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Anonymous 07/20/2023 (Thu) 16:16:50 No.760
I can only watch gay porn at night because I feel ashamed to watch in the light... >I'm completely straight during the day >At night I go completely gay >Get horny for twinks and sissies >I ended up seducing an Asian twink in Belfast >Took his boyish virginity (He's 19 so legal) >But in the morning I feel so ashamed Why am I super straight in the light but gay in the night?!! WTF why is the night making me gay??
Open file (53.33 KB 539x960 1687142346058379.jpg)
Porn addiction, check easypeasymethod.org and stop brainwashing yourself with the porn Jew. And as always remember, homosexuality is a mental illness.
>>761 >homosexuality is a mental illness. well then you must be postin from the insane asylum FAGMAN
>>762 Oh come on man, since when did we as a society start pretending that this shit is ok, it's just wrong the same way eating dog shit is wrong, ask any sane person and they will tell you. Also don't get me started on STDs and suicide rates, what are you going to tell me next, that men can become women by ingesting some chemicals? Please for once think with your mind and not your dick.
>>766 bro stop projecting i dont need to know abt what you get up to fairy
>>760 So you're werefaggot?
Open file (362.76 KB 2047x2048 Duc de Richelieu.jpg)
>>760 >Why am I super straight in the light but gay in the night?!! WTF why is the night making me gay?? Reminds me of that warning by Duc de Richleau in the movie The Devil Rides Out: >"Now there you are wrong. The power of darkness is more than just a superstition. It is a living force which can be tapped at any given moment of the night!"
>>760 Being attracted to feminine men isn't very unusual. I've been bi for girly guys since I was a teenager, but it took me a while to come to terms with it. >>762 lol
your ego (social self that relies on acceotabikity) is being triggered by some continious stimuli or exoectation of that stimuli during the day but not the night. probably a fear of society or acceotability. fix? go around during day to day activities telling yourself your super gay
>>782 Why not try fix his night-self? IMO some level of social accountability is required in a functioning society.
>>805 What are you the gay police?
i dont think anyone cares if youre gay anymore anon
>>760 this is retarded LOL
>>766 Some time before the construction of the city of Ur.
>>760 sucks that we all know youre gay OP, but honestly I have been doing a week long straight fap session and im wiped i need more
>>760 I'm not gay (anyway the time of the day / night) but if he's feminine enough, I could fuck him for a good ol' lolfuck. When I was younger I used to fuck a lot and I already fucked a sissy (he was not as feminine as your pic but it was fun).
>>906 > I'm not gay... but
>>1029 He is gay for the butt
>I'm completely straight in the day >But at night I go completely gay >Get horny for twinks and a sissy >Bang a trap down in old Mississipi >But in the morning I feel so ashamed >Eighty percent of my ass now has AIDS Do better OP
>>899 I've been doing the Angion Method and managed to stay away from porn for a week earlier in the month, and now my sex drive has been through the roof since then. I haven't been able to stop jacking off to even gayer stuff than OP. I noticed earlier that there was a little damp spot on my pants that was wet from precum soaking through my underwear.
suck a cock during the day and let us know how it goes!

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