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retro games/computing Anonymous 10/15/2023 (Sun) 05:36:24 No.1155
I recently dug out my old nes and picked up some random games off eaby. I had never heard of guardian legend before popping it in to the console, man how did that game slip under the radar? 10/10 nes kino. I also picked up the nes port of wizardry, wasn't expecting much from old console port of a reasonably complex pc game however, it's quite good actually. As far as I can tell none of the games mechanics were cut, rolling characters, classes and races all seem to well represented and since it has a battery backup you don't need to fuck around with passwords or savedisks. Probably how I'll play the game from now on unless I find major bug or something. Are there any retard friendly resources for learning 6502 assembly? I'd like to pick it up but, I haven't done any programing in a long time.
>>1155 The Guardian Legend is a very good game. Gotta play it again soon. Regarding 6502 Assembly, I did a quick search and found this: https://codeburst.io/an-introduction-to-6502-assembly-and-low-level-programming-7c11fa6b9cb9 Can't speak for its accuracy or effectiveness since I'm not a programmer though.

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