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Liquor Anonymous 08/11/2023 (Fri) 06:30:05 No.924
Already have a coffee thread, and I think alcohol is just as /late/. What’s your drink of choice, anons? I’m basic and go for rum and coke most nights. Cream soda instead today, can’t say i regret it.
>>924 For me, it's usually whisky. Got into making Highballs and Old Fashioneds a while back. Nice and simple to learn, but still lots of variables to play with and make it your own.
>coconut rum >lime juice >pepsi perfection
Favorite drink is probably a citrus soju highball >Line a glass with citrus juice >Add two ice cubes >Fill with 1-4 shots of soju until the ice is floating >Add two more ice cubes and stir >Fill with sparkling mineral water (or fizzy water/soda of choice) to the brim >Enjoy with something salty, umami, and/or greasy The formula works just as well with whiskey, vodka, or gin. The best part is that you don't get as strong of a hangover and the extra water content keeps you from drinking them too quickly. Best used as a digestif after eating questionable food.
I used to drink a lot of gin mixed with soda. Best combination imo is gin and moxy
>>1033 Been a whie I didn't drink gin. I sometimes want to try it out again but I'm really not into alcool anymore. But I will try again the classic tonic with lemon maybe.
I'm not much of a liquor guy myself. I think the last bit of liquor I had was a shot of straight everclear, just to see what it was like. I honestly kind of like it

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