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Open file (7.17 KB 368x183 lateStation.png)
Late Station thread Anonymous 02/04/2023 (Sat) 20:14:54 No.3 [Reply] [Last]
Making a thread here now. Post any issues you have or changes you want to see in this thread Radio worked without issues for few hours as my last post. So I think it's working Radio: https://latestation.live/
Edited last time by Otts on 04/03/2023 (Mon) 04:19:50.
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Radio anon here. Just saying that the station will be offline for few days. Am working on fixing few things in it and adding features. Expect it to be running soon though

Open file (19.65 KB 300x100 1565671277994.png)
Welcome to /late/! (meta thread) Otts 02/04/2023 (Sat) 15:56:17 No.1 [Reply] [Last]
Welcome to /late/ The rules are: >Global rules apply >The Board is NSFW, however, just keep it to a minimum. Don't just go around posting porn just because. >No politics >You can talk about other boards. Just don't advertise them. >Don't go around stiring shit up. Links Radio - https://latestation.live/ Discord and IRC - https://discord.gg/hRe2yv96qY - IRC (Rizen) #late.city /late/ Archive - https://anon.cafe/comfy/res/1512.html#q3453 friends of /late/ /comfy/ - https://anon.cafe/comfy/ /ent/ - https://anon.cafe/ent/
Edited last time by Otts on 05/05/2023 (Fri) 21:48:24.
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>>1116 yes I know. my plan was to just keep the rules from late.city. basically what I mean is dont /pol/ post

Open file (4.43 MB 1920x1080 Now whos being naive.mp4)
winding down late night Anonymous 04/09/2023 (Sun) 20:26:58 No.388 [Reply]
Watching episodes from the simpsons.
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My gf and I have recently began watching Family Guy when we're bored. I forgot how funny the earlier seasons were.
>>609 Early Family Guy is pretty comfy, American Dad too. IIRC Seth moved on from writing FG around 2010 or so.
I recently watched from season 4 to 10. Is there much point in watching past season 10? I was noticing diminishing returns in 9 and 10. Does it funny back up?
>>1278 Imho the show is still good till season 17 but then it starts to decline. I enjoy to watch it after the 17 but it's definitively not the same. Season 1 to (around 15) is peak comfy. Currently I'm watching last seasons and I can't wait to finish to go back to the classics of my childhood. It's not really bad but it definitively evolved in a way I don't get the feeling.

post on this thread every time you visit late! Anonymous 02/05/2023 (Sun) 06:41:22 No.32 [Reply] [Last]
there used to be a thread like this on og /late/ - post every time you're on late!
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>>1261 I've been getting sick of a lot of that too. The way I see it, it's human nature taking its course cue the song Red Sun. I find that interesting though. Why do you think this attitude shifted so radically?
Tried to sleep in vain. Just closed my eyes 2 hours and as I was at the doorstep of sleeping I woke up. Couldn't find the sleep so I decided to drink a coffee. Today I'm going to meet a girl I met online. We've talked a lot and there is a deep connection between us, we have lot of common things and we are both romantics. I can't wait to meet her but I'm affraid of being a bit tired. Hope she'll let me sleep with her. Not because I want to fuck her (yes I want but that's not the priority rn) but because I just want to shrug her in my arms.
>>1261 You're not alone in that regard. I too feel the exact same way in recent years. Same with anything regarding news/politics and all of the problems going on in the world today. I just get appalled, disgusted, and mentally can't handle it anymore. I was a little kid browsing around on rotten.com, watching faces of death, gore from any corner of the web I could try to find, extreme porn, and even later on would find myself in rekt threads. I can't handle all of that anymore. Who knows what internally happened to us. Perhaps we were so desensitized that our minds created an anomaly within snapping ourselves to realizing that's not stuff we genuinely want to see. We were younger and shocking content on the web was just something we sought out more for curiosity along with the fact we were capable of finding it. I messed up a chance to get with a girl I really liked because I thought being an edgelord with her would make me more interesting so I showed her 2 girls 1 cup and BME Pain Olympics. Yep, that went about as well as many of you could imagine. I look back with it in ultimate shame now.
>>1264 That was a really good moment, we've planned to go for a walk in the forest but as I was so tired, she instead proposed me to take a nap with her. We were both so shy and at the same time so happy to meet each other, that was a moment filled with sweetness, those moments when the time stops and the world seems to disappear around you... I hope feel she's the one I was looking for all these years.
>>1222 /midday/

/Late/zine Anonymous 02/07/2023 (Tue) 19:39:23 No.59 [Reply]
I post the zines in every bunker. Here they are. Enjoy! And consider sending something in for the next issue!
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reading rn on a late night, thanks friend
>>237 How'd you like 'em?
These are awesome. A little bit of everything in them.
wow not bad
What should I do for the next zine?

Open file (462.98 KB 850x575 That Night With You.png)
Sometimes, I think about this board Anonymous 11/06/2023 (Mon) 02:27:21 No.1187 [Reply]
I come back here a lot hoping for that same magic I felt on the original board and I hate to be a debbie downer but it's nowhere near as strong as the OG vibes. Late City felt like a real place sometimes. The discussions on that board and the type of content you could find was nothing like any board I'd ever been on. A prerequisite to visiting was a nice somber almost Silent Hill esque ambience I'd play through my speakers, no lights on and of course it had to be night time. It felt like I was in another world and no board has ever made me feel like that. I appreciated it so much whenever I'd visit, but damn I wish I would've known it was all just gonna disappear one day. I don't go on boards too often, so every time I had that feeling about coming to Late City on a nice cool night, it was an event. That's all. I don't have more to say if you even consider anything I wrote as saying something. Just wanted to vent a slight frustration and post for the first time in forever. I miss it, lads :/
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ITT facebook newfags complain about facebook newfags who did the right thing and stayed fucked off
>>1187 I'm coming by similarly often. I'm sort of giving up on the internet as a social place to be honest. There's just so much grass-rooting, manipulation and just plain angry mental illness going on. I've grown tired of it and the information content of it is pretty much zero. I remember going to places online and reading and learning interesting things, now it's just people angrily shouting and trying to get a raise out of each other and all you can do is join the pointless flame wars one some side and it's all just a big waste of energy and nerves. Even here in this relatively dead place you get pointlessly angry and inflammatory posts like >>1206 and you just wonder, what is the point? It's sometimes hard to believe it's not purposeful, like somebody trying to disturb any kind of productive discussion on the internet. The tech is pretty much already there at this point. Might be automatic for all we know. Good luck, traveler.
>>1212 Over the years I have been gradually getting kind of tired of all the arguing that goes on.
Hey, I know how you feel. I still have it, and the old late radio station bookmarked. Many a night I just want to take a nightwalk through space AND time.
Most of /late/'s userbase was on the fringes of IBing even in the 8chan days. It's a more sedate and mature group. So, I'm not surprised, with 4 changes in venue and imageboards being less active, more volatile, and more territorial than ever that /late/ wouldn't carry on in the form it once had. /Late/ isn't dead, but it is different.

Open file (1.35 MB 616x927 incakola.PNG)
Post your favorite soft drinks late! Anonymous 09/16/2023 (Sat) 01:08:36 No.1097 [Reply]
I'm partial to inca kola myself. My girlfriend got me some for my birthday one year and it's been a staple since. There's nothing else quite like it. Iron Bru has a much stronger and less refreshing taste.
maine root ginger beer or fever tree tonic water. first found the ginger beer in vermont maybe 10 years ago. now it's mostly a night time drink when browsing forums, tinkering with the computer, or late night drives.
Old Rasputin; I also enjoy a glass of absinthe from time to time.
>>1097 How does this taste any way?
>>1159 Not OP, but a fellow cola champagne fan. Very very sweet and slightly bananaish, kind of like circus peanuts.

Open file (260.10 KB 1024x683 night.jpg)
Late Night Music Anonymous 03/24/2023 (Fri) 10:10:02 No.315 [Reply]
Post some /late/ music. Playlists or recommendations are welcome too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiHHR9I3XAc
21 posts and 12 images omitted.
Молчат Дома (Molchat Doma) - Волны (Volny) https://youtu.be/1msjk6K1Bss

Open file (35.59 KB 1000x563 1235558_3993059.jpg)
Night walks and nature adventures Anonymous 02/20/2023 (Mon) 02:02:42 No.134 [Reply] [Last]
The anons talking about their times in the Mississippi banks was pretty comfy. I'd never heard of the driftless area before, but it sounds mythical. I'd like to start a thread like that here. You're welcome to post your stories and adventures on walks in the city or out and about in nature, I'd love to read them.
81 posts and 57 images omitted.
>>1250 Looks good, I like it.
>>1250 Nice anon, I was planning to give a try but yours are just perfect :) What's the name of the font you used on the first one ? I really like those retro fonts.
>>1250 Oh that's neat. Good job anon.
>>1255 >>1257 >>1258 Thank you Anons! >>1257 Determination Mono Web
>>1170 Be the Night Stabber Blaster the /late/ night combater Splatter thugs into red pasty matter chanting banters, piling cadavers Dagger clutching crooks will scatter spilling bladders, tipping like tractors Skulls going off like a firecracker no one's faster than a goon wacker of the Night Stabber Blaster

Winter is coming Anonymous 09/17/2023 (Sun) 01:56:31 No.1102 [Reply]
Winter is coming for the north hemisphere bros. Are you excited? Is winter bad where you live?
9 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>1151 >work on ships sailing from Washington up to Alaska That must be a nice job. I would like to do ship work sometimes. Especially in winter.
I'm just glad that it's not 100 degrees anymore. Forgot what cold weather was like now that I've moved.
I love winter but with the cold the skin on my hands becomes dry and tears at the knuckles. I guess I need to put more moisturizing cream.
>>1256 I'm going through the exact same thing right now. I wash my hands very frequently and until I'm getting ready for bed lotion/creams aren't too much of an option. Seems like it's been much more harsh on my skin this year compared to last year around this time.
>>1265 Same, at work I wash my hands frequently to and forget top put cream after. I don't remember experiencing this previous winters despite I know i have a dry skin and I have to take care of it during cold times. I guess this year I wait a bit more before caring ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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