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post on this thread every time you visit late! Anonymous 02/05/2023 (Sun) 06:41:22 No.32
there used to be a thread like this on og /late/ - post every time you're on late!
>>1014 >>1015 Good on both of you. That's a hell hole many can't say they've climbed out of.
>>1016 I have the opportunity to help design the sets for my secondary school's theatre program (high budget at an expensive prep school). That experience will help me foray into carpentry. Later I'll return to university for forestry.
>>1016 A) I'm holding a cup of blueberry juice and some souvlaki B) See above
>>32 /loomis/-fag here. I really fucking hate how lolcow culture has created a subset of beginner-artist haters who roast beginner or even intermediate art that doesn't fit their unrealistic perceptions of art. That on top of some bad shit I've had to deal with emotionally, really used to make it excruciating just to even try and make art and not want to immediately quit due to the shame. I've been getting better at it, it still fucking hurts because for whatever reason I used to hold these people up on a pedestal and thought that they knew better. The reality is, they don't. They just want a cheap laugh at seeing people suffer, and an idiot who deserves it is usually the target, but for real, well-meaning artists that just want to improve get caught in the crossfire. But really, my biggest problem with just trying too hard to improve at art... It's me. I just want so hard to be good, so I can get some projects I want done, but fuck me, the urge to be perfect is fucking debilitating. Hell, even though the antidote to that is just simply iterative drawing (doing multiples of the same subject), just even the idea of doing that hurts because I feel like it's wasted time... even though really, it's not. It's just practice and honing the craft. I wanna get to the part where I can draw things and just let it happen. That's gonna be tricky too. Perfectionism's a bitch. >>1014 Alcohol is killer. I've lost a close family member of mine to it, and it was a slow descent that left close family members wondering why they didn't be there for them. Good on you for getting out of that hole. If you got out of the Armed Forces with a clean record, and you're US, you could easily get a job with the National Park Service if that's your thing. They have quite a few jobs for both indoors and outdoors.
>>1021 My father worked was one of the best employees at his park and still knows people there, so I doubt I'd have any trouble scoring a position with them. I've considered doing seasonal work with them here soon, but I need to get my ducks in a row before I commit to something like that. I have a general and I'm elligible for an upgrade, but I'm gonna leave it until this war blows over. I heard they've been pulling NCO/COs' DD214s.
>>1021 >I've been getting better at it, it still fucking hurts because for whatever reason I used to hold these people up on a pedestal and thought that they knew better. The reality is, they don't. They just want a cheap laugh at seeing people suffer I've experienced that too. I would say though to just not care about it. I used to post and lurk on 4chan's /ic/ a lot few years ago, and kinda realized how stupid these criticism were. Especially when there was one guy who redlined a figure someone drew to show how the anatomy was bad, and then the original poster showed how it was drawn from reference and the photo and drawing looked the same. All the so called mistakes weren't there. Hold on there anon. It will take a bit, but after few months/years you'll get good at drawing. Getting feedback is important, but chans aren't place to get it. I wouldn't even know where to go for that. Nowdays for me I just look at artist I enjoy and try to compare their art to mine. Lot of books about art are great too if you want to get better.
>>1020 Haha, OK. I'll leave you to it then Anon. :^)
>>1027 Thanks, anon. If anything I'm thinking of may actually get proper criticism on Deviantart of all places, if anything at least it theoretically. Drawfag threads on chans have been hit or miss, but /loomis/ has been the most consistent board for good art criticism.
I don't really post much but the simple fact that /late exits again fills me with joy. By the way does anyone play yume 2kki online at night? If you don't you should it's perfect to play at 1 AM. Unfortunately I might not be able to be awake at the wee hours of the night like I like to be. I wish all of you guys the best.
>>1042 >yume 2kki online I've actually just started not too long ago. You're right, it's best played /late/ at night.
>>1042 >I wish all of you guys the best. Thank you kindly Anon, good hearing from you again!
>>1042 >does anyone play yume 2kki online at night? I've only ever played the original Yume Nikki. I always played it late at night, so late that it was actually very early. BTW, where can I go to play Yume 2kki?
Open file (34.93 KB 850x850 cam10.png)
I have a few gun ideas I'd like to see in a video game. One of them is a Mac 10 with the magazine going on top of the gun. When pressing the mag release button, the magazine will eject out of the gun like an M1 Garand. I just made this model with Microsoft Paint 3D. Do you have any gun ideas /late/?
Open file (39.86 KB 500x644 Infinicat.jpg)
it's only 4:00 but i'm posting here anyways because i check all my bookmarked boards after work
>>1052 Doesn't have to be late to post on /late/
I moved my mattress from its stand to the floor. Feels great; I love it.
>>1061 Been thinking about doing that for a while now. The only thing stopping me is the possibility of mold growing on the underside
>>1026 >The only thing stopping me is the possibility of mold growing on the underside I never considered that as a possibility before now. I doubt that will be much of a problem for me, though. My floor doesn't seem like it's wet enough to foster mold. Not to mention, part of the reason I did this in the first place was so that it is easier to move and clean under my bed.
Took my dog from a surgery today. It doesn't like the meds the vet say it needs for a good recovery. After a lot of trials I gave up and decided to relax for tomorrow find a solution. Wish me luck /late/
>>1065 Good luck and hope dogfren will get better :)
>>1062 >>1064 That's what I like about having a sleeping bag. At least it's easy to move around, which means it's less likely to develop mold. >>1065 Have you tried mixing the medication in with food or some kind of treat you know he likes?
lately i've been annoyed at how hard it is to use youtube with adblock, i ended up finding a site that's attempting to emulate the old youtube experience https://www.bitview.net/ idk why i wanted to share this, i miss the old internet, back when it wasn't this sterile inoffensive ad delivery platform
>>1069 You should check out Invidious, a very light frontend for Youtube that avoids all the Google bloat.
Woke up aerlate for a long sunday work day. Having slept one hour. I just want to go back in bed...
>>1070 Not him, but my problem with Invidious is that it tends to load videos slowly for me.
hope everyones having a chill night c:
>>1072 Depend on the instance you use, but yeah some are pretty slow. Generally I use two, because one loads video slowly and the other is really late to show new vids of my subs.
>>1074 I only really use Invidious when I can't watch videos on YouTube without logging in, and even then I do it with the expectation that I won't necessarily be able to watch a video right away.
>>1075 I didn't have used Youtube since years, as long as there is a working instance somewhere. Also mpv + yt-dlp does the job well.
>>1076 I shy away from doing stuff with the command line like that.
>>1077 It's simple as mpv https://youtube.com/watch?v=MJqlpdD7AfI Be sure to install both MPV and yt-dlp first. If you're more comfy using GUI, just use VLC as it can read natively youtube links, but sometimes it can't because Google don't want you tu use this method and block it.
>>1079 Neat tip Anon, thanks. Been using both for years but didn't know that MPV could take advantage of yt-dlp like that. Please tell me if you know, does MPV properly dispose of the downloaded data after playback?
>>1081 In what sense? Metadata or the video file? In either case it doesn't matter because yt-dlp is just feeding mpv links to open.
>>1082 >In either case it doesn't matter because X... I simply don't want yuge files wasting space on my drive is all. Since that data has to go somewhere to playback, I was asking if you knew if this was properly disposed-of by mpv. Maybe I should have phrased my question before more clearly.
>>1081 >>1082 I use yt-dlp. I'm curious, what is this "downloaded data after playback"? How do you get it?
I currently have over 160 tabs open.
>>1084 I simply meant that data streaming tools like mpv typically store (at least temporarily) streamed data (ie, the bits that make up the video file) at least temporarily to disk, simply as part of it's buffering strategy. When you use yt-dlp alone, you intentionally want to store this data to disk -- that's literally the whole point. When mpv's orchestrating the sequence however, it seems not unreasonable to assume that data may be shuttled off to some oddball location on disk that it alone is marshalling. >tl;dr I just wanted to make sure the mpv cleans up after itself is all, Anon.
Open file (156.40 KB 640x480 wooly.jpg)
it's not late (more like morning for me) but I do remember when I used to wake up at 4, mostly due to insomnia but I enjoyed how it was super early to where no one else could bother me. I would eat breakfast very early, watch some cartoons and go back to sleep and wake up at 7. I've had the idea to start doing that again, but knowing that I have slept better the last few months has made me call off the idea. I've wanted nothing but to eat breakfast alone for the past few days and not see the face of anyone. the fact I can't have that in a time like this gives me a somewhat trapped feeling.
Open file (302.02 KB 1000x1200 nia7834534.jpg)
Late frens I'm so sad. I've been trying to have some success on dating apps for a while now and put effort in and work out and am conversational and all. Crickets, absolute crickets. I'm only 25, I'm not "old" but feeling that way. The absolute demoralization point is making a grindr to test If I am attractive and literally getting dozens of men in my age range asking me to fuck upfront. I'm not really interested, I want a girl, I'm not unattractive, I'm not a total deadbeat, what is wrong with the world.
>>1118 I know that feel. I tested a dating app lately and it was a huge disappointment. I mean, I'm an average good looking guy, not dumb and put some effort in my profile but it was like I was invisible for the girls. Also one thing that pissed me off are the girls profiles : they have one photo and an empty profile and I'm sure they have to deal with dozens of guys a day and so they don't respond to messages. I believe they just rely on the profile pic and until you're not the chad face they simply ignore you. I knew it will be difficult but not as this. It depressed me more than it helped. I met my current gf on an app but it was mostly a lucky move.
>>1118 Just be glad you're all there behaviorally anon. Peak value in a woman is basically initial fertility then a slope all the way down. Peak value in a man is around 30-35. That's kinda your problem anon. Although the attitude you'll want to have is that yours just keeps going up and up and up until you become a nincompoop with senility. Cheat and wear the tall shoes and take photos with expensive things. Women get a clit jigglin from money with a 6'2 attached to it. And if you're weedy lookin go bear mode until you look more like that 30-35, then when you actually get there in 10 years, switch to health mode cause you'll have filled out and the weight won't drop off the same no more. It's all the consequences of becoming an immoral meat market. Our dreams are all filled with trad wives anon. >what is wrong with the world lack of male leadership since NY 1848 lack of Jesus Christ
>>1118 You should try getting out and doing things in social setups, noone wins from dating apps and people you want to date won't surf dating apps for sure. If you want to date but have no hobbies you can do in social setups you should get one. It will be far easier to get into painting/theater or million other things than grind dating app hell. The people you can find from hobby groups are also infinitely better people than the best people you could find on dating apps.
>>1120 >Just be glad you're all there behaviorally anon. /thread.
Frustrated with parents man. Last few months my best friend has gotten in the worst fights with his parents in a long time. Shit like that for him happens a lot more-often than it does for me because. well. I'm blessed with good parents. for all their faults they've been amazing for me. But with my BFF, he's had yelling matches over potential problems that could've resulted in financial calamities. The problem is, his parents are fucking tunnel-visioned that the problems are because of things that he owns, but it turns out that problem wasn't even linked to the stuff he has. That shit drove me up the fucking wall with anger. I got so fucking pissed, I was ready to call his parents and bitch them out, but I didn't. I didn't because I didn't want to be "that guy," or ruin my relationship with his parents, even though I barely talk to them nowadays. Shit I don't think I've actually talked to them directly in years. I really want to call out their parenting methods on the whole "respect vs independence" shit they did to him. They bitched him out and want him so badly to be independent, but at what fucking cost? If they want him so badly to be independent, then why be cunts about it? It's the same fucking line of thinking that shitty old cunts do: They say they want "respect", but in their mind, they want obedience. Those two things are completely fucking different. At the same time, having to take care of your adult son is hard. I feel like I know a lot but at the same time know so little. I want my best friend to be happy, even though he's lived with depression his entire life. I know his parents want what's best for him, but at the same time they're really controlling, and I feel like they're choking his self agency out. Keeping things vague for privacy's sake, but I needed to get that out of me. It's so fucking hard seeing my best friend suffer like this. I wish he could be happy all the time, but between his depression and his controlling family, it's so fucking hard.
I'm sad. Things will be better soon. I just need to take some time for meand take care of myself. Stay safe /late/.
Open file (18.53 KB 720x392 1690217452888124.jpg)
>>1124 Anything specific you'd like to talk about anon? maybe we can help you figure it out, company is good in rough times <3
>>1125 Just another gf disillusion. I'm starting to move on now. Thanks for you words.
>>1127 Those look like some good peas.
Open file (548.56 KB 842x1052 111965688_p0.jpg)
Late night, early October.

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