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Open file (140.10 KB 539x537 Read Loomis.png)
Encouragement and Critique Thread! Go! Go! Drawoli Anonymous 05/15/2020 (Fri) 20:06:34 No.115
Post your art related woes here. REMEMBER! NEVER GIVE UP! WE BELIEVE IN YOU!
>>1238 >>1242 I want to tell you something that will motivate you, because I remember being at the point you're currently at. I would recommend doing your best of thinking in terms of quboids and cylinders. In my opinion it would greatly benefit you to read up on different perspective concepts. Because it's fun to learn new things. No matter hoe useless geometry or the math behind perspective might seem to you, it will all inform your art and make it more believable. How can you precisely construct such an image in perspective? I'd recommen doing a big drawing, where you map out all the relative vanishing points of every form. You will quickly figure out where you are not certain of how to construct a body part. That's why I personally love Scott Robertson - How to Draw. He goes very in depth. David Chelseas - Perspective for comic book artists is also nice. You acn find both books here: >>>/loomis/1189 When you focus on constructing clean shapes, eventually your lines will become clean without the need of actively practicing clean lines. That's how it was for me. I just studied so much anatomy and construction until I was able to do that stuff cleanly and easily. (You can always go cleaner though.) Obviously not being afraid of mistakes plays a big part in that. One reason people are afraid of mistakes, is because they fear the consequences of peoples judgement. The other reason is laziness. People don't want to redraw the thing they spend 1,2 or 20 hours drawing or painting. But as I see it, what is the worth in a line if it hasn't been drawn confidently? What's the worth in an image that does not contain a sense of adventure and risk? For me one of the biggest pleasures is to be bold when I've already invested a lot of time in to a painting. The risk and thrill of failure is exhilarating. But don't be stupid. If there is a risk associated with a stroke, think/feel it through. Visualize the stroke. Be aware of the intent behind the strok and be confident. And BAM! Now you've just fucked your whole painting. You will never forget the lesson you've just learned. Time to do it over and over again, until it's easy. Do it as often as necessary, until that tiny motherfucker in your ear, who tries to make you scared, disappears. I love rambling. I'll be rambling all day all night until I die. Try to keep the perspective of forms always in mind. A top and bottom plane of a quboid, which encompasses the rib cage, will be parallel. Also make sure to not loose body parts in the process of capturing the figure. The mannequins in >>1242 are missing their necks. R.I.P. Uhm... fuck the Draconians and Archons who are trying to hold us down. Fight along side the aliens and angels to defeat the evil reptiles. ;D
This took 25 minutes to draw.
Open file (354.19 KB 2620x3861 IMG_20211226_113545.jpg)
more mannequins, this time with perspective
>>1247 if you're going for figure drawing, I would focus more on the overall figure first (ignoring details) and getting the pose instead of each part individually. doing warmup practices (for example, several timed figure sketches where the goal is to get the pose correct, details being secondary) help a lot, right now I do three 5-minute figure sketches before each session. https://www.quickposes.com/en/gestures/timed and http://reference.sketchdaily.net/en are great websites for this.
Open file (368.67 KB 2519x3609 IMG_20211226_161030.jpg)
i have lots of free time today
Open file (365.82 KB 2561x3586 IMG_20211228_214628.jpg)
Working on female mannequins now, i think i'm simultaneously making them too skinny and too manly, especially with the last one.
>>1252 The hip-shoulder ratio is the biggest thing that sticks out to me here. The shoulders are too 'square' or 'boxy', and the hips are narrow like a males. If the hips were bigger and the shoulders less square, it would look a lot better. Maybe a slightly thinner neck too (?) t. not a drawfag, just my thoughts
>>1253 that's exactly what i was thinking, i toned it down a bit in the second one but it's still a bit wide
Open file (404.42 KB 2548x3720 IMG_20211229_152709.jpg)
slight problem: i might be capable of drawing only one type of woman
>>1250 I have been doing the class mode on the sketchdaily site.
Open file (1.40 MB 1211x922 plate_32.png)
>>1251 >>1252 >>1255 The biggest issues I see here are proportion and line confidence. It can be easy to lose track of proportion, especially when you try to create fine details like rendering back or abdominal muscles. Instead, focus on the overall shapes of the figure and how they relate to each other. Constantly measure the relative lengths and angles of those shapes. Compare them between your drawing and your subject. (e.g. if the forearm is approximately this length, then how long is the torso? Or if the right leg connects at this angle, what is the angle of the left leg?) In the Bargue Drawing Course, you'll find a lot of examples that illustrate how you can go about taking these measurements using plumb lines. You'll find it easier to simplify contours into straight lines. Later, use those straight lines as guides for creating the more subtle curves that would be difficult to capture on their own. Pic related is from a later plate, the earlier plates are simpler, but this shows how a drawing might proceed from start to finish. Line confidence will develop over time, but I've found Peter Han's exercises to be great practice/warm-up. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=wgDNDOKnArk
>>1258 what proportions specifically are off? in >>1255 i did fix the lower image after uploading by narrowing the shoulders and waist.
>>1260 You noted a few of the issues on your paper, already, and the other anon pointed out a few things in the previous posts. On this page >>1255 the hands in the top drawing are too small, and the forearm is longer than it should be compared to her bicep. Also, the entire length of the arm appears too short for how long the torso is. Pic related might give you a better idea. The drawing on the left hand side has similar problems with the arms being quite skinny, and the left thigh is slightly larger than the right. The foot is quite small as well. The bottom drawing does have a better overall proportion, although there are still some issues with anatomy (e.g. the limbs are connecting at very fine points, and not really forming joints). I might have made an incorrect assumption; are you drawing from or alongside a reference? If not, I think you will find it quite difficult to build up accurate figures from just a mannequin. The mannequin abstraction is a great tool for drawing from imagination, but it will be frustrating to use them without a more complete visual library and knowledge of anatomy.
>>1261 those are very minor adjustments and i was worried i had the whole thing off, i was worried there was something horribly wrong that i was missing. they're all done with Loomis' mannequin technique without references (except his own from the book or maybe a quick glance online)
Open file (356.53 KB 2508x3591 IMG_20211231_151747.jpg)
perspective practice
Open file (311.95 KB 2511x3584 IMG_20220102_150102.jpg)
more practice and drawing in 3D space
>>1267 You draw tits soo well compared to everything else i would think this is a meme if this wasnt loomis lmoa.
My proportions are so bad with figures laying down.
I stopped figure drawing just ain't feeling it anymore think I am going to continue to enjoy doing Loomis books
Well apparently I don't want to stop figure drawing its too fun not to do.
>>1290 >>1294 Could you share your references? I would like to join in on the figure drawing fun. I would try to draw the same thing as you, so you could maybe see a different take on the subject.
>>1295 That’s an awesome idea anon haven’t seen really anyone elses figure drawings since life drawing classes which was ages ago. Only gonna post my drawing of the 25 minute one since it is the most finished of the lot I do from the 1 hour of figure drawing I usually do. It’s up to you if you want to follow along and ease into it and warm yourself up the routine I usually do. First starts on sketchdaily.com by choosing class mode but only doing 30 seconds x10 and 1 minute x5 sets of drawings then I move on to the book and pick out three random poses to do 5 minutes x2 and 10 minutes x1 and then I have a 5 minute break if you need it I usually take the time to setup everything for the last one which is 25 minutes x1 I attached the reference that I used below If you want to use the book it’s on page 286. I used a timer on my phone for the ones I did from the book. Hope the info helps. It will be so call to see your take on the same drawing. link to book: https://www.pdfdrive.com/art-models-6-the-female-figure-in-shadow-and-light-e25098733.html
>>1296 > First starts on sketchdaily.com by choosing class mode but only doing 30 seconds x10 and 1 minute x5 sets of drawings then I move on to the book and pick out three random poses to do 5 minutes x2 and 10 minutes x1 and then I have a 5 minute break if you need it I usually take the time to setup everything for the last one which is 25 minutes x1 I never did such a thing for extended periods of time. I'll try your regimen. But I have some advice: Try doing a drawing with a time frame of a couple of hours. In that case you can take as much time as you want when it comes to constructing the figure and making sure the proportions are as acurate as possible. Doing very careful methodical work helps a lot with speeding up your drawng, because of the confidence and deep understanding it builds.
>>1297 I really don't have the time to spent hours figure drawing have to work on other things especially foe practicing I end up being nearly finished after 25 minutes if I had more time I would probably would do the hands and feet and darken the outlines more and then move on to rendering. Soon going to move on to do an art project so time will be even more tight. Yeah, I am pretty crap when it comes to construction. The one I did today was from page 122.
drew this one from book 7 page 203 I think.
>>1300 >>1301 Once I get a graphical environment running, I'll be able to contribute. NVidia GPUs are painful to get working.
>>1302 That would cool. Are u using alpine linux. I'd recommend against the closed source nvidia drover and opt for the open source ones called nouveau drivers they work much better imo. I know way too much about computers and linux for my own good.
>>1303 I actually managed to compile and install proprietary nvidia drivers, but they made X segfault on startup. xD Now I'm trying to get the nouveau driver to work again. I might be using Gimp instead of krita, because Krita had flickering issues on my display. Maybe if I compile it myself against glibc the flickering goes away. Let's see if I manage to get it working today or within this week.
>>1303 I actually managed to compile and install proprietary nvidia drivers, but they made X segfault on startup. xD Now I'm trying to get the nouveau driver to work again. I might be using Gimp instead of krita, because Krita had flickering issues on my display. Maybe if I compile it myself against glibc the flickering goes away. Let's see if I manage to get it working today or within this week.
>>1305 Anon.cafe was down yesterday it was sad. If you want to use the closed drivers you need to make sure you you have the graphics card driver unchecked in the kernel. Idk much about alpine linux but I assume it ships with a vanilla kernel so its probably enable by default, might be a pain to get in to the kernel settings menu. If you can't figure it I wonder if they have good documentations for it should check that out.
Open file (2.14 MB 1805x2484 femarcher.png)
Open file (487.74 KB 698x1000 1637303479339.jpg)
>>1305 >nvidia drivers You shouldn't need to compile the drivers manually or anything. In my experience you should just need to look up the correct driver for whatever nvidia card you have and install from the package manager. You might need to enable some different package repositories depending on what distro you're using. Then again I don't know your machine so take what I've said with a grain of salt. >>1297 >Drawing with a time frame of a couple hours This is incredibly good advice. It feels very motivating to actually finish something and have it look good. I find time-limited fast sketches do help to lower the (perceived) barrier to picking up the pencil and just drawing, but I usually learn the most when drawing with no time limit, or a longer limit of a few hours. Take your time. Know what marks you're putting on the page, and why.
>>1312 >nvidia drivers the person I think is using alpine linux so I dont know why the person is referring to compile must mean download gentoo or lfs U mostly compile every package from source. >Drawing for a couple hours I guess it depends on if you want to produce a finished piece I got other art in mind a project I want to dedicate a lot of time too but the props are going to take awhile to arrive. >ur art Holy shit impressive stuff was it done with charcoal or paint. Amazing use of light and shadow and great rendering. Come across that reference multiple times on sketchdaily.net. What paper are u using looks thick and smooth.
I have been reading history books with romantic side stories and it revived a artistic side of me i didn't knew i had >>1312 Amazing
I wanted to post something. Here is something I did on the drawpile today.
>>1317 Looks good the ur figure drawings, keep it up. I went to life draw the other day was pretty bummed out that they didn't do a long one the longest we got was 15 mins was really expecting a 25 minute one at the very least next time I will ask. These ones I post are from the life drawing class.
Open file (18.15 KB 500x500 Image User.png)
>>1319 it's hard to tell what you're drawing if you keep posting them as such low-res and in such poor quality, i can't give you feedback if i don't know what i'm looking at. the drawing in >>1321 seems like you're trying to put your own spin on it without having the basics down. in the photo her right side is a clear straight(ish) line from her leg up to her armpit, but you added an obvious curve that isn't there. you're also trying to draw the face without actually looking at what it looks like. you add joints/cylinders without any real idea of what they are, why they're there, or how they work together. as much as it sucks to hear, you lack a base to stand on. work through Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain and work through every exercise without skipping them or cheating on them, as you'd only be cheating yourself. if you follow through what it says, you will absolutely see improvement between your starting work and how it ends. after that, go through Loomis' Figure Drawing for All It's Worth. it is a hard road and it never really ends, but it is better than flailing around in the dark, as you are unfortunately doing right now. don't take any of this personally, my criticism is based only on what you are posting in the hopes that you will improve and get gud. i believe you will make it.
>>1322 Yeah the quality didn't get better with even trying to use a camera I draw it too lightly. I am currently working through fun with a pencil and I got like a couple more pages to go before I move on to the body current on the head section of the book. Will eventually move on to figure drawings for all its worth. For now I just figure draw to keep up appearances mostly trying to incorporate depth and 3d shapes into my figure drawings its really lacks it I am always referencing a manikin at the same time so it looks a bit different. All this not seeing and just drawing from my head is a hard on to say I've just used construction lines automatically no matter how I start even in life drawing classes i was drawing a manikin body and only the outline of the model. I mean on thing that I can say is my perspective is lacking big time in my drawings. I guess I am just winging it deliberately I don't have all the time in the world and I eventually want to move on from figure drawing on to something of my own soon. The practice will only come in time I am already dedicating an 1 hour a day to practicing from the fun with a pencil book
>>1316 that's sweet, u should explore that side of yourself more. Follow the beauty.
Trying to get back into drawing again. If anyone has some advice for drawing legs I'd appreciate it. For some reason I've always been bad at drawing them.
>>1336 Found a page on legs laying down from figure drawing from all its worth. I don't know much about how to draw legs. but regardless its looking phenomenal overall. Probably say Legs could be wider in width, fatter. Right heel longer touching the hip. Right elbow longer. Waist narrower and head longer.
Some drawings I did from life drawing class
Open file (820.82 KB 2400x1650 250013crop.jpg)
Open file (787.81 KB 2400x1575 280015crop.jpg)
First serious drawing with the intent of practice since >>1035 Wanted to give my hand some time to make the old hatch & crosshatches of old and seems i can still make them, kinda. Wanted to make a simple human figure with hat, didn't quite get it as i can't convey the rich rural farm owner vibe although i did somewhat nail the building in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright. I guess this is decent for a 5 minute timer in pen. Second one is the second practice but with pencil, 15 minutes, i wanted to do the usual things with arch (tree, building with long perspective) without guidelines and i need to re-learn how to do far away details. Also as a side i wanted to draw akin to the belgian artist Dany, well known in the west for the softcore graphic joke publishes; i can make the ugly chicks, in this case black women or niggers as i like to call them, but cannot completely nail the white chicks without them looking like a botched bimbo unlike the well-done bimbos he did. Also some hatching for curves and torse, realized i needed more context to make it look compelling in the case of complex figures, plus more detail of course, but in terms of corner detail i think it serves its purpose well.
Screwed the width up.

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