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Open file (7.17 KB 368x183 lateStation.png)
Late Station thread Anonymous 02/04/2023 (Sat) 20:14:54 No.3
Making a thread here now. Post any issues you have or changes you want to see in this thread Radio worked without issues for few hours as my last post. So I think it's working Radio: https://latestation.live/
Edited last time by Otts on 04/03/2023 (Mon) 04:19:50.
>>3 Awesome, thanks! Perhaps the radio should have the alternating wallpapers it had before. https://anonfiles.com/vbg0eaWfy6/_radio.late.city_wallpapers_zip
>>3 Alright, I think adding Hawaii: Part II to Late Station was a mistake, it doesn't fit the /late/ feel. Anything from the artist ミラクルミュージカル should be removed.
Open file (441.81 KB 2480x3508 spooky.jpg)
>>5 Thanks! Was about to go looking for the files myself. Will add sometime later. I'm not really in the mood to work much on the radio on sunday, so next week or so. >>6 I deleted them. Didn't really stand out to me though. The only problem is that sometimes a calm number can be followed by something loud and that's a bit jarring. Need to think of something to make it work better. >>7 Will add this one too soon
I'm having trouble getting lateradio to play (seems to work, but no sound). Also, I tried to upload one of my favorite albums ('Forgotten Dreams' Mix, by Suicide Sheep) after converting to .OGG format, as indicated on the site. It said the 'entity was too large'. The file is 71MB. Can you adjust the size limit there please?
Open file (19.37 KB 286x141 Broken_Radio.png)
>>3 Hey OP, if you need the help, I'd be happy to upload the music anyone on this thread are sharing with youtube.
>>24 Should work fine now. Made the max size limit 75mb. Also yeah there was a bug on chrome that didn't make the radio stream correctly. should be gone by now. >>31 Sure, if you want to help out I would appreciate it. Also since wirechan bunker is deleted, could the BO change the op to link to the station? I also found a good ffmpeg command to convert mp3 to ogg which would work on the stream. Could put it in the op too ffmpeg -i yourfile.mp3 -vn -c:a libvorbis -q:a 7 yourfile.ogg
>>34 >ffmpeg -i yourfile.mp3 -vn -c:a libvorbis -q:a 7 yourfile.ogg Maybe actually make -q:a 9 instead of -q:a 7, since it'll make better audio quality
that '1-09' should not be there
>>34 Sounds good, I'll take care of em from here
>>34 >>35 >ffmpeg -i yourfile.mp3 -vn -c:a libvorbis -q:a 9 yourfile.ogg Lol. Now my 71MB file (>>24) is 183MB. :^) Maybe I better just leave this stuff to you professionals to deal with. Here's the orginal sauce: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9qavey27Kc BTW, there are many mixes by Sheepy that would be /comfy/late/-compatible IMO.
>>41 Question: did you upload the mix?
Open file (7.50 KB 316x138 done.png)
>>11 Done
>>42 No, since the size jumped well above 75MB using the correct ffmpeg cmd.
>>46 Ok, I'll figure it out and upload it
>>47 Thanks! That will be cool listening to it on Lateradio.
Hey, radio anon here. Accepted every song but have few comments to make. The first one being 'Forgotten Dreams' Mix. Wouldn't it be better to upload the songs one by one? Cause right now we'll always will listen to that mix in the exact order of the video for more than an hour. I would prefer it to be upload song by song. If you don't want to do it I can do it in the weekend. For now I accepted it, but if no one ads the songs seperately I'll do it in the weekend. Second one is, does anyone have issues with a calm song being followed by something loud? I few times felt the transition to be jarring. I'm thinking what could be done about it. I read ffmpeg can normalize all the files in one folder, so I could write a script to do that. I could also make a script to give song a loudness rating and make the transition between them a bit smoother by grouping them together. If someone has any other ideas or thinks it's good how it is now, tell me
>>54 >I could also make a script to give song a loudness rating and make the transition between them a bit smoother by grouping them together. If someone has any other ideas or thinks it's good how it is now, tell me That actually sounds pretty cool if you can do it Anon. Yeah, I don't really like mellow music followed by loud (or, usually, vice-versa).
>>54 >Wouldn't it be better to upload the songs one by one? That thought was swimming in my mind... Yeah, I'll upload the songs from the mix individually, it does make sense. I'll get them all in before the weekend. >does anyone have issues with a calm song being followed by something loud? It is indeed a a little jarring when a quiet song is immediately followed by a louder one. Something Nightwave Plaza does is progressively tune the audio down in the last few seconds of a song, and when a new song begins the audio will tune progressively higher to its normal volume. To me, this makes going from a calm song to a more loud one more seamless, as it readies our ears for the sudden change. That may be worth considering. Also, I'm loving the new radio so far. Good work Anon!
Open file (6.12 KB 545x80 e.png)
>>54 Alright, I got a good chunk of the mix in today, and will get another tomorrow. Also, this should be "Pared back to the minimal".
Not to be pedantic, but what's the link to the radio station? I don't see it in the OP ITT.
Open file (47.85 KB 993x424 there.png)
>>75 Thanks fren. BO, maybe you could add this to this thread's OP too?
>>76 Sure
>>54 Ok radio Anon, all the individual songs from 'Forgotten Dreams' Mix by MrSuicideSheep are uploaded. Although, can you check if Piano Piece by Ghosts Of Paraguay uploaded correctly? I accidentally deleted the song while it was being uploaded, I'm not sure if that'll cause a problem.
>>81 >all the individual songs from 'Forgotten Dreams' Mix by MrSuicideSheep are uploaded. nta, but excellent work Anon. Been thoroughly enjoying the additions. May a submit yet another favorite Sheepy mix for inclusion?
>>81 Yeah it did get uploaded. Accepted every song request again. I'l try to get tomorrow the backgrounds working and maybe the listener count. So if stuff breaks for you while listening a big chance I'm updating the site
>>85 Of course! Just throw the link in here and I'll get them all in. >>86 Thank you for checking, and good luck with those new additions.
>>92 >Of course! Just throw the link in here and I'll get them all in. Sweet! 'Peaceful Solitude' mix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2mVfpDHr9k
Open file (1.95 MB 480x320 Tekken_2.gif)
Hey, OP here. Sorry for not getting the background images and stuff on time. I had the misfortune of stopping being a neet a week ago and I barely have free time now. I'll still be adding backgrounds soon and what not. I'm sure I can get it done by next week, but should be soon. Maybe tomorrow.
>>128 We still appreciate you giving us the radio, feels a little more like /late/.
Open file (168.19 KB 453x266 latestation.png)
>>129 Alright, did few things. As always, write here if you have found any issues
Added some music this night. Hope they'll match with the rest as lots of what I heard is more ambient / vaporwave oriented.
Hey radiobro, I'm affraid having inverted title and song name fields so I uploaded the same song two times. here is the good one to keep : >artist :Of The Wand & The Moon: >title Hold My Hand Thanks very much.
Is... Is it ok to upload an almost one hour long track of drone / ambient ?
Was thinking, is it possible to keep an updated list of he songs already uploaded to avoid duplicates ?
>>195 Not the radio runner, but I think it'd be a good idea. 6forty Radio does something like this. Another thing that could be done is reject songs with the same title and artist.
>>195 >>206 Done. You can search the list by using the fields on the left too >>193 Will change it later. I'll be reviewing the added songs later today so I'll also take care of the name >>194 Sure. Lot of tracks are ambient so it'll fit in Also, captcha doesn't work for me. Nothing passes. I am using the no cookies one, so if you read this, that one at least works
>>238 Thanks radiobro.
Open file (24.81 KB 577x298 ok.png)
>>238 >Will change it later. I'll be reviewing the added songs later today so I'll also take care of the name ....My bad...
>>241 No problem. Deleted one of them. All songs once again passed. Happy listening!
>>252 Thanks /late/radio!
I come regularly to listen the radio, sometimes I upload stuff but everytime I check the upload list. Glad to see new music is still posted. Thanks friends.
Not sure if this is intentional but 6グラムの星 by Shizuka has a guitar solo in the middle that is absolutely not comfy, sounds like its either compressed to hell and back or it's just that bad.
>>339 I think it's just like that You can listen to it on YT and decide for yourself if you want https://youtu.be/lTBM72vQI50
>>339 I uploaded it and I don't pretend to have golden ears but for me it sounds pretty good implying it's from an old VHS rip of a live performance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lK15dBlLiU I may have uploaded the original version but damn, this live rendition is way more emotional. The one from 終わりのない夢 is pure bliss to : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYfDM9m-wtw
>>344 Just thinking, mayuber the file didn't like the OGHG conversion as I didn't listen to it afterward...
>>346 Was tired when typed that. SOrry for typos. >nbanalities of our existence by nowt Should be banalitiues...
>>351 *banalities Sorry again for typo, actually using a shitty tiny keyboard.
Open file (1.28 MB 210x282 1622239937340.gif)
Petition to remove Élévation by Alcest I't very Uncomfy And destroyed my sanity and triggered an event for me.
>>455 I'm the anon who uploaded Alcest. I'm joining you to remove it from Latestation. Was thinking it could be nice but afterwars realised it's maybe too noisy for the radio.
I really like the attached song and think it would fit quite well with the other noise music, but especially the drum sound is sort of harsh. I tried to soften it a bit while leaving most of the texture intact. What do you think?
>>497 The Goslings is really good music b ut not sure if it can fit with the rest of the radio. Just listened to the two songs you posted it seems ok for me, but as I am >>458, don't sure if my opinion is valid :)
>>455 https://youtube.com/watch?v=lvdyda5fOMc is a piano cover of Élévation. If the original ends up getting removed, i will add this to the radio. It has quite a lot of unintentional noise though. The attached version went through a noisegate, a dynamic range compressor and had a miniscule amount of reverse reverb and regular reverb added. The reverb distracts remarkably well from the remaining noise. It sounds like it introduces artifacts but it's just interacting with clipping/fuzz from the original audio. I'm doing this mostly by ear and the sox manual, so let me know if it sounds good enough.
>>502 Not a musician myself but I'm pretty sure this piano needs some tuning. The idea is good and it could have been a great cover but too many flaws fo me.
would be really cool to have a zine entry on creating an internet radio service
>Song 234 "The Orchid And The Death's Head.ogg" Please remove .ogg from track title
>>583 Just done it >>561 I might write one in a month from now (will stop wage slaving then). The radio isn't really something pretty though. Just lot of hacks that seem to work. In general will take better care of the radio soon. I really didn't have any time lately for it so sorry.
>>598 >I really didn't have any time lately for it so sorry. Understandable, people have lives. Please take care of your personal stuff first. Thank you radio anon!
>>598 >>601 This. Take care radiobro.
Can you remove The Queenstons song please?
>>623 Nevermind, leave it, unless you hate it
The Minecraft cave sounds are jarring and loud. Would prefer if they're removed, but I know you're a busy man.
>>1095 Lol, so that's what that was
Radio anon here. >>1095 Disabled them few days ago. Was funny though I'm sorry for again disappearing. But I really can't seem to catch any time at all. I don't even know why if I am honest. My time management sucks ass. Also kinda will lead into e-begging with this. Would anyone want to help out with the radio? I'll would make a second account during weekend so that someone could help curate songs and stuff. Just without the ability to remove files. I'll be trying to get an update to the radio out soon to get all missing features and fix bugs. I wrote about the issues on lainchan https://lainchan.org/%CE%A9/res/73252.html at No.73268. Hopefully I'll also catch time to write that guide how to set up an online radio too. Also whoever added BTS on the station can suck my nuts
I submitted Throughout The Dark Months Of April And May by Cocteau Twins, but accidentally added an l to the title. >>1143 >Also whoever added BTS on the station can suck my nuts There is a lot of kpop/jpop at 329 to 341, 350 to 361 and 396 to 400. IMO it's completely antithetical to what latestation should be, yet judging from the breadth of submissions, some anons want to listen to a degree of pop-adjacent music. I don't know where the line for such music should be drawn. Still if it has a professionally produced music video with choreographed dancing, it's safe to say it doesn't fit. This is what i would categorize as fitting: >somber and minimalist pop >electronic music that's not particularly euphoric or bass heavy >contemplative guitar music >dreampop that isn't overly saccharine >noise, ambient, vaporwave, etc.
Been a while I hadn't posted music. Nice to see the radio is still running and anons taking care of it :)
Radio anon here. Just saying that the station will be offline for few days. Am working on fixing few things in it and adding features. Expect it to be running soon though

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