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Open file (14.74 KB 425x425 judge.jpg)
Meta Thread Legoman 10/05/2019 (Sat) 16:18:53 No.1 [Reply] [Last]
Remember to follow the rules ( https://anon.cafe/lego/rules.html ) and have fun! This thread is for any queries you may have for the board, suggestions for improvements, etc.
Edited last time by LordVladek on 05/26/2020 (Tue) 22:56:33.
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So after migrating here from 8chan, the /lego/ board has finally been deleted on 8chan (now 8kun). So now /lego/ has the claim to fame that on a website renowned for it's ties to cheese pizza and mass shootings, and whose owners defended all of this under free speech, /lego/ was just too hot to handle. Yeah I'm bending the truth slightly but it sounds impressive when you say the /lego/ was b& from 8chan

Open file (65.10 KB 474x574 AT game cover.jpg)
Open file (237.09 KB 800x500 alpha_team_ogel.jpg)
Open file (1.16 MB 813x762 Deep Sea.png)
Open file (475.24 KB 600x901 Alpha.jpg)
Alpha Team Legoman 02/27/2021 (Sat) 03:58:52 No.961 [Reply]
This theme doesn't seem to have as much praise or scorn as others of its time. And the make-over they got in 2004 doesn't help. So what does anon think of Alpha Team, rightfully forgettable or unrealized potential that would have gotten to Ninjago levels? Did you like the Team better, or Ogel and his drones?
I think they should have had more bad guy sets in the first year. Like a drone tank or barricade. Maybe having the soldier/guard drones there and making the one's in Ogel's base workers. The games had neat variations that would've look good as minifigs. Afterall the materials hype up Ogel having an army but the lonely two feel underwhelmed by the 7 agents. Deep Sea did it right but the underwater setting feels quite restrictive.
Open file (166.42 KB 500x354 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (554.51 KB 1024x680 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (428.16 KB 640x480 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (155.73 KB 300x205 ClipboardImage.png)
Alpha Team came out during the time when Lego was putting out some of the ugliest minifigures (Cam, Radia, and Flex are fuck-ugly) and still heavily juniorising sets so that's probably why it's so forgotten by the majority. Wave 1 was solid (I own 6773 Alpha Team Helicopter and it's an amazing set) and wave 2 was ok, but the complete overhaul in wave 3 is what killed the theme for me. The redesigns were frankly awful and the sets were even more juniorised and ugly than before. >unrealized potential that would have gotten to Ninjago levels? The behind-the-scenes conflict between Lego and Digital Domain stopped any potential for the theme. Alpha Team as we know it was created 6 months before the release of the game because Lego didn't like what Digital Domain were doing so the whole development of the theme was rushed. Even Ninjago ditched Garmadon after the first wave but there's only so many times you can redesign Ogel and his minions before it starts to get stale. >Did you like the Team better, or Ogel and his drones? Ogel all the way! >>968 Yeah that was another problem with Alpha Team. What's the point of having good guys if there's no bad guys to fight?

Posts That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread. (PTDDTOT) Legoman 06/10/2020 (Wed) 21:04:18 No.563 [Reply]
Lockdown edition
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>>943 Looking through a list of all the chrome gold pieces and they're not coming up - https://www.bricklink.com/catalogList.asp?catType=P&colorPart=21 . My guess is that they're genuine pieces that have been chromed. I think there used to be a Bricklink seller that sold genuine Lego he'd chromed himself but I can't find him. Maybe he had to close up shop after Lego bought Bricklink.
>>930 >while Bionicle remained whole and gave it a big advantage compared to the other options I guarantee you they're exclusively referring to the 2001 sets.
>>945 >I think there used to be a Bricklink seller that sold genuine Lego he'd chromed himself but I can't find him. Maybe he had to close up shop after Lego bought Bricklink. You are correct; Lego forcibly shut down several Bricklink stores that were operating outside of their new rules, including the ones that offered custom chromed pieces.
>>963 Why doesn't Lego itself make properly chromed/gilded blocks anymore. I remember as a kid that the gold coins that came with the Classic Pirates sets were as shiny as real metal, but the, ostensibly, gold pieces from modern sets are a sort of a matte finish faux gold. What happened?
Open file (5.65 MB 1846x1678 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.06 MB 1000x563 ClipboardImage.png)
>>963 Lego buying Bricklink was the worst thing to happen. I don't buy custom pieces but a company buying the biggest chunk of their secondary market is indefensible. >>966 I think chroming pieces is costly and supposedly bad for the environment, not to mention the chrome eventually flakes off with wear, so I can see why they'd change it to something else. But holy shit is pearl gold so awful, the colour is so unbelievably inconsistent and doesn't look half as good as chrome gold. Pearl gold looks and feels so cheap, like something from a bootlego set. A, B, D and E are all pearl gold.

Open file (32.51 KB 340x480 1451602648866.jpg)
Open file (57.87 KB 800x600 1480992117760.jpg)
Open file (2.77 MB 1423x1216 1568299883468.png)
Open file (120.10 KB 390x600 1480207233423.jpg)
Open file (648.48 KB 1451x1451 1511980155684.jpg)
Legoman 12/10/2019 (Tue) 23:33:26 No.138 [Reply]
Reaction images thread. Post all you've got.
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Open file (167.61 KB 736x587 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (3.77 MB 500x473 1614057559652.gif)
Open file (1.74 MB 480x343 giphy.gif)
Open file (1.52 MB 151x203 tenor.gif)
Open file (22.89 KB 128x119 337373164021612545.png)
Open file (12.22 KB 128x128 344136193358692352.png)
Open file (8.63 KB 84x103 maudewat.png)
Open file (95.21 KB 205x191 maude_will_find_you.png)
Open file (7.03 KB 81x91 head_bash_1.png)

Open file (1.23 MB 2053x2429 mt 02.jpg)
Open file (1.53 MB 2513x2425 mt.jpg)
MOC THREAD Legoman 10/21/2019 (Mon) 03:40:50 No.55 [Reply] [Last]
My first attempt at a mountain.
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>>838 Izzat a lego gondola?
Open file (98.69 KB 800x600 wojtus three four.jpg)
>>934 nta but it's a Wojtus
>>934 Adding onto what this anon said >>935 , Wojtus is similar. A Polish anon made him some years ago now and he's usually seen hidden in MOCs or causing some mischief.
>>935 I really miss seeing those eye and face blocks. Do they even still make them for non Duplo sets?
Open file (116.41 KB 800x600 fluff and nonsense.jpg)
>>960 >I really miss seeing those eye and face blocks. Do they even still make them for non Duplo sets? Yeah, there are still a few types of 1x1 eye bricks available, plus some other related printed elements like these reindeer head bricks from a North Pole set. I think at least one recent Creator box/bucket came with some.

Legoman 10/07/2019 (Mon) 22:56:11 No.25 [Reply]
I've been wondering, you hear about figurines manufacturer all the time, things like those guys who create custom Warhammer statuettes and the like, but I've never seen LEGO specialists.

Basically what I'm asking is:
-What are the tools used by LEGO modders to make their own brick sets and Lego people?
-Are there online tools?
-Are there behind the scenes into LEGO creation? As in, videos of the creative process behind designing a set/legokin, marketing/focus groups and actual production thereof?
-Who are the LEGO engineers that decide how many bricks should a building have?
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>>587 How did you remove the prints?
Open file (156.10 KB 800x600 supply line.jpg)
Open file (139.65 KB 800x600 brick link.jpg)
>>597 >How did you remove the prints? With these two things. I use tape to cover up the sections of the piece that I want to preserve, and use an eraser to rub the exposed area until the printing is gone. First, I pull off a piece of tape (I prefer this specific brand and type) that's long enough to wrap around the piece being altered, and touch the sticky side with my finger several times so it's not as sticky. The reason for touching the sticky side with a finger is because if the tape is too adhesive, you'll end up pulling off printing when you remove the tape. On the other hand, you want the tape to be adhesive enough to stay in place so you don't end up pushing the edge of it away while you're using the eraser. Once the tape is ready, cover up the part(s) you want to save. Some pieces, like Harley's head, require multiple pieces of tape layered over each other and require you to remove and reposition the tape during the process (don't try to recycle old tape; always use a fresh piece when re-applying). Brush the eraser (I recommend the Pentel ZE22 because it's easy to hold) in the direction of tape->no tape. If you brush the eraser toward the tape (instead of skimming across the tape and onto the exposed area), you'll push the edge of the tape away and expose parts of the printing you want to save. Running the piece under hot water while you pull the tape off seems to help avoid pulling off printing, probably because it loosens up the adhesive. Best thing is to start with simple pieces that don't have a lot of printing you want to save, so you can get an idea how much force is needed to rub off the printing. Once you get used to that, you'll have an easier time moving on to more complicated removals. Here's another example; the left torso is a Simpsons Edna Krabapple that I removed the center printing from.
This may be of interest OP. You can make your own prints using a laser printer and release paper. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5RSz3XzIB0&pbjreload=101
>>587 Tell me about that ork! Why does he wear the mask!
>>944 >Tell me about that ork! Why does he wear the mask! To look tough while he's working

Open file (1.77 MB 1248x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (122.16 KB 750x750 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (152.74 KB 250x410 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (155.30 KB 240x320 ClipboardImage.png)
DEEP LORE Legoman 10/03/2020 (Sat) 22:44:32 No.669 [Reply]
>After leaving Power Miners, Brains joins the Atlantis team. >In 8078 Portal of Atlantis a skeleton of an Aqua Raider can be seen >The aliens from Alien Conquest are shown to be behind the Atlantis and Pharaoh's Quest themes
1 post and 2 images omitted.
Open file (2.14 MB 1313x1725 Comic 2 Page 2.jpg)
Open file (582.10 KB 960x960 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (159.75 KB 310x441 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.48 MB 1366x768 ClipboardImage.png)
>Lord Vampyre summoned the Buggoids from Galaxy Squad >Solomon Blaze from Galaxy Squad later goes on to lead the Ultra Agents Although it isn't confirmed (as it is possible they are separate characters): >Invizable and Toxikita from Ultra Agents appear in Ninjago as Paleman and Tox respectively
Another interesting tidbit is that Orient Expedition is confirmed to take place in 1933. The sticker of Johnny Thunder from a Scooby-Doo set seems to imply that the Egypt line of Adventurers took place in 1922, though this could just be a reference to Howard Carter discovering Tutankhamun's tomb in 1922.
Open file (1.04 MB 746x1964 Story Updates.png)
The story behind Dino Attack
Archived these the other day

Concept Art Legoman 11/22/2019 (Fri) 16:01:07 No.114 [Reply]
Concept art, builds, etc.
14 posts and 39 images omitted.
>>335 Those discrepancies have always annoyed me. For pic related it seems this was released before minifigure designs were finalised: -Danju hasyellow hands -Rascus has the wrong visor -Danju, Jayko and Vladek have the wrong type of swords -Mathias has light blue arms -Incorrect baseplate for the castle
Open file (102.88 KB 1000x773 Concept Art - Hunt.jpg)
Open file (1.50 MB 2000x1333 Sketch Build - 5982.jpg)
Open file (1.83 MB 2000x1500 Sketch Build - 5985.jpg)
Some Space Police III concept art and sketch builds
Open file (1.30 MB 1500x1125 Sketch Build - CS.jpg)
Open file (1.37 MB 1500x1125 Sketch Build - Hover.jpg)
Open file (1.31 MB 1500x1125 Sketch Build - Hybrid.jpg)
Open file (1.21 MB 1500x1125 Sketch Build - SLAM.jpg)
Open file (1.28 MB 1500x1125 Sketch Build - Tech.jpg)
>>953 And some behind-the-scenes info too
>>954 Bonus piece of concept art for Dino Attack/2010

Open file (49.96 KB 550x850 the new infinity cup.png)
Legoman 05/07/2020 (Thu) 20:39:28 No.448 [Reply] [Last]
Hey there, building friends, I'm here to tell you that the Infinity Cup 2020 is officially back on track! Come and give us a brand new team to play with!
82 posts and 67 images omitted.
Open file (1.41 MB 1600x900 Lego.jpg)
Your match against britfeel ended 0 - 0, though you did field the first fully modeled team in Cup history. I staged this image after the match. Since you were the "away" team for this one, you wouldn't have seen it in the stream
>>937 A disappointing result but fun nonetheless. Thanks for taking the time to put this together.
Your match today against /argentina/ is happening now https://cytube.xyz/r/ICUP
Open file (918.82 KB 1669x939 Lego02.jpg)
>>937 Here's the version you got in your last match. Someone had rightly pointed out that The Good Guy and Glows In The Dark! had their models imported incorrectly, so that was fixed in time. A full roster of minifigures, Bonkles, Wojtus, and THAT ONE FUCKING PIECE WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU PIECE OF SHIT.
>>947 Haha thanks anon.

Open file (68.60 KB 800x600 1448420117845.jpg)
Comfy thread Legoman 12/19/2019 (Thu) 21:25:26 No.180 [Reply]
Post comfy pics, sets, stories, etc
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https://www.youtube.com/gMmDP3u0c0s Upcoming Monkie Kid cartoon, counts as comfy to me. Love the art style, the studio working behind it is also pretty excited about the whole thing. Kind of wish they'd do all the future LEGO cartoons like this, no more awkward 3D.
>>471 Fucked up the link, obviously... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdvs1YGZ16Q
I had a dream last night that I was in a lego store, it was like there was some sort of convention in a mall or similar and the lego store was seemingly a part of it, maybe some kinda event, it looked kinda dark inside and there were some guys reading in there and browsing lego sets and making comparisons and stuff
Open file (2.51 MB 5184x3456 1603776548986.jpg)
Its been thick with fog so I can barely see the opposite side of the street and raining for 3 days straight. Feeling very comfy just sorting my pieces and listening to the pattering of the rain on my roof.

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