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Open file (484.01 KB 1080x959 ahem.png)
Legoman 11/21/2019 (Thu) 20:59:16 No.109
CHADS of /toy/
Can't you guys try contain it to a thread? There's already 2 bionicle shitpost threads up, not counting this one.

But to go back to the thread topic, I think its because Bionicle appeals to so many different niches within the /toy/ community. You've essentially got buildable robot action figures with an in-depth storyline that is open-ended enough for creating your own OC characters, especially waifus.
>Can't you guys try contain it to a thread?
figured it wouldn't matter but will do so in the future

else, Yeah totally agree. It just baffles me that it's still so popular this many years later.
I think its popularity so many years after relies on the fans growing up and reading up on the storyline. It's so rich that you have to appreciate all the effort that's been put into it and the Bionicle universe is fleshed out really well.

>figured it wouldn't matter
I'm not really bothered by it; if you think that your post merits its own thread then by all means create your own thread. Now that I think about it, this may have been better off as its own thread because we've been able to have a discussion about it.
Open file (44.14 KB 550x536 power.jpg)
I'm going to write a thesis that will make bionicle books part of obligatory education. Wish me luck.
This is but the beginning. By 2100 Bionicle will become compulsory religious study.
Open file (235.17 KB 1776x436 2453624562.jpg)

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