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Open file (801.85 KB 3024x4032 1599314529003.jpg)
Canon Contest Legoman 09/05/2020 (Sat) 15:32:13 No.651
Are you going to vote for uncle-anon, or do you have different strategy?
bruh that do be having eldar wraithknight vibes
You know I don't bother with bonkle fans that much but I happened to see what happened in the last canon contest (the one for Helryx). It's little wonder AFOLs ignore the Bionicle fanbase, and that's because the majority of them are whiny faggots that obsess over a dead toyline. Nothing you hand them will ever be good enough for them, they'll constantly bitch about how it isn't good enough or how Lego should do more to recognise them. Bionicle sales were dipping by 2005 and the franchise was slowly dying. Sure, G2 was mishandled, but that still doesn't explain for the piss poor sales it had or the blinding truth that the early years were simply a craze kids went through before moving onto the next one. Of course Bionicle fans interpret this as proof that everything Lego was doing during this time was flawless and Lego should just copy what they done and redo Bionicle in the current year. In many ways they're like that classic castle/space fan you can find lurking old forums or LUGs that insist that Lego should just re-release multicoloured generic spacemen or blue knights versus red knights ad infinitum. Sorry for the rant OP That is a very nice looking Bionicle MOC though, I feel many bonk MOCs try to mask the technic pieces (in the way some system builders cover everything with tiles to avoid exposed studs) but I personally prefer the more technic approach - it looks suitably mechanical unlike CCBS.
>>653 >Bionicle sales were dipping by 2005 Lego themselves said in their backstage documentary that it was one of the best selling themes, even in 2008.
>>654 I'm not denying that, I was saying that the sales were dipping compared to previous figures. Although I have no real evidence to provide, I suspect this was because the Bionicle craze was over and a chunk of children grew up or moved onto something else. Core fans still stuck around though, which is why bonks still sold well.
>>653 >the early years were simply a craze kids went through before moving onto the next one Well, that has always been the case with LEGO themes. Space went through the same thing, but what really set Bionicle apart was the story they've built for the theme. It wasn't just robot action figures that you could build, they were robot action figures who fought in an intercontinental, interplanetary war to save their god from eternal slumber, who in turn just happened to be a giant walking, talking exploration vessel built by mysterious beings who might just be humans like you and me. It had a gigantic sense of scale that went beyond just the sets, but I won't deny that after ten long years it kind of fizzled out. Toys are being replaced by tablets, and even Star Wars merch, LEGO or not, is collecting dust on shelves nowadays.
>>656 Even Lego seems to have noticed this trend and are desperate to keep kids interested in physical toys with their recent AR gimmicks. If you ask me trying to mix digital games and physical toys is never going to work, how are you supposed to compete against video games and TV rolled into one convenient package?

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