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Open file (163.78 KB 800x600 ABS Punk.jpg)
Minidolls Legoman 05/18/2020 (Mon) 02:59:00 No.474
Minidolls! First released in 2012, they were exclusively used in the "girl" lines until The Lego Movie 2, after which time they immediately went back to being exclusively used in the girl lines. Minidolls have fewer points of articulation than minifigs and are thus more challenging to customize. Let's see your custom minidolls!
Here are a few that I've made
Open file (317.92 KB 908x908 Mini_doll_fate.JPG)
>Buy Friends sets for the amazing choice of parts and buildings compared to City, the white with purple/pink as aesthetic is also a nice choice >Scalp the mini dolls, use the hair and the dozen Parker clones' heads (from buying multiple Hidden Side sets) to make a bigger variety of LEGO minifig girls >Use the constant addition of little animals as vermin army units for BrikWars Am I the bad guy?
Open file (252.45 KB 800x600 megagenta.jpg)
>>482 Nah, Friends is a great line for parting out even if you have no interest in minidolls OR minifigs. This remains one of my best scores. $75 for everything on the table. Practically brand-new, assembled and barely touched. They even threw in all the extra pieces that came in the sets.
>>483 Nice haul, anything you're planning to build with it?
>>484 Been slowly working on this for the last couple years
>>485 Kowloon?
>>485 Very nice clusterfuck. Would like more pictures. :)
Open file (734.30 KB 600x800 ClipboardImage.png)
My only problem with minidolls is how limited customisation is with them as there's only a small handful of torsos and legs and you can't switch out the arms or hands. The best way to increase the range would be a minidoll CMF line, although a more action oriented minidoll line would be great. >>485 Every time I see these they grow even higher. I don't even know if I want to see the finished stacks because they'll be massive behemoths
Open file (189.50 KB 800x600 city oversight.jpg)
>>486 Not exactly, but that's an inspiration >>487 I have a few more but they're a little out of date and I've been intentionally not shooting the really weird stacks to keep them a surprise >>488 >Every time I see these they grow even higher. I don't even know if I want to see the finished stacks because they'll be massive behemoths Right now I have five drawers full of them, plus some stacked on top of the drawers
Open file (263.08 KB 800x600 stack on black.jpg)
Open file (159.77 KB 800x600 dishing details.jpg)
Open file (326.68 KB 800x1200 tenth-floor plan.jpg)
Open file (339.37 KB 800x1200 housing project.jpg)
>>495 >>487 Forgot you can post batches of images. Here's another shot of the city and some individual stacks. I made these using a 16x16 template as the standard, with a few studs along the tops of the walls to anchor them to the next level, i.e. the way the Creator Expert building floors attach to each other. A few stacks have a footprint larger than 16x16 but most stick to that size. These are for the same setting as the hoverklocki that I occasionally post.
>>497 Obscenely detailed, especially with the piping along the walls everywhere. This stuff is just too good, you're harming my confidence.
>>497 This looks like so much fun
>>488 >you can't switch out the arms or hands That's not true, the arms can pop out of socket and be switched. I do it all the time. You just have to pull them straight out, instead of how the minifig arms need to be popped out an an angle.
>>512 Thanks for that, I thought with how thin the arms are popping them out would be impossible.

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