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Nostalgia Legoman 04/30/2021 (Fri) 22:23:15 No.1101
Let your inner old fart out and come reminisce about the Lego of yesteryear. Childhood memories, favourite sets/themes, etc.
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Open file (392.08 KB 800x600 lego-harry-potter-01.jpg)
I wish there were more photos of old store shelves online. They are perhaps the closest thing we'll ever get to a time machine.
Open file (107.70 KB 1024x654 E0upqoqWUAYcXz4.jpg)
I wonder what happened to all those Lego sets on the shelves. I know they were sold, but how many kids did they make happy? I wonder where they are now, whether they're still in the hands of their original owners, even if long forgotten about in storage, or were they sold on to make more children happy? Have all of these sets managed to survive to this day or have brave Lego men been sent to the bin after being played with too much and eventually broken?
>>1101 I think the older lego plans we have at home are enough for me.
>>1101 I had some hand-me-down LEGO® BRAND BRICKS™ but this was the first set that I got in a sealed box

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