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Open file (6.63 KB 112x107 coffeetime3.gif)
Coffee Anonymous 02/04/2023 (Sat) 23:36:01 No.9
What is more core to the /late/ experience than coffee? How you like yours? What brands? Cream? Sugar? Or, like me, do you take yours black as the night?
Coffe is more an /early/ thing for me as I enjoy a dark and strong one when waking up. With one sugar. I use a moka pot as it's the only one method I enjoy. For /late/ moments I'm more into hot chocoloate or some basic tea.
>>12 what kinda tea? i like red tea and turmeric tea a lot.
>>13 Peppermint. Probably my favorite. I drink it before I go to bed
>>15 Peppermint is really good. I find it best in the winter, especially if I'm feeling congested. You ever try lemon zest tea?
My own mix from columbian in an authentic cowboy percolator, heavy whipping cream, brown suger. Simple as, and delish.
>>13 Really basic things : green tea, mint (moroccan recipe) and random plants depending on the season. Currently red poppy and salvia.
I'm partial to iced coffee.
>>13 I've never had either of those. I love flavored teas. The Celestial Seasonings fruit flavors are all really good. I think blueberry is my favorite. Tazo teas are crazy strong. I've tried lotus tea. It didn't taste like much, but I'll have to try it again.
I typically drink coffee black, but I do like a cold coffee with white chocolate raspberry creamer in it on hot summer days. >brands Copper Moon and Green Mountain. The "Stargazer" blend by Copper Moon is my go-to, along with the Nantucket blend by Green Mountain. Both very nice and smooth with lovely aromas. These are both medium roasts if I'm not mistaken, but they do have lighter and darker roasts for anons more accustomed to those tastes.
Medium roast on a V60 cone, black with no sugar. This local brand turned out really chocolately.
Black coffee is the best. No cream, a lot of sugar though is good.
>>9 I rarely drink coffee with sugar nowadays, except when I buy an instant one. Latte, espresso, and americano is my most consumed type of coffee. Not sure about brands though because I ask my dad to make it for me haha, he makes coffee for a hobby, even sells some to friends and family if he has free time.
Open file (67.15 KB 800x1017 sBAVAXbb8A2qkO1o.jpg)
For the /late/ nights, I am more of an energy drink person with lots of ice. It makes me zen with the first sip. But I also enjoy a very early, 3 or 4am, internet session. I make my best V60 pour overs during those times because I am not sleepy like in a normal work day.
Open file (961.54 KB 536x770 stump.PNG)
>>9 I don't like supporting companies from Portland, but Stumptown's great coldbrewed.
>>627 This shit is $17 now. I know everything's going up but what the fuck is happening to coffee?
im not a stickler, just instant, it doesnt affect my sleep much so i just drink it whenever
I drink it black. Used to go crazy on creamer, but ended up getting a taste for black coffee at a previous job I worked at. Nowadays I only have white chocolate raspberry creamer in cold coffee in the summer months, def recommend.
Without sugar, as the Buendias drank it.
I'm weird. I love the smell of coffee but hate the taste. I've tried various different brews, creamers, etc. Nothing did it for me. That said, desserts using coffee like tiramasu are great.
>>791 >I'm weird. I love the smell of coffee but hate the taste. That's how I am with "pure" coffee. It just tastes like bitter water to me. I only like it when it's adulterated, like iced coffee, cappuccino, or even just regular coffee with a lot of creamer. I find that if it's got a creamy flavor to it to thicken it up, then that distinct kind of bitterness actually adds something to the taste.
>>791 Try the Stumptown coldbrew flavored yogurt if your store stocks Tillamook stuff. It's so nice and tart I forget that it's even coffee-based.
We are approaching pumpkin spice season. Will you be partaking?
>>751 Funny how work does that to you, I used to drink coffee that was a third milk. Now I'll settle for black burnt break room sludge. Happy Monday
>886 I've never had pumpkin spice coffee before, I might actually try it this year. Normally, I just drink pitch-black, cheap, drip brewed coffee. Weirdly enough, I prefer the flavor if it's become burnt/stale.
>>9 Gotta have milk, lowfat preferrably. if I'm in a hurry, I use a kettle and an aeropress, and if I'm not, I use a siphon or moka pot. >>638 Good-shit coffee has always been more expensive than the cheap stuff. Most stuff in the supermarket is pretty much brazillian-grown arabica beans. Hell, I remember some coffee people who would pay the same price that most people pay for good bottles of alcohol.
>>1041 Tired it, I don't understand the hype about it. It tastes just ok and all of the sugar in it gives me a stomach ache.

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