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(68.60 KB 800x600 1448420117845.jpg)
Comfy thread Legoman 12/19/2019 (Thu) 21:25:26 No. 180
Post comfy pics, sets, stories, etc
(71.71 KB 900x506 LEGO-librarian-01.jpg)
One of the comfiest /lego/ moments I've ever had
>Bit of background first - I love KKII and had managed to find 8873 (one of the few I didn't have) BNIB on eBay for £9, including postage
>The night before its supposed to arrive it snows a lot - so much so that its shin deep by the morning
>Get the rest of the week off work, fuck yeah
>Hear a knock on the door around the time the post usually arrives
>Postman has braved the weather to bring me my parcel
>Get to relive a part of my childhood while building the set, just reminding me of better times back when I'd spend all day adventuring with those rainbow knights
Pic unrelated to the story but a MOC I find comfy
(119.48 KB 800x600 lap landers.jpg)
(1.05 MB 800x5400 payseez's day out part 1.jpg)
(883.55 KB 800x7200 payseez's day out part 2.jpg)
(927.03 KB 800x6600 payseez's day out part 3.jpg)
(723.12 KB 800x6600 payseez's day out part 4.jpg)
Here's a story I made about a custom Mixels tribe called the Lapzerz

From left: Payseez, Fanzeez, and Chexeez
I've seen this several times before but each time I do I'm always amazed how you were able to make such an expressive story using only [honking sounds]
Thanks, I always try to put a lot of physical implication into posing when I can
(385.77 KB 996x768 boooook.JPG)
How can I achieve more organic look of lego?
What do you mean by organic?
You know, to make the figures/animals look less sturdy and more vivid. I feel like I always miss some aspect, but I'm not sure what it is.
In terms of building or photography? I guess if you're trying to build organic animals, using smaller pieces that aren't blocky and not having any studs showing would help making them feel less Lego-y. Also avoid showing any mold lines or similar marks that makes it feel more toy-like could be another way. For photography, I'd say positioning them in ways that they would naturally be in, especially avoiding keeping them in static positions. Whenever I take photos I find it helps to try replicate the pose with myself, seeing if I find the pose to be natural or not.
(432.45 KB 800x2676 01.jpg)
(535.50 KB 800x3496 02.jpg)
(411.75 KB 800x3562 03.jpg)
(720.81 KB 865x5342 lighting guide.jpg)
I made a couple of tutorial images that show some basic concepts about how to pose and shoot minifigs to make them more lifelike.

Here are a couple others I made as well. I have better lamps than the ones in these pictures.

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