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Open file (140.10 KB 539x537 Read Loomis.png)
Encouragement and Critique Thread! Go! Go! Drawoli Anonymous 05/15/2020 (Fri) 20:06:34 No.115
Post your art related woes here. REMEMBER! NEVER GIVE UP! WE BELIEVE IN YOU!
>>757 Looking good t. /fascist/
So, like... HOW do you draw? How do you get the idea, how do you know what programs to use with what brushes or what pens and pencils tonreach for? What to practice, how do you do studies and stuff? There's so much I don't know I have no clue how to even get my foot on this insane merry go round.
>>814 >So, like... HOW do you draw? How do you get the idea, how do you know what programs to use with what brushes or what pens and pencils tonreach for? What to practice, how do you do studies and stuff? There's so much I don't know I have no clue how to even get my foot on this insane merry go round. First question you need to ask yourself is: "Why do I want to learn how to draw?" If you know why, then you have a goal and that will make you learn better. For me it's that I want to communicate emotions to my viewers. I want to hone the skill of manifesting a vision in the physical world. Also I want to create comics. Then start to draw whatever you want to draw and during that process you will figure out what you're lacking. (At least if you have a basic understanding of art already.) If you see that your art is not at the point where you want it to be then, just grab a few books about art and read them. This board is named /loomis/, because Andrew Loomis' books are pretty good for that. You can go from there. Some learning resources I can recommend (Copied from a Nanochan thread.): Anatomy: - Prokos YouTube Channel - (Uldis Zarins) Anatomy for Sculptors - Understanding the Human Figure - (George Bridgman) - The Human Machine - (George B. Bridgman) - Constructive Atnatomy - (Gottfried Bammes) - The Artist's Guide to Human Anatomy - Atlas of Human Anatomy, Sixth Edition- Frank H. Netter, M.D Drawing: - (Scott Robertson) - How to Draw - Drawing & Sketching Objects & Environment from Your Imagination - (Scott Robertson) - How to Render - The Fundamentals of Light, Shadow and Reflectivity Painting: - (James Gurney) Color & Light - A Guide for the Realist Painter - (Richard Schmid) Alla Prima - Everything I Know About Painting Figure Drawing: - (Andrew Loomis) Figure Drawing - For All it's Worth - Michael Hampton) Figure Drawing - Design and Invention u
Im literally begining, and I already have a few drawings which I think are good enough Problem is I have literally no foundation for this, and I seem to have hit a wall when it comes to drawing humans, I really should have listened to art school
>>849 Go ahead and post them, we're all friendly here. The most important thing to do at your stage is get a firm foundation with the basics. I would highly suggest starting with Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, it's a miracle worker and you'll see you're skillz coming through in no time. Starting out is always boring and/or frustrating, but what new skill isn't?
Open file (1.98 MB 4032x1960 20200816_121929.jpg)
Open file (1.72 MB 4032x1960 20200816_122012.jpg)
Open file (1.76 MB 4032x1960 20200816_122017.jpg)
Open file (1.77 MB 4032x1960 20200816_122042.jpg)
Im the long term I want to draw anime But I know Im a long way from that
Open file (1.62 MB 4032x1960 20200816_122004.jpg)
Open file (1.89 MB 4032x1960 20200816_122029.jpg)
Open file (1.93 MB 4032x1960 20200816_122035.jpg)
Open file (1.77 MB 4032x1960 20200816_122042.jpg)
I also practiced lines from the Draw from the Right side of your Brain workbook
>>849 >>856 >>857 For beginners it's essential to learn the so called "fundamentals". Many people mean slightly different things when talking about "fundamentals" though. I'd say the knowledge based fundamentals are: - Drawing in proportion (hand eye coordination; Being able to copy what you see.) - Shading (Understanding how light makes things appear three dimensional.) - Composition (How to lead the viewers eye through clever use of 'value contrast', 'color contrast', 'shape contrast', etc., the arrangement of different elements in your scene, besides other things.) - Color theory - And everything I've just forgot. Watch the stuff from proko once your hand eye coordination and arm muscles have developed a bit. https://invidious.snopyta.org/search?q=proko You can also listen to the podcast of Stan and Marshall. https://invidious.snopyta.org/search?q=proko+podcast I'm just trying to give you some pointers. And don't expect anything. Understand that things like that take effort and time. Practice deliberately. Enjoy the grind. Happy drawing and painting my friend.
>>849 Oh, and if you're specifically worried about your faces and heads looking like shit, then watch the following: https://invidious.snopyta.org/playlist?list=PLtG4P3lq8RHHFhiyjXP4UT-yUo7pC13GQ I just recommend Proko, because that's where I've started and it helped me a lot. If you have major troubles applying what you've learned from those videos, then start copying things you like until your hand and mind get used to drawing.
>>856 >>857 keep going Right Side of the Brain and follow each chapter and the exercises. I'm just starting chapter 9 and it's worked wonders.
>>858 And where exactly can I learn the basics?
>>869 And by that I mean what are the steps I should know before I can say with certainty 'I can draw people, time to draw in the style of manga and anime'
>>869 I would probalby start by watching some youtube videos. Searching for something like: "art fundamentals" https://invidious.snopyta.org/search?q=art+fundamentals
Seeing the recent posts i'll try to double march on some pdfs i have on some folders. Will probably be ready in a week or a little more, maybe before.
First time in years I went slow and actually tried to draw to the best of my abilities. Last pic was my peak back in the day (I referenced something but didn't trace) before I dedicated myself to vidya due to self hate and depression. I seriously wish I stuck with artfagging. Hated my teenage years. Needless to say, I still can't draw but am a little happy with the results today. >>856 Your hands look good for a beginner, especially compared to mine. >I eventually want to do anime Really want to make my own style that is probably more /co/ then /a/. Probably similar to Panty and Stocking. But first, I wanna draw realistically.
>>873 My problem is that I still dislike my drawing and I have to force myself to draw to eventually get better, but thats how it is, I should have listened in art class
Open file (55.02 KB 633x782 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.16 MB 2160x3840 Portrait 2.png)
Before and after going through Right Side of the Brain. still not fantastic but noticeably better.
Open file (3.17 MB 1280x1920 ClipboardImage.png)
>>893 reference
Open file (262.65 KB 828x674 drawing-hair)
>>893 There clearly is an improvement. I would recommend you to not use so many little strokes for the hair. It's better to define larger masses of hair and then adding a few little strands to make it actually look like hair. And practicing line confidence is also important for you. Being deliberate with every line you put down. I always used to ask myself why I'm putting down a particular line. Regarding the hair: Try to see the big geometric shapes and then add little lines to indicate that it's hair. It's faster and looks better. (I tried making one only using lines, which would look like shit. But it's hard for me to make things look bad. :p)
Open file (773.88 KB 2550x3300 Not Zev.jpg)
Open file (9.22 MB 2000x2460 ClipboardImage.png)
also this is probably my favorite drawing from Right Side, it was a generic pose I found on SketchDaily but I somehow, subconsciously turned her into Zev from Lexx. how does that happen?
Open file (229.14 KB 2514x3898 frame30.jpg)
Open file (782.95 KB 2550x3300 Model Sketch 1.jpg)
another one I did, I took measurements and the head was the same size on my screen as it is on the paper, and it fit within my "frame" (after redoing the bottom half twice), so why does the head still look so small?
>>900 now that I look at it side-by-side I made the torso and thighs too wide, that could explain it
Open file (747.61 KB 2550x3300 Model Sketch 2.jpg)
drew one more tonight, hopefully I'm not getting carried away here just drawing models instead of LERNING, but practice always helps right? is anyone here
>>902 I am reading but i am also a beginner and cannot comment anything other than saying you make girls extra thicc. Would follow suit but homework keeps distracting me.
>>902 >but practice always helps right? Depends on what you mean with "practice". Deliberate practice helps to bring you closer to the your previously defined goal. If you're just mindlessy copying images or doodling around, chances are you'll be running in circles or even engrain bad habits into your muscle memory and mind. Based on where you're currently standing, I would say that what you've said still applies though. Just draw to get comfortable and train your hand eye coordination. I would recommend you to leave out all that shading for deliberate shading practice with a medium that allows you to cover the full range of the value spectrum (or at least get really dark). For now focus on proportions. That's number one. Try to see angles and flows in whatever you're trying to draw. Compare the negative spaces between body parts or different elements and observe what shapes those create.
>>904 I'm serious. Leave out the shading. It's a waste of time. First learn how to draw properly in proportion and improve your line quality. After that you can study the physics behind light and do value studies and figure our a shading technique that works for you.
>>904 >>905 what would you recommend reading/practicing with for proportions?
Open file (13.54 MB 1280x720 four-exercises.webm)
>>907 >what would you recommend reading/practicing with for proportions? To be honest, I don't really know any book in that regard. But it really comes down to practicing your eye to notice patterns and flows and constantly comparing everything so you don't end up with major distortions. There will usually always be some kind of distortion, but if it's very small it's not a big deal. Once you've done enough careful copying that you've reached a point where you can copy everything you see, you're ready to exaggerate and modify the proportions. I personally exaggerate everything I draw, because it's more fun and I only care about capturing the essence that made me want to draw the subject in the first place. I made a video, maybe it helps:
Open file (12.47 MB 1280x720 lvl-1-part-1.webm)
Open file (17.29 MB 1280x720 lvl-1-part-2.webm)
>>907 I did a lvl 1 study here. Had to split it into two parts for the videos to be accepted.
Open file (100.24 KB 512x512 art-chad-and-friends.webm)
btw. I want to make more tutorials and improve my english speaking skills. Here's a prototype for the intro. Let me know if you have some ideas for other intros.
>>910 That's good, although personally i would abstain from using memes, not because they are memes but because they might date you onto an specific era/situation/group. Or at least that's the theory behind popular culture references against time, still i like the idea.
>>910 >btw. I want to make more tutorials and improve my english speaking skills. There's /lang/ for that!
Open file (298.03 KB 1440x1374 2B.jpg)
>>908 thanks krautbro i think? plz no bully, you really helped to put things into a new point of view :^) for me as for making it into a series I'd say focus on speaking clearly, having a script ready beforehand really helps. don't be afraid to edit out the quiet moments either. I used to use Vegas before I moved to ganoo+linoox and got pretty good at it, the only thing that seems to come close to it is Kdenlive, but I haven't used it so idk how well it holds up.
>>913 >thanks krautbro Jawohl, du hast meine Nationalit├Ąt richtig erkannt. >I'd say focus on speaking clearly, having a script ready beforehand really helps. don't be afraid to edit out the quiet moments either. I totally agree. The reason I didn't edit the video, because I don't want to spend too much time for a post on an image board. You can always speed it up. (Although I should probably speak more clearly for that to be viable option.) I plan on setting up a peertube instance, and uploading my videos there. That's when I will actually take the time to properly plan and edit the videos. I use Blender for video editing.
On the topic of proportions. Here's a video of good old grandpa teaching you human proportions. invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=ltbWvlsjhUA at 46:10
Open file (934.42 KB 3508x2480 daisy 1.png)
Open file (194.93 KB 1792x1818 daisy 2.png)
I tried constructing flowers. It didn't turn out too well.
>>919 >I tried constructing flowers. >It didn't turn out too well. Watchu mean? They look alright. Although make sure you ellipses are clean. The near half of the ellipse is also rounder than the distant half if you want to take perspective into account. Your ellipses will get better with time.
Open file (24.42 KB 512x512 elipse0-512.jpg)
>>919 But I wouldn't worry about the perspective of the cross contour lines. But if you're interested it looks like pic related.
Maybe I'm just being harsh on myself, but yeah Ellipses are something I really struggle with right now.
Open file (3.94 MB 5166x4262 100-ass-challenge.png)
here are one hundred asses. (And sometimes some other things in between.)
working on proportion, drawing smaller versions of models like krautanon suggested
More proportion practice, >>927 was full-size images drawn at a smaller scale, this was a smaller image drawn at a full-size scale. To make sure everything fit on the paper I drew marker lines at the top where her right foot is and the bottom where her left foot is, then did the same on the sides for her hand and thighs. Then I drew markers at each joint and measured/compared them with each other to make sure everything would fit and was the right size. I think it turned out pretty well. also it is all on the paper, my scanner is just too small for the full size of the paper.
>>928 That is a ridiculous pose but I can see you tried really hard. Keep it up. Keep an eye out for landmarks you can use to your advantage, like see how her TIT is well above the top of her knee long the x axis in the reference or how her lower elbow is a little over a third of the way into her lower leg by that same standard. This is a really good attempt, actually, but you flubbed it here and there as just about anyone could.
>>933 yeah i can see i shortened her left leg and that threw everything else off. sometimes you don't see things like that until the day after
decided to try drawing digital this time. it's fucky in a lot of ways, since you can't really feel on a slab of plastic what you're drawing compared to actual paper. i can also see my major fuckups in pics related, most of which stem from the head being too small (something I constantly struggle with, I make the head one size but the rest of the drawing is too large and throws it out of proportion). need to slow down and constantly check to make sure everything is lining up correctly.
Been a while since I've sketched anything, but I like how this one turned out. The only thing I can really tell I did wrong is that the head is slightly bigger, but otherwise everything looks like it's in proportion. gib opinions and yes it is all on the paper, scanner is too tiny
another one, i don't like this one as much, mainly because of the mouth, makes it look too much like Resident Evil
>>960 Nice to see you're practicing. >i don't like this one as much, mainly because of the mouth, makes it look too much like Resident Evil You don't have to define every line. Less is more. A few accurate indications can be enough to convey the idea. I'm using this all the time in my work. The brain connects the dots. You also tend make faces a bit wider and heads a bit bigger than they're actually are. (like I used to) Some people also put the eyes to close together, but you seem to not do that mistake. (I definately did that a lot, before realizing what made my faces look off.) Don't be afraid to draw through shapes, you've already established. You can always darken the important lines later on.
Used the model as a basis then drew a different character over it, I think it turned out pretty well. Biggest issue is the face, most definitely some symbol drawing but I had erased and redone it so many times that the paper was starting to get thin so I just left it the way it is.
Open file (125.66 KB 1200x800 Lms1A.jpg)
I said i would start drawing "next year" (this year) after some time doing only technical stuff, i stopped in the first place after teachers told me nobody cares about drawings and due to having zero feedback from my early attempts but i still like doing it and it's a good source of OC or storymaking i plan to do later on. So in this first day of the many weeks to come in the "have nothing at all but old books and tons of pencils" i will quick preview things i usually did in my heyday, i think i will start on paper again with those old arch reference texts but today is going to be Gimp day with a mouse cursor pencil. >Faceless figures, some trees, a building and a car. This proved much more difficult than i expected, the "pencil" point lags, cannot do some acute direction changes for some reason and making precise maneuvering is not what a mouse was made for, the car was downright impossible for me even when i could do one blindfolded once. What bothers me the most is that i'm used to speed sketching and then using most of the time making small details and this isn't it, i had a drawpad and i never got used to it because i love immediate feedback so i guess i will learn with my real pencils first then i will jump. Have no scanner so i will try to guess how to post them. Hope people start picking the board again, i remember it being a decent spot.

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