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Legoman 01/24/2020 (Fri) 14:00:02 No.241
Post any high res logos or box art you come across
Open file (83.51 KB 1024x1024 Exploriens Emblem.jpg)
Open file (3.15 MB 5000x5000 Futuron Background 1.jpg)
Open file (354.51 KB 2304x1440 Futuron Background 2.jpg)
Open file (56.55 KB 1024x1024 Space Port Logo.jpg)
Open file (421.80 KB 2560x1440 M-Tron Background.jpg)
Open file (161.83 KB 2000x2000 M-Tron Emblem.jpg)
Open file (611.51 KB 3900x2000 M-Tron Logo.jpg)
Open file (41.12 KB 1024x1024 Octan Logo.jpg)
Open file (99.71 KB 2000x2000 Blacktron Emblem.jpg)
Open file (297.89 KB 2000x2000 Exploriens Emblem.jpg)
Open file (171.89 KB 2000x2000 Octan Logo.jpg)
Open file (181.57 KB 2000x2000 Space Port Logo.jpg)
Reposting some of them because I've found higher res picture
Anyone knows where I can find box art of certain years like, say, 2003?
What theme in particular? Box art is generally hard to find, but you can sometimes strike it lucky if you find the artist online.
Pretty spooky that this place hasn't had a new post for a week and then all of a sudden we get 2 within the space of 20 seconds
Open file (937.79 KB 1230x1135 Scannen0026_f.jpg)
LEGO Designer. Those blue backgrounds fading into the horizon were my jam. I know, it's spooky.
You had to choose something really obscure, didn't you? I've had a look around but I can't find it. It does make me wonder if Lego has all of them archived somewhere on a big hard drive or something, and if they'd be willing to share.

Gonna leave these 2 links I found so I don't forget about them
-Elves box art: https://elvendale.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:The_Elvendoodler/Lego_Elves_Official_Background_Art
-Mainly licensed themes: https://www.artstation.com/chrisbarrett/albums/all
Is it? I always thought Creator/System subthemes were core LEGO. Maybe they'd share it if we sent an e-mail their way?
By obscure I mean that its hard to find much on it online, not that the theme itself is obscure. I've no idea whether they'd share it or if they even archived it, and the only way to drop an email is either contact customer service or the CEO through: nbc@lego.com

Do you know of any other emails/ways to contact Lego? If not I'll drop an email to the CEO asking if he knows if stuff like that is archived and if its available to the public.
I'm afraid I don't, sorry.
Contacted Lego Customer Services about it but they can't access anything like it, though the representative is passing my question along. I'll let you know of the response and if that doesn't work I'll send an email to the CEO.
Thanks dude. That's nice of you.
That said, LEGO is surprisingly friendly with consumers, aren't they?
No problem, I'm interested to see if they have an archive too.
>LEGO is surprisingly friendly with consumers, aren't they?
Lego's customer service is very good, everyone I've ever talked to has been happy to go above and beyond for the customer. They're even generous with replacement parts, and I think one customer service guy couldn't find a replacement piece in stock so he offered LQ one from his own collection.
Open file (1005.30 KB 796x863 a.png)
Now that I think about it, we should've asked them to see if they have the concept art for the sets they made all those years ago as well.
>That said, LEGO is surprisingly friendly with consumers, aren't they?
They're a European organization. Run by an ethnically homogeneous family. They are the anti-jude.
>I think one customer service guy couldn't find a replacement piece in stock so he offered LQ one from his own collection
Yeah, it was this black hair with red headband piece. I actually wanted the light tan with light green headband version because the one I got was dinged up on arrival, but when they couldn't find either piece in stock one of the other reps (not the one that was talking to me) told my rep that he had one he could give me. Dude just volunteered a piece out of his own collection to a random caller that wasn't even his caller.

Lego customer service reps are always 11/10. I wouldn't be surprised if someone actually responds to anon's email and actually tries to track down some art.
Haven't heard anything yet so I'm going to wait a couple more days and if there's still nothing I'll send an email to Niels Christiansen and hopefully that should lead somewhere.
Open file (1.41 MB 4031x3024 IMG_E2905.JPG)
>>284 I want to thank whoever made that bong design for inspiring these two monstrosities.
Open file (1.41 MB 3725x3395 DSC02322.JPG)
>>342 Thanks in turn for inspiring this too
>>346 I love it, push those limits. I think I can weaponize this concept for BrikWars.
>>347 An army of stoners with bong super suits sounds the right kind of crazy for BrikWars. What's the community like, by the way? I thought it was pretty much dead and haven't really looked into it further because of that.
Open file (193.63 KB 800x600 joint resolve.jpg)
>>342 >>346 no prob anon, love that helmet design. I've been using those trans-clear action pieces for bottle necks. here's my current hippie lineup
>>351 Really nailed the hippie look with them, maybe go for a hippie van next? >>350 The BrikWars community is pretty...undead. There's people posting stuff every blue moon, but it's usually some Stud.io space ship, a miniature tank or infantry units that look like a generic space marine army. You'd figure people would try to be original or creative with LEGO and a ruleset that says "Anything goes", but no. It's pretty much LEGO Warhammer.
Open file (7.99 MB 2000x1551 ClipboardImage.png)
>>351 That massive blunt is hilarious >>352 >You'd figure people would try to be original or creative with LEGO and a ruleset that says "Anything goes", but no. It's pretty much LEGO Warhammer. That's a shame, especially when the most iconic piece of artwork shows how creative it could be
Open file (276.88 KB 1200x957 Brikwars_Stupidoedia.jpg)
>>353 The art might be the only good part about BrikWars to be honest, the ruleset is pretty awful and the community exists out of a few semi-active members. Who mostly post space ships and space soldier units. I think it'd be way cooler to take an existing ruleset (I personally prefer FUDGE/Icons) and use LEGO to play a roleplaying campaign. Maybe do something along the lines of The LEGO Movie or the Ninjago storyline. LEGO has plenty of lore and existing settings to use.
>>352 >Really nailed the hippie look with them, maybe go for a hippie van next? I think you're right. Definitely going to have to add that to the list of mocs I need to make. >>356 I once made a very rules-light RPG designed for minifigs. It uses the six-sided die from the Lego board games as the randomizer. Each PC has their own die that they fill in the sides with class-specific or generic skill/power sets, like "bonus to attacking" or "bonus to using technology" or "magic". This acts as a boost to your action (i.e. you can always attack somebody, but if you roll a red side while you attempt an attack, it's more likely to go in your favor, so a fighter character would want a lot of red sides on his die).
>>359 There are some parts of that RPG of yours I really like. >Using and customizing LEGO dice for unique effects depending on what kind of coloured/printed plates you put on the sides >OTC reference (Orange Transparent Chainsaws are pretty much legendary in their own right) >Octoshark (Is that even legal to build? Does the shark head really fit on there???)
>>360 >Octoshark (Is that even legal to build? Does the shark head really fit on there???) No, that's just a reference to the first monster that Spaceman of Futuron fought in the first episode of Lego Quest. It's not a legal animal.
Open file (1022.29 KB 4096x3153 ET_9uG_XsAEyhAa.jfif)
Open file (1.08 MB 4096x3115 ET_9uHDXQAAJiVn.jfif)
Open file (1.09 MB 4096x3134 ET_9uHBWkAEvzwo.jfif)
https://twitter.com/LEGO_Group/status/1242992065589456897 Lego has posted high-res pics of Adventurers sets with their original backgrounds, which suggests they have the backgrounds archived somewhere... To the anon that was asking about backgrounds I still haven't got a response from Lego which is unusual. I haven't had the time recently but I will send another email.
>>371 Somehow this doesn't surprise me given that they have a copy of every set ever made in their vault.
Open file (1.08 MB 1920x1260 Box Art - 3851.jpg)
Open file (600.56 KB 960x1280 Box Art - 3852.jpg)
Open file (580.37 KB 960x1280 Box Art - 3853.jpg)
Open file (619.82 KB 960x1280 Box Art - 3854.jpg)
Open file (769.09 KB 960x1280 Box Art - 3855.jpg)
Open file (911.18 KB 1920x1260 Box Art - 3862.jpg)
Open file (862.47 KB 960x1280 Box Art - 3865.jpg)
Open file (1.22 MB 1920x1260 Box Art - 3866.jpg)
Open file (1.41 MB 1920x1260 Box Art - 3867.jpg)
Open file (1.17 MB 1920x1260 Box Art - 3920.jpg)
3867, Maya Mystica, was never released. Aztec/Mayan microfigures would've been great.
Open file (1.13 MB 1920x1260 Box Art - 50003.jpg)
Open file (1.28 MB 1920x1260 Box Art - 50011.jpg)
Open file (766.56 KB 960x1280 Box Art - 3858.jpg)
Open file (789.55 KB 960x1280 Box Art - 3859.jpg)
Open file (882.59 KB 1920x1260 Box Art - 3860.jpg)
Open file (1.04 MB 960x1280 Box Art - 3874.jpg)
Open file (914.06 KB 2560x1440 6248.jpg)
>>552 >>553 >>555 >>556 Love the boardgame art, thanks for posting these.
>>557 No problem. Forgot to post the source but they're from http://stuartreeves.co.uk/
Open file (533.15 KB 1920x1124 Box Art - 6860.jpg)
Open file (377.76 KB 1920x1187 Box Art - 76000.jpg)
Open file (167.46 KB 1000x711 Box Art - 4866.jpg)
Open file (171.63 KB 942x485 Box Art - 4867.jpg)
Open file (181.29 KB 900x565 Box Art - 6867.jpg)
Open file (797.10 KB 1920x1420 Box Art - 6869.jpg)
Open file (423.05 KB 1272x942 Box Art - 30270.jpg)
Open file (675.76 KB 1920x1129 Box Art - 79121.jpg)
Open file (502.72 KB 1920x1047 Box Art - 70805.jpg)
Open file (602.25 KB 1920x991 Box Art - 70806.jpg)
Open file (481.15 KB 1500x638 Box Art - 70815.jpg)
Open file (659.95 KB 1800x1335 Box Art - 70816.jpg)
Open file (536.29 KB 1920x1717 Box Art - 5002204.jpg)
>>251 Completely forgot about this and I apologise. I've just sent an email to Christiansen, maybe we could get some answers.
>>660 Oh cool, thanks. I thought nothing had come of it.
Open file (718.79 KB 640x453 4507-1.png)
>>251 I however like, the one with all the bricks flying in the background, feels like the fun of Lego is flowing in the air and you can jump and get into the current. Very mystic.
>>663 Ok, both customer services and Christiansen haven't responded to my emails which is very odd. I think that the email provider I'm using (yandex) is being blocked by Lego's email system. I'm going to create a cock.li email address and see if that's blocked.
>>733 I don't think they'll answer a "cock" e-mail domain.
>>245 Not really hi-res, are they?
Open file (383.42 KB 1358x900 Trains.jpg)
Open file (278.79 KB 1513x900 Town.jpg)
Open file (299.45 KB 1456x900 Classic Space.jpg)
Open file (250.44 KB 1453x900 Classic Castle.jpg)
Open file (241.36 KB 1431x900 Lion Knights.jpg)
I guess these should be posted here. >>877 Hopefully something good will come from that 90th Anniversary thing.
Open file (193.56 KB 969x900 Black Falcons.jpg)
Open file (212.93 KB 1121x900 Model Team.jpg)
Open file (231.64 KB 1264x900 Forestmen.jpg)
Open file (365.56 KB 1508x900 Blacktron.jpg)
Open file (290.70 KB 1514x900 Black Knights.jpg)
Open file (249.81 KB 1176x900 Pirates.jpg)
Open file (313.16 KB 1398x900 Imperials.jpg)
Open file (285.81 KB 1358x900 Space Police.jpg)
Open file (316.50 KB 1508x900 M-Tron.jpg)
Open file (221.46 KB 1269x900 Wolfpack.jpg)
Open file (232.03 KB 900x900 Paradisa.jpg)
Open file (307.27 KB 1354x900 Dragon Knights.jpg)
Open file (314.39 KB 1201x900 Ice Planet.jpg)
Open file (324.81 KB 1130x900 Aquazone.jpg)
Open file (302.99 KB 1204x900 Spyrius.jpg)
Open file (323.82 KB 1256x900 Exploriens.jpg)
Open file (288.03 KB 1134x900 Time Cruisers.jpg)
Open file (286.88 KB 1356x900 Divers.jpg)
Open file (350.90 KB 1134x900 Adventurers.jpg)
Open file (336.83 KB 1508x900 Xtreme Team.jpg)
Open file (307.55 KB 1128x900 Rock Raiders.jpg)
Open file (300.93 KB 1205x900 Studios.jpg)
Open file (339.82 KB 1516x900 Arctic.jpg)
Open file (285.51 KB 1127x900 Alpha Team.jpg)
Open file (90.00 KB 535x900 bionicle.jpg)
>>885 Nice, but it looks like you forgot to post the best Lego theme. Don't worry, I'm here to fix it.
>>887 God I miss canisters

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