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"night" movies, and other stuff Anonymous 10/23/2023 (Mon) 00:28:13 No.1167
post any ethereal nighttime shots from any "night" movies/tv/anime (if it makes nighttime look cool or comforting). the more obsure it is the more points you get
This immediately came to mind for me. It's the opening of "The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas," an episode from the first season of The A-Team. This scene takes place in L.A., but I think it has a similarly grungy feeling to depictions of '70s New York.
Open file (286.27 KB 1022x552 37 (1108).jpg)
Open file (228.75 KB 1022x552 39 (1107).jpg)
Open file (177.10 KB 1022x552 27 (1114).jpg)
Open file (222.66 KB 1022x552 07 (1091).jpg)
Open file (192.48 KB 1022x552 15 (1114).jpg)
>>1167 The Indian Runner had some good ones.

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