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Open file (462.98 KB 850x575 That Night With You.png)
Sometimes, I think about this board Anonymous 11/06/2023 (Mon) 02:27:21 No.1187
I come back here a lot hoping for that same magic I felt on the original board and I hate to be a debbie downer but it's nowhere near as strong as the OG vibes. Late City felt like a real place sometimes. The discussions on that board and the type of content you could find was nothing like any board I'd ever been on. A prerequisite to visiting was a nice somber almost Silent Hill esque ambience I'd play through my speakers, no lights on and of course it had to be night time. It felt like I was in another world and no board has ever made me feel like that. I appreciated it so much whenever I'd visit, but damn I wish I would've known it was all just gonna disappear one day. I don't go on boards too often, so every time I had that feeling about coming to Late City on a nice cool night, it was an event. That's all. I don't have more to say if you even consider anything I wrote as saying something. Just wanted to vent a slight frustration and post for the first time in forever. I miss it, lads :/
Open file (39.00 KB 345x431 Photo0177_001.jpg)
>>1187 I understand your feels anon. To begin, I never was a huge poster on IBs nor forums... But there is/was a few boards I (used to) visit regularly and /late/ was one of them. There was this feeling of a special place with a special community that pleased me a lot. I think since the old /late/ has closed down we lost a few of that magic, I don' know why exactly but it's a shared feeling I have myself to. I'm glad some dedicated anons have took the decision to carry the flame and reopened it on the cafe but I can't help but thinking things will never be the same... I guess the world is in movement and we have to move along with it. I still come back here almost everydaynight to lurk a bit and sometimes post something though. Keep it up BO and thanks to all that take part in those nice little corners of the internet. We need those places more than ever in this ocean of Meta/Discord/web3.0 shits.
Things might not feel the same, but we have to make the best with what we have.
>>1188 >Meta/Discord/web3.0 They killed the internet with the help of all the normies. There isn't a new generation anymore to keep the forums and imageboards alive. It's sad but if you stop posting, we aren't going to see a lost young boy taking your place in the next few days like we used to.
ITT facebook newfags complain about facebook newfags who did the right thing and stayed fucked off
>>1187 I'm coming by similarly often. I'm sort of giving up on the internet as a social place to be honest. There's just so much grass-rooting, manipulation and just plain angry mental illness going on. I've grown tired of it and the information content of it is pretty much zero. I remember going to places online and reading and learning interesting things, now it's just people angrily shouting and trying to get a raise out of each other and all you can do is join the pointless flame wars one some side and it's all just a big waste of energy and nerves. Even here in this relatively dead place you get pointlessly angry and inflammatory posts like >>1206 and you just wonder, what is the point? It's sometimes hard to believe it's not purposeful, like somebody trying to disturb any kind of productive discussion on the internet. The tech is pretty much already there at this point. Might be automatic for all we know. Good luck, traveler.
>>1212 Over the years I have been gradually getting kind of tired of all the arguing that goes on.
Hey, I know how you feel. I still have it, and the old late radio station bookmarked. Many a night I just want to take a nightwalk through space AND time.
Most of /late/'s userbase was on the fringes of IBing even in the 8chan days. It's a more sedate and mature group. So, I'm not surprised, with 4 changes in venue and imageboards being less active, more volatile, and more territorial than ever that /late/ wouldn't carry on in the form it once had. /Late/ isn't dead, but it is different.

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