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Open file (44.51 KB 391x540 22841855._SY540_.jpg)
Comic Mastery: Imminent Anarchy Edition Artist 05/31/2020 (Sun) 21:12:07 No.519 [Reply]
You might remember the thread I had on the old board. This thread is dedicated to studying comics, graphic stories, manga, etc. to learn the techniques and methods thereof.
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Open file (131.17 KB 1200x686 DH02y71UIAAKcIu.jpg)
Open file (114.93 KB 1200x302 DH020WeVYAAOReG.jpg)
I saved these two examples a while back on drawing grass. Are there any other examples on how to ink foliage out there? It seems like resources on natural things like trees and rocks are kind of scarce.
>>654 This video seems like it'd be of help to you
>>656 I'm aware of this video, sorry I should have clarified. I only work traditionally, so i'm looking for relevant methods.
>>549 Do you happen to know any books that are similar to McCloud's but it emphasizes on manga?
>>854 I wouldn't call it similar to McCloud in a technical sense, but I would consider Araki's book "Manga in Theory and Practice" obligatory reading, and it digs deep into the elements needed for comics. I think as far as the technical aspect is concerned, there's not a whole lot. This book is very dated, but it goes over a lot of technical basics. The problem I have with these books is that there are some things and techniques that aren't touched upon (like the Nodo zone, Mekuri and Hiki) https://archive.org/details/HDMVol.30PenToneTechniques/mode/2up I would not really recommend the older how to draw series books, they're extremely dated and mostly focus on trying to teach you to draw (badly) and you should already have basic grasps of how to draw or you will struggle. If you're not sure about composing pages, you will not likely find much information about that beyond basic overviews of how to do sequential art (like is discussed in McCloud's book) Read manga and take notes from artists you enjoy. Most everyone has different styles of page composition. Learning how to do this is a lot of practice.

The Art Guide Infographic Thread Artist 05/21/2020 (Thu) 08:50:14 No.408 [Reply]
In which infographics are posted. Some might work for you, some might not.
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Open file (47.81 KB 800x1000 1439703946409-1.jpg)
Open file (57.72 KB 800x1000 1439703946409-2.jpg)
Open file (108.62 KB 800x1131 1439704079051-0.jpg)
Open file (174.58 KB 750x500 1411584052556.jpg)
Open file (125.45 KB 500x445 chj3i8c23x4.jpg)
Open file (41.45 KB 800x427 1439704683653-0.jpg)
Open file (529.75 KB 2830x1668 1439704683655-1.jpg)
Open file (1.68 MB 4000x1421 1439704683656-2.jpg)
Open file (274.57 KB 1189x1024 1439704180501-1.jpg)
Open file (38.28 KB 540x407 1403910857939.jpg)
Open file (77.65 KB 879x1200 1315274866153.jpg)
Open file (93.07 KB 533x800 1439703885254-0.jpg)
Open file (95.44 KB 533x800 1439703885255-1.jpg)
Open file (99.44 KB 533x800 1439703885255-2.jpg)
Open file (739.54 KB 783x1078 1411281649903-0.jpg)
Open file (3.44 MB 1890x2400 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (203.63 KB 460x349 ClipboardImage.png)
>>730 Something similar to that last pic
Anyone got a tutorial on the basics of drawing a human body? >inb4 meme tutorial

Open file (1.08 MB 2048x2048 monthly-theme-banner.png)
WAR!!! Monthly Theme Thread 07/03/2020 (Fri) 06:26:08 No.706 [Reply]
Ok, I hereby declare art war on 8kun.top/loomis. (This is just an excuse to draw some characters and their equipement..) We'll need to draft an army, in order to psychologically destroy their board. We'll have four monthly themes, after which we should've assembled our army. (It's monthly, because I'm not sure how productive you guys are. It should be fun and not stressful.) During each month you can post your concepts and practice drawings related to the theme of the current month. The themes will be: - Armour - Weapons - War Face - Soldier The last month is when we explicitly create new soldiers for our army, using the knowledge we've acquired over the three prior months. (When I say "soldier" I mean anything that could potentially fight for the honor of anon.cafe/loomis.)

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Open file (889.42 KB 3501x2395 Shark Tank.jpg)
>>707 Go on /loomis/ to learn the art of drawing. Get conscripted into learning the art of war instead. The first lesson was drawing battle lines but I couldn’t manage them without a ruler. Here’s some armour (well technically a weapon). It’s a tank. A shark tank. The Hammerhead S.H.R.K is a self-propelled armoured fighting vehicle designed to accommodate Selachii crew members. It boasts the latest high muzzle velocity direct fire main gun technology capable of firing 120mm S.E.A shells making it ideal for coastal assaults, destroying enemy emplacements, and mowing down the pesky proletariat who’ve gotten ideas above their station. It’s also great for pool parties.
>>720 You did well comrade. This tank will surely provide decent protection against the enemies attacks of decadence. (I also like that shark face.)
How dare you people try to kill my thread. You better post something or I'll loose respect for ya.
>>774 What thread?
>>783 >What thread? This thread.

Inspiration thread Artist 05/15/2020 (Fri) 20:40:15 No.143 [Reply]
Post some art that inspires you. I've been looking at russian painters lately. It's nice.
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>>169 Ahh, Claymore... This manga was so bizzare and cool.
Open file (2.57 MB 2486x3875 DP105017.jpg)
Open file (4.93 MB 3738x2714 DP828195.jpg)
Open file (5.10 MB 3841x3040 DP828239.jpg)
Open file (4.78 MB 3791x2830 DP828289.jpg)
Open file (4.87 MB 3730x2762 DP828193.jpg)
Open file (2.38 MB 4000x3337 1.jpg)
Open file (284.89 KB 1920x1483 2.jpg)
Open file (1.01 MB 2000x1737 3.jpg)

Open file (104.45 KB 830x672 86 - fSNm9s9.jpg)
Tutorial Compilation Artist 06/18/2020 (Thu) 21:57:25 No.628 [Reply]
Compilation of Useful Tutorials Artist - tehmeh/@simon_7617118 (Ex-drawfag at 4um /ic/) - foervraengd/bittersweetdisease (Unfortunately a hardcore swedish feminist)
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Open file (374.75 KB 1688x960 le mammoth face.jpg)
>>628 Bruh, Simon isn't tehmeh. tehmeh is a photocopier concept artist Simon is /co/-style artist. Totally different people
>>641 Haha, nice pic.
>>628 Tutorial on how to use the RGB color sliders for painting.
Open file (2.27 MB 480x360 UB4U.webm)
Is this the resource thread? I have some stuff i want to unload from my HDD, in good will, with you fellas.
>>747 Don't let it be gay porn and I'm ok with it.

Open file (41.52 KB 496x317 Drawfags.jpg)
Critques Anonymous 05/14/2020 (Thu) 02:01:43 No.91 [Reply]
Post your artwork-in-progress here, other anons offer advice for it.
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>>526 I also thought the poses are pretty gud, but anatomy is broken. For example in he top right pose, I'm not sure how that thigh is supposed to connect to the pelvis.
Open file (712.61 KB 843x1440 face2.png)
Open file (173.43 KB 598x637 3.png)
Open file (517.14 KB 960x1056 face.png)
How do I make skin look less plastic? Right now I'm hitting the deepest depths of the uncanny valley dead on every time I try realism.
>>602 Depending on the race of the subject, add yellows when light hits the skin and reds/blues where it is shadowed instead of straight black.
Open file (165.42 KB 467x596 aaa.png)
Open file (41.24 KB 477x596 ss.jpg)
>>603 Thanks mate, I'll keep that in mind. I've got to say I severely underestimated how hard this was going to be, there's so much subtlety in coloring a face I've never recognized before. I'm kinda tracing pictures of better artists while autistically using the color picker and taking notes, I feel like a tiny baby artist.
>>602 skin is matte, it's soft and absorbs light instead of reflecting it. places where the skin can be harder like the nose tend to get it the most, but not so much anywhere else unless the person is oily or wet. Reflections on the nose and corners of the eyes are best used sparingly but to great effect.

Open file (16.43 KB 300x300 s-l300.jpg)
Tools Thread Artist 05/15/2020 (Fri) 21:38:50 No.172 [Reply]
What kind of: >Software >Hardware >Style >Tool (i.e. Pen and Paper, Stencils...) Do you use to make your art?
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>>172 >Software Krita, Photoshop. Mostly Krita if it weren't prone to crashing and freezing. >Hardware Some 2016 laptop >Style Definitely inspired by Bruce Timm's artstyle and a dash of animu. I struggle drawing animu faces though. >Tool (i.e. Pen and Paper, Stencils...) A Nice Wide Wacom tablet >>190 >I try to draw very high quality anime with elements of realism, but I hate having to stick to one style and I experiment with all kinds of styles until I hopefully find the style I love best. Mind if you show some of them? Just put it in another thread if you want to.
>>195 Get a Windows 10 Enterprise version on a torrent site (Normal or LTSC) and use this to reduce connections: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/privacy/manage-connections-from-windows-operating-system-components-to-microsoft-services Instructions are on page. You'll still need to manage with the tablet UI, but at least you won't be spied upon as badly as on a normal Win 10 rig.
>>544 that list of shit to disable is why i'm on kubuntu now
Open file (160.40 KB 512x512 kiki-0.png)
>>172 >Software Krita all the way. It's better than Photoshop for painting. >Hardware Wacon Cintiq 13 HD TOUCH (Never used the touch. It's also not supported by Linux drivers. Would buy HUION next time.) >Style I can have every style I want. >Tools Pencils, paper, water colors, gouache, ink, japanese ink brush
Open file (175.73 KB 324x429 CarlosTeamWork.png)
>>185 Are you still having this problem? Get Huion. I'm not saying it'll be a drop in replacement for BSD systems, but the solution for me was to edit xorg .conf files on Linux. Basically tell it to use the wacom driver for any tablet plugged in. Might help since BSD uses xorg. Huion route: https://www.davidrevoy.com/article331/setup-huion-giano-wh1409-tablet-on-linux-mint-18-1-ubuntu-16-04 Hopefully you see the light and drop BSD altogether. Since Xp-pen tablets also have linux drivers. Project dedicated to Linux tablet support: https://digimend.github.io/support/howto/drivers/wacom/

Open file (146.57 KB 1200x1200 official prompt list.jpg)
Open file (3.53 MB 640x360 kéké-inktober.mp4)
Ex Inktober stash Anonymous 05/13/2020 (Wed) 20:01:41 No.70 [Reply]
Reposting from Julay...
Open file (995.99 KB 638x1000 mindless_02.png)
Open file (911.82 KB 1988x2512 IMG_20191006_0003.jpg)
Open file (1.23 MB 2052x2540 IMG_20191006_0005.jpg)
Open file (778.21 KB 1908x2608 IMG_20191006_0006.jpg)
Open file (863.48 KB 1952x2528 IMG_20191006_0007.jpg)
Open file (834.37 KB 631x1000 bait_03.png)
Open file (391.77 KB 464x700 Ash_13.png)
Open file (867.70 KB 2346x3068 IMG_2149.jpg)
Open file (979.76 KB 2347x2212 IMG_2148.jpg)
Open file (977.19 KB 2448x1840 ringthing.jpg)

Open file (239.30 KB 694x931 loomis 8.png)
Board tans Artist 05/15/2020 (Fri) 21:39:28 No.173 [Reply]
Let's start with LooMiss
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>>230 Sounds like you need some constructive anatomy Check out how Vilppu or Hampton do it.
>>231 >constructive anatomy How does it work?
>>236 As far as I understand it, you learn processes to construct bodies. One way to do so is to simplify the anatomy into simple 3D forms: the head as a box for instance, cylinders for limbs, etc. It is important that these are 3D forms because then you can draw/imagine them from all angles, and thus draw a simplified body from any pose. You can place main landmarks of the human body (where the bones protrudes for instance, the famous vaganiàs bones, the navel, the sternum, etc.) onto those simplified shapes by knowing some basic measurements. You can approach muscles in the same manner, by simplifying them and knowing where they go.
Last year I nominated LooMiss for /monster/'s MFW, but I don't know what would be a good theme for her to have. Any ideas? https://smuglo.li/monster/res/29.html#6008
>>238 My first thought was Take on Me because of the visuals and the story especially the blur between real life and drawings. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=djV11Xbc914

Open file (55.72 KB 640x640 serveimage (2).jpeg)
Open file (211.91 KB 1133x1080 serveimage.jpeg)
Open file (37.75 KB 960x960 serveimage (1).jpeg)
Open file (171.93 KB 350x492 serveimage.png)
Robowaifu concept art Anonymous 05/13/2020 (Wed) 14:05:57 No.36 [Reply]
Question, can some of you artfags help us out with concept arts for /robowaifu/ designs? Having some new ideas and fresh points of view helps get motivation flowing and spurs creativity in general. It doesn't have to be anything fancy either, just basic hand-drawn sketches like >>>/robowaifu/369 are plenty good enough. Most of us who were part of our community weren't too skilled at art and we could deffo use the help.
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>>48 Another sketch, please give critique
>>57 I like it, but there's a couple of issues I see and one oddity.1. the rear view of the ass has the hips coming in too narrow, widen them out a bit. the gap is fine.2. the head's front aspect is to round, make it more oval. the side aspect is fine.3. While unimportant, it seems a bit odd to have the hands turned entirely out like that. I like the skeletal structure of the hand, but it's a bit off if you're intending to mimic the human hand closely.
>>57 >vent on lower back Wouldn't you get blasted with hot air any time you're snuggling up or engaging in any other fun activities from behind?
>>60 Fuck anon, you're right. Maybe the vent would be placed on her upper back in the next iteration.
>>61 What about on the sides of her hips/thighs? Then she could keep you warm with her heat on those cold January walks through the snow.

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