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Winter is coming Anonymous 09/17/2023 (Sun) 01:56:31 No.1102
Winter is coming for the north hemisphere bros. Are you excited? Is winter bad where you live?
I've always liked winter, but winter isn't much winter anymore, especially here. Too hot for it, too humid. A damn shame too.
Open file (679.33 KB 636x476 comfy34535346456.gif)
>>1102 I hope that we get a real winter this year where I am. It's been half a decade since we got a really consistent one. I really love winter because it gets so much quieter without all the industrial noise of normals mowing their lawns or riding their adult toys. Maybe one day I'll move somewhere like Vermont or Minnesota and have a proper winter every year.
>>1102 i love winter but i hate ice a big heating bills. overall its my second favorite season to autum
>>1102 It's been long time we don't have a real winter there. I like winter a lot.
>>1102 with my schedule, winter is usually a more peaceful season for me, even if the weather itself is schizo. I like winter. You can always put on more layers, but you can only take off so much.
I like Christmastime, the look of freshly fallen snow, and listening to certain kinds of music (black metal and dark New Wave/post-punk bands). That's mainly it though. It feels pretty gloomy to me otherwise, and I'm not the least bit cut out for the cold. Sunny winter days can be beautiful, but with the way the weather is at that time of the year there's still no way I'm going outside if I can help it.

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