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Open file (479.31 KB 442x575 mythic.png)
Solo TTRPG Ascendence Anonymous 07/22/2023 (Sat) 03:19:34 No.776
I've been playing with the Mythic GME system as part of a way to play TTRPGs solo. I've also been practicing the mind palace technique, and I've been toying with the following plan of action: >Memorize Mythic GME generation tables. Namely the fate chart and random event generator. >Memorize RNG algo. >Sit in closed room. >Activate mind palace recording. >Use daydreams/imagination supercharged with solo TTRPG gaming for personal enjoyment. I'm interested in this because it provides one the capability to go full ascetic monk mode. It really makes me wonder about how much of the potential of the imagination of the human mind could be unlocked with such techniques. However, I recognize that all of the items I say here are actually rather complex and definitely easier said than done. I've tried it with simplified charts to memorize, and it is incredibly taxing. It feels like my brain is running at full kilt keeping everything in place, but it's also pretty fun. I feel like if I did this enough, however, I would disappear into a complete maladaptive daydream spiral.
>>776 I've done similar things before, with my tulpa. Never daydreamed with Solo RPGs though. Good idea. And yeah. The daydream spiral can definitely be real. No real advice for you on that one. Just don't give in to your schizoid instincts too much, I guess.
>>776 I'm doing this, just I basically made scripts for all the tables and possible rolls so I don't have to memorize shit and I also use AI. I don't do much of anything else anymore.Endless entertainment.
>>776 How did this go? A while back I was trying to think of a way to make RNG with my brain. As far as I got was some combination of using the colors you see when you gently press on your eyelids, and random noises, but I found being hypervigilant for random noises really distracting and not relaxing.

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