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(32.51 KB 340x480 1451602648866.jpg)
(57.87 KB 800x600 1480992117760.jpg)
(2.77 MB 1423x1216 1568299883468.png)
(120.10 KB 390x600 1480207233423.jpg)
(648.48 KB 1451x1451 1511980155684.jpg)
Legoman 12/10/2019 (Tue) 23:33:26 No. 138
Reaction images thread. Post all you've got.
(70.60 KB 720x677 1562530692288.jpg)
(64.08 KB 276x394 haters.jpg)
(63.15 KB 425x635 1558163656871.jpg)
(1.74 MB 2808x2376 elite.jpg)
(25.15 KB 213x156 _.jpg)
(40.05 KB 640x360 1546736711637.jpg)
(246.49 KB 700x756 1549528900269.jpg)
(402.27 KB 632x633 1549082856269.png)
(107.28 KB 410x377 emmet stubble.png)
(66.69 KB 1200x1291 1512429605733.jpg)
(75.32 KB 480x480 1535056138405.png)
(105.07 KB 480x480 1533977923400.png)
(72.20 KB 480x480 1533846733083.png)
(9.94 KB 113x131 1522286799715.jpg)
(35.79 KB 198x185 dat booty.jpg)
(112.30 KB 1920x1080 1516204346499.jpg)
(31.41 KB 480x480 1511737274127.jpg)
(14.41 KB 415x325 1510697488151.jpg)
(113.99 KB 468x240 1509654332604.jpg)
(1.55 MB 640x336 1392235638510.gif)
(21.25 KB 172x148 waaaaaaaaaaaaaah.jpg)
(81.31 KB 400x371 relax.jpg)
(287.47 KB 1680x917 1405470186780.png)
(27.12 KB 200x200 1576112517604.gif)
(3.07 MB 493x420 1577919919345.gif)
(529.41 KB 3072x2304 1536587027774.jpg)
(137.18 KB 800x600 1536875704573.jpg)
(29.78 KB 324x304 1536965298147.jpg)
(237.92 KB 694x694 1540814350414.png)
(287.51 KB 640x312 1540855417525.png)
(37.50 KB 194x258 1566433356368.jpg)
(153.94 KB 350x548 1567076003375.jpg)
(71.78 KB 548x500 1540329190845.jpg)
(395.07 KB 913x750 1538792560357.jpg)
(285.82 KB 1000x692 1518645031681.jpg)
(61.63 KB 800x600 1517715683997.jpg)
(22.00 KB 362x520 1517686304013.jpg)
(52.06 KB 436x600 1516760999674.jpg)
(169.81 KB 373x380 roflmao.png)
(48.95 KB 1500x1105 received_362553127540696.jpeg)
(518.86 KB 1713x1185 1516448218918.jpg)
(51.43 KB 475x319 1516388174036.jpg)
(32.13 KB 432x412 1515228293936.jpg)
(208.88 KB 807x960 1515527523359.jpg)
(87.71 KB 563x777 1513965788042.jpg)
(114.16 KB 1280x720 1512594221685.jpg)
(118.78 KB 800x600 1511844428658.jpg)
(133.44 KB 800x600 1511830841295.jpg)
(1.25 MB 964x880 1514423167045.png)
(48.52 KB 225x532 1510972084403.jpg)
(419.13 KB 1000x1000 1510766201656.jpg)
Where are those middle three pics from?
If you look at the filenames, you'll see they have the default 4chan download file name, so that tells you they've been posted on 4chan at one point. Go to the /toy/ archive and search for posts containing files with that filename, and hey presto!

They are all /lg/ OC made by an anon in 2018:
>> 238
Impressive, very nice. I'll keep this in mind for the future.
Thanks for the sauce.
Always happy to help, anon. Once you get the hang of the archive, its a very useful tool.
(915.03 KB 750x742 cux2bastqru31.png)
(677.78 KB 2272x1704 Eq2jZiX.jpg)
(80.45 KB 1200x628 og_og_1522534163234819669.jpg)
I'd be a little careful with immediately assuming any 13 digit unix filename is from 4chan. That filename scheme is the default for any vichan and npfchan based imageboard too.
Didn't realise that it was the default for vichan and npfchan imageboards too but thanks for the heads up
Open file (145.20 KB 1200x783 lego man life.jpg)
Open file (87.94 KB 540x406 1535953721891.jpg)
>>280 You're not wrong to assume 4chan first though. By sheer size, 4chan's file output is going to dwarf all the combined images of other vichan IBs. It is good to assume that site first when trying to fine an image's origins. I mention it just in case you come across the rare unix filename that doesn't lead to 4chan, so you at least know to look at other IBs instead of having to give up.
Open file (102.33 KB 600x600 1582908675106.jpg)
>>307 Is that Rambo?
Open file (196.16 KB 277x251 ClipboardImage.png)
LEGO Legacy's story mode has some fun parts to cap.
Open file (17.53 KB 219x352 1519852237413.jpg)
Open file (8.58 MB 1615x2489 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (170.82 KB 500x862 EXPAND LEGO.jpg)

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