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Open file (30.73 KB 600x600 imahacker.jpg)
Torrenting 09/12/2023 (Tue) 00:09:33 No.1086
Let's talk about torrenting and such. I want to start with a question. What's your preferred torrent client and why? On my end I use QbitTorrent cause i don't know any better.
>>1086 I used to use ╬╝Torrent years ago but stopped after it started to get a reputation for being a bit sketchy. Deluge is now my main torrent client, although I'm not even sure why I began using it in the first place. Back when I was using Windows, I sometimes had problems with Deluge not working and would also use Vuze. I know there was a point where I used qBittorrent too and am not sure why I stopped. I haven't had any problems with Deluge in Linux so far other than trying to load a massive torrent once that it couldn't seem to handle. In that one instance, I used Transmission instead just because I already had it installed.
Open file (133.13 KB 676x494 sha.png)
Transmission has a windows client now so there's no reason to use anything else if you're on bloatware It's been a while but I think I used rtorrent for CLI torrenting and think I would again. Transmission is still preferable to whatever that other gui linux one is from what I recall, it's good. >qbittorrent Cringe. The benign explanation would be that he's a glownigger but most likely the maintainer is just some soyfreak asshole. He's intentionally broken the UI because he doesn't like people having control over the software they use and the result is just that the same people defacto don't seed but they show up as peers and anyone using his product can't trust their own settings in a program that's barely par with fucking utorrent at the best of times. I've used halite in the past. It's charmingly shitty, the way amateur projects often are.
qBittorent user to, because I try it maybe... 20 years ago and was satisfied by it. I used Transmission a bit because it was packaged in my Linux distro. >>1088 Care to elaborate on why qBittorrent sucks ?
Been using qBittorent for ages and it does everything I need it to, got no reason to use anything else.

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