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Open file (19.65 KB 300x100 1565671277994.png)
Welcome to /late/! (meta thread) Otts 02/04/2023 (Sat) 15:56:17 No.1
Welcome to /late/ The rules are: >Global rules apply >The Board is NSFW, however, just keep it to a minimum. Don't just go around posting porn just because. >No politics >You can talk about other boards. Just don't advertise them. >Don't go around stiring shit up. Links Radio - https://latestation.live/ Discord and IRC - https://discord.gg/hRe2yv96qY - IRC (Rizen) #late.city /late/ Archive - https://anon.cafe/comfy/res/1512.html#q3453 friends of /late/ /comfy/ - https://anon.cafe/comfy/ /ent/ - https://anon.cafe/ent/
Edited last time by Otts on 05/05/2023 (Fri) 21:48:24.
Open file (327.42 KB 1600x1200 Photo-0036.jpg)
>>1 >understandingly, aggressive towards us Have I missed something ? I went to the wirechan link when the board was just created but didn't noticed anything wrong. Care to elaborate ? Also did you plan to tweak the CSS ? Tomorrow fits better for /late/ Did you plan to restore some old threads from the robowaifu archives, I can help on that. Also I understand it's a bunker nad hope we will found our new home soon. Still have music to share but I'm quite busy lately and have to convert FLAC to OGG. Anyway thanks for the Cafe admins to give us this space and hope /late/ will rise again from the ashees in all its glory. t. a friend.
>I went to the wirechan link when the board was just created but didn't noticed anything wrong. Some people had gone over to the rest of Wirechan and replied to posts without learning wirechans culture. prompting wirechan users to ask us to lurk more. Some of them kinda just wanted us gone. Besides, there was kind of a culture clash there anyways. >Also did you plan to tweak the CSS ? Tomorrow fits better for /late/ yeah I do, just gotta find the time. I will probably do it later tonight >do you plan on restoring old threads? I personally wasn't since this is a bunker. but if you want to, go for it.
Edited last time by Otts on 02/05/2023 (Sun) 02:45:35.
I'm having trouble getting lateradio to play (seems to work, but no sound). Also, I tried to upload one of my favorite albums ('Forgotten Dreams' Mix, by Suicide Sheep) after converting to .OGG format, as indicated on the site. It said the 'entity was too large'. The file is 71MB. Can you adjust the size limit there please?
>>16 >I personally wasn't since this is a bunker, but if you want to, go for it. I wouldn't personally advise that approach, since it's a lot of autistic tedious work. I'll even lend a hand at it once you're in your new home, but a bunker isn't the place to do a restore. Keep it lightweight for now would be my advice.
>>14 >Anyway thanks for the Cafe admins to give us this space and hope /late/ will rise again from the ashees in all its glory. This. Let's all do our best.
>>17 Put this in >>3 I do not run the radio. That is another user
>>18 You're right, its a good idea to save rebuilding for when the site is recreated.
>>14 >and have to convert FLAC to OGG. [code]ffmpeg -i my_input_file.flac my_output_file.ogg[/code] Simple as. This can be scripted easily as well.
>>20 >Put this in >>3 I do not run the radio. That is another user OK.
>>22 Thanks, that what I have in mind. But first I have to do some sorting in my music library. Also I barely don't even have tiùme to use my personal computer these days. >>16 >I personally wasn't since this is a bunker Yes, makes sense, was asking just to be sure and give some help.
can we move external comms from discord to irc/non-pozzed alternative?
Late is dead, as far as I am considered. It had a vibe this place just doesn't have. I personally blame discord and their ilk.
>>82 I get it. its not the same. It never will be the same. Quilt's /late/ was special. It was put together after 8chans deletion and had a while to develop, grow and change. It was built by what was effectively a group of friends. I believe the discord was put together by quilt and was to be removed when the IRC came about. This might be why invite permissions were removed from the admins. Shit happens and while this might not feel the same, I wouldn't blame others for using something the original BO brought about. I wouldn't say late is dead, but i would agree that its not going to be the same
>>82 >>84 You're just having the 'Bunker Blues', Anon. It's like Cabin Fever. Just you wait until the board is fully-restored from the archives. It will feel very comfy once again. On that note: When is /late2/ getting a board of it's own?
Open file (620.91 KB 1343x1079 檄 1970年11月25日.png)
>>87 Yes, I definitively have the feels to. Hope things will get better when we have a proper /late/. Late just can't die this way. We had a nice place with a nice community. It just can't die this way...
>>88 >digits confirm >It just can't die this way... It won't. Just someone needs to step up with a new site & IB server. Then we'll all cooperate to do the heavy-lifting of restoring our board.
>>88 What even happened?
>>95 Basically on January 1st of this year /late/ went down. About a week or 2 later. so did the rest of the infrastructure. This has been no word from the owner at all, it's widely assumed they've moved on and won't be restoring the site.
>>102 this, plus /late/ was suffering from pizza spam and DDoS for a year at this point
I'd like to make a request to whoever the new Admin/BO team is going to be, please allow Tor posters. I could only read the site, never actually contribute. Which was a bummer, but w/e. Anyway, glad to see /late/ has a bunker now. Looking forward to your new board soon!
Please, change the color of the captcha pop-up, too bright and text is almost unreadable. Try this : .modalDecorationPanel position: relative; padding: 0.5rem; background-color: #292929;
>>149 Fixed, Thanks. >>124 I don't know who that is nor do I have contact with them
Edited last time by Otts on 02/23/2023 (Thu) 23:05:45.
>>124 We're getting a real bad rap.
>>162 We just want our board back
the old site seems hacked?
>>223 Maybe the old owner sold it to someone to host that weird Bitcoin payment system instance, or maybe himself... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It saddens me a little bit in a certain way seeing the og late domain hosting this shit.
>>224 Not likely at all. What's far more commonplace is that the ISP pulls such a slimy kike-ish trick once a domain """expires""" (ie, their sheqel supply gets reduced). The previous BO was upstanding. >t. have had this exact thing happen to me before
>>347 >Registrar*
haven't been here since the late.city domain and Quilt vanished. nice to be back. i'm still lonely but this place always helped me kinda keep my spirits up
>>406 Glad to see. you back Anon.
>>406 Hi.
>>406 Welcome back anon.
Does anybody know what happened to late.city? that website was great. i found it a month before it disappeared. been using wayback machine to see if any news was given before it disappeared.
>>427 Quilt pulled the plug without any explanation.
Open file (246.12 KB 1080x2997 quiltcontext.jpg)
Open file (107.95 KB 1080x1219 quiltcontext2.jpg)
>>427 Someone else pulled out of the project and quilt couldn't manage the board by his lonesome.
>>537 Are you the spaz who used to spam the board?
>>538 Wich one ? Schizo watercolor painter or /k/nigger ? Maybe they are the same.
>>539 There used to be a guy on /late/ who would post "redpill" shit that would end up getting deleted. Now that I think about it, there was also someone who would spam negro phalluses, and it might have been the same guy.
>>538 He's just buttmad he was banned off the MC server for being a spaz there. He needs to take his meds, or preferably take a sledgehammer to the skull
Open file (10.65 MB 2322x4128 KumaHesioliteIRLforreal.png)
Me and another anon met up today. Turns out we live in the same area in France. Crazy! So here we are proudly posing for the cameras !
Open file (116.24 KB 640x623 IRYA7aY4wvSgyVdP.jpg)
>>573 You are two brave boys, I wouldn't have the courage to meet with someone from an imageboard irl. I would instantly think it's a nice but glowing police officer.
>>573 That's pretty wild that you found someone local to you. Maybe there are some in my area too, although people in Burgerland are more spread out.
>>573 Jolis carrousels mes anons. C'est au Parc Asterix ?
>>573 How come did you meet the guy? Did you arrange on meeting through IRC or were you talking through the actual imageboard itself?
>>573 I don't know if you're still alive anon but I pray for your health and safety. I've seen on the news that France is going through a few hiccups.
>>713 I heard that the worst seems to be open, but like you I hope he's okay.
>>713 >>714 Not him but another frenchanon. Depend on where you're living things are not that bad. i mean the riots are located in some specific suburban places and they mainly target state representative things (cops, schools, city halls and urban furnitures). Sure you don't want to roam in the streets during those episodes (you can end up being beat up by cops and / or rioters). Things have now settled down but as the 14Th of July is coming (our national celebration day here) the state plan to deploy big police presence to counter any seditious movement.
>>714 >open *over >>715 Yeah, I figured it was something along those lines. Those huge riots we had in the U.S. a few years ago mainly stayed in urban and suburban areas. My own town was completely unaffected as far as I know.
>>715 Rioters also targeted shops for free things (phones, sneackers, clothes, alcool...). Because, as most of the french people now, the only horizon of their revolt is the will to consoome more. Today, some cities have canceled the national celebrations as they fear some malicious acts targeting this moment of republican fellowship.
>>721 >Today Tomorrow, the 14th. I'm quite disoriented due to long working nights ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
It's been a little while since I visited here and it seems that a few threads are gone, did something happen?
>>772 No they're on a different page. If you scroll to the bottom and click the 2 you can see all the posts that have not been replied to in a while
>>777 i went to page 2 and the catalogue but unless i'm blind they seem to be gone. there was a self improvement thread that is gone, and the late setting thread is gone, i am guessing some other ones are gone too because it doesn't feel like there are as many threads as there used to be, excluding the newer ones that i see now.
Open file (11.46 KB 831x133 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (94.69 KB 128x128 fuck.gif)
>>778 Looking at the board settings it seems I fucked up. There are settings for thread limit and a maximum threads per hour. it looks like instead of limiting threads per hour, I made it so there can only be 20 threads at all times. It was my mistake, and its fixed now. Im sorry anons, I failed ;_;
Edited last time by Otts on 07/23/2023 (Sun) 00:32:33.
>>779 I wasn't sure but yes >>778 was right. Hey, sometimes mistakes happen.
>>779 bummer
>>779 That's fine, you clearly caught it in plenty of time BO. >t. another webring BO
And I guess those threads and now gone and can't be restored. What a bummer indeed. Shit happens >>779, don't torture yourself.
>>779 Just now seeing this. Yeah, things like this are part of being a board owner. I'm sure we'll all get by without those threads. We'll add this as a footnote to a future(?) /late/ iceberg format.
It’s been so long since late.city shut down. I miss you all dearly, i’ll start a thread back up soon that I remember loving back in the day. Right now i’m phoneposting from my bed feeling sad though. First 8chan /doomer/ than /late/. It really feels our world keeps getting smaller. I know we’re still here but it feels like we lost a lot of anons. I’ll try to breath some life back into this place soon.
>>1096 >It really feels our world keeps getting smaller. I know what you mean.
>>1096 >It really feels our world keeps getting smaller Since 2019 everything feels different >it feels like we lost a lot of anons It's a factual blackpill but as long as we post once in a while we can bounce
>No politics Err, Doc... politics is in everything now, whether or not you'd still rather not speak about it
>>1116 yes I know. my plan was to just keep the rules from late.city. basically what I mean is dont /pol/ post

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