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Open file (34.35 KB 603x543 SWPcQUF.jpg)
STG - Star Trek General Anonymous 05/27/2023 (Sat) 16:12:40 No.570
Do you like Strek, anon? What series? What characters? (nuTrek Need Not Apply)
I got sucked into star trek from time to time. I watched very little all things considered, just one movie and few episodes, but I always had blast with it. Especially 90s star trek seems to be a good blend of everything fun about sci-fi. As for characters, Jean-Luc Picard is an boring but easy choice
I've only seen 2 full episodes. However, there are times when I binge watch clips of Star Trek and Deep Space 9 on YouTube. My favorite character Data. It's fitting for a show that explores what it means to be human to have a character tying to be one. One episode in particular stands out to me, Star Trek The Next Generation S2E9, that explores if machines can be considered alive and sentient. I always thought it'd be straight forward, no, they're not alive. But if they act upon intelligence, show self awareness and formulate their own thoughts they can act upon as well, wouldn't they be for all practical purposes what we'd consider alive? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol2WP0hc0NY
Open file (567.10 KB 718x538 fweefrgrtghrthy.png)
>>570 The original show and the animated series are the best to me, although I started off watching The Next Generation. The premises of a lot of the episodes felt almost like The Twilight Zone but with a recurring cast of characters, but I wouldn't say there's any character I'm all that fond of in those shows. I've seen the complete runs of both those series but need to watch all of The Next Generation at some point. >>572 I like Data as a fish-out-of-water character much better than Spock.
>>570 I like everything up through VOY and then I get really picky. Of all of the nuTrek, Lower Decks is the only thing that seems to have a soul. I think TOS will always be my favorite because I one summer I watched it all+movies with my dad. Kirk is also my favorite and it's funny to me how pop culture did him such a disservice. Nerds mad they weren't as handsome and kind as him.
used to love it in the late 80s (start of TNG) and 90s, and it was a golden age for star trek. Can stand the occasional TOS these days but have a hard time watching it anymore, which really kinda sucks. I still want to love it but somehow I can't, I can't humans ever see behaving in such noble ways without ulterior motives anymore. I guess I've grown jaded.
Open file (37.53 KB 294x437 nvcvcv3.jpg)
>>585 I dislike the kind of politics it pushes, but the silly naivete of the original show's worldview I find more endearing than anything.
>>587 >I dislike the kind of politics it pushes That's something that drives me crazy when I watch Star Trek. The constant theme of "killing pricks and defending yourself is always wrong" is a rather self-degrading message for a show that often explores morality.
Stark Trek is the worst of Boomer liberalism and unsurprisingly it seamlessly transitioned (heh) to Wokism.
>>588 >>590 This. >The constant theme of "killing pricks and defending yourself is always wrong" is a rather self-degrading message for a show that often explores morality. I would say that at least in the movies, they skirted the edges of 'always'. After all, they did portray metric boatloads of killing in the shows, not-uncommonly on a planetary scale. But it's pretty clear that Roddenberry was a womanizing liberal.
>>588 I wouldn't be so sure about that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGcAbI-4_io The crew in TNG is a bit of a rouge ship compared to the rest of the federation. It's hinted at implicitly and explicitly throughout the series that they're not all they claim to be.
>>570 nah prefer star wars (not disney) the starTrek movies not that bad tho, dont have the patience to sit thru episodes
>>736 >dont have the patience to sit thru episodes Have you ever watched The Animated Series? It was a half-hour show and was practically a fourth season of the original series. I'd take it over the actual third season. A lot of people seem to overlook it.
Open file (156.43 KB 1434x1080 slaverweapon-tas.jpg)
>>741 >TAS I watched this mostly for the known space crossover episode where the enterprise crew gets abducted by the kzinti. Now it makes me want a Man-Kzin Wars anime.
>>742 That one was one of my favorite episodes.
Most enraging thing was not carrying out the computer virus vs the Borg. That was an example of dumb morality getting in the way of the bigger picture. Imagine how many lives could be saved by stopping such an enemy?

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