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Late Station thread

Making a thread here now. Post any issues you have or changes you want to see in this thread Radio worked without issues for few hours as my last post. So I think it's working Radio:

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Welcome to /late/! (meta thread)

Welcome to /late/ The rules are: >Global rules apply >The Board is NSFW, however, just keep it to a minimum. Don't just go around posting porn just because. >No politics >You can talk about other boards. Just don't advertise them. >Don't go around stiring shit up. Links Radio - Discord and IRC - - IRC (Rizen) /late/ Archive - friends of /late/ /comfy/ - /ent/ -

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post on this thread every time you visit late!

there used to be a thread like this on og /late/ - post every time you're on late!

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Night walks and nature adventures

The anons talking about their times in the Mississippi banks was pretty comfy. I'd never heard of the driftless area before, but it sounds mythical. I'd like to start a thread like that here. You're welcome to post your stories and adventures on walks in the city or out and about in nature, I'd love to read them.

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winding down late night

Watching episodes from the simpsons.

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Do you do them, /late/? What's your experiences?

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What keyboard are you cruising with /late/? As of recently I'm using a New Model M. Very clicky and clonky. I remember the first time after using this, I went to bed and could still hear the clicking in my head.

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AI Art

A thread to share and discuss AI generated art.

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/HLG/ Homeless Latefrens General #1

On the road again. Thread tip: Always have a nice set of nice crisp dress clothes packaged separately in your bag for use when meeting social workers or looking for work. Welp Message says it all I'm gonna be homeless again went to the site to say goodbye but I found yall again. I made this general because I had a really rough time being homeless last time And thought of a dedicated thread to share tips and tricks to this lifestyle would be a good thing for anyone who needs it. Be it a gear list, food list, knife list, hiding tips or tricks, positive mental health instructions/tips/goals, or panhandling tips. If you have the knowledge share it.

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STG - Star Trek General

Do you like Strek, anon? What series? What characters? (nuTrek Need Not Apply)

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What is more core to the /late/ experience than coffee? How you like yours? What brands? Cream? Sugar? Or, like me, do you take yours black as the night?

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Liru the Werewolf

Liru is a miracle of the universe! ✨️ 🙏

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Animals you hate

What animals do you absolutely detest? That you wish were exterminated? For me its dolphins.

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Whats up my dogs my name is K0side, motherfuckers. What's going on in this mfing nashaw, you know what I'm saying?

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Irish men

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I m bored. Inspire me.

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I post the zines in every bunker. Here they are. Enjoy! And consider sending something in for the next issue!

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Late Night Music

Post some /late/ music. Playlists or recommendations are welcome too.

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Who on /late/ pumps iron? What's your routine? Do you take any supplements? What are your goals?

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Let's start a thread where we share comfy images that has been originally shared on 8chan's late board. For reference:

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Wallpaper Thread

Share your wallpapers

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/late/ Minecraft

The /late/ Minecraft server vanished along with the site and the radio. Does anyone have the world file so we could get it going again or know who might?

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crypto scammer

a 42 yr old career con-artist has been and is actively stealing from thousands of investors in the cryptocurrency market. he leads the largest "community-driven" project in the space which shall remain unnamed, but is easily found. my smol brain is thinking to send food, but what other options should be considered to make a clear point (besides filing a report)? the goal is to inform him there are real world consequences for criminal theft even if done from behind a computer screen. he also has an affinity for horses. pls share your thoughts

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Commence Operation Rebuild /Late/!!!!!!!!!!!

Post archived. We should probably save rebuilding for when we have an independent site again. Probably best if this board is allowed to organically build new threads rather than rebuild old ones Before we start, we should consider if you guys even want to rebuild posts from old /late/. Or if you would rather let the new board fill up with its own new posts? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sorry Anon, but i'm taking over your thread. (I will also be unpinning the radio thread for the time being if you need it >>>/late/3 ) Commence Operation Rebuild!! Its time to rebuild the board using the archive given to us by the /robowaifu/ admin. I know that other boards such as /robowaifu/ and /comfy/ also offered to help us rebuild the board so we should invite them. If you think other boards such as >>>/ent/ and /kind/ ( would be willing to help out then reach out! So first things first, thanks to the /robowaifu/ archive bot we have an archive of /late/ dating back to june of 2022? (524.29 MB) (524.29 MB) (524.29 MB) (524.29 MB) (524.29 MB) (64.46 MB) Download all 6 archive files into a single directory, then they'll need to be reassembled together again. -For UNIX, you can concatenate the pieces together thus: cat late.7z.* > late.7z Then, expand the full archive out locally: 7z x late.7z -For Windows, just use the 7zip program (it deals w/ multipart, ie '.001' files, automatically) -Taken from >>>/comfy/3453 /late/ is typically a slow board, so I don't expect this to go very fast. If more information is needed, Please see the /comfy/ rebuild thread. >>>/comfy/ Robowaifu - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Original Post Test Okay so its been a while since the board has gone down and there needs to be some coordination between those who want to rebuild, help rebuild, and have started rebuilding a new site. Please use this thread to communicate with the rest of the user base on whats going on.

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Late Setting

I really think there's some potential in a setting collaboratively made by /late/. Last time I suggested we make a fantasy setting, but I don't know how well fantasy, at least straight fantasy, fits into /late/. That raises the question then of what kind of setting this would be. There are endless combinations of ideas. What does /late/ want in a setting? What elements of the /late/ aesthetic should be incorporated?

R: 17 / I: 8 / P: 3

I love vidya gamuz! :^D

Post about the games of your heart. Red plumber, Blue Hedgehog, Green twink, immersive sims. Anything ya like.