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(1.23 MB 2053x2429 mt 02.jpg)
(1.53 MB 2513x2425 mt.jpg)
MOC THREAD Legoman 10/21/2019 (Mon) 03:40:50 No. 55
My first attempt at a mountain.
(886.98 KB 2016x1512 Spinlyns_Cavern.JPG)
Made a comfy little cavern room for my Spinlyn minifig, stole Spider-Man's webbings for her weaponry and decoration.
Neat use of the webbing for a spear and shield. Are you the anon who's building little homes for his waifigs?
(1.43 MB 2909x2257 Shield_Gallery_S2.JPG)
Haha, it's that obvious huh? Yeah, I'm just trying to create display pieces for my collection (including waifigs) now. Next up are the coin/money vault and potentially Harley Quinn's room.
Another nice room anon, but I think it could do with something along the walls like neon orange accents to break it up a bit.
Yeah, I was thinking of adding some banners or flags on the side walls actually.
>>301 Please post any updates and the coin/money vault and Harley Quinn's room if you get round to them. I'm really interested in what this money vault is
Open file (318.46 KB 908x1210 IMG_2885.jpg)
Open file (320.97 KB 908x1210 IMG_2889.jpg)
Open file (308.38 KB 908x1210 IMG_2890.jpg)
Open file (308.37 KB 908x1210 IMG_2892.jpg)
Open file (777.96 KB 1796x1899 EKILE7986.JPG)
>>304 So a lot happened and I ended up building a lot, except the things I had in mind. I posted the drill tower on other places before, but I might as well post it here too. The crank works, that's the fun part.
Open file (668.40 KB 2016x1512 Repurposed_Lab.JPG)
Still sort of proud of this one. Took all the cool bits from the Hidden Side lab set, combined it with whatever I could find and made J.B. her own lab that uses captured ghosts and recycles them into 3D-printed objects.
Open file (178.57 KB 908x908 KV4a.JPG)
Open file (182.24 KB 908x908 KV4b.JPG)
Open file (176.89 KB 908x908 KV4c.JPG)
Had fun with this one: Making it look like a minifig was actually smoking.
Open file (1.03 MB 908x908 Grinder_1.png)
Open file (1.18 MB 360x203 Grinder_2.GIF)
Open file (1.24 MB 360x360 Grinder_3.GIF)
>>385 Beautiful
Open file (175.27 KB 908x908 Sweeper_7.JPG)
Open file (178.50 KB 908x908 Sweeper_10.JPG)
Open file (177.30 KB 908x908 Sweeper_12.JPG)
>>386 Thanks, we're not done yet though. I think I should go for the Justice League next.
Open file (244.80 KB 908x908 Shaving_7.JPG)
Open file (236.04 KB 908x908 Shaving_6.JPG)
Open file (234.18 KB 908x908 Shaving_2.JPG)
Open file (229.90 KB 908x908 Shaving_3.JPG)
>Before and after shaving your beard off
>>390 Are you going to kill them off one by one or en masse? >>392 Very accurate
Open file (223.65 KB 908x908 LMO_11.JPG)
>>394 >Are you going to kill them off one by one or en masse? I'll be honest, Harry and Ron were randomly picked and now it's too much fun to use them as 'crash test dummies'. Planning to use them for a BrikWars story fight soon enough. As for the Justice League, I'm thinking the main three (Supes, Bats and WW)) in an epic battle against whatever I can find that can realistically challenge them (Got a Lobo to fight Superman).
>>396 Anon this pic is fantastic
Open file (388.72 KB 908x908 LMO_Truck_1.JPG)
Open file (396.22 KB 908x908 LMO_Truck_2.JPG)
>>397 Thanks. Those ball-joint parts have quickly become my favorite, and the Spider-Man mech has fingers too which is just the best. After building El Fuego's monster truck I knew EXACTLY what I had to do.
>>398 Cursed truck
Open file (214.15 KB 908x908 Lucy_Fursuiting_3.JPG)
>>399 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWCHagZFPW0 THIS IS THE SONG LALA LALA ELMO'S SOOOONG
I apologize for nothing.
Open file (1.26 MB 3663x4544 DSC02335.JPG)
>>400 >Lucy_Fursuiting_3 >3 >There's at least 3 of these images Should I be worried, anon? >>402 NON-CANON Also the tensegrity fad is actualy pretty fun to make. Threw this quickly together just for a test and it works.
>>410 Just different angles, don't be such a worry wart. >NON-CANON Canon's dead to me, I will make my own canon. With hookers! AND BLACKJACK!
>>410 Actually, I take it back. You SHOULD worry. Not for the things you've seen, but for the things I have yet to build.
Open file (229.03 KB 908x908 Lucy_Fursuiting_1.JPG)
Open file (271.42 KB 908x908 Lucy_Fursuiting_2.JPG)
Open file (337.26 KB 908x908 RtB_6.JPG)
Open file (287.80 KB 908x908 RtB_7.JPG)
>>410 Here's the other two. Oh, and some gratuitous violence involving L-MO the monster truck and a happiness gun.
More of a modified build than a real MOC but parts like the ice cream salon were my own idea. Dolphin Point (6414) turned into a Hidden Side level. Both the lighthouse lamp and the ice cream salon are power color switches.
>>445 >Dolphin Point (6414) turned into a Hidden Side level. Amazing >Both the lighthouse lamp and the ice cream salon are power color switches. Ridiculously amazing
>>446 Thanks, I feel like I should just mass buy spooky green eyes and teeth, for some reason there's a lot of fun in modifying old sets. >TFW The Lego Group will never expand the Hidden Side mechanic to other themes in an "Around The World" kind of way >Could make a big ghostly pirate ship like The Flying Dutchman and have ghost pirates >Or a proper haunted Castle set with a Dullahan reference >Explorers theme with a ghostly jungle voodoo vibe
>>447 Now that would be cool
A little something for the Infinity Cup 2020. Was a fun way to spend the morning. And yes, I censored the streaker according to the rules.
>>539 Forgot the billboard details, my bad
>>539 >>540 Extremely nice job Love the sign!
>>541 Thanks, I'm just glad it's semi-readable. Was really lacking in the right flat plates. That tiny 'o' in /lego/ will haunt me forever.
>>539 This looks way too good, man, you're literally flexing on all the other boards! Seriously though, good luck with the cup, lads.
Open file (211.37 KB 756x1008 Eco_Tower_1.JPG)
Open file (120.36 KB 756x756 Eco_Tower_2.JPG)
>>543 Everyone here has been pretty agreeable with me, so I figured it's the least I could do. Also reposting my Ecotron-influenced Tower here, with thanks and credit to Ecotron Anon for inspiring me.
Open file (3.57 MB 1512x2016 robot kneeling.png)
Open file (3.65 MB 1512x2016 robot profile.png)
Open file (3.67 MB 2016x1512 classic pose.png)
Here's a cute gynoid I made back in January out of a couple of Hulkbuster sets, plus some miscellaneous parts. I improved the arm design later and ordered the dinosaur fossil set for more parts, but I haven't actually done anything with them yet. I think I need more base pieces to work with.
>>545 Nice poses, the second picture shows off their features pretty well. If I may be so bold to suggest possible changes, something for their face like round eyes would work well.
>>545 nice work. look forward to the updates, anon.
>>539 >>540 If I wasn't hyped for the cup, I am now! Those billboards are great lol. I'm not that much of a rulecuck I'd delete those pictures if they were uncensored, the rule's just there to stop the tards that post their crude sex dungeon MOCs >>544 >Blacktron are so low on funds they're resorting to grow-ops just to get by >>545 Cute
>>550 If anything the censor bar was funny to add, leaves things to the imagination. One of my many regrets is never picking up a LEGO Soccer set.
Open file (310.82 KB 908x908 Bathroom_vignette.JPG)
Open file (384.01 KB 877x867 Bathroom_vignette_2.JPG)
Open file (303.03 KB 838x838 Bathroom_vignette_3.JPG)
Open file (437.49 KB 679x679 Harley_x_Ragn_Valdr.png)
>If you have a waifu >I will ruin your laifu
>>562 Those shower doors are amazing, loving the sleek design to them.
Open file (50.67 KB 640x640 lego_bathroom.jpg)
>>565 This was the original I stole the idea from, just had to try it for myself and it works surprisingly well although you shouldn't shake the vignette too much.
Open file (1.18 MB 4780x2346 DSC02959.JPG)
Open file (925.20 KB 3174x2982 DSC02963.JPG)
Just as well I only picked up one pack of Extra Dots or else I'd have an army of these little fuckers on my hands. Fun way to spend an afternoon, I guess. Also I bought a big bag of mixed pieces a while ago and the Nixel head was included. Finally got around to making him a body, so now he can annoy the 1 Mixel I own.
>>607 Really love numbers 2 through 5
>>607 Oh, that's a brilliant use for the emoji DOTS. I'm going to steal your idea for my BW army.
>>610 >>611 Thanks anons. >I'm going to steal your idea for my BW army. Can't wait to your suited and booted versions of these guys!
Open file (245.44 KB 1233x2144 bake_bot.jpg)
>>615 Here's a test result, sorry for the wack lighting.
>>617 Build him some waiter underlings
Open file (2.43 MB 4608x3456 2020-07-25_02-31-15.jpg)
Current project. Refreshment Outpost for a general world building idea of more expanded Ice-Planet 2002 aesthetics.
>>674 NPU with those chairs to the right anon.

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