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Wallpaper Thread Anonymous 02/21/2023 (Tue) 23:41:11 No.142 [Reply]
Share your wallpapers
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Open file (1.74 MB 4096x2730 1676848478163108.jpg)
Open file (519.46 KB 2048x1364 1676848510096537.jpg)
Open file (2.27 MB 1920x1080 japan.jpeg)
Open file (1.75 MB 5429x4016 1678748114769653.jpg)
Open file (2.81 MB 3840x2160 1677559106586753.jpg)
Open file (4.83 MB 3840x2160 1677559143514197.jpg)
Open file (2.14 MB 2800x1593 asia2.jpeg)
Open file (2.60 MB 1920x1080 asia3.jpeg)
Open file (1.11 MB 3200x2133 1679195159653415.jpg)
I've posted these on other boards before, but these are a couple of my old standbys.

Open file (732.88 KB 568x538 unknown.png)
/late/ Minecraft Anonymous 02/08/2023 (Wed) 01:56:26 No.64 [Reply]
The /late/ Minecraft server vanished along with the site and the radio. Does anyone have the world file so we could get it going again or know who might?
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Open file (3.66 MB 640x360 gcc_niggers.mp4)
>>64 Goodbye old minecraft world. You will be missed. That city on the nether roof will forever remain unfinished.
Open file (2.01 MB 1920x1080 2020-02-02_16.26.44.png)
Open file (2.58 MB 1920x1080 2020-02-02_16.27.04.png)
Open file (3.30 MB 1920x1080 2020-11-05_13.35.19.png)
Open file (2.31 MB 1920x1080 2020-11-05_13.45.53.png)
Open file (3.18 MB 1920x1080 2020-11-27_15.42.18.png)
what happened to late.city?
>>426 The site or the MC server? As this is the MC thread im gonna assume you mean the MC server. The host stopped hosting and no one seems to know who has the world file.

crypto scammer delicious 04/09/2023 (Sun) 07:15:53 No.385 [Reply]
a 42 yr old career con-artist has been and is actively stealing from thousands of investors in the cryptocurrency market. he leads the largest "community-driven" project in the space which shall remain unnamed, but is easily found. my smol brain is thinking to send food, but what other options should be considered to make a clear point (besides filing a report)? the goal is to inform him there are real world consequences for criminal theft even if done from behind a computer screen. he also has an affinity for horses. pls share your thoughts
Sometimes the best thing you can do for someone, is the thing you want to avoid. I would file a report

Open file (112.25 KB 500x500 c_programming.png)
Commence Operation Rebuild /Late/!!!!!!!!!!! Anonymous 02/18/2023 (Sat) 01:41:39 No.125 [Reply]
Post archived. We should probably save rebuilding for when we have an independent site again. Probably best if this board is allowed to organically build new threads rather than rebuild old ones Before we start, we should consider if you guys even want to rebuild posts from old /late/. Or if you would rather let the new board fill up with its own new posts? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sorry Anon, but i'm taking over your thread. (I will also be unpinning the radio thread for the time being if you need it >>>/late/3 ) Commence Operation Rebuild!! Its time to rebuild the board using the archive given to us by the /robowaifu/ admin. I know that other boards such as /robowaifu/ and /comfy/ also offered to help us rebuild the board so we should invite them. If you think other boards such as >>>/ent/ and /kind/ (https://kind.moe) would be willing to help out then reach out! So first things first, thanks to the /robowaifu/ archive bot we have an archive of /late/ dating back to june of 2022? https://anonfiles.com/154731R8yb/late.7z_001 (524.29 MB) https://anonfiles.com/50Ue1fRay1/late.7z_002 (524.29 MB) https://anonfiles.com/09l0wfT3y5/late.7z_003 (524.29 MB)

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by Otts on 04/11/2023 (Tue) 03:52:57.
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>>125 Hi /late/ visitor here. Do you all have some kind of priority for what threads you'd like to see rebuilt, and maybe in what order too? Also, just as an aside if you're planning to convert your bunker into your home, I'd suggest you mention it to the site's Admins over on >>>/meta/ as well. Cheers.
>>125 Glad to see you guys want to take action (at last). I am still willing to contribute financially or volunteer time to the project, I just have limited technical knowhow.
>>358 Donate coin to Anoncafe, they can use it. As for technical know-how, you just need to know how to download multiple archive files and extract them. The rest of the process is simply normal 'create thread, post in thread' stuff using copypasta from the archive. >tl;dr If you can download a big document, then cut & paste from it, then you already have the skills needed. Again, send money to our gracious hosts anon.cafe .
I'm >>217 Somewhat confused, some of the posts here are talking about a new site and others seem to imply we're rebuilding here? I like anon.cafe, it's fine if this is our new home (still want our css back though.) Should I just start building out threads here? Shall we ask for help from other boards too for real if that hasn't already happened?
>>368 I'm not OP, just a /late/ anon but let me explain it for you : The old late.city link is now defunct and without further information, I think we can say that this is the official /late/. We've got no news from the anon that proposed to register a proper late domain and we agreed to stay on the cafe as this site fit the /late/ vibe. It started as a bunker but we plan to turn it to the official /late/. See >>>/meta/16186 (still waiting the agreement of the staff tho). So I think it's safe to say we can start rebuild threads here.

Late Setting Anonymous 02/07/2023 (Tue) 20:16:20 No.61 [Reply]
I really think there's some potential in a setting collaboratively made by /late/. Last time I suggested we make a fantasy setting, but I don't know how well fantasy, at least straight fantasy, fits into /late/. That raises the question then of what kind of setting this would be. There are endless combinations of ideas. What does /late/ want in a setting? What elements of the /late/ aesthetic should be incorporated?
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>>114 Yeah. That would be cool. I think there could be a lot of potential. Stories. TTRPG stat blocks. Etc.
Open file (84.04 KB 1600x900 latecitymap.png)
Open file (42.82 KB 1600x900 lcbikehill.png)
tunnels anon here, i figured that if we were to really get anywhere with this we should at least get some parameters to make it easier to start building. this is a little map i drew as a framework for how i imagine the late setting to be. i made sure to include all the major features of a cool place like ocean, mountains, forest etc. so we can have a lot of variety of what we can do with it. i really like hills and i imagine that the setting is sort of tiered with the ocean being at the bottom, and cool lookout areas near the top by the mountains and the city being spread out along the middle in various districts. i plan on developing this further over time and creating more in depth maps and drawings of places etc. do you guys think this is a good direction? if not i can just do it as a personal world building project which i always wanted to do anyway, but if you like it and want to build on it collaboratively then that is cool too.
>>141 Nice map, I like where this is going. A night city isn't the only /late/ atmosphere. Oceans and forests fit in as well. If you continue working on this I look forward to seeing what you imagine this world being like.
>>141 Yeah, I like this. So, this is like a modern/future setting. Maybe after some sort of quiet apocolypse? The fabric of reality being somehow torn?
>>256 Yeah something like that, I was more thinking like a dreamy alternate earth with elements of old and new. I want it to be familiar yet distinct. It's what the world might look like if things went a different way, like there are no billboards or constant reminders of politics etc. kinda like a world where 9/11 never happened or something like that.

Open file (641.49 KB 1089x612 unknown-222.png)
I love vidya gamuz! :^D Vidya Games ! 02/07/2023 (Tue) 14:18:18 No.58 [Reply]
Post about the games of your heart. Red plumber, Blue Hedgehog, Green twink, immersive sims. Anything ya like.
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>>100 If you do end up playing it, I'd like to hear your thoughts :) Are you the OP btw? Really love the picture
Open file (84.39 KB 600x416 demons-crest.jpg)
this game is really awesome, i played it a lot as a kid. i really like the world especially, and how there is no backstory to a lot of places and characters, but everything still feels like it has a story even if it's a mystery to you.
Open file (508.31 KB 1126x1600 shollowad.jpg)
I just had this game pop into my head today. It's like Galaga except the enemies are demons, you build a bridge while fighting, and there's a recharging shield to block enemy attacks with. Also, it features "Ride of the Valkyries." It actually might be my favorite fixed arcade shooter. >>89 That's some cool artwork. >>97 I have it on my MiSTer but haven't gotten into it yet. As for Flicky, I'm not really sure whether I've played it myself. I think I might have on some Sega compilation or something, but then again I know I've seen it on a YouTube video and could be confusing it with that.
>>111 Very good game. One of the few SNES that I really enjoy. >>115 >cool artwork Jacques Tardi, a famous and talented comic artist here. >>101 I see there is RPCS3, a Playstation 3 emulator. Will try it soon hoping my computer can run it as I have no graphic card but a decent config anyway.
Open file (59.46 KB 626x519 1674450378594281.jpg)
>>58 Replaying Clannad. Can anyone tell me if theres a unique dialouge for talking to fuko during Nagisa's route? I remember a few things from a few of the playthroughs. >Fuko mentions Yoshino >Nagisa and Fuko can meet >I mention that Yoshino played a game of basketball with us I don't remember if Yoshino ever mentions Ibuuki-sensei. >"She seems familiar, somehow" is mentions when meeting Fuko in AS This might be all of the unique dialouge that it amounts to. Kinda sad. I don't know how i feel about forgiving my mom. She's still a drunk, nasty bitch, but I know I'm only making it worse. Tough decision to make.

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