file (63.61 KB 448x882 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1004 honestly considering scrapping it at this point, every time I try to draw something purely from scratch it always fucks up. unless you think it can be salvaged somehow
>>1005 Of course it can always be salvaged if you want to do so. But of any suggestions at all, the simplest one is also the most important one: Just don't quit. It's really just that simple. You plainly already have talent, developing your eye is really just a matter time & repetition. Keep moving forward.
>>1005 Could easily salvage that into a tranny. Not sure if that's what you were going for but it could be an interesting next step and lead to a career as a portrait artist given their current prevalence.
>>1007 >Could easily salvage that into a tranny <how to smash anon's hopes and dreams in one sentence
Open file (95.82 KB 2010x1200 1453043568303-1.jpg)
Open file (111.00 KB 2010x1200 1453043568303-2.jpg)
>>1005 I see a problem. The problem is that you still have this drawing almost a week later. What this tells me is that you don't draw enough at all. You need to draw more, way more. From imagination, from reference, try different things, compare to references to figure out what you did wrong and what you're missing. People are among the most complicated things to draw, you need a lot of experience and familiarity with them to be able to just intuitively draw them from imagination, and you can't get that familiarity without just drawing and exploring them lots and lots.
>>1009 Listen to this guy Anon, he gets it. When I went to school and had a storyboard class, the instructor really complimented my work as above all the others in the class. For myself, I thought it was basically quick crude sketches (not too uncommon in storyboards afaict). I later realized what he meant was my proportions were sound and my lines of action were all clear. The only difference between me and the rest is I had already spent hundreds of hours on my own well before I got in that class drawing lots of different things, but particularly human faces. It takes a lot of repetition Anon. Just stay dedicated and you'll get it eventually.
Open file (79.00 KB 360x883 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (593.71 KB 444x250 Slobodan.gif)
final version, clearly I still need to work on anatomy. i can draw from reference just fine (see above posts), but when drawing on my own I just completely sperg out and nothing goes right. can I get specifics on how to fix this besides "just draw more"?
Open file (229.05 KB 500x572 leos_other_mona_lisa.jpg)
>>1011 >can I get specifics on how to fix this besides "just draw more"? Sure Anon, pic related. > Her advice? Just draw more... :^) But at least she makes it more fun than obviously you aren't having now Anon. https://www.drawright.com/
Open file (191.79 KB 1964x504 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (191.79 KB 1964x504 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1014 I already went through the book, that's why I am where I am now. Drew more heads.
Open file (45.27 KB 731x540 11 Hands.jpg)
I'm truly going insane over this. I don't know what to draw to get better. >just draw bro Draw what? Faces? Bodies? Hands? All of the above? How do I draw AND understand what I'm drawing at the same time? How do I know that when I draw something I'm actually learning it instead of just mindlessly copying it down 1:1? I want to draw and I know I'm improving, but I need direction for fuck's sake.
>>1016 >All of the above? Human and animal anatomy is quite enough to go on with Anon. >libgen >"anatomy drawing" >??? >profit >How do I know that when I draw something I'm actually learning it instead of just mindlessly copying it down 1:1? Well, everyone starts somewhere. Using references has been around as long at there has been artists & art. >but I need direction for fuck's sake. I think you've received direction already, this post is a little more. There's no magic wand to wave over you Anon; repetition is the key here. I suggest you take a little break and watch the D*sney movie Meet the Robinsons for a little fun inspiration. Then when you feel better, crack the instructional books and work on them. Obviously Betty Edwards' book helped you, these aren't bad. >>1015
>>1016 Sorry you lack the IQ to be an artist. Try getting a job as a cashier instead.
>>1016 Just draw what you like bro **When i felt down i listened to music/did other things and just sketched fast on a small notepad to keep the hand warm. When i felt like actually wanting to draw i searched for images i really, really liked and started copying them to understand its composition, then i would try to understand the lines i liked and replicate them on small sketches** In that way you might not have better technique but you sure as hell will know what you like, in precise spacial terms, and enjoy doing it. Some people find inspiration in bursts, others are constant, so don't worry unless you are going to make a living out it. You sound like you are already doing it and my case was particularly different (i drew spaces and landscapes rather than entities hence no anatomy) but it's all about the practice, your problem is trying to make such thing as constant as possible while keeping it enjoyable, you might draw once a week but if you truly like it you will advance faster than if forcing yourself once a day, for example.
Open file (4.14 MB 4656x3492 bean torso.jpg)
I'm trying to figure out torsos and gesture but every time I draw it looks like Mr. Peanut as a gravure idol.
>>1021 borked file
Open file (171.57 KB 1593x592 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (715.61 KB 1568x1078 ClipboardImage.png)
Practicing proportions from Loomis' Figure Drawing. There was about a month gap between the male and female figures because I was insanely busy. My brain keeps finding a way to steer away from drawing and play pointless vidya, but I will stop it.
Open file (139.70 KB 766x528 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (44.02 KB 217x659 ClipboardImage.png)
All this setup for proportions feels like it takes longer than to just draw it freehand and wing it. I found it to be more confusing to see what line relates to what triangle in this reference than if I were to just freehand it and compare it by sight. also it looks like the king from Katamari as an unintended side effect
>>1026 >All this setup for proportions feels like it takes longer than to just draw it freehand and wing it Ofc it does Anon. Training always takes longer than 'just winging it'. But the benefits of rigorous application of the basics again and again, with a specific goal in mind for improvement (AKA training) always pays off in the end. And generally, the payoff tends to come pretty soon if you're dedicated to your training. Ever hear of master pianists performing scales for hours each day? Yeah, they do. It's called focus. I know of well-known (in the VFX/Film industries) artists who constantly do thousands of box sketches every day.
>>1027 >thousands of box sketches every day Come on now, there's 1440 minutes in a day, i don't think somebody is going to make 2.2 sketches a minute if he draws 16 hours a day.
>>1028 OK, maybe thousands is overstated ( 1 or 2 maybe ), more likely several hundred. The whole point of box sketching is performing accurate, single-stroke line 3D box sketches at high-speed. Definitely several per minute by the ones who are well-known VFX artists. I myself got to where I can fill up a whole sketchpad page in under two minutes though my quality isn't nearly so accurate as theirs.
>>1029 >more likely several hundred That i can agree and i've seen it too, but those fellas live by it, someone who takes this as a hobby will certainly do a hundred at most in a good day. Aaand i've finally taken time, and along with being on a small class that needs drawing, i suppose i can now start posting practice sketches again after a couple of years absent. I will re-start with Loomis later, now i think i will post the homework plus some reference things and passages i like. Apologies in advance if i take a different route.
Open file (166.80 KB 1280x835 001. Loominonymous 01.jpg)
Open file (187.14 KB 1280x835 002. Quick Improv 01.jpg)
Damn, shit looks way better on paper and with my eyes. Hope i can post more than i did this year (aka only once, January 2th) i need to get good but i like my little notepad sketches too much to jump into big paper.
Open file (4.26 MB 4656x3492 BEEG ARMS.jpg)
Practiced some arms.
>>1033 Really neat structure lad, keep it up
Forced labor drawings, improvised a bit but i missed several line thicknesses and forgot to align heights at times. The journey continues even when i formally haven't started with the books.
Open file (177.67 KB 954x956 ClipboardImage.png)
The whole page I've been working on. I think I'm getting the hang of the basic skeleton poses.
Open file (139.11 KB 1293x735 ClipboardImage.png)
More mannikins

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