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Open file (68.11 KB 775x648 Drawpile1.jpg)
Non-denominational /loomis/ Drawpile Thread Artist 07/06/2020 (Mon) 03:07:21 No.719 [Reply] [Last]
Drawpile (https://drawpile.net/) is a collaborative drawing and visual shitposting software. Every Sunday at 10pm EST good /loomis/ boys and girls of all skill levels from across the internet come together for a one-of-a-kind artistic experience. Join us! Drawpile > Session > Join > Host (artga.in) > Channel (/loomis/) splelps.com
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>>1345 Awesome, thx

Open file (80.17 KB 600x600 gunstock-maine_s.jpg)
A Fresh Coat of Paint Anonymous 05/13/2020 (Wed) 13:15:06 No.26 [Reply] [Last]
A warm welcome to all the users who made it back. On /loomis/, we encourage our intrepid artistic users to achieve meaningful results in the fields of art, be it digital, 2d, 3d or in any other form, but we mainly stick to drawings. This thread doubles as the META THREAD for /loomis/, post your woes here RULES >Respect Global Rules >No IRL Gore, CP and Doxing >Requests only in the Request thread >Be polite to your fellow artist and accept critiques ARCHIVES OF /loomis/ AND /v/'S DRAWTHREADS >/loomis/ Resources mega.nz/folder/IDIk3CRB#rdtGAUbXDS_MY4n-bp4_xg >Tutorial Starter Pack #1 mega.nz/folder/IDY0FASI#JyFBSyoaZPuKhjqvP2o4Cg >Tutorial Starter Pack #2 mega.nz/folder/Kl1mSaDY#OeSK4kemGii7sufwQArDVA >Drawthread making resources + the OP for a draw thread: mega.nz/#F!Suhz0D5Y!BSrBrV1kxK9B5G1SSiJmwQ

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>>1072 Please post again, it's been 6 months almost and the megas are still busted

Bnners thread Anonymous 05/13/2020 (Wed) 13:39:11 No.28 [Reply]
I'm in need of some banners, I'll repost those I got back from the old board
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Open file (140.10 KB 539x537 Read Loomis.png)
Encouragement and Critique Thread! Go! Go! Drawoli Anonymous 05/15/2020 (Fri) 20:06:34 No.115 [Reply] [Last]
Post your art related woes here. REMEMBER! NEVER GIVE UP! WE BELIEVE IN YOU!
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>>1316 that's sweet, u should explore that side of yourself more. Follow the beauty.
Trying to get back into drawing again. If anyone has some advice for drawing legs I'd appreciate it. For some reason I've always been bad at drawing them.
>>1336 Found a page on legs laying down from figure drawing from all its worth. I don't know much about how to draw legs. but regardless its looking phenomenal overall. Probably say Legs could be wider in width, fatter. Right heel longer touching the hip. Right elbow longer. Waist narrower and head longer.

Open file (186.71 KB 634x480 adeleine drawing.jpg)
Artist 05/27/2020 (Wed) 10:35:31 No.489 [Reply]
So... what made you get into drawing?
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>>1279 Yeah but there is one underlying issue I have I feel like I only figure draw because I want to fit in to life drawing classes but I know deep down I don't stand a chance to fit in with these sort of people. Think I want to just pursue my own art that I feel I want to do for fun whatever that is that I find at least I know that its my choice and that I want to do it for myself. Just feel empty doing figure drawing I just don't see an end goal I see one with loomis books
I like cute girls and war machines I want to create my own doujin works too
>>1314 what is doujin works?
>>1320 fanmade manga (also applies to any self-published fanmade content but in my case manga)
>>1337 sounds awesome. Hope u share ur work. Soon I will share mine which will be art of dolls

Open file (16.43 KB 300x300 s-l300.jpg)
Tools Thread Artist 05/15/2020 (Fri) 21:38:50 No.172 [Reply]
What kind of: >Software >Hardware >Style >Tool (i.e. Pen and Paper, Stencils...) Do you use to make your art?
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>>172 Adonit note plus and an iPad Pro 2021
What's a drawing tablet I can get that has a huge work area, won't die in a year, and won't rape my wallet? I have a Huion Giano that I'm about to give up on because of how easily it breaks.
>>1256 > won't die in a year, Buying new technology is always a risk. There are many different tablets out there, just pick one. People usually buy a tablet qnd use that for eternity, while the market changes, so I have no clue what the newest hottest shit it.
Is fire Alpaca any good as software? Also, one there one program that was only to mkae Ink-like drawings? (forgot the name)
>>1327 > Is fire Alpaca any good as software? Don't know. Wouldn't touch proprietary software. > Also, one there one program that was only to mkae Ink-like drawings? What would evem be a program dedicated to ink drawing? While using Drawpile someone once told me that it feels like I'm drawing with ink. Krita, GIMP, both support basic full opacity brushes. Although I always recommend Krita, because it has a focus on drawing and painting.

Open file (85.73 KB 512x512 krita_pepe_512.png)
Krita General. based_art_chad 06/12/2020 (Fri) 22:41:26 No.560 [Reply] [Last]
Oh, damn an art board. I'll keep a look at this. Although my main stay is over at http://nanochanqzaytwlydykbg5nxkgyjxk3zsrctxuoxdmbx5jbh2ydyprid.onion/oc/ If you post on nanochan, you'll get an overpaint, if I see that you've put effort into the painting or drawing. Otherwise use this thread for for the clearnet normies. Do you want to know how to do anything specific in Krita? New to animation? New to painting? If you're using Photoshop or Corel Painter, you're a cuck and not allowed in this thread. Ok, let's see if this semi advertisement gets deleted.
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Alpine seems to be nice Linux distribution. It aims to be minimalist and uses open-rc. I might've finally found a save haven, that doesn't constantly stop working. My devuan install just stopped working, because NSA-san thought I was using Debian and didn't realize I use Devuan instead. So his glowware just exploded in my face and forced me to reinstall. That was the final straw. Alpine it shall be. musl-libc > glibc
Xorg running. Nouveau drivers running. (Just had to remove a bunch of crap in /etc/modprobe.d . Krita not compiled, because when using View --> Detach canvas the flickering goes aways and allows dwm to nicely tile the detatched canvas. :^D
Krita is still fucked. GIMP I PRAISE YOU
Open file (467.24 KB 1849x1702 gimp-test-001.jpg)
Another GIMP test.
Open file (200.00 KB 1107x1027 symbolism-001-trimmed.png)
Open file (240.23 KB 1107x1027 symbolism-002-trimmed.png)

Open file (1.61 MB 428x498 gondola-on-bike.gif)
Artist 12/04/2021 (Sat) 12:44:31 No.1179 [Reply]
How do you feel right now? Do you want to blow off some steam?
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>>1282 If your Loomis then who the fuck was the mod that ban me shit is so confusing oh well. I mean things seem to be taking a different direction for me I feel like I want to go through all the loomis books and looking through them all I stumbled across the illustration one and it made me think why am I so against color. Seem to be due to never using it I guess but I want to be actually able to do something with my art and my art is mostly based around doing it by myself like most things are and I just can't see myself actually doing figure drawing anymore it just doesn't have an end goal its just empty. Need to do some searching of myself and find the thing that I gravitate towards. It just digital art ain't my thing. I miss imageboards it's been i better overall experience for communicating. I feel like I cant be in more than one space at a time. We will see what the future brings
>>1284 >>1284 The Drawpile, 8chan.moe/loomis and anon.cafe/loomis are all separate-but-related entities with different owners. I won't say anything bad about or against the Drawpile host as he's provided us an invaluable service post-Harb and we've been comrades of sorts for many years, though I think this whole situation is certainly a shame. As I said though, if you do choose to stay over here ArtChad is a reliable and knowledgeable fellow who will doubtless help you improve no matter what your goals end up being.
>>1288 Kind of might go back on my word probably will continue figure drawing. No one really critiques my work really anyways I even critique my own work so it either happens or it doesn't. Water under the bridge with the drawpile thing it is what it is. Not really the big of an issue I am kind of over it now but at the time it happened it felt odd.
I agree.
Open file (209.45 KB 900x883 12578874.jpg)
I finally got over my ass and started drawing after many months and years saying so, only problem: I HAVE NO TABLET NOR SCANNER AND I MUST SHOW PRACTICE Still i am only going to practice the things i need for work, that is simple perspectives and 2D facades using de-tensing line work (squibbly irregular lines) in hatch/cross-hatch/circling but i got a bit into the rabbit hole of jewtube drawing tutorials and was newly perplexed at how skilled some people are and how "easy" it looks. I completely suck at anatomy so i will stick to objects until i get more time, which is fading due to having to learn some warez for upcoming work.

Open file (292.52 KB 654x1228 ErikaSam.png)
QTDDTOT Artist 05/15/2020 (Fri) 21:57:03 No.194 [Reply] [Last]
Questions that don't deserve their own thread - Sketches Edition. Do you usually refine the figure (face, accessories, hair, drapes) when sketching or its easier to just putting a landmark then refine it later in lineart?
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Open file (49.74 KB 658x664 braino drawpile.jpg)
>>1229 >the screen is too slick Yup, it's like drawing on a microwave door or something (I don't know, maybe that's dumb comparison but it sucks in either case) >still feel disconnect With traditional tablets you have a disconnect depending on the monitor to tablet size relationship pertaining to your potential range of motion/how it "feels" to draw with (this is important, honestly). With screen tablets you have parallax and the less-than-ideal posture of traditional without the organic "breaks" created by the need to sharpen pencils, grab different markers, apply different pigments to the brush etc. In some ways the disconnect is actually worse with screen tablets because the true exact-pixel input is obscured by your stylus and hand. >Intuos 3 You're on the right track. If you're in the US check this out: https://shopgoodwill.com/item/135566992 This auction ends in just under three days. If you snipe this auction (do not place a single bid before under a minute left in the auction, otherwise you're exposing your interest and potentially greatly increasing your overall cost for no reason whatsoever) you should be able to get what appears to be a very nice Intuos 3 (the favored model of Atlus artist Soejima and Feng Zhu), complete in box for a very reasonable price. Because it's in the box I wouldn't be surprised to see this auction go up to $100 though. Why not at least it try it out? Worst case scenario: You don't like it, you've maybe spent a single day's wage on it Best case scenario: It could prove to be the best art-related decision you've ever made and will change your digital drawing experience for the better for decades to come, unironically.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Open file (444.63 KB 563x565 1638840712240.png)
>>1236 By the way >>1229 if you do decide you want to try and get it let me know here because I'm probably going to go for it if you don't. Don't let the low bid fool you now though it could easily go much higher at the very end of the auction. It might not be a bad idea to check facebook marketplace, craigslist or ebay instead/as well.
Has this place been abandon or are the mods still present and how active is this place. If there is any, I say hi. I'm going to post here more often bring some life to this place. If it's worth it.
>>1245 Hi. Don't you see the post dates? As far as I know there is one mod and one board owner. The board owner seems to check this place rarely (although that's a guess) the mod seems to check thos place more regularly. I myself check this place every day with some exceptions between. Feel free to post. I will usually try my best to help people answer questions they have, so we can all grow together.
>>1246 sup, that's cool yeah I could tell by the post dates there was just no bump option on the catalog so was hard to tell. Holy shit this site is way more faster and posting on it uploads super fast compared to 8chan.moe think I am done with the site tbh it's pretty dead there.

Artist 12/08/2021 (Wed) 20:21:13 No.1202 [Reply]
Artchad, stop baselessly accusing people (including me) of being "glow" etc. You are missing a shit ton of information and context, thanks to being absent.
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Open file (85.69 KB 655x561 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.jpg)
Ok, after this post I'll refuse to post even a single message regarding this meta conversations. :^DDDDD *puts fingers into eats and goes:* LALALALALALALALALALALALA P.S. Just wait for chadchan. It will be developed.
Umarufag could've stopped this!
>>1202 Who's the Artchad(s)? And why do he Nanochan?

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