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Lego SWF Legoman 03/05/2020 (Thu) 13:42:15 No.309
These were posted to /toy/ but I feel they're better suited here so I'll post them here instead
Should anon.cafe ever go down again (though I hope not), you're more than welcome to crash at /toy/ - there's a link in the board message.
Thank you very much for these.
Open file (118.02 KB Launcher.swf)
Open file (274.97 KB home.swf)
Testing to see if my SWF files work
>>327 First one didn't work, let's see if any of these do.
KKII Webcomics
>>332 And the final episode
Open file (965.49 KB story2001.swf)
>>337 I don't remember if there's more of these Bionicle ones. Are there?
Found it
>>337 >>339 For a Bionicle lorelet these are incredibly useful. Thanks

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