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Open file (1.26 MB 4032x3024 unnamed.jpg)
Keyboards Anonymous 02/04/2023 (Sat) 16:48:04 No.2
What keyboard are you cruising with /late/? As of recently I'm using a New Model M. Very clicky and clonky. I remember the first time after using this, I went to bed and could still hear the clicking in my head.
I'm just using some generic keyboard I got a long time ago. I think it was given to me or something. It says "Onn" on it, and from what I can tell it's a Wal-Mart brand or something to that effect. It's good enough for my needs.
>>2 As a laptop user I plan to buy a Cherry keyboard, they looks good. Also I don't type, code or play vidyas a lot. So a generic kb is quite enouigh for my needs. I like the design on the one you posted tho.
I used to use one of the original IBM terminal keyboards from the 80s, those with the additional F-Key row.(F13-F24) I still have it even. It was actually not really comfy though. Loved the clacking and look, but not much else. I only press keys lightly and typing for long stretches on that keyboard was exhausting. Great keycaps though, they weren't shiny when I got it and didn't even have a hint of shining when I stopped using it, after heavy use 2-3 years later. Switched a lot over the years and now settled on a 60% keychron (metal frame one, but plastic casing) with custom qmk firmware. Love the industrial/professional look and compact form factor which goes really well with my tiny PC. Bought some nice thick PBT Xerox/electric typewriter keycaps from aliexpress for it and the switches are Kailh Box Whites (v2) with speed copper ones (higher actuation point) on the modifiers and a heavier spring box navy one on the space bar, so I only have to ever-so-slightly touch the modifiers but get a nice CLACK on space. Helps against emacs pinky. I honestly like the sharp, clean double-click of kailh clickys more than buckling springs, which are muddier and hard to get non-pingy. The keycaps sadly, and as much as I love their retro looks, are already having a slight shine on some keys if you look close enough after not even a year. Aliexpress just cannot compare to 80s IBM I guess. I'm very curious about the HHKB, but a bit put off by the price.
Logitech MX keys. i wish nice fancy keyboards were popular in slim form factors, they look fun. my wrists get pained when I'm not using something close to flesh with the desk surface. oh the battery lasts like 4 months without a charge with the LEDs off, so that's pretty cool. been using it for about 2 years now I think, still going strong.
I have an old black Dell keyboard that I really like. I don't recall ever using as a kid, but it was in the office closet when I built my PC. Don't know where it came from. Built a sick mechanical keyboard in a wooden case for writing on the go, but honestly, the switches are too loud and hurt my ears, right now. So I never really use it.
Open file (358.14 KB 1600x1200 tkl.jpg)
using a Hyper X Alloy Origins TKL keyboard with their brand of 'lubed' mx reds. it's really nice to type on. i used to use a model m from like 1991 before this keyboard. 10/10
I have a x201 with a knockoff keyboard that has no trackpoint, alongside that i have a basic membrance keyboard ever which i took the numpad membrances out soo i use that part as cupholder. I want to buy a keyboard with US layout and trackpoint for my laptop but i am happy with my desktop keyboard despite buying it solely because it was the cheapest keyboard i could buy that had no lights. I tried a mechanic keyboard once but my membrance one was just soo good, it wasn't even a competition. I guess expensive keyboards would be better after some pricepoint but i am not willing to spend a lot for it when i barely use the desktop.
Just scavenged a basic HP keyboard from work to use with my laptop. Also a decent tower desktop computer Dell Optiplex 7010 but I need to put hard drives in as they removed them before throwing it.
Open file (474.35 KB 1000x750 IMG_20230528_155720.jpg)
>>545 Bought 2 hard drives and an old screen for nothing, scavenged an old video card (Nvidia GT216) and installing Linux Mint. The shit seems to work good. I'm happy to have a decent desktop tower for almost free.
Open file (93.50 KB 640x499 sMIUYO1y10ZX7bSy.jpg)
>>39 >I'm very curious about the HHKB, but a bit put off by the price. I went from a 90s acer mechanical keyboard to a hhkb classic and it's a very nice keyboard to type on. I wanted a small kb because now I don't have a big desk. The weird layout is easy to learn and the key actuation force is perfect for me. The sound isn't annoying, it's not too loud or with a high pitch, like some of the gaming keyboards I tried. It has a plastic case but it looks very sturdy. You are not going to go camping with it anyways.
Open file (576.06 KB 2000x1500 keyb.jpg)
I bought this gaudy thing on a whim (ISO layout, pic not mine tho) only to find out that it's actually genuinely well built. I put ctrl on caps lock in the software and put a win key on the old ctrl. It's a pity it's not QMK but bluetooth is useful. Not only is it nice on the eyes but I also love typing on it, it just feels and sounds very good. Comfy device. I was considering a HHKB before but it seemed too expensive for what it is and replacement keycaps (keycaps I inevitably will wear down even if PBT, I type *a lot*) will be hard to come by while you can get a nice PBT dyesub replacement for cherry already at around 40 bucks. I also like experimenting with switches way too much and mine is hot swap. There's also an Apple keyboard (early M0110 one, not the magic crap) clone on aliexpress for pretty cheap and Vortex is planning to make one too. It has the HHKB layout. I do find these plastic keyboards the comfiest and never enjoyed the blocky, brutalist looks and feel of the metal ones. YMMV. (Also re: robustness of metal: Not only don't you need it, if you ever put a scratch in it you're fucked because it'll always be ultra-visible and there's no remedy. On plastic keyboards a scratch usually kinda disappears and is only visible at very specific angles if not super deep)
I won't say what model because dataminjng but you definitely need a high end mechanical keyboard. They are so much easier on your fingers.
Open file (713.75 KB 750x1000 IMG_20230603_091635.jpg)
Open file (686.52 KB 1000x750 IMG_20230603_100817.jpg)
Open file (622.23 KB 750x1000 IMG_20230603_112551.jpg)
>>578 As I found the keyboard in a dirty industrial dumpster, it needed a thorough cleaning. I'd just cleaned the outside, but this morning I took the time to do it. Typing is better and it looks nicer.
Open file (2.68 MB 498x280 vaporwave-tech.gif)
>>578 >>593 I must say, that clock and plant jar you keep next to your monitor is a nice touch, very homey. It's also nice to see people care for abandoned hardware, even if it is cheep. Teach me Anon, how does one get such a decent setup for so small a price?
>>596 I'am lucky, where I wageslave there is an IT department so from time to time they dump some electronics and I always take a look in the dumpsters for some things to scavenge. Lately they throw away some towers, I managed to compose one by scavenging parts form different ones : SATA wires, graphic card (a modest but werking Nvidia). The thing was just missing some hard drives as they are systematically destroyed. Just bought 2 and a screen from second hand store. Overall the computer works good for doing simple things, I can play Doom and will try PCSX2 and Hollow Knight but not sure they'll run fine. Also will try to doing some video editing as I got more RAM than my modern laptop.
>>586 HHKB is utilitarian because it uses plastic.

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