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Anonymous 07/20/2023 (Thu) 16:16:50 No.760
I can only watch gay porn at night because I feel ashamed to watch in the light... >I'm completely straight during the day >At night I go completely gay >Get horny for twinks and sissies >I ended up seducing an Asian twink in Belfast >Took his boyish virginity (He's 19 so legal) >But in the morning I feel so ashamed Why am I super straight in the light but gay in the night?!! WTF why is the night making me gay??
Open file (53.33 KB 539x960 1687142346058379.jpg)
Porn addiction, check easypeasymethod.org and stop brainwashing yourself with the porn Jew. And as always remember, homosexuality is a mental illness.
>>761 >homosexuality is a mental illness. well then you must be postin from the insane asylum FAGMAN
>>762 Oh come on man, since when did we as a society start pretending that this shit is ok, it's just wrong the same way eating dog shit is wrong, ask any sane person and they will tell you. Also don't get me started on STDs and suicide rates, what are you going to tell me next, that men can become women by ingesting some chemicals? Please for once think with your mind and not your dick.
>>766 bro stop projecting i dont need to know abt what you get up to fairy
>>760 So you're werefaggot?
Open file (362.76 KB 2047x2048 Duc de Richelieu.jpg)
>>760 >Why am I super straight in the light but gay in the night?!! WTF why is the night making me gay?? Reminds me of that warning by Duc de Richleau in the movie The Devil Rides Out: >"Now there you are wrong. The power of darkness is more than just a superstition. It is a living force which can be tapped at any given moment of the night!"
>>760 Being attracted to feminine men isn't very unusual. I've been bi for girly guys since I was a teenager, but it took me a while to come to terms with it. >>762 lol
your ego (social self that relies on acceotabikity) is being triggered by some continious stimuli or exoectation of that stimuli during the day but not the night. probably a fear of society or acceotability. fix? go around during day to day activities telling yourself your super gay
>>782 Why not try fix his night-self? IMO some level of social accountability is required in a functioning society.
>>805 What are you the gay police?
i dont think anyone cares if youre gay anymore anon
>>760 this is retarded LOL
>>766 Some time before the construction of the city of Ur.
>>760 sucks that we all know youre gay OP, but honestly I have been doing a week long straight fap session and im wiped i need more
>>760 I'm not gay (anyway the time of the day / night) but if he's feminine enough, I could fuck him for a good ol' lolfuck. When I was younger I used to fuck a lot and I already fucked a sissy (he was not as feminine as your pic but it was fun).
>>906 > I'm not gay... but
>>1029 He is gay for the butt
>I'm completely straight in the day >But at night I go completely gay >Get horny for twinks and a sissy >Bang a trap down in old Mississipi >But in the morning I feel so ashamed >Eighty percent of my ass now has AIDS Do better OP
>>899 I've been doing the Angion Method and managed to stay away from porn for a week earlier in the month, and now my sex drive has been through the roof since then. I haven't been able to stop jacking off to even gayer stuff than OP. I noticed earlier that there was a little damp spot on my pants that was wet from precum soaking through my underwear.
suck a cock during the day and let us know how it goes!
It's kind of crazy to think how we've gone from a Porn Golden Age to the Dark Ages so quickly. Now everything is behind a paywall, and even the stuff behind the paywalls is 12 second long and utterly unarousing to any person who doesn't have a fetish for being strung along and milked for nickels by someone who thinks they're way hotter and way more charismatic than they actually are.
Open file (44.56 KB 1284x1092 cate.JPG)
gay porn isn't real, i'm convinced it it is not real, it's not real. it's just not real
>>1331 What happened to amateur porn in the mid-10s reminds me of what happened to flash games in the late 00s/early 10s. People made stuff purely for fun (or at worst, attention), then once someone realized they could make money off of it, it was all over. Now everyone has to do it for money. The flash scene turned into commercial indie dev, amateur porn turned into onlyfans. It especially sucks for amateur porn because it all felt genuine. Ordinary-looking people. Ordinary, loving sex. People complain about porn ruining everyone's standards and giving them weird fetishes, and I think it's because of the death of amateur.
>>1350 Damn, I deeply hate when amateur porn turned to that onlyshit things. Now, all the amateur porn looks very fake and all the same. I remember when squirting vids was a niche thing, now all the attention/money whores are just faking squirting orgams. They even have the audacity to explicitely tell they are pissing... It's not a bad thing in a certain way as I don't watch porn anymore (expect some old school things I saved on a hard drive from time to time).
>>1364 Even before OnlyFans got popular you had professionally made porn trying to co-opt the amateur label. To this day, if you search for amateur porn, you end up getting that fake stuff.
Open file (17.53 KB 500x363 1402690720327.jpg)
>>1350 >>1364 >>1366 Corporations have money to advertise fake amateur porn so as to overshadow it. As a legal cheap shot they can pay people to report unknown stars as they might be underage, thus forcing people to give their real ID and no one wants to ruin their reputation when not a real porn star. To combat it people should use p2p, torrent it, and yet no one does as then the feds would just upload actual cp then shut down the site hosting the magnet links. SWF is no longer supported and they want people to think they'll get a virus if they use swf. Game makers, about swf, would just want shekels on steam so that damages it along with cellphone games damaging it. >>1063 If it's that short it's for the extreme newfags to the Internet, that and gen z, of which, same thing. If you're an oldfag that hates tv and ads and information overload in general you'd not like it but then again tech savvy people 'steal' things with copyright infringing and also say 'mean and illegal' things online so we're not catered to anymore. Of course without those oldfags the entire Internet is owned by Chinks but....I don't care myself. The Internet is usually a cock tease now days in more ways than a tease with pornography. You can't even talk to anybody. Omegle is gone for fucks sake even. You're meant to download discord app like a good goy and go get invites via your irl friends. I actually got a job and an invite. They were all furries in furry masks... they rejected my bio though.... oh well. I'm not even a furry anyway. At least you get your 50 or so people to talk to, unless an admin bans them off of such odd places like here, of which they often do as they don't understand human psychology much. After seeing such a mad mad world you would become mad yourself. If you're not you're some sort of casual. If your posts are so sane and normal then why would you even be here? See the issue there?
>>1382 Go be a newfag somewhere else, faggot lose the trip
>>1406 What are you on about?
>>1408 Not all the feds do a good job trying to "fit in"
>>1408 Gee I wonder, retard stop posting
>>1411 Yeah, he does sound like he's just someone parroting imageboard vernacular without actually understanding what any of it means.
>>1415 >say the same retarded things on multiple sites >use the same retarded images on multiple sites >act like you're persecuted on multiple sites stop shitting up imageboards with your larp, faggot
>>1416 What the hell are you are even talking about?
It is soo interesting to see a actual AI bot trying to damage IB's in the field. It used to be the job of CREST subhumans and even they were better than these bots. The good thing is if they are spending time trying to make this ib worse, it means we are doing something good. To the OP, if you aren't religious just accept your sexual attraction and live your life without a worry about stupid shit like "sexual orientation" (which is not even real outside religious context). If you are religious then try to do shock therapy but make sure it hurts a lot because i am fairly confident you will enjoy that if the pain isn't too much.
>>1417 >>1418 Well, it wouldn't be a proper imageboard if we didn't have at least one person daftly spewing this sort of rubbish. So, to whoever you are: thank you for doing your part for /late/ and for us (the shitposts could use some polishing though)
>>1418 I never considered the possibility of it being a bot.
>>1418 You will live to witness manmade horror beyond your comprehension
>8 replies to yourself you can stop larping anytime dude go back

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