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Train autism Legoman 12/12/2019 (Thu) 23:22:04 No.167
Look at this mad cunt's fine work.
Videos like these are so satisfying, its kinda like you're a little Legoman on the train. Trainfags always put effort into their setups, so the payoff is always decent too. Same with the madmen behind GBCs.
>>196 That's really cool.
>>196 Amazing. I can't even imagine yet the amount of time and planning that the mad-lad put into this piece. Makes me kind of proud to also be an autist after a fashion. Thanks Anon!
>>799 >Makes me kind of proud to also be an autist after a fashion. Annual reminder that the Linerider and RCT2 communities are still going strong.
>>801 any way to get the rct2 w/o spending money? i know there's the open version, but it seems to require you to have the game itself or a steam account to obtain the necessary assets.
Open file (32.72 KB 682x332 search.png)
>>802 this might help
Open file (3.02 MB 2400x1800 60336_alt2.png)
Can i say the new trainsets fucking suck? Rc was a upgrade for me because it was easier to integrate with arduino but now they fucked everything up with fucking bluetooth. Also what the fuck is the new cargo train they used to make these carry like petrol, containers, ores, veichles... not fucking flowers and solar panels
>>1281 Do the solar panels at least function? Are they able to power the train?
>>1282 He is talking about the printed part that has been used for flags, windows and (many times) for solar panels.

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