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post on this thread every time you visit late! Anonymous 02/05/2023 (Sun) 06:41:22 No.32
there used to be a thread like this on og /late/ - post every time you're on late!
Wish you /late/friends nothing but the best
Test post attempt 8
Open file (213.17 KB 907x1417 1674843040084.jpg)
Good luck /late/. >t. /robowaifu/
Are there plans to get the original /late/ css implemented?
Hello from Junkuchan
It's so late here that it's almost early. Working a lot lately but in few days things will calm down and I'l enjoy some good time with the gf. Hope all my late friends are fine and I crave to see a proper /late/ rebuild.
Sometimes I take a nap late in the day and wake up around midnight. I don't know why but I always get an overwhelming sense of loneliness and doom whenever this happens.
>>52 As a night worker I do this sometimes and I must admit I hate it. Always give me a depressive feeling when waking up. I think waking up in the middle of the night confuse me. I prefer to sleep early in the morning after work or in the night like a normal person.
>open /late/ >affraid of being granted by the whiteness of the Yotsuba CSS >instead comfy dark CSS Nice
Let's All Love /LATE/ !
>>57 It does make a big difference.
>>52 >>53 weird, i always found that comfy
Open file (107.60 KB 1199x899 1.jpg)
Open file (108.07 KB 1199x899 2.jpg)
How I make a sandwich: 1: Lightly toast the bread. 2: Put vegetables, sliced hard boiled eggs, and pepper in between 2 cheese slices. 3: Lightly cook sandwich meat, and assemble the sandwich. 4: Place a napkin under the sandwich and microwave it for about 25 seconds to melt the cheese and warm the sandwich (a napkin is necessary to prevent the bottom of the sandwich from becoming soggy).
>>91 you put pees on a sandwich? never seen that before
Open file (190.84 KB 1468x1712 IMG_20221101_002508.jpg)
this thread doesn't feel right without the 1000 get image, or any image at all some one please save us before the sun comes and obliterates our cover... anyway, I'm grateful to be around you late frens again. hi guys. hello. missed yoooouuu
>>91 ngl this san'wich looks good. I would not use the microwave personally as I didn't even have one but a classic oven. >>104 vegetables in a 'dwich are nice, feel free to use what makes you happy :)
>>91 Looks good, although I'm not sure if I'd like the peas that much. For me it's mayonnaise, romaine lettuce, a hard-boiled egg, a slice of cheese, and 2-4 slices of meat (depending on thickness).
>>105 You too. We'll have our board back soon, just wait you'll see.
Does anyone have the owl mascot? I liked it soo much.
Open file (261.08 KB 1409x2148 roman-nechaev.jpg)
>>116 Here ya go
Happy National Annoy Squidward Day /late/
>>118 I'm Squidward I'm Squidward I'm Squidward, Squidward, Squidward
>>118 >National Annoy Squidward Day Lol. OK, here's my contribution /late/. >oh wait, is this really annoyance?
Open file (708.68 KB 680x681 comf435343434.png)
>>105 Missed you too lateanon. That rabbit's got some veiny ears.
Open file (2.00 MB 498x440 1636216303277.gif)
Open file (127.86 KB 750x954 gondola__girl.jpg)
>>131 cute
hey late. It's 3 am where I am and I was thinking of you while playing old Amiga games. I'll eat my Ramen cup in a bit and then maybe try to catch some sleep before the sun is up?...
Heyyo. Status: Tummy-aching.
End of shift soon. Can't wait to back home. A hot shower, my comfy pajamas and wrapping myself in my bed with a bowl of cereals, my pipe and some old school Simpsons.
>>145 I've been meaning to jump into the Simpsons, I've never seen it before. I hear season 3-8 are the best. What do you think?
>>146 Not him, but the first season feels more like a sitcom than the ones after that do. It's not considered as funny, and the animation's sloppier. I'm actually really fond of it for the rough animation and how grounded it felt early on in comparison to the direction the show went in.
>>146 >he never seen The Simpsons Where I live it was a ritual for the kids and their families to watch The Simpsons every sunday evenning. It was the end of the week-end and it marked a whole generation. From almost 20 years I use to watch it for sleeping so I've seen all the show multiple time. It really help me to sleep. My favourite seasons ? All before around the 20. I'm not a fan of the recent ones as the humor is not the same (the humor relies more on gags instead of the situation), the characters are shallowers and I like the old school animation from the first seasons. My favorites are between 3 and 10. Other old school show I enjoy : The X-Files (really popular when I was young to). Besides that I'm not a lot into series nor TV things.
can't sleep but have nothing else to do. i have had some respiratory bs for a week now and haven't been able to have a proper smoke without coughing up a lung. picked a bad time to try nofap. at least i am improving with my exercises, i went from barely being able to do 3 pushups to doing 12. still need to lose like 20-30 pounds. took a bath today and felt disgusting for letting myself get fat. maybe i'll find an old movie on youtube to watch.
>>152 You're on the right way anon, don't give up until you feel you're happy with yourself. As a smoker myself, I hate it when I need to smoke but my body won't.
>>32 I can't believe late is back and active. Literally bliss. Live on 100,000,000 million nights late. Let the moon shine on until the sun implodes (good riddance).
[We regret to inform you that your childhood has left you behind] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiPHYB1cEFk
Been spending many long nights this month playing around with imageboard software for the first time. Started doing it because there's no dedicated communities for my hobby and thought maybe it's time to do something about that. The few people that share my interest on a higher level are sadly either on Twitter or Discords for related topics, both of which I don't enjoy using. Unfortunately not much interest for it on imageboards even though the format is a good fit for it. Got a bunch of progress adding new features, fixes and specifics I had in mind for the board and had fun doing this, but I'm not sure if there's any point in continuing. Might keep doing this for fun on the side even if I never make it into an actual community, but I should probably go back to working on my other projects for now.
>>166 what hobby?
>>166 Hope you'll succeed building up you board and hope people will using it. I know it could be difficult for some of them to get out of pozed structures and come back to image boards type sites. What hobby are you into ?
>>166 Anon, you have to tell us what your hobby is. This is very important.
>>166 I miss the early days of post-Exodus 8chan when there were active boards for all kinds of hobbies. Even ham radio guys had their own board, and I loved seeing that even though it's not something I have any interest in.
>>170 I really enjoy lurking on specialized topics little boards. I love the idea there are some niche communities here and there and you can learn some nice stuff if you tka the time to find them. I don't use social medias and I love the image board culture.
Watching Ib's get destroyed by external groups is soo hard. I saw them come, i read the posts against them when they post for soo long but they are clearly winning the war, there are less and less resistance. I am not obsessed with keeping that board usable but that group seems to do it fulltime. Why are people like this, why do they want to talk about the niche thing on soo many different websites when they alone never create any discussion, just ruin it? One more ib to ignore in the webring, less ground of good content on the internet.
>>173 I also finished 2 books and reading the third just this week(they are all fiction, nothing deep )thanks to scrolling less. Soo things aren't all doom and gloom in the real world. Maybe i will just keep late and comfy from my daily scrolling and start doing more in real life.
>>172 i don't understand.
Open file (19.96 MB 640x400 CG.mp4)
>>175 There is a video to downbload. Here it is. I think >>172 is into retro CG. If you like this, I may suggest you to lurk our neighbour's thread on >>>/retro/152
>>176 oh okay, that's pretty cool. i always liked the way the art looked in snes games. i think i might try to make some art in that style for fun.
/late/, what song will play at the end of the universe?
>>178 I think something like "eminem-stan" would play but i truly hope for "how applejack won the war" because that would be really funny.
>>178 The Neu Products Era's Enter the Mirror song by Les Rallizes. Period.
>>178 All Star by Smash Mouth
>>178 Passing afternoon by Iron & Wine
/late/, what was your first album you got, or one of your first? Does it bring back any special memories or hold anything special to you? Do you still listen to it?
>>184 The first Gorillaz album. The summer before fifth grade I met this kid named Kyle who just moved to my neighborhood. We found out that we would have the same teacher once school started and I went to his house to play. His room was a mess and smelled like piss. He told me he doesn't like playing in there, so we went into his living room, and he showed me his Bionicle collection. He had two highschooler goth sisters who I quickly developed an infatuation with. The music video for the Gorillaz song Clint Eastwood came on MTV which was on at the time and his sisters said they liked it. I liked it too. Sometime later my sister took me to BestBuy and she got the album for me because I had recently received a portable CD player and it was just the first album I thought to get. I am not a fan of the Gorillaz. I later realized Kyle was autistic and was very immature and gross, so I stopped hanging out with him. He got even weirder in high school, but he was mostly harmless.
It's corners like the old late and this one that are the only ones I still even remotely bother posting in. I especially miss the chill atmosphere of the old late, people are just so aggressive everywhere these days or obsessed with status on their little internet platform and "calling out" others, I just don't really bother talking with people online anymore because of that. late was kinda like the old internet in a way, where people were just excited to talk to other people and nobody had to prove anything or was overtly eager for the attention of complete strangers. Sadly the old late disappeared, as these places somehow don't tend to last in the new internet. It's like the toxicity of it just erodes them away.
>>186 Anon, there's still hope for a proper /late/. These little corners of internet should be preserved. There are still some of them running here and there. I almost don't interact on internet expect on some of these quite little places. >>184 La Schtroumpf Party, an eurodance album of remixed resmurfed songs. Before that I used to have some cassettes of kid music, Henri Dès being my favorite (I still listen to it from time to time). I also had the Paradisiaque album from MC Solaar. yes I'm french
>>187 >Does it bring back any special memories or hold anything special to you? Yes it does. It was the same day I got my first CD player. It was a revolution at this time as it was the first steps of the CD support for everyone. I still remember how me and my friends used to dance and laugh on the Smurf dance album or making contests on who can song the Sollars's song by heart in the school yard. Some of the few kid memories I enjoy.
>>187 >yes I'm french I spent many a summer as a kid in southern france. It was beautiful and I didn't appreciate it enough. Also remember all the slim french women in summer dresses. So long ago, the last time I was there was the late 90s. I guess everything's probably different now.
I haven't posted yet on the new board, but just checking in on this late night. Growing old is weird, sad, etc. etc. I hope you all are doing well.
>>186 >people are just so aggressive everywhere these days or obsessed with status on their little internet platform and "calling out" others Agreed. To me it seems there's a growing obsession about being right, and being in the right. As you'd expect, this can make otherwise pleasant people viscous. So focused on negativity and a need for superiority over others. It makes me wonder, do these people live in such discomfort with themselves that they can't bare being wrong in front of others? Do they keep doing this to assure themselves and others that there's nothing wrong with them? In that case, this is an insecurity issue with oneself. It reminds me of a quote I heard: "Confident people aren't confident because they know they're right, it's because they're not afraid of being wrong."
Open file (267.00 KB 498x721 you.png)
>>201 Nice and accurate quote anon, thanks for sharing. Did you recall by any mean where did you read that ? >picrel It perfectly describes how internet works imo.
>>153 Thanks, the respiratory thing cleared up. I built a DIY pullup bar today. I wasn't really able to do a pullup yet so tomorrow I will rig up some rope to it with another bar so I can do those leaning back pullups where your feet are on the ground. Once I build some strength doing that I should be able to do one full body pullup and go from there. I need to start counting calories and I am already going for night walks, so I should be on my way to losing weight, which make it easier to do pullups also. I have had some false starts over the years with self-improvement, but I'm determined to stick with it this time.
>>202 I know it came from this channel. I tried to find it, but could not. https://www.youtube.com/@GRAVEMINDunderground
>>199 Glad to see you back Anon. Hey, you're only as old as you convince yourself you are! :) Convince yourself you're young by acting young, and I think you'll feel better soon. Cheers.
>>178 Hasn't been written yet, from our dimensional timeline. Handel's Messiah is probably the closest thing we have ATM though.
I'm here.
>>204 >I'm determined to stick with it this time. Don't give up my friend, you've already put some effort in building a pullup bar. I like your determination and it may help to motivates other anons in need. Take care /late/
>>209 I don't believe you. What proof do you have that you really are here? Do you even know if I'm here?
>>209 >>212 These posts were made by bots. I know it because I'm real. Proof : I'm here.
>>186 What's most upsetting to me that this atmosphere trickled down into anon spaces. One day I hope an imageboard can have both staying power and a relatively relaxed vibe. I'm fine with trolling in the classic sense, but the "modern" troll employs vitriol is so strong and without humor it repulses me.
>>214 Nta but I think a lot of people justify being douchebags because it's the internet and they don't understand the concept of holding yourself to personal standards. I get a lot of comments like "do you know where you are?" when I tell them they can choose not be assholes. I'm glad places like this exist and we don't get many edgy boys stumbling in.
>>214 >the "modern" troll The problem with the "modern troll" is that it's not troll anymore. Young generations discovering the old school spirit have take it way too seriously and they just seen it as a way to express on a first degree their social deviancy. >>215 That's what we used to name the netiquette back then and even at this moment it was not always easy to maintain but nowaday it really seems to fade out. Just maintaining a good atmosphere just fr the sake of it. That's why I interact this few on the internet and I carefully chose where to do it. Trolling is still fun, sometimes, when it's well made but just spitting the shit everywhere like a /b/ot is just a noway for me. sorry poor english, it's late here and too lazy to use a translator ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Is the moonchan anon here, what happened to your site?
>>231 different anon wondering the same thing, I tried visiting awhile back and was bummed to see it out
Stayed up way too late working on a secret level the majority of players will miss out on. Even got the rewards and the secret boss all implemented. Feel exhausted but it was worth it. I'm sure the few that will experience it will appreciate it. It's basically a secret inside a secret inside a secret inside a secret. Only true easter egg aficionados will discover it.
>>233 Congrats anon, it's always rewarding finding little hidden things like that. What game ? Maybe a Dark Soul one, no ? I like the idea of secrets hidden in secrets.
>>231 >>232 Yeah I am here. I put it offline (which maybe it was dumb to do without warning beforehand) as I felt it was kinda without purpose. There wasn't really a topic or theme to focus on and I had no clue what to do with it. I archived all the posts in html files though so nothing was really lost. I'll maybe put them on some static website hosting sometime in the future. The only thing I can imagine doing with it, is going 8chan route and make it possible for everyone to create their own board. I had that "reputation spam thing" system in place there so keeping shady people out and moderating shouldn't be too hard. But I'm not sure if I'll get it running again.
>>234 Thanks and yeah it's inspired by Fromsoft games. The Ash Lake is still one of my most fond hidden areas. It was an amazing experience to discover that place on my first playthrough.
>>233 If nobody finds it in a timely manner (say, 6 months after release) will you give a hint, larp as somebody who "discovered" it, or continue to wait patiently?
>>245 Where's the fun in spoiling it? Besides someone might find it but never post about it online. I'll also be hinting at its existence (and for the other easter eggs as well) in the extra epilogue scene for the true ending.
>>246 I wouldn't spoil it either, just curious what you'd do.
>>248 Ey, welcome to the party
I'm here.
>>268 Hey there Anon, glad you finally made it! :^)
Open file (29.38 KB 249x249 1594902557126.jpg)
first time posting here (and on boards in general). this place looks pretty fun and interesting. i hope you all are having a good day :D
>>274 Welcome.
Open file (37.57 KB 561x480 melancholia.png)
>>274 /late/ is a really nice place. Welcome and have a nice night.
>>274 Right back at you.
Getting comfy today watching youtube videos to sleep. I'll try to maybe start some small conversation by a question. What's some simple pleasure in life you really enjoy?
>>292 >What's some simple pleasure in life you really enjoy? When you find a moment to just sit silently and stare into empty space not thinking of anything.
>>292 Drinking my coffe whuile listening music when waking up.
Open file (60.00 KB 900x900 channels4_profile.jpg)
Wake up /late/, a new TheSurvivorOfAll video just dropped.
>>299 Probably should include the link: https://youtu.be/kPxnT63ymMA
anyone got the discord link? i miss the comfy pics
>>302 Check >>1
It's late. I visit /late/. I post on /late/. I'm a simple man. Take care.
I fell down a youtube rabbit hole of people getting evicted from their homes recently, pretty kino.
If you think you're stupid, I bought $100 worth of expensive socks, found they are too big, found I can't return them because I wore each and every one of them, and can't shrink them because they're made of materials that don't shrink. I am now stuck with expensive socks that I can't wear. I'll be kicking myself over this for months (preferably with socks that fit).
A thought recently came across my mind. If/when AI voices become realistic enough, its possible they may be used in the place of human voice actors. This makes me wonder then, if prices for AI voices would rise to an undesirable amount to the point companies would rather stick to the cheap human voice actors. If not, voice actors in the future may be in trouble. Sometimes I wonder if technology evolves too much for our own good.
Open file (883.94 KB 513x805 pzl.png)
Hey anon ! It's late, you're bored or just want to spend some nice time doing jigsaws with us ? Don't look further and come visit >>>/comfy/4861
Open file (170.16 KB 1600x1200 comfy slav.jpeg)
the night begins
>>187 >Anon, there's still hope for a proper /late/. These little corners of internet should be preserved. This. So, apparently this is /late/'s home now?
>>342 Oh, I meant to ask. Is the /late/zine gonna be restarted too? I hope so tbh.
>>342 That's how it looks to me. We don't seem to have any capable hands to build/maintain a /late/ with its own domain as of now, so we may as well get /comfy/. I wouldn't say this /late/ is bad, we even have a new radio we can easily add songs to.
hiiii lateys... in case you're looking for a challenging puzzle late at night here's something for you: https://youtu.be/JeBWmkR_15I
visiting today :)
Hello, and goodbye
>>353 Goodbye and hello :)
>>350 >tfw cold lolis r in ur freezer Won't someone please just think of the children!? Thanks for stopping by today Anon.
had promised to make a blog, last year on /late/2.0. Here it is. https://maretranquillitatis0.blogspot.com/ Almost one year has passed since then and I really didn't post a lot on it (far from the 100 posts promised earlier). Was busy with other things.
My girlfriend just complains and yells all the time and is generally difficult to deal with lately. It's just complaints day in and day out, about her work, about her coworkers, sometimes about me. She's always been kinda like this but lately it's been amped up to 11. I have no idea why. We are doing long distance right now (she moved for work, I'll move too as soon as I finish my current job) and quite honestly.. I think I dread it. I've enjoyed living alone the past few months. The idea about living with her and that non-stop complaining gives me anxiety, it's already difficult to handle from a distance. Sometimes I come to my phone and there's a bunch of text messages about her complaining about something and I just don't open them, pretending to be busy. I was supposed to drive down to her this weekend and I made some work related reason up why I can't, just so I can be by myself and play some video games. We've been together for 8 years at this point. It's only been like this for one year and I don't really want to break up with her. I just want more space. She's suffocating me. I don't like being around people to begin with.
>>357 looks great
>>360 tell her in the most polite way possible that she is being a negative nancy. it's just a bad habit she picked up somewhere, you guys can get through it.
>>360 She might be cheating on you bro and is using this as an indirect way to get you to break up with her so she can pursue the other relationship guilt free,
>>365 nah, she prob just misses him and is trying to connect the best way she knows how which is complaining about shit. if she was cheating she would most likely be super nice to compensate for her guilt.
I have a friend i really liked hanging around and who has done a lot for me but Jesus he is becoming insufferable. He recently got really into social justice stuff and became addicted to arguing. Every time he starts with his opinion based on youtubers' opinions, he tries to poke me or keeps asking for my opinion until we end up fighting and i can't stand it anymore. I'm not even unironically bigoted or anything, but he will try to fight me even about semantics or using the wrong word for something and insist this should interest me and i should be more engaged when i already said i don't really care, and i don't know what to do anymore. I just don't feel like hanging out with him. We are grown adults but our friendship has been reduced to childish squabbles over the silliest shit.
I wish I had more free time.
>>373 Dont we all
>>371 I used to really enjoy the company of someone a bit like that, but he ended up cutting off contact with me because I didn't agree with his views and refused to give into his passive-aggressive browbeating. Good riddance, I say. I'm at the point where I avoid getting close to anyone with that mentality, although it's even common for supposed free speech advocates to get their underwear in a knot when ideas they believe in are questioned.
>>374 No Politics
>>376 It really sucks, but i feel like i'm not getting through to him and he won't quit until he has converted me to the "good side". I think i've had enough for now. It makes me sad as he was one of my closest friends, and like any imageboard regular user, i don't even have that many friends. But being alone is slightly better than fighting over everything all the time. We've had yet another fight and i'm really done with this shit.
>>384 4:20 33 mason moment
>>375 I don't even want to be a complete NEET. I tried that for a little bit once I got out of high school and didn't like it. I was eager to start working and making money. A few hours of work a day would be ideal for me, but unfortunately that's not feasible. >>387 I know how that feels. The guy who did that to me was one of the few people I could talk to in real life about things that went beyond the usual pleasantries you get a lot of people. I had a lot of fond memories of the stuff we did together, and my life was better for it. I think we ended up drifting apart though. That would have been fine if he hadn't reacted the way he did. I actually don't consider myself to be good at handling differences of opinion, but what happened wasn't on me. You can only do so much. For me it felt freeing in some ways, like I didn't have to walk on eggshells anymore. In other ways I miss what we had. I'd known him a long time.
Open file (1.54 MB 1920x1080 le-circle-rouge.png)
>>204 Anon, I highly recommend looking up the concept of 'greasing the groove' if you haven't already. It's great for building progress and strength with certain movements, particularly pull-ups as I can attest myself. You've already done the hardest part which is starting the momentum, so keep at it.
>>392 thanks, will do.
>>178 dream sweet in sea major - miracle musical
what's up everyone, I haven't been over in like a month. i hope you are all well. i'm currently listening to night lights by gerry mulligan
For some reason I only read visual novels at night.
>>401 Hey, things are ok there. Take care.
Very happy it's friday tomorrow. Can't wait to tuck myself in bed under 3 covers, put on some comfy radio, and just nap like a king
Woke up really /early/ this morning. Not slept enough and have a long day awaiting.
>>415 I hope your day is better than you anticipate anon!
>>417 It was nice to spend a day in the daylight, been a while. Was even better because it's springtime here. Once back home I took a hot bath and went to sleep early.
>>32 I've woken up too early. It's around 4 am where I'm at, but it's comfy. I keep getting this feeling like I could do something extraordinary with my life, but I just can't fully streamline my focus at the moment. Still, it's ok I guess. A learning curve. Thank you for this board existing. It's rare to find a good place like this.
Open file (31.52 KB 280x280 bus_stop.173.jpg)
It's a shame activity in /late/ is so sparse now. The previous /late/ wasn't booming with activity either, but now it feels just about everyone is gone. Other social media was used to keep in touch with each other as we hoped from one place to the next when the previous /late/ was shut down, but now it looks like everyone has settled into those groups. Perhaps that's not surprising, there is a reason the majority of people use modern social media instead of imageboards. I hope my /late/ frens return home.
>>438 >Perhaps that's not surprising, there is a reason the majority of people use modern social media instead of imageboards. So you're saying Jews did this? Meh, their day is coming soon enough. For us, it's just a matter of finding something interesting to share with one another here Anon. Whining/niggerpilling about it doesn't improve anything. Just pick a topic.
>>438 I come by here daily even though I don't always post anything.
>>438 been busy, i will start posting more once i get more free time
Bros, i had to wake up early for some /soc/ bullshit. İ am soo out of my element and comfort zone. I miss the night.
>>438 >I hope my /late/ frens return home. Never leaved /late/, never was a huge poster tho but I'm still here. Need to work on rebuilding some threads but damn I'm really out of free time lately.
Gonna watch some old TV and go to sleep.
we do have a discord server that should keep everyone updated with what's happening. discord shouldn't disappear by surprise.
What should I say?
>>453 How's life going ? Maybe share some nice things, a little story...
Open file (1.56 MB 400x267 help.gif)
Checking in. Hard times are coming soon for me might not be able to check in anytime soon. Wish me luck.
>>459 Good luck anon. Stay strong.
>>459 You're gonna make it Anon!
>>459 Get one of those US-taxpayer phones. Get it through Alliance, and you'll have mobile hotspot 4G. Stay on your toes out there mate.
Open file (419.39 KB 220x212 download_2.gif)
I stumbled into something bizzare. A searched for someone I know from online community by their nickname, and holy shit. I discovered like decade, if not more, worth of internet drama they were involved with, lots of personal info and even real life pictures. I don't know why but it's so bizzare to see. It's like if I got a time machine and could observe someone's life who I assumed was a completely enigma just few days ago. I kinda am grateful I never had a set in stone online identity, and pretty much what little I had, I never related it to my real life identity. I don't know how I would feel if this was me
>>473 This always was and still is one of my biggest fear : having my real identity online. I like internet as an anon and becase I can play with multiple perosnas when I want.
End of the night soon, will finally enjoy some well deserved sleep.
Early for me today. Friend who had been away for a year or so messaged yesterday, was good to hear from her. Work is soon. Glad to see /late/ survived, love you guys.
>>457 Alright, I met a guy I knew in high school for the first time in eons. His parents suddenly moved to Florida this morning, so now he's "moved out." I was opening a million tabs of porn before my dad invited me to go to church, and the sermon was about porn. We had some nice wings, beer, and fried Twinkies afterwards.
>>473 >>474 Every time I am even mildly jealous of the tech/information people younger than me got to grow up with (accessible tablets, art tutorials, stuff of that nature) I temper that thought with the comfort of what what little remains of my online identities is next to impossible to trace to me. It's not even that I was spouting anything particularly heinous (the "worst" of it is just fanfiction, lol), so I can't imagine what it's like for a person who is in their 20s now to have a footprint from 2010 that is just a google away. Crazy that your acquaintance didn't even try to rebrand.
what's up anons? Just checking in before I finish up the last chapter of a book I'm reading
Open file (60.52 KB 853x480 reki side-eye.jpg)
drinking coffee, eating instant ramen, and watching haibane renmei from a park bench outside my apaato as light rain drizzles over the screen. this is good.
Open file (6.05 MB 3024x4032 IMG_5995.jpg)
4 in the morning, is it early or late? I suppose it depends on how you think. Was supposed to get my car fixed today, but they ordered the wrong part. Will try again Thursday. Spent most of today resting and messing about. Have a picture of my cat, his name is Butters.
>>514 Anything past 4am I would consider early. Also, cute cat
>>514 So, green cat real ?
>>514 CIA cat. Gotta run it over with a car
God I'm tired. Need to really fix my sleep schedule eventually.
Late night I worked on my bass playing and now my finger is all fucked up. Need more training XD
have a week of holidays, started a pretty big modeling project, been doing a few hours every day but today feeling kinda tired and lazy for no reason so not sure when i will continue it
>>521 What are you working on anon ?
Hey y'all. It's almost 4am over here. I gotta get my shit together.
So sad to see late.city go... I loved that board and its unique vibe and asthetic. So comfy. Sad to see it go, it had so many great posts that went years back. So much nice content . I will miss it... But so glad to see /late/ survived somehow. Lets make this place as comfy as /late/ deserves!
>>526 Oh same. Just started remembering the sites I used to lurk on and /late/ was one of them. I just found out today that it disappeared and that the owner took it down for some reason. I did post quite a bit on there, so I feel you on that. The CSS might be lacking a bit, but let's start anew!
old board was spammed with CP on the reg. I wonder if that pushed it over the edge.
>>526 There is an archive of old postshere : >>125 Feel free to bring'em back :)
calm , lonely , i just wanna sleep forever
>>530 Thinking about this a lot this night. I'm with you anon. Take care.
>>522 I am a 3d artist and I typically make buildings, recently started a big government building, city hall or courthouse looking thing, it's gonna take months probably. I already started procrastinating by developing an html/js calendar thing which I don't need at all...
1:08 am here. Hope everyone is doing well :) Listening to some nice lofi
>>536 You'll do it anon. It's necessary sometimes to do something else to help you keep gocused on the main project. >>541 02:43 am here, I'm fine anon thank you. Was in a sad mood lately but tonight I feel some fulfiling joy in the night.
Night was boring AF, can't wait to go to bed.
It feels like I'm still in the fall and winter of last year. It doesn't feel it weather wise, but it does in mood. I've noticed I'm listening to the same few playlists and the same songs over and over for the past several months, been doing the same exact things, thinking the same things, each day feels the same as if time has stopped moving. I'm not against it, it feels somewhat peaceful. I do wonder though how and why I feel this way.
>>603 I feel the same myself, music and everything. I feel like each day is exactly the same as the one before it. It wasn't bad at first, but now I find myself longing for September, on which I move, start college, and everything starts to feel new again.
Open file (1.31 MB 806x929 1671134297269797.png)
Here lurking just got blessed with enough for a three night stay which is good amount of time to relax and get comfy and lurk.
>>613 Excellent. I'd think of it as a kind of 'base camp' as it were, and plan to use it to make forays to try to scout out resources, etc. You might pick up that Gideons Bible while you're there as well Anon. Hope things improve for you soon! :)
I have always wanted to play some instrument, and now that I have an acoustic guitar, I can't bother to it. An opportunity arose, and I went to a guitar class, there the teacher told me that I needed to do more than just attend the class, and reflecting on that he was right. That was the last time I went there, not out of resentment or grudge but out of shame. I had that guitar for some time already and never gave it much thought, except for some lazy attempts at playing simple songs. I've realized that throughout my entire life, I never put much effort into anything, always going along, pushing with my belly (I'm not fat). maybe it was due to laziness, brain fog, despondency, or wage-slaving away, but for the first time, I sincerely wanted to put my heart into something. I'm not gifted, but I want to be happy. I hope that, someday, I can play a comfy song for all of you. Until then, goodnight my niggas.
>>617 Goodnight. I hope that you can find the resolve to achieve something great.
>>617 I know that feel. I'm a great music enjoyer but never felt the sufficient motivation to learn an instrument despite wanting it. I got a concertina and a bass and sometimes I enjoy doing some basic music with them but never tried to achieve something that good. Not being gifted don't prevent you to be happy and I'm sure sooner or later you'll play something nice on the guitar. Take care anon.
>>617 I learned to play a little bit of guitar by practicing while watching YouTube videos. It's not an ideal way to learn, but for me I wouldn't have had the dedication to learn otherwise.
Open file (267.33 KB 1072x1440 cascadian forest bed.jpg)
I wrote out some maudlin garbage about a panic attack I had recently but forgot to solve the captcha. It was long winded and very personal, so I'm actually kind of glad it got deleted. It was enough to at least organize my thoughts without any existing record of them. Take care of yourselves. Stay sober, drink plenty of water, don't smoke, don't hang out with promiscuous gay guys while you're on acid.
>>633 Comfy sphagnums anon. Hope your panic attack aren't that bad, I'm glad you wrote about that even if I can't read it, I know sometimes writing about yourself is good. Take care :)
>>633 I've always loved moss. Probably one of the coolest plants on the planet. It looks great almost everywhere. Hope your panic attacks arent that bad anon.
>>633 >don't hang out with promiscuous gay guys while you're on acid I need to hear the story on this.
Open file (319.51 KB 594x480 DoyOfqdV4AAGFTG.png)
Checking in. Fuckin' with old camcorders is bery berrryy comfy anons. Stay comfy /late/.
>>640 I don't want to get into the specifics, but when you've been hanging out with someone and you come to after blacking out to a bj, it does things to your head. Especially once you realize that it probably wasn't an isolated incident.
I've gone through some boxes in my garage, and found relics of my past life. Crayons I got when I was just 6, pencils from elementary school fairs, a floppy disk of pictures of old pets long gone, random rocks found on a beach, a journal of dreams I had when I was 14... I'm in my mid 20s now. It's hard to describe, but it feels strange that these are my memories, and had a life that's different from the one I have now.
>>652 Just like George Orwell predicted in his book 1984 IngSoc Globohomo wants to memory hole all truth, since they think it will give them absolute control over people's minds. It seems their plot is working, kids today literally have no idea how good things were just two generations ago. Treasure the fact you have tangible artifacts from your past. Don't let anyone take that away from you! Not yourself, (any future) wife, your kids, no one. Pass this truth on to your progeny Anon: >Always remember and treasure your past, it's the key to who you are and will become.
>>643 I love old analog cameras (and technology in general) but sadly most people prefer digital nowadays. I like both for different reasons.
>>652 >>653 That's one thing I hate about things moving digital. You lose the tangible ownership and sentimental value of physical things. Cherish your belongings, especially your family history.
>>652 That actually happened to me, too. My mom's moving and decided to dump a couple boxes of baby photos and old keepsakes in my place. The photos were pretty jarring (especially seeing how unhappy I was as a child). Not sure if I'm gonna keep my old crayons and pencils, or my plastic sports trophies. I bagged up all my old teddy bears, probably gonna give them to my uncle who just had his fifth kid.
Open file (194.41 KB 1280x1104 cave.jpg)
>>654 There's a quality to tape that nothing else can really match. None of my 'corders are digital and the little quirks that come with that are what makes it fun. The analog process is what makes the hobby. Looking for more stuff locally to film but not coming up with much. Maybe something at the local train station.
>>654 I did still photography a while ago and got into film, and now there's no going back for me. Unfortunately, it's been so long since I've done anything that I forgot how to do basic stuff like load my camera. I always planned on having enlargements made of my pictures but never got around to it. I'm paranoid about sending out my negatives in case something happens, and I don't have room for an enlarger. At least I've still got my negatives put away in one of those security boxes. Someday I'd like to try shooting some Super 8 films maybe.
Open file (26.21 KB 733x360 goat.jpg)
>>660 Was gonna film some ships today but something came up. We'll get 'em next time bros...
>>652 also in my mid 20s, my personal stuff always meant a lot to me, i hoarded all of it in my room and even remember in middle school writing about how wandering through all those toys and junk felt like i was in some kind of time machine. but i left all of it behind when i finally got a job and moved out. i wondered if i would ever return to pick any of it up but i probably won't. i spent my childhood either angry, feeling violated, frustrated, sad, or lonely. too many awful memories and that country is a shithole - even just thinking about it seems to affect my mood every day - not sure that i'd respond well with any of my old posessions with me now
Checking in again. Had a weird day where I had to negotiate with doctors to get my meds sorted all afternoon. Was kinda shitty but made better when I happened across a hard drive from about six years ago with back-ups of some content from old /r9k/ comfy threads.
Open file (1.15 MB 3024x4032 snake.jpg)
Sad way to end the night. When I rolled my trash bin down, I found too late there was a ring-necked snake hiding underneath it. The tail area of its body got and smashed under the wheel and was left dangling by a thread. I brought it inside, cut off the end (there really was no saving it), treated its wound, and keeping it in an exotic pet container. I'll be taking care of this snake the best I can, but I have doubts it'll survive. But hey, a chance is always a chance.
>>682 Poor little snek. Hopefully he pulls through.
>>682 Wich snekfren will get better :(
Hanged out with my friend today, it felt depressing seeing how addicted people these days are to their screens. I left all sorts of social media quite a while ago, I only have a couple of discord servers with close friends that I've known for a long time, and I have an RSS feed setup for news and YouTube channels I care about (around 10 channels most of them post once a month). My life personally has been great thus far, I got a decent job in something I'm passionate about, but my friend, seeing how he is destroying himself is saddening, what is even worse is how he knows he is destroying himself and actively choosing to do nothing about, he just sits around all day like the NEET he is, while his father is making minimum wage. How can I fix him?
>>690 Some people cannot be fixed until they chose personnaly to change. It's sad seeing friends drowning but sometimes there is nothing to do.
Open file (253.31 KB 588x461 1679940292705912.png)
>>691 Giving up on someone you care about isn't easy, I don't think I can just leave him like that. He is his father's only son. I've been feeling like crap since yesterday because of this :/ How can I fix him?
Open file (619.70 KB 842x600 Sad_1-2.png)
>>690 My best advice I could give you is to ask him to go out and do stuff with you. A hike, a movie, a restaurant, a tennis court, anything. Getting out of the house and distance from electronics helps refresh the mind, and think about our life and ourselves a bit more. Things like this helped me get off a self destructive path. But whatever you do Anon don't pretend you're a repairman, because you're not. I wouldn't want my friend to look at me as "broken", with him seeing it as his responsibility and having the authority to interfere with my life, even if it was a wreck. I'd want my friend to be there for me, and to believe in me. That's all I could ask of them, because really that's all we can do.
How's the little snake doing?
Open file (3.03 MB 3024x4032 snake.jpg)
>>699 Sadly, the snake passed away, and has been buried in the backyard.
>>700 ;_; RIP Snake fren.
Edited last time by Otts on 07/07/2023 (Fri) 17:03:15.
>>700 Poor little guy. At least he's hopefully not suffering anymore.
>>700 RIP little snek.
>>700 rip lil buddy
>>700 RIP
Open file (20.85 KB 105x116 rip.gif)
Open file (6.53 KB 194x260 Pray for all.jpeg)
Another night here, and I hope that is not the last. Reading The Bible and praying so I can be calm enough to sleep. I will pray for all of you /late/.
>>707 Thanks Anon, that's kind!
>>707 Thank you, that comes back to you double!
>>707 Thanks fr your prayings anon, godspeed.
Open file (31.08 KB 460x621 1665403102852884.jpg)
sup my fellow /late/ goons
Open file (55.08 KB 640x640 dat_kot_face.jpg)
>>727 >>743 huh guys
Open file (181.02 KB 620x413 Fwfpv7FWwAMxoB8.png)
Open file (614.56 KB 2200x2263 41m3MEME130323.jpg)
>>727 s'happening /late/ ?
I'm glad to see /late/ remains intact.
>>748 I am too.
I can't believe it's /late/ again tonight. It keeps happening.
i feel like im going insane from how isolated i am. i have so many friends yet most of the time im the one that has to initiate everything, and at night it feels like i just sit and stare at my PC. wasting away my youth and life. it feels like ive always just been in the background of most friend groups in my life, not really interesting enough to be the focus of attention (which i both like and hate) and im seeing no real way out of this. oh well, gotta play the cards your given i guess.
>>759 So far I've been solo traveling. Keeping busy keeps my mind off my loneliness and depression. Sadly it costs money unless I become a normalfag travel vlogger. (I don't want to, but even if I did I'm not extraverted enough to make interesting commentary.) Returning home to wageslave and save up again is an eventuality.
>>784 You could try becoming the next Vagrant Holiday guy. :^)
>>784 i'm thinking about doing this, but i still haven't decided. what do you do when you visit somewhere new? just visit tourist attractions? walk around aimlessly? i feel like it wouldn't be so financially bad with some kind of travel cred, but it's still like hundreds and hundreds of dollars no?
>>786 >walk around aimlessly As i avoid tourist attractions, this is mostly what I do when going somewhere. I like to just go without knowing where to go and even lost myself in a place I don't know. The best way to fully embrace the local culture. Some touristic things are nice but I hate when tehre are too many people and places just looks like sad Disneylands.
>>786 >do when you visit somewhere new? just visit tourist attractions? walk around aimlessly? Bit of both. When I went to Venice all I did was wander aimlessly. It's the perfect city for it. Other times I'll look for famous stuff or improvise if it's crowded, if it's not as enjoyable without speaking the native language, etc. I also recommend staying in hostels if possible. They're cheap, full of other travelers, and some have lists of recommendations for local places to visit or eat. You'll have less privacy though if you care about that.
I should also mention I never fully plan trips, for better or worse. When I'm in a city I can get recommendations from locals or other visitors that are less popular, but without proper plans or reservations I'm making last-minute plans or changes mid-trip. In Europe, when a night train I needed was full, I was forced to sleep on the floor until a non-reserved seat opened up 2 hours later. It's not a travel style for everyone.
Evening /late/. My boyfriend left me two days ago, for his tinder date he met only a week before. Unemployed because my arthritis is getting worse. Financially reliant on a man who I thought loved me for a year and four months but does no longer. Really losing hope, now. Even in a state I hate in a town I hate even more, cause I followed him everywhere. Attached is the last gift he got me. At least I still have you guys.
>>798 On that note, any ideas as to what I do next? I know that’s a hard question but all answers are welcome. Aside from the obligatory “kill yourself” cause that’s the backup plan anyway
>>798 >>799 I wish I could help, but I don't have any good advice. I'm a partial NEET myself and still live with my parents because I don't think I can hold down full-time work. Do you think you can at least find a part-time job that isn't too physically taxing and look for roommates to pool resources with? I don't have any answers. I'm just throwing that out there. I really don't think killing yourself would be a good idea.
>>798 That sucks but don't give up on hope. Life can be this hard sometimes but don't kys before even trying to find a proper solution. It may not be easy but just the fact you ask about that here prove you've got the will to go forward. I really don't know what to tell you, maybe try to find a job compatible with your health problem (can't you have a financial compensation for health related issues where you live if you can't work properly ?) Step after step, things will go better and you'll can move on. It's not an easy nor fast way but take your time and always rely on your inner will to go on.
>>798 >>799 That hurt my heart to read : ( That sounds like a tight situation Anon. I thought about it, and this is what I would do if we swapped places. First, I'd destroy any remnants of the honorless prick to establish I'm beginning a new chapter in my life. If possible, I'd get help and maybe move in with friends and family. But if that's not on option, I'd consider and research what my options are to help myself right now, and use the internet to my advantage. I'd do research on what other people have done that were abandoned by someone they were financially dependent on. There may be good advice and information for what I could do. This is something that can be Googled or YouTubed. I'd seek a job that I could manage with my arthritis, or even accommodate it (having disabilities myself, I know how limiting this is...). I'd also search what people with my specific condition have done to get a line of work/income. Someone at some point had to have come up with something, whether it was posted on some blog, or discussed with other people on some forum. Hell, there may even be forms that give job/financial advice for those with disabilities. That'd be my advice to you. Do homework on your situation, know what your options are, and fight forward, even if options are scarce.
>>798 Yeah I’m still alive, sorry. May be looking at a bank job soon, easier on my legs. Have friends over in Georgia I might stay with? Not quite sure yet. All isn’t yet lost, though.
Open file (962.32 KB 500x269 giphy.gif)
>>803 Always keep good faith anon. Just because its a bad situation. Does not mean it will get worse. Also remember, sometimes things will get worse before they get better! Glad to see that you're getting back on your feet so quickly! I hope everything ends up working out in the end.
>>803 I'm rooting for you Anon
>>803 Kinda dumb question but Georgia the country or the US state?
I need to work on some stuff for the zine soon.
>>872 /late/zine is cursed. Every time one is made, it's not long before /late/ moves to another imageboard. Don't do it Anons, if we make /late/zine anon.cafe edition™, we'll be back on the streets of the internet.
>>856 The state. Not my first choice, but hey, I’ll take what I can get. I don’t have the money to go THAT far.
>>888 That reminds me, /agdg/ once tried working on a gondola game. I wonder what happened to that?
Open file (71.37 KB 933x933 life suk.jpg)
Usually I'm a night bird but exceptionally they asked me to come and work during the day. It's still /late/ and I'm a bit anxious because the day job bores the shit out of me. No nightwalks, no driving around with the music. Just sitting in the office during 12 hours and doing secretarial tasks.
>>907 End of shift is coming. Can't wait to take a good shower and spend some comfy time with the gf.
After losing my bookmark, I finally found this place again. Even though I'll mostly just lurk, it feels good to be back.
Open file (313.68 KB 800x537 20180520183245.png)
>>975 Welcome back to the /late/lurk club
>>975 how the fuck do you forget such a simple website name? my only guess is that your some ultra schizopilled dude who's too scared to go to the hidden service by going to the regular domain first because muh exit nodes are activated for 0.000001 seconds.
Woo! I have no idea what this place is. I legit just found it.
>>977 *you're
>>975 Welcome back Anon!
>>979 Welcome home, Anon!
Funnily enough, I don’t think I’ve ever posted in this thread when visiting late. How dare I.
Open file (1.64 MB 3000x2979 20230809_102756.jpg)
6 months sober from life as a fifth a night drinker. It's hard to believe I poured 7 years of my life down the drain waddling in my own filth. My complexion's cleared up since then and I lost 30lbs. For awhile, I was considering re-enlistment into the armed forces, but I don't like the idea of being surrounded by abusive alcoholics who would more than likely bully me for my sobriety. I think I have a good enough idea of where I'd like to be in 5 years now. I'd like to save some money up to take a trip out to the Rockies. I think I need a vacation.
>>1014 That's good news anon, as an ex-drug addict I'm proud of you. Keep it up !
>>1014 Proud of you Anon. Now keep it up! >future a) what can you do now? (what's 'in your hand' atm?) b) what are your interests/passions? maybe you can make money with them.
>>1015 GG Anon! :)
>>1014 >>1015 Good on both of you. That's a hell hole many can't say they've climbed out of.
>>1016 I have the opportunity to help design the sets for my secondary school's theatre program (high budget at an expensive prep school). That experience will help me foray into carpentry. Later I'll return to university for forestry.
>>1016 A) I'm holding a cup of blueberry juice and some souvlaki B) See above
>>32 /loomis/-fag here. I really fucking hate how lolcow culture has created a subset of beginner-artist haters who roast beginner or even intermediate art that doesn't fit their unrealistic perceptions of art. That on top of some bad shit I've had to deal with emotionally, really used to make it excruciating just to even try and make art and not want to immediately quit due to the shame. I've been getting better at it, it still fucking hurts because for whatever reason I used to hold these people up on a pedestal and thought that they knew better. The reality is, they don't. They just want a cheap laugh at seeing people suffer, and an idiot who deserves it is usually the target, but for real, well-meaning artists that just want to improve get caught in the crossfire. But really, my biggest problem with just trying too hard to improve at art... It's me. I just want so hard to be good, so I can get some projects I want done, but fuck me, the urge to be perfect is fucking debilitating. Hell, even though the antidote to that is just simply iterative drawing (doing multiples of the same subject), just even the idea of doing that hurts because I feel like it's wasted time... even though really, it's not. It's just practice and honing the craft. I wanna get to the part where I can draw things and just let it happen. That's gonna be tricky too. Perfectionism's a bitch. >>1014 Alcohol is killer. I've lost a close family member of mine to it, and it was a slow descent that left close family members wondering why they didn't be there for them. Good on you for getting out of that hole. If you got out of the Armed Forces with a clean record, and you're US, you could easily get a job with the National Park Service if that's your thing. They have quite a few jobs for both indoors and outdoors.
>>1021 My father worked was one of the best employees at his park and still knows people there, so I doubt I'd have any trouble scoring a position with them. I've considered doing seasonal work with them here soon, but I need to get my ducks in a row before I commit to something like that. I have a general and I'm elligible for an upgrade, but I'm gonna leave it until this war blows over. I heard they've been pulling NCO/COs' DD214s.
>>1021 >I've been getting better at it, it still fucking hurts because for whatever reason I used to hold these people up on a pedestal and thought that they knew better. The reality is, they don't. They just want a cheap laugh at seeing people suffer I've experienced that too. I would say though to just not care about it. I used to post and lurk on 4chan's /ic/ a lot few years ago, and kinda realized how stupid these criticism were. Especially when there was one guy who redlined a figure someone drew to show how the anatomy was bad, and then the original poster showed how it was drawn from reference and the photo and drawing looked the same. All the so called mistakes weren't there. Hold on there anon. It will take a bit, but after few months/years you'll get good at drawing. Getting feedback is important, but chans aren't place to get it. I wouldn't even know where to go for that. Nowdays for me I just look at artist I enjoy and try to compare their art to mine. Lot of books about art are great too if you want to get better.
>>1020 Haha, OK. I'll leave you to it then Anon. :^)
>>1027 Thanks, anon. If anything I'm thinking of may actually get proper criticism on Deviantart of all places, if anything at least it theoretically. Drawfag threads on chans have been hit or miss, but /loomis/ has been the most consistent board for good art criticism.
I don't really post much but the simple fact that /late exits again fills me with joy. By the way does anyone play yume 2kki online at night? If you don't you should it's perfect to play at 1 AM. Unfortunately I might not be able to be awake at the wee hours of the night like I like to be. I wish all of you guys the best.
>>1042 >yume 2kki online I've actually just started not too long ago. You're right, it's best played /late/ at night.
>>1042 >I wish all of you guys the best. Thank you kindly Anon, good hearing from you again!
>>1042 >does anyone play yume 2kki online at night? I've only ever played the original Yume Nikki. I always played it late at night, so late that it was actually very early. BTW, where can I go to play Yume 2kki?
Open file (34.93 KB 850x850 cam10.png)
I have a few gun ideas I'd like to see in a video game. One of them is a Mac 10 with the magazine going on top of the gun. When pressing the mag release button, the magazine will eject out of the gun like an M1 Garand. I just made this model with Microsoft Paint 3D. Do you have any gun ideas /late/?
Open file (39.86 KB 500x644 Infinicat.jpg)
it's only 4:00 but i'm posting here anyways because i check all my bookmarked boards after work
>>1052 Doesn't have to be late to post on /late/
I moved my mattress from its stand to the floor. Feels great; I love it.
>>1061 Been thinking about doing that for a while now. The only thing stopping me is the possibility of mold growing on the underside
>>1026 >The only thing stopping me is the possibility of mold growing on the underside I never considered that as a possibility before now. I doubt that will be much of a problem for me, though. My floor doesn't seem like it's wet enough to foster mold. Not to mention, part of the reason I did this in the first place was so that it is easier to move and clean under my bed.
Took my dog from a surgery today. It doesn't like the meds the vet say it needs for a good recovery. After a lot of trials I gave up and decided to relax for tomorrow find a solution. Wish me luck /late/
>>1065 Good luck and hope dogfren will get better :)
>>1062 >>1064 That's what I like about having a sleeping bag. At least it's easy to move around, which means it's less likely to develop mold. >>1065 Have you tried mixing the medication in with food or some kind of treat you know he likes?
lately i've been annoyed at how hard it is to use youtube with adblock, i ended up finding a site that's attempting to emulate the old youtube experience https://www.bitview.net/ idk why i wanted to share this, i miss the old internet, back when it wasn't this sterile inoffensive ad delivery platform
>>1069 You should check out Invidious, a very light frontend for Youtube that avoids all the Google bloat.
Woke up aerlate for a long sunday work day. Having slept one hour. I just want to go back in bed...
>>1070 Not him, but my problem with Invidious is that it tends to load videos slowly for me.
hope everyones having a chill night c:
>>1072 Depend on the instance you use, but yeah some are pretty slow. Generally I use two, because one loads video slowly and the other is really late to show new vids of my subs.
>>1074 I only really use Invidious when I can't watch videos on YouTube without logging in, and even then I do it with the expectation that I won't necessarily be able to watch a video right away.
>>1075 I didn't have used Youtube since years, as long as there is a working instance somewhere. Also mpv + yt-dlp does the job well.
>>1076 I shy away from doing stuff with the command line like that.
>>1077 It's simple as mpv https://youtube.com/watch?v=MJqlpdD7AfI Be sure to install both MPV and yt-dlp first. If you're more comfy using GUI, just use VLC as it can read natively youtube links, but sometimes it can't because Google don't want you tu use this method and block it.
>>1079 Neat tip Anon, thanks. Been using both for years but didn't know that MPV could take advantage of yt-dlp like that. Please tell me if you know, does MPV properly dispose of the downloaded data after playback?
>>1081 In what sense? Metadata or the video file? In either case it doesn't matter because yt-dlp is just feeding mpv links to open.
>>1082 >In either case it doesn't matter because X... I simply don't want yuge files wasting space on my drive is all. Since that data has to go somewhere to playback, I was asking if you knew if this was properly disposed-of by mpv. Maybe I should have phrased my question before more clearly.
>>1081 >>1082 I use yt-dlp. I'm curious, what is this "downloaded data after playback"? How do you get it?
I currently have over 160 tabs open.
>>1084 I simply meant that data streaming tools like mpv typically store (at least temporarily) streamed data (ie, the bits that make up the video file) at least temporarily to disk, simply as part of it's buffering strategy. When you use yt-dlp alone, you intentionally want to store this data to disk -- that's literally the whole point. When mpv's orchestrating the sequence however, it seems not unreasonable to assume that data may be shuttled off to some oddball location on disk that it alone is marshalling. >tl;dr I just wanted to make sure the mpv cleans up after itself is all, Anon.
Open file (156.40 KB 640x480 wooly.jpg)
it's not late (more like morning for me) but I do remember when I used to wake up at 4, mostly due to insomnia but I enjoyed how it was super early to where no one else could bother me. I would eat breakfast very early, watch some cartoons and go back to sleep and wake up at 7. I've had the idea to start doing that again, but knowing that I have slept better the last few months has made me call off the idea. I've wanted nothing but to eat breakfast alone for the past few days and not see the face of anyone. the fact I can't have that in a time like this gives me a somewhat trapped feeling.
Open file (302.02 KB 1000x1200 nia7834534.jpg)
Late frens I'm so sad. I've been trying to have some success on dating apps for a while now and put effort in and work out and am conversational and all. Crickets, absolute crickets. I'm only 25, I'm not "old" but feeling that way. The absolute demoralization point is making a grindr to test If I am attractive and literally getting dozens of men in my age range asking me to fuck upfront. I'm not really interested, I want a girl, I'm not unattractive, I'm not a total deadbeat, what is wrong with the world.
>>1118 I know that feel. I tested a dating app lately and it was a huge disappointment. I mean, I'm an average good looking guy, not dumb and put some effort in my profile but it was like I was invisible for the girls. Also one thing that pissed me off are the girls profiles : they have one photo and an empty profile and I'm sure they have to deal with dozens of guys a day and so they don't respond to messages. I believe they just rely on the profile pic and until you're not the chad face they simply ignore you. I knew it will be difficult but not as this. It depressed me more than it helped. I met my current gf on an app but it was mostly a lucky move.
>>1118 Just be glad you're all there behaviorally anon. Peak value in a woman is basically initial fertility then a slope all the way down. Peak value in a man is around 30-35. That's kinda your problem anon. Although the attitude you'll want to have is that yours just keeps going up and up and up until you become a nincompoop with senility. Cheat and wear the tall shoes and take photos with expensive things. Women get a clit jigglin from money with a 6'2 attached to it. And if you're weedy lookin go bear mode until you look more like that 30-35, then when you actually get there in 10 years, switch to health mode cause you'll have filled out and the weight won't drop off the same no more. It's all the consequences of becoming an immoral meat market. Our dreams are all filled with trad wives anon. >what is wrong with the world lack of male leadership since NY 1848 lack of Jesus Christ
>>1118 You should try getting out and doing things in social setups, noone wins from dating apps and people you want to date won't surf dating apps for sure. If you want to date but have no hobbies you can do in social setups you should get one. It will be far easier to get into painting/theater or million other things than grind dating app hell. The people you can find from hobby groups are also infinitely better people than the best people you could find on dating apps.
>>1120 >Just be glad you're all there behaviorally anon. /thread.
Frustrated with parents man. Last few months my best friend has gotten in the worst fights with his parents in a long time. Shit like that for him happens a lot more-often than it does for me because. well. I'm blessed with good parents. for all their faults they've been amazing for me. But with my BFF, he's had yelling matches over potential problems that could've resulted in financial calamities. The problem is, his parents are fucking tunnel-visioned that the problems are because of things that he owns, but it turns out that problem wasn't even linked to the stuff he has. That shit drove me up the fucking wall with anger. I got so fucking pissed, I was ready to call his parents and bitch them out, but I didn't. I didn't because I didn't want to be "that guy," or ruin my relationship with his parents, even though I barely talk to them nowadays. Shit I don't think I've actually talked to them directly in years. I really want to call out their parenting methods on the whole "respect vs independence" shit they did to him. They bitched him out and want him so badly to be independent, but at what fucking cost? If they want him so badly to be independent, then why be cunts about it? It's the same fucking line of thinking that shitty old cunts do: They say they want "respect", but in their mind, they want obedience. Those two things are completely fucking different. At the same time, having to take care of your adult son is hard. I feel like I know a lot but at the same time know so little. I want my best friend to be happy, even though he's lived with depression his entire life. I know his parents want what's best for him, but at the same time they're really controlling, and I feel like they're choking his self agency out. Keeping things vague for privacy's sake, but I needed to get that out of me. It's so fucking hard seeing my best friend suffer like this. I wish he could be happy all the time, but between his depression and his controlling family, it's so fucking hard.
I'm sad. Things will be better soon. I just need to take some time for meand take care of myself. Stay safe /late/.
Open file (18.53 KB 720x392 1690217452888124.jpg)
>>1124 Anything specific you'd like to talk about anon? maybe we can help you figure it out, company is good in rough times <3
>>1125 Just another gf disillusion. I'm starting to move on now. Thanks for you words.
>>1127 Those look like some good peas.
Open file (548.56 KB 842x1052 111965688_p0.jpg)
Late night, early October.

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